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The Starr Family of America and Ireland
This family tree was last updated on 7 January 2015.
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On this day
William Phillip BirdsellBirdsell,William Phillip26 March 197903838Death
Frank SchoenbergerSchoenberger,Frank26 March 18611156156Birth
Martha ToddTodd,Martha26 March 18552162162Birth
William Norton StarrStarr,William Norton26 March 18303187187Birth
Elizabeth BakerBaker,Elizabeth26 March 18204197197Birth
James McCoy StarrStarr,James McCoy26 March 18195198198Birth
Gerret OstranderOstrander,Gerret26 March 18086209209Birth
Mildred ReadeReade,Mildred26 March 17017316316Death
Sophia Dorothea HanoverHanover,Sophia Dorothea26 March 16878330330Birth
Geoffrey DeNevilleDeNeville,Geoffrey26 March 12859732732Death
Henry deErdington SirdeErdington,Henrybefore 26 March 128210735735Death
Jesse Ford + Mary PowellFord,Jesse + Powell,Mary26 March 185011167167Marriage
Henry Kiracofe + Margaret DetamoreKiracofe,Henry + Detamore,Margaret26 March 181412203203Marriage
Upcoming events
Mary Ellen EaglesonEagleson,Mary Ellen27 March 193508282Death
Carl Francis KessellKessell,Carl Francis27 March 193218585Birth
Mary Maude SandersSanders,Mary Maude27 March 18722145145Birth
Samuel Ogden EdisonEdison,Samuel Ogden27 March 18653152152Death
Aaron B. SchoonoverSchoonover,Aaron B.27 March 18604157157Birth
Jesse BowersoxBowersox,Jesse27 March 18605157157Death
Jesse BauersachsBauersachs,Jesse27 March 18606157157Death
Joshua HerbertHerbert,Joshua27 March 18517166166Death
Nancy Ann BelieuBelieu,Nancy Ann27 March 18488169169Birth
John E SandersSanders,John E27 March 18409177177Birth
Katherine Elizabeth SoffelSoffel,Katherine Elizabeth27 March 179410223223Birth
Johan Valentin BauersachsBauersachs,Johan Valentin27 March 179011227227Death
Mary Eva KnerrKnerr,Mary Eva27 March 174612271271Birth
Elyzabeth OstranderOstrander,Elyzabeth27 March 173213285285Birth
Johannes deForestdeForest,Johannes27 March 165014367367Birth
JamesI Stuart King of EnglandEngland,JamesI Stuart King of27 March 162515392392Death
Maud MarshallMarshall,Maud27 March 124816769769Death
Walter deLacy Baron LacyLacy,Walter deLacy Baron27 March 108517932932Death
RobertII King of FranceFrance,RobertII King of27 March 972181,0451045Birth
John Paden + Anna Margaret JohnstonPaden,John + Johnston,Anna Margaret27 March 182419193193Marriage
Hugh Cassius McDonoughMacDonough,Hugh Cassius28 March 1960205757Death
Leonard Ira HammondHammond,Leonard Ira28 March 190821109109Birth
Mary Sarah MonaghanMonaghan,Mary Sarah28 March 189322124124Birth
Isaac M. PughPugh,Isaac M.28 March 187123146146Birth
Alexander EaglesonEagleson,Alexander28 March 184924168168Birth
Mordecai SandersSanders,Mordecai28 March 184325174174Death
Linton StarrStarr,Linton28 March 183126186186Birth
Barbara CoonCoon,Barbara28 March 183127186186Birth
Mary GraggGragg,Mary28 March 182928188188Birth
RebeccaRebecca,@P.N.28 March 181229205205Birth
Rufus Fellers + Magdelene ComerFellers,Rufus + Comer,Magdelene28 March 186830149149Marriage
William Gideon Sanders + Missouri Frances ThomsonSanders,William Gideon + Thomson,Missouri Frances28 March 186631151151Marriage
Nelson Draper + Mary Catherine BearDraper,Nelson + Bear,Mary Catherine28 March 185832159159Marriage
Horace Eldrich Smith + Lydia FrySmith,Horace Eldrich + Fry,Lydia28 March 184733170170Marriage
Jon Raymond HughesHughes,Jon Raymond29 March 1991342626Death
Mary ComerComer,Mary29 March 190935108108Death
Mary ComerComer,Mary29 March 190936108108Death
Alfred Ernest White,Sr.White,Alfred Ernest29 March 189337124124Birth
Charles Henry ThomasThomas,Charles Henry29 March 189338124124Death
Burke Sireno CaldwellCaldwell,Burke Sireno29 March 188339134134Birth
Florence Adell BirdsellBirdsell,Florence Adell29 March 185540162162Birth
George Adam BauersachsBauersachs,George Adam29 March 185241165165Death
George Adam BauersachsBauersachs,George Adam29 March 185242165165Death
Sarah Tabitha StarrStarr,Sarah Tabitha29 March 185143166166Birth
Jefferson BowersoxBowersox,Jefferson29 March 184944168168Birth
Hulda Ann ThomsonThomson,Hulda Ann29 March 184245175175Birth
Elizabeth BrennemanBrenneman,Elizabeth29 March 183646181181Death
Comfort HortonHorton,Comfort29 March 174347274274Birth
JohanNicholas RaubenaltRaubenalt,JohanNicholas29 March 173148286286Birth
James LivingstonLivingston,James29 March 172849289289Birth
Hendrick CourtrightCourtright,Hendrick29 March 170350314314Birth
Isabel deFerriersdeFerriers,Isabelbefore 29 March 125251765765Death
Isaac Cooper + Julia SinkCooper,Isaac + Sink,Julia29 March 186052157157Marriage
Reinhard Alspach + Anna Magdalena OhlingerAlspach,Reinhard + Ohlinger,Anna Magdalena29 March 173753280280Marriage
Reinhard Alspach + Anna Magdalena OhlingerAlspach,Reinhard + Ohlinger,Anna Magdalena29 March 173754280280Marriage
Harold L. ThomasThomas,Harold L.30 March 1992552525Death
Belle Wyatt WillardWillard,Belle Wyatt30 March 1968564949Death
Leroy Ben BirdsellBirdsell,Leroy Ben30 March 1960575757Death
Richard L. RiedelRiedel,Richard L.30 March 191658101101Birth
Amos R SandersSanders,Amos R30 March 185259165165Birth
George PowellPowell,George30 March 181960198198Birth
Rachel OstranderOstrander,Rachel30 March 176761250250Birth
Moses Rhodes + Mary MeadRhodes,Moses + Mead,Mary30 March 174762270270Marriage
Nettie SneeringerSneeringer,Nettie31 March 1987633030Death
Ada May HaasHaas,Ada May31 March 190264115115Birth
Ada B. FeaselFeasel,Ada B.31 March 189265125125Birth
Ina A. MulfordMulford,Ina A.31 March 189266125125Birth
Sheridan WaltonWalton,Sheridan31 March 186667151151Birth
Sherman WaltonWalton,Sherman31 March 186668151151Birth
Joseph Elliott Capt.Elliott,Joseph31 March 184969168168Death
Anna Elizabeth CorfmanCorfman,Anna Elizabeth31 March 177770240240Birth
Frederick Louis HanoverHanover,Frederick Louis31 March 175171266266Death
Anne HydeHyde,Anne31 March 167172346346Death
Olivier GossetGosset,Olivierbetween 31 March 1521 and 4 April 152473496496Death
Theodore Douglas RobinsonRobinson,Theodore DouglasApril 1934748383Death
Elizabeth HartmanHartman,ElizabethApril 187275145145Death
ElisaElisa,@P.N.April 178476233233Birth
James BrinkBrink,JamesApril 175477263263Birth
Johann Philipp KorffmannKorffmann,Johann PhilippApril 172678291291Death
Maria Sibylla KorffmannKorffmann,Maria SibyllaApril 169379324324Birth
Samuel FormanForman,SamuelApril 168280335335Death
Fytie SchuttSchutt,FytieApril 165181366366Birth
WilliamV Mauduit Lord of HanslopeHanslope,WilliamV Mauduit Lord ofApril 125782760760Death
AmauryIV deMontfort Count of EvreuxEvreux,AmauryIV deMontfort Count ofApril 113783880880Death
Randulf Earl of Chester deBrichessartdeBrichessart,Randulf Earl of Chesterafter April 112984888888Death
Lois JayJay,Lois1 April 1959855858Death
James MooresMoores,James1 April 188986128128Death
Mary Irene TurnerTurner,Mary Irene1 April 187087147147Birth
William Myron DavisDavis,William Myron1 April 187088147147Birth
George GoodellGoodell,George1 April 184189176176Birth
Jacob PowellPowell,Jacob1 April 180990208208Birth
George Adam BauersachsBauersachs,George Adam1 April 177491243243Birth
Margaret Grietje DircksDircks,Margaret Grietje1 April 167192346346Death
James Audley SirAudley,James1 April 138693631631Death
Petronilla GrandmesnilGrandmesnil,Petronilla1 April 121294805805Death
Eleanor Duchess of AquitaineAquitaine,Eleanor Duchess of1 April 120495813813Death
GeoffreyIV Count of GatinaisGatinais,GeoffreyIV Count of1 April 104696971971Death
HildegardeHildegarde,@P.N.1 April 104097977977Death
Melchior III deForest + Catherine duFossetdeForest,Melchior III + duFosset,CatherineApril 154398474474Marriage
Miles dePitres Earl of Hereford + Sybil deNeufmarcheHereford,Miles dePitres Earl of + deNeufmarche,SybilApril 112199896896Marriage
William Norton Starr + Arrabelle PelsonStarr,William Norton + Pelson,Arrabelle1 April 1856100161161Marriage
Jacob Zahrfass + Jane PowellZahrfass,Jacob + Powell,Jane1 April 1848101169169Marriage
JohanMichael Schoenberger + Anna Elizabeth HartmanSchoenberger,JohanMichael + Hartman,Anna Elizabeth1 April 1816102201201Marriage
Fred McDonoughMacDonough,Fred2 April 19571036060Death
George H. SmithSmith,George H.2 April 19191049898Death
Ruth JayJay,Ruth2 April 1905105112112Birth
Jacob ThomasThomas,Jacob2 April 1878106139139Death
JosephII Wright AlsopAlsop,JosephII Wright2 April 1876107141141Birth
Ida Olive ConaghanConaghan,Ida Olive2 April 1871108146146Birth
Thomas BrinkBrink,Thomas2 April 1868109149149Death
Samuel Henry KiracofeKiracofe,Samuel Henry2 April 1859110158158Birth
John WalterWalter,John2 April 1852111165165Death
Frencesco BarbettaBarbetta,Frencesco2 April 1840112177177Birth
Samuel S. HareHare,Samuel S.2 April 1833113184184Birth
William ThomasThomas,William2 April 1827114190190Birth
John PowellPowell,John2 April 1819115198198Birth
Johann Heinrich EschbachEschbach,Johann Heinrich2 April 1781116236236Death
Henry SpanglerSpangler,Henry2 April 1758117259259Death
Thomas HollingsworthHollingsworth,Thomas2 April 1727118290290Death
Sarah WillsonWillson,Sarah2 April 1715119302302Birth
Antje BrinkBrink,Antje2 April 1704120313313Birth
Barbel ZuppingerZuppinger,Barbel2 April 1587121430430Birth
Charlemagne HolyRomanEmporerHolyRomanEmporer,Charlemagne2 April 7481221,2691269Birth
John Fay Ardrey + Hannah HustonArdrey,John Fay + Huston,Hannah2 April 1844123173173Marriage
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