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The Whilde Family of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
This family tree was last updated on 30 September 2016.
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Ralph Dance 001.jpgRalph Dance
Birth: 29 January 1916Staines, Middlesex, England
Death: 27 February 1970Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Wills family 1937.jpgWilliam Henry Wildes
Birth: 30 January 1881 45 30Kentish Town, Middlesex, England
Death: 22 December 1952Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Ernie in RAF uniform.jpgErnest Charles Lucas
Birth: 4 February 1922Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 7 May 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Peggy Wills.jpgPeggy Wills
Birth: 17 September 1921 40 39Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 31 August 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Beryl and Jo Sisson with Christine 1952.jpgChristine Anne Sisson
Birth: 1951 25 24Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: 28 December 2015Derby, Derbyshire, England
Nancy Newton.jpgAnnie Newton
Birth: 15 October 1922 42 36Bedworth, Warwickshire, England
Death: 20 February 2007Coventry, Warwickshire, England
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Harold JarvisJarvis,Harold25 May 19070110110Birth
Sarah Elizabeth ButcherButcher,Sarah Elizabeth25 May 18451172172Baptism
Elizabeth ButcherButcher,Elizabeth26 May 18332184184Baptism
George Wilson WrightWright,George Wilson27 May 19113106106Birth
Fred Roberts RamsdenRamsden,Fred Roberts27 May 18644153153Birth
Rebecca ButcherButcher,Rebecca27 May 17965221221Birth
Dorothy May ButcherButcher,Dorothy May28 May 18976120120Birth
Agnes StevensonStevenson,Agnes28 May 18787139139Death
Honor BythewayBytheway,Honor28 May 17988219219Baptism
Andrew Narrowmore + Charlotte BythewayNarrowmore,Andrew + Bytheway,Charlotte28 May 18279190190Marriage
Albert Noah BeddallBeddall,Albert Noah29 May 1950106767Death
Mary ButcherButcher,Mary29 May 179111226226Baptism
Edward Simpson + Sarah ButcherSimpson,Edward + Butcher,Sarah29 May 188212135135Marriage
Thomas WildesWildes,Thomas30 May 189013127127Death
Thomas NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Thomas31 May 178914228228Baptism
William Oakley + Emily DavisOakley,William + Davis,Emily31 May 188015137137Marriage
Arthur ButcherButcher,ArthurJune 1988162929Death
Arthur Harry BrettleBrettle,Arthur HarryJune 1988172929Death
Edna May MaskellMaskell,Edna MayJune 1987183030Death
John ButcherButcher,JohnJune 1986193131Death
William KilleenKilleen,WilliamJune 1982203535Death
Florence DickmanDickman,FlorenceJune 1982213535Death
William KilleenKilleen,WilliamJune 1982223535Death
Arnold Edward ButcherButcher,Arnold EdwardJune 1980233737Death
Alberta HawkeHawke,AlbertaJune 1979243838Death
Dorothy Beatrice ButcherButcher,Dorothy BeatriceJune 1977254040Death
Jack HousleyHousley,JackJune 1973264444Death
Edith Annie RamsdenRamsden,Edith AnnieJune 1972274545Death
Hubert Clement AllenAllen,Hubert ClementJune 1972284545Death
Charles Ernest GriggsGriggs,Charles ErnestJune 1972294545Death
George StevensonStevenson,GeorgeJune 1971304646Death
Mary NewtonNewton,MaryJune 1967315050Death
Walter ButcherButcher,WalterJune 1967325050Death
Ernest NewtonNewton,ErnestJune 1966335151Death
John Edward BeddallBeddall,John EdwardJune 1965345252Death
Ruby Jane CollinsCollins,Ruby JaneJune 1965355252Death
Vera ParkinParkin,VeraJune 1963365454Death
Leonard WilleyWilley,LeonardJune 1961375656Death
Fred NewtonNewton,FredJune 1960385757Death
Alice ButcherButcher,AliceJune 1958395959Death
Jane MarshMarsh,JaneJune 1956406161Death
Cyril ShawShaw,CyrilJune 1956416161Death
Wilfred AllenAllen,WilfredJune 1955426262Death
Esther SmedleySmedley,EstherJune 1954436363Death
George William RiceRice,George WilliamJune 1954446363Death
Hannah CoxCox,HannahJune 1954456363Death
Elizabeth Hannah NeedhamNeedham,Elizabeth HannahJune 1951466666Death
Eveline Maud BowerBower,Eveline MaudJune 1951476666Death
Harriet WhildesWhildes,HarrietJune 1950486767Death
Jane Dorothy LeeLee,Jane DorothyJune 1949496868Death
Ann Maria DavisDavis,Ann MariaJune 1949506868Death
Elizabeth WhildesWhildes,ElizabethJune 1946517171Death
Thomas George TaylorTaylor,Thomas GeorgeJune 1946527171Death
Alice YoungYoung,AliceJune 1944537373Death
Martha Jane BowerBower,Martha JaneJune 1941547676Death
John Arthur ButcherButcher,John ArthurJune 1939557878Death
William DavisonDavison,WilliamJune 1939567878Death
Charles HomerHomer,CharlesJune 1939577878Death
Horace Sidney BowkleyBowkley,Horace SidneyJune 1939587878Death
Joseph Stephen TowndrowTowndrow,Joseph StephenJune 1938597979Death
Derek J EdwardsEdwards,Derek JJune 1935608282Birth
Ethel LancasterLancaster,EthelJune 1935618282Death
Herbert William SiddonsSiddons,Herbert WilliamJune 1934628383Death
Brenda N ButcherButcher,Brenda NJune 1934638383Birth
Leonard BowerBower,LeonardJune 1933648484Death
Mary Ann NiblettNiblett,Mary AnnJune 1933658484Death
Herbert NewtonNewton,HerbertJune 1932668585Death
Dorothy J MachonMachon,Dorothy JJune 1931678686Birth
George Henry HawkeHawke,George HenryJune 1929688888Death
Agnes Wright DoxeyDoxey,Agnes WrightJune 1929698888Death
Annie Elizabeth ButcherButcher,Annie ElizabethJune 1928708989Death
Mathias A CoxCox,Mathias AJune 1928718989Death
Dorothy ButcherButcher,DorothyJune 1927729090Birth
Alice MumfordMumford,AliceJune 1926739191Death
Fred ButcherButcher,FredJune 1926749191Birth
Ada HawkeHawke,AdaJune 1926759191Death
Mildred BowkleyBowkley,MildredJune 1926769191Birth
Ethel SidlowSidlow,EthelJune 1925779292Death
Noah MarshMarsh,NoahJune 1925789292Death
Elizabeth SeniorSenior,ElizabethJune 1924799393Death
John ButcherButcher,JohnJune 1923809494Death
Miriam ButcherButcher,MiriamJune 1922819595Death
Thomas MaskellMaskell,ThomasJune 1921829696Birth
Walter ButcherButcher,WalterJune 1920839797Death
Alfred James JefferiesJefferies,Alfred JamesJune 1919849898Death
William NewtonNewton,WilliamJune 191785100100Death
George TanserTanser,GeorgeJune 191786100100Birth
Eva HawkeHawke,EvaJune 191787100100Death
Austen Leslie ButcherButcher,Austen LeslieJune 191688101101Death
Walter TanserTanser,WalterJune 191689101101Birth
Sarah Ann ButcherButcher,Sarah AnnJune 191690101101Death
Joseph W MaskellMaskell,Joseph WJune 191691101101Birth
Charles CartwrightCartwright,CharlesJune 191492103103Death
April MaskellMaskell,AprilJune 191393104104Birth
Percy BostockBostock,PercyJune 190994108108Birth
Grace Lilian WildeWilde,Grace LilianJune 190895109109Birth
Ada Louisa StevensonStevenson,Ada LouisaJune 190896109109Birth
Elizabeth HubbardHubbard,ElizabethJune 190297115115Death
Daisy RobinsonRobinson,DaisyJune 190098117117Birth
George Henry BostockBostock,George HenryJune 189999118118Birth
Arnold StevensonStevenson,ArnoldJune 1898100119119Birth
Andrew NarrowmoreNarrowmore,AndrewJune 1897101120120Death
Walter ButcherButcher,WalterJune 1896102121121Death
Hilda ButcherButcher,HildaJune 1891103126126Death
Thirza JohnsonJohnson,ThirzaJune 1891104126126Birth
Thirza JohnsonJohnson,ThirzaJune 1891105126126Death
Florence WildeWilde,FlorenceJune 1889106128128Birth
Eliza Ann SiddonsSiddons,Eliza AnnJune 1889107128128Birth
William NarrowmoreNarrowmore,WilliamJune 1884108133133Death
Sarah Elizabeth WildesWildes,Sarah ElizabethJune 1883109134134Death
Samuel MaskellMaskell,SamuelJune 1880110137137Death
Hannah ButcherButcher,HannahJune 1880111137137Death
Eliza DavisDavis,ElizaJune 1880112137137Death
Hannah MarshMarsh,HannahJune 1877113140140Death
Alice MaskellMaskell,AliceJune 1876114141141Birth
Hannah @N.N.,HannahJune 1875115142142Death
John Thomas MaskellMaskell,John ThomasJune 1875116142142Death
Andrew NarrowmoreNarrowmore,AndrewJune 1875117142142Death
Joseph NiblettNiblett,JosephJune 1875118142142Death
Mary CokayneCokayne,MaryJune 1873119144144Birth
Hannah StaceyStacey,HannahJune 1873120144144Death
Elizabeth Jane MoseleyMoseley,Elizabeth JaneJune 1872121145145Birth
Annie Wood ButcherButcher,Annie WoodJune 1871122146146Death
William Henry BatesBates,William HenryJune 1870123147147Birth
Edward WildeWilde,EdwardJune 1869124148148Death
Olive LancasterLancaster,Olive1 June 19631255454Death
Richard B Brooks + Christine Anne SissonBrooks,Richard B + Sisson,Christine AnneJune 19721264545Marriage
Cyril Bowkley + Susan E JordanBowkley,Cyril + Jordan,Susan EJune 19651275252Marriage
William Newton + Thelma FaulconbridgeNewton,William + Faulconbridge,ThelmaJune 19461287171Marriage
Raymond Window + Doris Verdun SadlerWindow,Raymond + Sadler,Doris VerdunJune 19421297575Marriage
Harry Whildes + Alice Maud RobinsonWhildes,Harry + Robinson,Alice MaudJune 19391307878Marriage
Arthur England + Edith Julia WhildesEngland,Arthur + Whildes,Edith JuliaJune 19351318282Marriage
Wilfred Osborn + Winifred Gladys ButcherOsborn,Wilfred + Butcher,Winifred GladysJune 19321328585Marriage
John Henry Butcher + Dorothy May MatchettButcher,John Henry + Matchett,Dorothy MayJune 19291338888Marriage
Fred Roberts Ramsden + Evelyn DarwentRamsden,Fred Roberts + Darwent,EvelynJune 19291348888Marriage
John William Burgess + Alberta HawkeBurgess,John William + Hawke,AlbertaJune 19271359090Marriage
Thomas Edward Whildes + Florence DickmanWhildes,Thomas Edward + Dickman,FlorenceJune 19261369191Marriage
Norman Maskell + Kathleen E SwiftMaskell,Norman + Swift,Kathleen EJune 19261379191Marriage
David Hall + Bertha Miriam NarrowmoreHall,David + Narrowmore,Bertha MiriamJune 19241389393Marriage
Bertie Bowkley + Elsie CooperBowkley,Bertie + Cooper,ElsieJune 19231399494Marriage
George Gordon Lee + Edith Annie RamsdenLee,George Gordon + Ramsden,Edith AnnieJune 19221409595Marriage
William H Phipps + Dorothy Annie HampsonPhipps,William H + Hampson,Dorothy AnnieJune 19201419797Marriage
Arthur Brettle + Lizzie CoxBrettle,Arthur + Cox,LizzieJune 1916142101101Marriage
Edward Thomas Marsh + Mary Jane Marsh,Edward Thomas + @N.N.,Mary JaneJune 1910143107107Marriage
Ben Butcher + Hannah CookeButcher,Ben + Cooke,HannahJune 1901144116116Marriage
Albert Hawke + Annie Elizabeth MitchellHawke,Albert + Mitchell,Annie ElizabethJune 1901145116116Marriage
William Hodgkinson + Alice WildesHodgkinson,William + Wildes,AliceJune 1899146118118Marriage
George Whildes + Harriet Jane MaddocksWhildes,George + Maddocks,Harriet JaneJune 1896147121121Marriage
James Garner + Alice MaskellGarner,James + Maskell,AliceJune 1895148122122Marriage
Thomas Jones + Eliza MarshJones,Thomas + Marsh,ElizaJune 1878149139139Marriage
George Bowler + Hannah DavisBowler,George + Davis,HannahJune 1877150140140Marriage
William Butcher + Louisa Ann NorthButcher,William + North,Louisa AnnJune 1874151143143Marriage
Edward Marsh + Eliza NarrowmoreMarsh,Edward + Narrowmore,ElizaJune 1871152146146Marriage
Edward Wilde + Hannah BrookesWilde,Edward + Brookes,HannahJune 1866153151151Marriage
Edward Coates + Sarah NarrowmoreCoates,Edward + Narrowmore,SarahJune 1866154151151Marriage
Andrew Narrowmore + Emma MaundNarrowmore,Andrew + Maund,EmmaJune 1863155154154Marriage
William Bower + Elizabeth ButcherBower,William + Butcher,ElizabethJune 1852156165165Marriage
George GoddardGoddard,George2 June 1728157289289Baptism
April MaskellMaskell,April3 June 19421587575Death
Elsie WindowWindow,Elsie3 June 1903159114114Birth
Hannah ButcherButcher,Hannah3 June 1763160254254Baptism
Joseph MarshMarsh,Joseph4 June 1820161197197Baptism
John AbsolonAbsolon,John4 June 1815162202202Baptism
Elizabeth AbsolonAbsolon,Elizabeth4 June 1815163202202Baptism
Mary Ann AbsolonAbsolon,Mary Ann4 June 1815164202202Baptism
Alfred ButcherButcher,Alfred5 June 1825165192192Baptism
Bertha Mae EssensaEssensa,Bertha Mae7 June 20071661010Death
Edith Ivy SmithSmith,Edith Ivy7 June 1906167111111Birth
Agnes StevensonStevenson,Agnes8 June 1901168116116Birth
Elizabeth MoseleyMoseley,Elizabeth8 June 1880169137137Birth
Olive Sarah WestonWeston,Olive Sarah9 June 19361708181Birth
Harry WillettsWilletts,Harry9 June 1911171106106Birth
Edna May MaskellMaskell,Edna May9 June 1907172110110Birth
Thomas MarstonMarston,Thomas10 June 19221739595Death
Thomas Joseph MarstonMarston,Thomas Joseph10 June 1916174101101Birth
Dorothy May MatchettMatchett,Dorothy May11 June 1906175111111Birth
George ButcherButcher,George11 June 1790176227227Death
Mary MoseleyMoseley,Mary11 June 1723177294294Baptism
John Thomas Butcher + Elizabeth CrossleyButcher,John Thomas + Crossley,Elizabeth11 June 1878178139139Marriage
James Collins + Rose Hannah WilliamsCollins,James + Williams,Rose Hannah11 June 1878179139139Marriage
Jessie Clair SuttonSutton,Jessie Clair12 June 1909180108108Birth
Leonard Ernest Osborn + Florence May BeddallOsborn,Leonard Ernest + Beddall,Florence May12 June 1916181101101Marriage
James Charles Markey + Caroline BroadrickMarkey,James Charles + Broadrick,Caroline13 June 1859182158158Marriage
Ellen MurphyMurphy,Ellen14 June 1875183142142Death
Walter Charles EdwardsEdwards,Walter Charles14 June 1871184146146Birth
Samuel ButcherButcher,Samuel14 June 1717185300300Birth
Ada ButcherButcher,Ada15 June 1883186134134Baptism
Emma NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Emma15 June 1834187183183Baptism
Elsie Florence Lee ButcherButcher,Elsie Florence Lee17 June 1899188118118Birth
Herbert CresswellCresswell,Herbert17 June 1864189153153Birth
Samuel RussonRusson,Samuel17 June 1830190187187Birth
Irene Mary RobinsonRobinson,Irene Mary18 June 1904191113113Birth
Mary BythewayBytheway,Mary18 June 1769192248248Baptism
Thomas ButcherButcher,Thomas20 June 1830193187187Baptism
Kathleen Mary MarstonMarston,Kathleen Mary21 June 19931942424Death
Livewell RussellRussell,Livewell21 June 19431957474Death
John MoseleyMoseley,John21 June 19251969292Death
Florrie ButcherButcher,Florrie21 June 1914197103103Birth
Rebecca ButcherButcher,Rebecca21 June 1796198221221Baptism
Edith Annie RamsdenRamsden,Edith Annie22 June 1896199121121Birth
Jane Dorothy LeeLee,Jane Dorothy22 June 1873200144144Baptism
Thomas MoseleyMoseley,Thomas22 June 1604201413413Baptism
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