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The Whilde Family of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
This family tree was last updated on 30 September 2016.
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Ralph Dance 001.jpgRalph Dance
Birth: 29 January 1916Staines, Middlesex, England
Death: 27 February 1970Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Wills family 1937.jpgWilliam Henry Wildes
Birth: 30 January 1881 45 30Kentish Town, Middlesex, England
Death: 22 December 1952Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Ernie in RAF uniform.jpgErnest Charles Lucas
Birth: 4 February 1922Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 7 May 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Peggy Wills.jpgPeggy Wills
Birth: 17 September 1921 40 39Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Death: 31 August 2015Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Beryl and Jo Sisson with Christine 1952.jpgChristine Anne Sisson
Birth: 1951 25 24Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: 28 December 2015Derby, Derbyshire, England
Nancy Newton.jpgAnnie Newton
Birth: 15 October 1922 42 36Bedworth, Warwickshire, England
Death: 20 February 2007Coventry, Warwickshire, England
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Douglas Raymond Bagnall + Peggy WillsBagnall,Douglas Raymond + Wills,Peggy21 August 194806969Marriage
Lilian SiddonsSiddons,Lilian23 August 18951122122Baptism
Allen WildesWildes,Allen23 August 18682149149Birth
Lawrence Edgar WillettsWilletts,Lawrence Edgar24 August 18873130130Birth
Richard Moseley + Joan NewmanMoseley,Richard + Newman,Joan24 August 17414276276Marriage
William LoveLove,William27 August 198153636Death
Benjamin Smedley + Frances SwiftSmedley,Benjamin + Swift,Frances27 August 18836134134Marriage
Elizabeth Ann MarkeyMarkey,Elizabeth Ann28 August 18387179179Birth
Peggy WillsWills,Peggy31 August 2015822Death
Jesse Leonard EdwardsEdwards,Jesse Leonard31 August 19169101101Birth
Charles Ernest GriggsGriggs,Charles Ernest31 August 190510112112Birth
Mary ButcherButcher,MarySeptember 1991112626Death
Roy Frank EdwardsEdwards,Roy FrankSeptember 1989122828Death
John StevensonStevenson,JohnSeptember 1985133232Death
Stanley ButcherButcher,StanleySeptember 1983143434Death
Margaret PrattPratt,MargaretSeptember 1982153535Death
George Wilson WrightWright,George WilsonSeptember 1980163737Death
Samuel F DakinDakin,Samuel FSeptember 1979173838Death
Arthur ButcherButcher,ArthurSeptember 1978183939Death
Fred Roberts RamsdenRamsden,Fred RobertsSeptember 1975194242Death
Hilda ParkinParkin,HildaSeptember 1974204343Death
Charlotte EdwardsEdwards,CharlotteSeptember 1974214343Death
Maurice WilleyWilley,MauriceSeptember 1972224545Death
John William ButcherButcher,John WilliamSeptember 1969234848Death
Joseph MaskellMaskell,JosephSeptember 1969244848Death
Clarissa Jane SouthgateSouthgate,Clarissa JaneSeptember 1966255151Death
Annie TanserTanser,AnnieSeptember 1965265252Death
Edith Jones AdamsAdams,Edith JonesSeptember 1962275555Death
Herbert BarrowBarrow,HerbertSeptember 1961285656Death
Arthur Thomas SidlowSidlow,Arthur ThomasSeptember 1959295858Death
Thomas MaskellMaskell,ThomasSeptember 1959305858Death
Kate ArmitageArmitage,KateSeptember 1957316060Death
Albert RussonRusson,AlbertSeptember 1955326262Death
Florence ButlerButler,FlorenceSeptember 1953336464Death
Arthur BassfordBassford,ArthurSeptember 1948346969Death
Thomas BroomheadBroomhead,ThomasSeptember 1946357171Death
May BowerBower,MaySeptember 1945367272Death
Hannah NarrowmoreNarrowmore,HannahSeptember 1944377373Death
Lizzie CoxCox,LizzieSeptember 1944387373Death
William NewtonNewton,WilliamSeptember 1943397474Death
Fred SmithSmith,FredSeptember 1936408181Death
Elsie BrentnallBrentnall,ElsieSeptember 1936418181Death
Walter BurginBurgin,WalterSeptember 1935428282Death
Clara Eleanor ScothernScothern,Clara EleanorSeptember 1935438282Death
George ButcherButcher,GeorgeSeptember 1934448383Death
Mavis MaskellMaskell,MavisSeptember 1934458383Birth
Clara SidlowSidlow,ClaraSeptember 1933468484Death
Harriet RolleyRolley,HarrietSeptember 1933478484Death
Pamela MoseleyMoseley,PamelaSeptember 1932488585Birth
Jonathan ButcherButcher,JonathanSeptember 1932498585Death
Florence M OsbornOsborn,Florence MSeptember 1931508686Birth
Frank MaskellMaskell,FrankSeptember 1931518686Birth
George NewtonNewton,GeorgeSeptember 1930528787Birth
Marian StoneStone,MarianSeptember 1930538787Birth
Parkin ButcherButcher,ParkinSeptember 1929548888Death
Frederick NewtonNewton,FrederickSeptember 1928558989Birth
Freda LeeLee,FredaSeptember 1928568989Birth
Matilda PosnettPosnett,MatildaSeptember 1928578989Death
Muriel OsbornOsborn,MurielSeptember 1927589090Birth
Gad ButcherButcher,GadSeptember 1926599191Death
Herbert NewtonNewton,HerbertSeptember 1925609292Birth
Frank TanserTanser,FrankSeptember 1924619393Death
Leslie BowkleyBowkley,LeslieSeptember 1924629393Birth
Peter J MasonMason,Peter JSeptember 1923639494Birth
Rosa NewtonNewton,RosaSeptember 1921649696Birth
John SmedleySmedley,JohnSeptember 1920659797Birth
Jesse HomerHomer,JesseSeptember 1920669797Death
John DowlmanDowlman,JohnSeptember 1919679898Death
Desmond MasonMason,DesmondSeptember 1919689898Birth
John Thomas ButcherButcher,John ThomasSeptember 1918699999Death
Emily ButcherButcher,EmilySeptember 191770100100Death
William StoneStone,WilliamSeptember 191771100100Birth
John WindowWindow,JohnSeptember 191672101101Birth
Hilda RobinsonRobinson,HildaSeptember 191273105105Birth
Harry SandersSanders,HarrySeptember 191074107107Death
Nellie HarlowHarlow,NellieSeptember 191075107107Birth
Harry BowkleyBowkley,HarrySeptember 191076107107Death
Harry HarlowHarlow,HarrySeptember 190977108108Birth
Lily HarlowHarlow,LilySeptember 190778110110Birth
Harold HarlowHarlow,HaroldSeptember 190479113113Birth
Gladys Annie HarlowHarlow,Gladys AnnieSeptember 190280115115Birth
George NarrowmoreNarrowmore,GeorgeSeptember 189881119119Death
Josiah SiddonsSiddons,JosiahSeptember 189482123123Death
Thomas Henry WildeWilde,Thomas HenrySeptember 189383124124Birth
Eliza MarshMarsh,ElizaSeptember 189084127127Death
George Harry NarrowmoreNarrowmore,George HarrySeptember 188985128128Birth
Charles William BostockBostock,Charles WilliamSeptember 188386134134Death
Alice RiceRice,AliceSeptember 188087137137Birth
Charles William BostockBostock,Charles WilliamSeptember 187988138138Birth
Mary WebsterWebster,MarySeptember 187389144144Death
Edward CoatesCoates,EdwardSeptember 187290145145Death
Joseph DavisDavis,JosephSeptember 185391164164Death
Harry WildesWildes,Harry1 September 186392154154Birth
John E Ablett + Sheila JonesAblett,John E + Jones,SheilaSeptember 1972934545Marriage
William Killeen + Olive Sarah WestonKilleen,William + Weston,Olive SarahSeptember 1965945252Marriage
Donald George Window + Margaret PrattWindow,Donald George + Pratt,MargaretSeptember 1960955757Marriage
James Hynes + Sylvia Daisy HartHynes,James + Hart,Sylvia DaisySeptember 1951966666Marriage
John Stanley Dean + Marjorie BassfordDean,John Stanley + Bassford,MarjorieSeptember 1950976767Marriage
William Auld + Beatrice Ena ButcherAuld,William + Butcher,Beatrice EnaSeptember 1949986868Marriage
Allan Jones + Edna StokesJones,Allan + Stokes,EdnaSeptember 1945997272Marriage
George Nind + Daisy AllenNind,George + Allen,DaisySeptember 19441007373Marriage
Harold Jarvis + Annie TanserJarvis,Harold + Tanser,AnnieSeptember 19361018181Marriage
George Henry Window + Allice Mabel HardyWindow,George Henry + Hardy,Allice MabelSeptember 19341028383Marriage
Alfred William Narrowmore + Annie L AttwoodNarrowmore,Alfred William + Attwood,Annie LSeptember 19341038383Marriage
Ronald Alec Monk + Elizabeth StevensonMonk,Ronald Alec + Stevenson,ElizabethSeptember 19331048484Marriage
Sydney Maskell + Edith GrangeMaskell,Sydney + Grange,EdithSeptember 19301058787Marriage
John Stevenson + Olive LancasterStevenson,John + Lancaster,OliveSeptember 19291068888Marriage
Arthur James Gore + Clara SidlowGore,Arthur James + Sidlow,ClaraSeptember 19271079090Marriage
George Townsend + Doris Mabel RamsdenTownsend,George + Ramsden,Doris MabelSeptember 19261089191Marriage
Leonard Foster + Mary Hannah TanserFoster,Leonard + Tanser,Mary HannahSeptember 19241099393Marriage
Harold Butcher + Daisy RobinsonButcher,Harold + Robinson,DaisySeptember 19231109494Marriage
James Pittaway + Phoebe Mabel A NarrowmorePittaway,James + Narrowmore,Phoebe Mabel ASeptember 19211119696Marriage
George Newton + Frances TaylorNewton,George + Taylor,FrancesSeptember 19201129797Marriage
William Frederick Moseley + Julia Kate DellMoseley,William Frederick + Dell,Julia KateSeptember 19201139797Marriage
Thomas Killeen + Elizabeth WhildesKilleen,Thomas + Whildes,ElizabethSeptember 19191149898Marriage
Joseph Maskell + Mary A MeeMaskell,Joseph + Mee,Mary ASeptember 19191159898Marriage
edwin Jones + Edith Annie ButcherJones,edwin + Butcher,Edith AnnieSeptember 19181169999Marriage
Horace Sidney Bowkley + Annie Langley Bowkley,Horace Sidney + @N.N.,Annie LangleySeptember 1917117100100Marriage
Joe Dalton + Cora RamsdenDalton,Joe + Ramsden,CoraSeptember 1916118101101Marriage
Thomas B Stone + Gertrude Elizabeth SiddonsStone,Thomas B + Siddons,Gertrude ElizabethSeptember 1916119101101Marriage
Thomas George Taylor + Mary Ann NiblettTaylor,Thomas George + Niblett,Mary AnnSeptember 1913120104104Marriage
Jess Turton + Agnes ButcherTurton,Jess + Butcher,AgnesSeptember 1908121109109Marriage
Frank Albert Tullett + Ruby Jane CollinsTullett,Frank Albert + Collins,Ruby JaneSeptember 1908122109109Marriage
William Henry Maskell + Esther SwindaleMaskell,William Henry + Swindale,EstherSeptember 1906123111111Marriage
Frederick Tanser + Clara ButcherTanser,Frederick + Butcher,ClaraSeptember 1901124116116Marriage
Arthur Edward Butcher + Beatrice NursellButcher,Arthur Edward + Nursell,BeatriceSeptember 1900125117117Marriage
William Butcher + Sarah Elizabeth SmithButcher,William + Smith,Sarah ElizabethSeptember 1899126118118Marriage
John Charles Hawke + Elizabeth AllottHawke,John Charles + Allott,ElizabethSeptember 1898127119119Marriage
Charles Homer + Alice HaddockHomer,Charles + Haddock,AliceSeptember 1893128124124Marriage
Albert Frederick Randon + Elizabeth Sarah WildeRandon,Albert Frederick + Wilde,Elizabeth SarahSeptember 1888129129129Marriage
Walter Butcher + Kate ArmitageButcher,Walter + Armitage,KateSeptember 1888130129129Marriage
Charles Wildes + Ann Christina AndersonWildes,Charles + Anderson,Ann ChristinaSeptember 1885131132132Marriage
James Charles Markey + Elizabeth Eliza HuttonMarkey,James Charles + Hutton,Elizabeth ElizaSeptember 1883132134134Marriage
Jonathan Butcher + Matilda PosnettButcher,Jonathan + Posnett,MatildaSeptember 1881133136136Marriage
George Henry Hawke + Elizabeth ButcherHawke,George Henry + Butcher,ElizabethSeptember 1874134143143Marriage
Jesse Homer + Hannah NarrowmoreHomer,Jesse + Narrowmore,HannahSeptember 1864135153153Marriage
Douglas HaighHaigh,Douglas2 September 1917136100100Birth
Walter Charles EdwardsEdwards,Walter Charles3 September 19461377171Death
Sarah Annie WhildesWhildes,Sarah Annie3 September 1905138112112Baptism
Peter Thomas Joseph MarstonMarston,Peter Thomas Joseph4 September 19551396262Birth
Peter Thomas Joseph MarstonMarston,Peter Thomas Joseph4 September 19551406262Death
Margaret AbsolonAbsolon,Margaret5 September 1813141204204Baptism
Herbert JonesJones,Herbert6 September 19271429090Birth
Ben ButcherButcher,Ben6 September 1878143139139Baptism
Joseph Butcher + Sarah GurnallButcher,Joseph + Gurnall,Sarah6 September 1786144231231Marriage
Richard E FordhamFordham,Richard E7 September 19961452121Death
Albert BostockBostock,Albert7 September 1911146106106Birth
Hubert Clement AllenAllen,Hubert Clement8 September 1897147120120Birth
Ronald Alec MonkMonk,Ronald Alec9 September 19871483030Death
Sarah Elizabeth WildesWildes,Sarah Elizabeth9 September 1892149125125Death
Mary Emma ButcherButcher,Mary Emma9 September 1849150168168Baptism
Robert MoseleyMoseley,Robert9 September 1575151442442Baptism
John Stanley DeanDean,John Stanley10 September 19261529191Birth
Herbert William HampsonHampson,Herbert William10 September 1871153146146Baptism
Herbert CresswellCresswell,Herbert11 September 1864154153153Baptism
William Charles Horatio Banns + Annie BurginBanns,William Charles Horatio + Burgin,Annie11 September 1895155122122Marriage
Ethel May PallettPallett,Ethel May12 September 19801563737Death
Morris Harry NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Morris Harry12 September 1917157100100Birth
Mary Ann Elizabeth DeanesDeanes,Mary Ann Elizabeth12 September 1874158143143Birth
Samuel John Moseley + Jane SheltonMoseley,Samuel John + Shelton,Jane13 September 1844159173173Marriage
Ivy Elizabeth MarshMarsh,Ivy Elizabeth14 September 1904160113113Birth
Nellie WhildesWhildes,Nellie15 September 1903161114114Birth
Ame DavisDavis,Ame16 September 1791162226226Birth
Anthony William BellBell,Anthony William17 September 19391637878Birth
Peggy WillsWills,Peggy17 September 19211649696Birth
Thomas Marston + Mary SmedleyMarston,Thomas + Smedley,Mary17 September 1907165110110Marriage
Jesse Leonard EdwardsEdwards,Jesse Leonard18 September 19601665757Death
Ronald WillettsWilletts,Ronald18 September 19251679292Birth
Arthur Leslie CresswellCresswell,Arthur Leslie18 September 1898168119119Baptism
Eliza NarrowmoreNarrowmore,Eliza18 September 1840169177177Birth
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