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The Whilde Family of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
This family tree was last updated on 30 September 2016.
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Ralph Dance 001.jpgRalph Dance
Birth: 29 January 1916Staines, Middlesex, England
Death: 27 February 1970Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Wills family 1937.jpgWilliam Henry Wildes
Birth: 30 January 1881 45 30Kentish Town, Middlesex, England
Death: 22 December 1952Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Ernie in RAF uniform.jpgErnest Charles Lucas
Birth: 4 February 1922Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 7 May 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Peggy Wills.jpgPeggy Wills
Birth: 17 September 1921 40 39Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 31 August 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Beryl and Jo Sisson with Christine 1952.jpgChristine Anne Sisson
Birth: 1951 25 24Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: 28 December 2015Derby, Derbyshire, England
Nancy Newton.jpgAnnie Newton
Birth: 15 October 1922 42 36Bedworth, Warwickshire, England
Death: 20 February 2007Coventry, Warwickshire, England
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Upcoming events
John Butcher + Hannah GregoryButcher,John + Gregory,Hannah28 March 18410176176Marriage
Joseph MoseleyMoseley,Joseph29 March 16961321321Baptism
John Hingeley + Honor BythewayHingeley,John + Bytheway,Honor30 March 18202197197Marriage
John Swindhill + Henrietta Alicia ButcherSwindhill,John + Butcher,Henrietta Alicia31 March 17663251251Marriage
William SandersSanders,WilliamApril 199542222Death
Elsie WindowWindow,ElsieApril 199152626Death
Thomas Henry TanserTanser,Thomas HenryApril 198663131Death
Clarence William MarsdenMarsden,Clarence WilliamApril 198573232Death
Frank ButcherButcher,FrankApril 19138104104Death
William MarsdenMarsden,WilliamApril 19139104104Death
John ButcherButcher,JohnApril 191210105105Death
Florence ButcherButcher,FlorenceApril 191111106106Death
Elizabeth Elsie BroomheadBroomhead,Elizabeth ElsieApril 191112106106Death
Minnie May EdwardsEdwards,Minnie MayApril 191013107107Birth
Elizabeth SumerhillSumerhill,ElizabethApril 190614111111Death
Ann Elizabeth BowerBower,Ann ElizabethApril 190515112112Death
Luke HellewellHellewell,LukeApril 190516112112Death
Sarah Ann ButcherButcher,Sarah AnnApril 190417113113Death
Minnie Eliza LambertLambert,Minnie ElizaApril 190018117117Death
Friend BowerBower,FriendApril 189919118118Death
Mary Ann DakinDakin,Mary AnnApril 189620121121Birth
Bertie BowkleyBowkley,BertieApril 189421123123Birth
John BowerBower,JohnApril 189322124124Death
Mary Ann ButcherButcher,Mary AnnApril 189223125125Death
Mary Ann SumerhillSumerhill,Mary AnnApril 189224125125Death
Samuel NarrowmoreNarrowmore,SamuelApril 189125126126Death
Mary ButcherButcher,MaryApril 189126126126Death
Samuel ButcherButcher,SamuelApril 188927128128Death
William DavisonDavison,WilliamApril 188628131131Death
Ellen WhildesWhildes,EllenApril 188629131131Birth
Winifred SiddonsSiddons,WinifredApril 188430133133Birth
Amy HellewellHellewell,AmyApril 188331134134Death
Jesse HomerHomer,JesseApril 188332134134Death
Joseph AdamsAdams,JosephApril 187933138138Death
Anna @N.N.,AnnaApril 187934138138Death
Agnes DavisDavis,AgnesApril 187635141141Birth
Richard Nowell AllenAllen,Richard NowellApril 187336144144Birth
William Henry SuttonSutton,William HenryApril 187337144144Birth
Jane PhillipsPhillips,JaneApril 187038147147Death
Hannah Maria StevensStevens,Hannah MariaApril 187039147147Birth
Elizabeth Rebecca AtkinAtkin,Elizabeth RebeccaApril 186740150150Birth
Albert Noah BeddallBeddall,Albert NoahApril 186741150150Birth
George Enos NarrowmoreNarrowmore,George EnosApril 186542152152Birth
Frank ButcherButcher,FrankApril 186443153153Death
Solomon HazelhurstHazelhurst,SolomonApril 186444153153Death
Mary Ann NiblettNiblett,Mary AnnApril 186345154154Birth
Walter RiceRice,WalterApril 185746160160Birth
Hannah ButcherButcher,HannahApril 184247175175Death
Emma AshleyAshley,EmmaApril 184148176176Birth
Thomas GoddardGoddard,ThomasApril 181149206206Death
Louisa Ann ButcherButcher,Louisa Ann1 April 190350114114Baptism
Elizabeth Eveline BowerBower,Elizabeth Eveline1 April 189451123123Birth
Samuel ButcherButcher,Samuel1 April 180152216216Birth
Walter Butcher + Elizabeth TaylorButcher,Walter + Taylor,ElizabethApril 190853109109Marriage
Ernest Parkin + Mary NewtonParkin,Ernest + Newton,MaryApril 190754110110Marriage
Arthur Hawke + Eliza TaylorHawke,Arthur + Taylor,ElizaApril 190755110110Marriage
Charles Smith + Florence Ada MarsdenSmith,Charles + Marsden,Florence AdaApril 190756110110Marriage
Arthur Hearne + Frances TaylorHearne,Arthur + Taylor,FrancesApril 190457113113Marriage
Herbert Cresswell + Minnie Eliza LambertCresswell,Herbert + Lambert,Minnie ElizaApril 189858119119Marriage
Matthew Bower + Fanny BrightBower,Matthew + Bright,FannyApril 189459123123Marriage
Herbert Newton + Emma MillwardNewton,Herbert + Millward,EmmaApril 189360124124Marriage
Gad Butcher + Eliza Mary KenneyButcher,Gad + Kenney,Eliza MaryApril 189261125125Marriage
William Henry Bates + Hannah Maria StevensBates,William Henry + Stevens,Hannah MariaApril 189262125125Marriage
John Butcher + Elizabeth SeniorButcher,John + Senior,ElizabethApril 187463143143Marriage
Luke Hellewell + Sarah Elizabeth ButcherHellewell,Luke + Butcher,Sarah ElizabethApril 187164146146Marriage
Jonathan Sumerhill + Leah WilliamsSumerhill,Jonathan + Williams,LeahApril 186265155155Marriage
Isaac Butcher + Mary ButcherButcher,Isaac + Butcher,MaryApril 185566162162Marriage
Henry Young + Sarah MoseleyYoung,Henry + Moseley,SarahApril 185167166166Marriage
Olive WindowWindow,Olive2 April 190668111111Birth
Jane AbsolonAbsolon,Jane2 April 182069197197Baptism
Richard MoseleyMoseley,Richard2 April 159270425425Baptism
Mary Florence RamsdenRamsden,Mary Florence3 April 188971128128Baptism
Joseph SumerhillSumerhill,Joseph3 April 186172156156Birth
Arthur Frederick SuttonSutton,Arthur Frederick4 April 1934738383Death
William NarrowmoreNarrowmore,William4 April 183074187187Birth
John MoseleyMoseley,John4 April 177975238238Baptism
Sarah NewtonNewton,Sarah5 April 187476143143Baptism
Emma NewtonNewton,Emma5 April 187477143143Baptism
Winifred Jennie MarstonMarston,Winifred Jennie6 April 1946787171Death
Sarah ButcherButcher,Sarah6 April 182379194194Baptism
Samuel MoseleyMoseley,Samuel6 April 177780240240Baptism
Walter Butcher + Emma OsbourneButcher,Walter + Osbourne,Emma6 April 187481143143Marriage
Edith Annie ButcherButcher,Edith Annie7 April 189782120120Baptism
Hannah CookeCooke,Hannah7 April 188283135135Baptism
Mary PincentPincent,Mary7 April 183384184184Death
John Dowlman + Hannah ButcherDowlman,John + Butcher,Hannah7 April 187785140140Marriage
Edna StokesStokes,Edna8 April 20138644Death
Joseph DavisDavis,Joseph8 April 178987228228Birth
Samuel ButcherButcher,Samuel8 April 173988278278Baptism
Thomas Butcher + Mary SmithButcher,Thomas + Smith,Mary9 April 173089287287Marriage
Hilda SandersSanders,Hilda11 April 191790100100Birth
Jonathan ButcherButcher,Jonathan11 April 190991108108Birth
Alexander Narrowmore + Caroline AttwoodNarrowmore,Alexander + Attwood,Caroline11 April 186992148148Marriage
Eva Elizabeth SlaterSlater,Eva Elizabeth12 April 191693101101Birth
Mary Ann NiblettNiblett,Mary Ann12 April 186394154154Baptism
Vera StoreyStorey,Vera13 April 2005951212Death
Joseph DavisDavis,Joseph13 April 178996228228Baptism
Joseph MoseleyMoseley,Joseph14 April 178997228228Baptism
Henry Thomas Bostock + Mary Ann Elizabeth DeanesBostock,Henry Thomas + Deanes,Mary Ann Elizabeth15 April 189598122122Marriage
Raymond WindowWindow,Raymond16 April 191099107107Birth
George Gordon LeeLee,George Gordon16 April 1895100122122Birth
Hannah ButcherButcher,Hannah16 April 1856101161161Birth
Margret MoseleyMoseley,Margret16 April 1711102306306Baptism
Leonard Ernest OsbornOsborn,Leonard Ernest17 April 1893103124124Birth
Richard Butcher + Johanne BlakerButcher,Richard + Blaker,Johanne17 April 1597104420420Marriage
Roy EdwardsEdwards,Roy18 April 19221059595Birth
Daisy AllenAllen,Daisy18 April 1906106111111Baptism
Jane MoseleyMoseley,Jane18 April 1787107230230Baptism
Richard MoseleyMoseley,Richard18 April 1716108301301Baptism
Reginald MachonMachon,Reginald19 April 1903109114114Birth
George DavisDavis,George19 April 1829110188188Baptism
Thomas MoseleyMoseley,Thomas19 April 1656111361361Birth
William Tait + Charlotte NarrowmoreTait,William + Narrowmore,Charlotte19 April 1888112129129Marriage
George Narrowmore + Sarah CutlerNarrowmore,George + Cutler,Sarah19 April 1885113132132Marriage
Andrew NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Andrew20 April 1806114211211Baptism
Benjamin Goddard + Elizabeth ButcherGoddard,Benjamin + Butcher,Elizabeth21 April 1696115321321Marriage
Herbert JonesJones,Herbert22 April 201111666Death
Arthur SmithSmith,Arthur22 April 1909117108108Birth
Clara WildesWildes,Clara22 April 1879118138138Birth
Richard NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Richard22 April 1749119268268Death
Arthur Leslie CresswellCresswell,Arthur Leslie25 April 1917120100100Death
George ButcherButcher,George25 April 1902121115115Birth
Thomas MoseleyMoseley,Thomas25 April 1630122387387Baptism
Benjamin Goddard + Ruth BradburyGoddard,Benjamin + Bradbury,Ruth25 April 1726123291291Marriage
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