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The Smith Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 13 September 2015.
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Union counter-attack at The Angle, third day, Gettysburg 1863.
Union counter-attack at The Angle, third day, Gettysburg 1863.
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Note: The American Civil War, also known as the War between the States or simply the Civil War, was a civi…
On this day
Samuel BriggsBriggs,Samuel23 August 196405353Death
John A. Logan MaxwellMaxwell,John A. Logan23 August 196015757Death
Lydia Mae McCleeseMacCleese,Lydia Mae23 August 194727070Death
Arthur Ernst EtnireEtnire,Arthur Ernst23 August 194537272Death
Nora Wave CaldwellCaldwell,Nora Wave23 August 194447373Death
Florence Mae ConfareConfare,Florence Mae23 August 194057777Death
Daniel BotherasBotheras,Daniel23 August 191869999Death
Richard C. HughesHughes,Richard C.23 August 19127105105Death
Wilbert Norton CorbinCorbin,Wilbert Norton23 August 19098108108Death
Ann Helen RoneyRoney,Ann Helen23 August 19049113113Birth
Loren Henry HuhnHuhn,Loren Henry23 August 190310114114Birth
Lester ShalleyShalley,Lester23 August 190211115115Birth
Oliver OzmunOzmun,Oliver23 August 189712120120Death
Charlotte MoultonMoulton,Charlotte23 August 188613131131Death
Agnes Cora TienanTienan,Agnes Cora23 August 186914148148Birth
Gleason A. DudleyDudley,Gleason A.23 August 186815149149Birth
Alfredda BellBell,Alfredda23 August 185816159159Birth
Sarah J. SarsfieldSarsfield,Sarah J.23 August 185617161161Birth
Orin J. DuttonDutton,Orin J.23 August 185318164164Birth
Martha SullivanSullivan,Martha23 August 185119166166Death
Bates MillsMills,Bates23 August 184520172172Birth
William James LightfootLightfoot,William James23 August 184421173173Birth
John ElliottElliott,John23 August 183922178178Death
James Franklin DameDame,James Franklin23 August 183923178178Birth
Jared Jerome BurdickBurdick,Jared Jerome23 August 183224185185Birth
Elias PalmerPalmer,Elias23 August 182725190190Birth
Matlida CulverCulver,Matlida23 August 182726190190Birth
Margaret Jane MillerMiller,Margaret Jane23 August 182427193193Birth
Joab W. AlleyAlley,Joab W.23 August 181928198198Birth
Betsey Olive WaltonWalton,Betsey Olive23 August 181729200200Birth
Willard ChildChild,Willard23 August 181230205205Birth
William B. HandHand,William B.23 August 180331214214Birth
Mary RatliffRatliff,Mary23 August 179932218218Birth
Susannah RossRoss,Susannah23 August 178633231231Birth
Sarah PearsonPearson,Sarah23 August 177334244244Birth
Albert Genelin + Alta Gertrude ShearerGenelin,Albert + Shearer,Alta Gertrude23 August 190335114114Marriage
Abram Lincoln Golden + Jennie FunkGolden,Abram Lincoln + Funk,Jennie23 August 188836129129Marriage
John Calvin Thomas + Minerva Elizabeth TichenorThomas,John Calvin + Tichenor,Minerva Elizabeth23 August 186837149149Marriage
William H. Hawkins + Luna BrooksHawkins,William H. + Brooks,Luna23 August 184538172172Marriage
Thomas C. Davis + Ruhamy BennettDavis,Thomas C. + Bennett,Ruhamy23 August 183739180180Marriage
John D. Groseclose + Salome Sarah SchlassGroseclose,John D. + Schlass,Salome Sarah23 August 181840199199Marriage
Upcoming events
Myrtle Iva ElliottElliott,Myrtle Iva24 August 195905858Death
Benjamin YoungYoung,Benjamin24 August 195716060Death
George Nelson ShearerShearer,George Nelson24 August 195126666Death
Anna Inez FaidleyFaidley,Anna Inez24 August 195036767Death
George Richard VaseyVasey,George Richard24 August 194647171Death
Russell Jerome SpoonerSpooner,Russell Jerome24 August 192659191Death
Carmi AldermanAlderman,Carmi24 August 18986119119Death
David Pioneer HandsakerHandsaker,David Pioneer24 August 18947123123Death
William KitchenKitchen,William24 August 18888129129Death
John T. KellyKelly,John T.24 August 18879130130Death
William J. HarringtonHarrington,William J.24 August 188710130130Birth
Oliver HoskinsHoskins,Oliver24 August 188311134134Death
Jane RobisonRobison,Jane24 August 188112136136Death
Alexander Balfour JeffreyJeffrey,Alexander Balfour24 August 187913138138Birth
Viola Ann PondPond,Viola Ann24 August 187114146146Birth
Edith WoodWood,Edith24 August 187115146146Birth
Huldah LambLamb,Huldah24 August 186416153153Death
James Franklin ElliottElliott,James Franklin24 August 185317164164Birth
Mary Jane GollyGolly,Mary Jane24 August 184918168168Birth
Mary Louisa HamiltonHamilton,Mary Louisa24 August 184219175175Birth
Martha WillsWills,Martha24 August 182620191191Birth
Sally ChapmanChapman,Sally24 August 182221195195Birth
David J. BoydstonBoydston,David J.24 August 181922198198Birth
Nelson OzmunOzmun,Nelson24 August 181823199199Birth
Joe VanSickle + Chloe MyersVanSickle,Joe + Myers,Chloe24 August 191624101101Marriage
Harry Brown + … …Brown,Harry + @N.N.24 August 190425113113Marriage
Nelson J. Veneman + Orie Amond DayVeneman,Nelson J. + Day,Orie Amond24 August 189826119119Marriage
Washington W. Norton + Catherine Elizabeth MillerNorton,Washington W. + Miller,Catherine Elizabeth24 August 186127156156Marriage
Alexander Ellie McQuillan + Nancy HumphreysMacQuillan,Alexander Ellie + Humphreys,Nancy24 August 184828169169Marriage
Albert Elihu HinesHines,Albert Elihu25 August 1964295353Death
Francis Marion ArrasmithArrasmith,Francis Marion25 August 1936308181Death
Charles Grant HollandHolland,Charles Grant25 August 191431103103Death
Joe VanSickleVanSickle,Joe25 August 189132126126Birth
Rosannah Bell CoughenourCoughenour,Rosannah Bell25 August 188333134134Birth
Effie DanskinDanskin,Effie25 August 188234135135Birth
Bessie HefleyHefley,Bessie25 August 188135136136Death
William E. GodbyGodby,William E.25 August 187936138138Birth
Israel David ‘Lou’ FairFair,Israel David "Lou"25 August 187537142142Birth
Mary Idella AldermanAlderman,Mary Idella25 August 187438143143Birth
Francis A. GugeGuge,Francis A.25 August 186939148148Death
Sarah Catherine BealBeal,Sarah Catherine25 August 186840149149Birth
Edith Belle DayDay,Edith Belle25 August 186741150150Birth
Nancy Sarilda AldermanAlderman,Nancy Sarilda25 August 186542152152Birth
John F. ThorntonThornton,John F.25 August 186343154154Birth
Henry FloraFlora,Henry25 August 186344154154Death
Lillian HoagHoag,Lillian25 August 185845159159Birth
Marshall Morris ApplegateApplegate,Marshall Morris25 August 185846159159Birth
William BealBeal,William25 August 185347164164Birth
Margaret Elizabeth OlingerOlinger,Margaret Elizabeth25 August 185348164164Birth
James Burritt McHoseMacHose,James Burritt25 August 184949168168Birth
Mary Arvilla ChildChild,Mary Arvilla25 August 184550172172Birth
John Kingsley BallBall,John Kingsley25 August 183351184184Birth
Michael BenceBence,Michael25 August 183152186186Birth
Maria Celestia StolpStolp,Maria Celestia25 August 181253205205Birth
Arthur A. Vasey + Anna Lena BurneyVasey,Arthur A. + Burney,Anna Lena25 August 190954108108Marriage
Charles Womack + Della L. VogtWomack,Charles + Vogt,Della L.25 August 190855109109Marriage
William A. Melohn + Mary B. OlsonMelohn,William A. + Olson,Mary B.25 August 190656111111Marriage
Jess E. McWherter + Phebe Jane McCleesMacWherter,Jess E. + MacClees,Phebe Jane25 August 190057117117Marriage
Vern Pressnall + Laura VanHornPressnall,Vern + VanHorn,Laura25 August 189758120120Marriage
Dennis Bertram Shockley + Etta Adalyn YoungShockley,Dennis Bertram + Young,Etta Adalyn25 August 189759120120Marriage
William F. Briggs + Josephine WelchBriggs,William F. + Welch,Josephine25 August 189760120120Marriage
Abraham Scott + Samantha Ellen WatkinsScott,Abraham + Watkins,Samantha Ellen25 August 188261135135Divorce
George Walter Shaver + Mary Eliza RiceShaver,George Walter + Rice,Mary Eliza25 August 186962148148Marriage
Edward Bass + Cynthia Christina SpringBass,Edward + Spring,Cynthia Christina25 August 186463153153Marriage
Susan Alice GambleGamble,Susan Alice26 August 1941647676Death
William H. GugeGuge,William H.26 August 1925659292Death
Francis Walt CoryCory,Francis Walt26 August 1924669393Death
Solomon CoughenourCoughenour,Solomon26 August 1923679494Death
Ely DudleyDudley,Ely26 August 1920689797Death
Polly BrownBrown,Polly26 August 191269105105Death
Nancy McClanahanMacClanahan,Nancy26 August 189270125125Death
Henry Clay PichtPicht,Henry Clay26 August 189071127127Birth
Alma B. JensenJensen,Alma B.26 August 188672131131Birth
Infant twin EvansEvans,Infant twin26 August 188573132132Birth
Mary Darmar JensenJensen,Mary Darmar26 August 188574132132Birth
Thomas Olin EvansEvans,Thomas Olin26 August 188575132132Birth
Elvira FawcettFawcett,Elvira26 August 188476133133Death
Clarence Ansen BriggsBriggs,Clarence Ansen26 August 188377134134Birth
Susanna ThomasThomas,Susanna26 August 187578142142Birth
Clarence Edward WierWier,Clarence Edward26 August 186079157157Death
Jane Irene RummansRummans,Jane Irene26 August 185680161161Birth
Ovanda Ann PurkhiserPurkhiser,Ovanda Ann26 August 184881169169Birth
Lovina Ann AllenAllen,Lovina Ann26 August 184482173173Birth
Daniel HoneycuttHoneycutt,Daniel26 August 184283175175Birth
Irwin ReynoldsReynolds,Irwin26 August 183984178178Death
Christian MaxwellMaxwell,Christian26 August 183685181181Death
Cyrus Perry DawsonDawson,Cyrus Perry26 August 183486183183Birth
Jane BlackhurstBlackhurst,Jane26 August 182787190190Christening
Beseleel Locy NewkirkNewkirk,Beseleel Locy26 August 181988198198Birth
William Gilmer AllenAllen,William Gilmer26 August 181689201201Birth
Anna TenneyTenney,Anna26 August 179890219219Birth
Lee William Atkinson + Edna Pearl MeyersAtkinson,Lee William + Meyers,Edna Pearl26 August 190891109109Marriage
Clayton Amos Thompson + Cordelia M. FinchThompson,Clayton Amos + Finch,Cordelia M.26 August 189692121121Marriage
Cyrenieus Bates + Sabina PurvisBates,Cyrenieus + Purvis,Sabina26 August 189193126126Marriage
Marshall Morris Applegate + Clara Maud BaileyApplegate,Marshall Morris + Bailey,Clara Maud26 August 188594132132Marriage
Socretes McConnell + Mary FinleyMacConnell,Socretes + Finley,Mary26 August 188595132132Marriage
Charles French + Matilda Jane HainesFrench,Charles + Haines,Matilda Jane26 August 187896139139Marriage
William H. Gallup + Albina DyerGallup,William H. + Dyer,Albina26 August 186297155155Marriage
John Mitchell + Christiana StarkMitchell,John + Stark,Christiana26 August 185698161161Marriage
Moses Crowser + Martha BabbCrowser,Moses + Babb,Martha26 August 183299185185Marriage
Richard Pring + Mary Ann KearPring,Richard + Kear,Mary Ann26 August 1819100198198Marriage
Reason Bell + Mary Sarah DarnellBell,Reason + Darnell,Mary Sarah26 August 1819101198198Marriage
Martha Carrie PorterPorter,Martha Carrie27 August 19471027070Death
George Ira ApplegateApplegate,George Ira27 August 19361038181Death
George FaidleyFaidley,George27 August 19181049999Death
George McGibbonMacGibbon,George27 August 1902105115115Death
Margaret WolfkillWolfkill,Margaret27 August 1899106118118Death
William Micah KellyKelly,William Micah27 August 1898107119119Death
Lorenzo Dow TichenorTichenor,Lorenzo Dow27 August 1895108122122Death
Beulah Vern BisbeeBisbee,Beulah Vern27 August 1891109126126Birth
Alfred BanksBanks,Alfred27 August 1889110128128Birth
Elsie Jane AppleApple,Elsie Jane27 August 1884111133133Birth
Alta HawthorneHawthorne,Alta27 August 1880112137137Birth
Walter Kennedy McCallMacCall,Walter Kennedy27 August 1877113140140Birth
Isabella Ann GugeGuge,Isabella Ann27 August 1866114151151Birth
Margaret Ellen DayDay,Margaret Ellen27 August 1865115152152Death
Samuel HunterHunter,Samuel27 August 1859116158158Death
May CessnaCessna,May27 August 1859117158158Death
Blanche PricePrice,Blanche27 August 1858118159159Birth
Abigail EdmundsEdmunds,Abigail27 August 1856119161161Death
David Milton SpringSpring,David Milton27 August 1856120161161Birth
Mary M. DawsonDawson,Mary M.27 August 1856121161161Birth
Charlotte Ellen MaggartMaggart,Charlotte Ellen27 August 1842122175175Birth
Eliza LaytonLayton,Eliza27 August 1840123177177Birth
James Chapman GossardGossard,James Chapman27 August 1840124177177Birth
Juliet DunningDunning,Juliet27 August 1836125181181Birth
Thomas Elwood PosegatePosegate,Thomas Elwood27 August 1833126184184Birth
George DawsonDawson,George27 August 1827127190190Birth
Ann McDonaldMacDonald,Ann27 August 1826128191191Birth
Jesse HarbourHarbour,Jesse27 August 1817129200200Birth
Lot R. MooreMoore,Lot R.27 August 1815130202202Birth
William AldermanAlderman,William27 August 1808131209209Birth
Catherine Barbary BoosingerBoosinger,Catherine Barbary27 August 1774132243243Birth
Walter Halliman + Margaret HansellHalliman,Walter + Hansell,Margaret27 August 1903133114114Divorce
Claude Ernest Golly + Cecil Amy PerryGolly,Claude Ernest + Perry,Cecil Amy27 August 1902134115115Marriage
George Henry Cowdry + Nancy Bell CraigCowdry,George Henry + Craig,Nancy Bell27 August 1896135121121Marriage
Milton Brockett + Sarah Ann McCallBrockett,Milton + MacCall,Sarah Ann27 August 1874136143143Marriage
Andrew J. Graves + Martha MeredithGraves,Andrew J. + Meredith,Martha27 August 1858137159159Marriage
Montgomery David Illingsworth + Lany Mary NellisIllingsworth,Montgomery David + Nellis,Lany Mary27 August 1848138169169Marriage
Michael D. Livingston + Mary Elizabeth WilsonLivingston,Michael D. + Wilson,Mary Elizabeth27 August 1846139171171Marriage
Amos Pennington Ball + Rebecca Jane SmithBall,Amos Pennington + Smith,Rebecca Jane27 August 1846140171171Marriage
Ronald Isador DedmanDedman,Ronald Isador28 August 19651415252Death
Clarisse Jane SpencerSpencer,Clarisse Jane28 August 19471427070Death
Rebecca Elizabeth ArnespigerArnespiger,Rebecca Elizabeth28 August 19341438383Death
Lydia Bell YazelYazel,Lydia Bell28 August 1915144102102Death
William Pierce ZwillingZwilling,William Pierce28 August 1913145104104Death
Clarence Ansen BriggsBriggs,Clarence Ansen28 August 1907146110110Death
Herschel MorganMorgan,Herschel28 August 1893147124124Birth
Leslie H. SmaySmay,Leslie H.28 August 1891148126126Birth
Walter LongneckerLongnecker,Walter28 August 1885149132132Birth
Bessie Elton ShermanSherman,Bessie Elton28 August 1883150134134Birth
Minnie May ScottScott,Minnie May28 August 1882151135135Birth
Helen H. RoeRoe,Helen H.28 August 1882152135135Birth
Ralph GinterGinter,Ralph28 August 1880153137137Birth
Solomon AppleApple,Solomon28 August 1877154140140Death
John Franklin FarringtonFarrington,John Franklin28 August 1867155150150Birth
Lawrence MoranMoran,Lawrence28 August 1867156150150Birth
George Antrim ArrasmithArrasmith,George Antrim28 August 1862157155155Birth
Agness M. ClothierClothier,Agness M.28 August 1856158161161Birth
Chancy Leroy SargentSargent,Chancy Leroy28 August 1854159163163Birth
Lizzie McLainMacLain,Lizzie28 August 1848160169169Birth
Matthew Dixson ElliottElliott,Matthew Dixson28 August 1828161189189Birth
Jacob Conrad CoilCoil,Jacob Conrad28 August 1818162199199Birth
Wesley D. Barnes + Julia HartmanBarnes,Wesley D. + Hartman,Julia28 August 1907163110110Divorce
Ole O. Roe + Sarah OlsonRoe,Ole O. + Olson,Sarah28 August 1879164138138Marriage
George Timber Zumwalt + Ella HaynesZumwalt,George Timber + Haynes,Ellabetween 28 August 1876 and 29 August 1876165141141Marriage
Joseph Purdy + Salina KirkPurdy,Joseph + Kirk,Salina28 August 1862166155155Marriage
John McWherter + Charlotte InbodyMacWherter,John + Inbody,Charlotte28 August 1836167181181Marriage
James Harvey Hopkins + Jane Maria AldermanHopkins,James Harvey + Alderman,Jane Maria28 August 1822168195195Marriage
Jacob Henderson GoldenGolden,Jacob Henderson29 August 19411697676Death
Sarah Jane WhitsonWhitson,Sarah Jane29 August 1915170102102Death
Guy HagueHague,Guy29 August 1903171114114Death
Ward OlingerOlinger,Ward29 August 1892172125125Death
Daisy Sarah KitchenKitchen,Daisy Sarah29 August 1889173128128Birth
Franklin KitchenKitchen,Franklin29 August 1886174131131Death
Bessie ShugartShugart,Bessie29 August 1884175133133Birth
James DyerDyer,James29 August 1876176141141Birth
Mattie E. ParishParish,Mattie E.29 August 1873177144144Birth
Nathan Newberry SheffieldSheffield,Nathan Newberry29 August 1871178146146Death
Victoria Ellen FarringtonFarrington,Victoria Ellen29 August 1864179153153Birth
Belle ShawShaw,Belle29 August 1864180153153Birth
William W. AldredgeAldredge,William W.29 August 1863181154154Birth
Alice Carrie BriggsBriggs,Alice Carrie29 August 1858182159159Birth
Thomas J. QuickQuick,Thomas J.29 August 1852183165165Birth
Henry Christopher FiferFifer,Henry Christopherabout 29 August 1840184177177Birth
Harriet Priscilla MillerMiller,Harriet Priscilla29 August 1840185177177Birth
Adeline Lucretia BanksBanks,Adeline Lucretia29 August 1838186179179Birth
Lydia Ann RingerRinger,Lydia Ann29 August 1837187180180Birth
Milton CoffinCoffin,Milton29 August 1837188180180Birth
Hector Almon HigleyHigley,Hector Almon29 August 1804189213213Birth
Jacob KooserKooser,Jacob29 August 1795190222222Birth
Annetje AdriansAdrians,Annetje29 August 1645191372372Birth
Charles Chapman + Pearl MavityChapman,Charles + Mavity,Pearl29 August 1902192115115Marriage
Frank E. Kline + Laura Grace McCainKline,Frank E. + MacCain,Laura Grace29 August 1900193117117Marriage
Roy F. Carver + Mary E. RhinehartCarver,Roy F. + Rhinehart,Mary E.29 August 1900194117117Marriage
Cory Dunahoo + Anna CowanDunahoo,Cory + Cowan,Anna29 August 1899195118118Marriage
William H. Talbott + Mary H. HenryTalbott,William H. + Henry,Mary H.29 August 1876196141141Marriage
George Timber Zumwalt + Ella HaynesZumwalt,George Timber + Haynes,Ellabetween 28 August 1876 and 29 August 1876197141141Marriage
Robert Hunnell + Mary Ann McCallHunnell,Robert + MacCall,Mary Ann29 August 1872198145145Marriage
Michael Mitchell Apple + Henrietta HarrisonApple,Michael Mitchell + Harrison,Henrietta29 August 1852199165165Marriage
William Hastings Hall + Elizabeth McQuistonHall,William Hastings + MacQuiston,Elizabeth29 August 1844200173173Marriage
Leonard H. MartinMartin,Leonard H.30 August 19512016666Death
George Washington McQuistonMacQuiston,George Washington30 August 19352028282Death
Ruth Emily RingheimRingheim,Ruth Emily30 August 1907203110110Birth
John R. BradenBraden,John R.30 August 1901204116116Death
Martha Myrtle LounsburyLounsbury,Martha Myrtle30 August 1897205120120Death
Rachel BevingtonBevington,Rachel30 August 1893206124124Death
David HitsmanHitsman,David30 August 1877207140140Death
William Wesley HennickHennick,William Wesley30 August 1874208143143Birth
Edward Montgomery McCallMacCall,Edward Montgomery30 August 1873209144144Birth
James Thomas CookCook,James Thomas30 August 1873210144144Birth
Nancy Sarilda AldermanAlderman,Nancy Sarilda30 August 1870211147147Death
William P. RomaneRomane,William P.30 August 1869212148148Birth
Curtis Bruce McQuillinMacQuillin,Curtis Bruce30 August 1867213150150Birth
Noble Porter HallHall,Noble Porterbetween 17 February 1865 and 30 August 1865214152152Military
Mary Elizabeth BuffingtonBuffington,Mary Elizabeth30 August 1864215153153Birth
Sarah Lavina WilsonWilson,Sarah Lavina30 August 1860216157157Birth
Lois Eva AllenAllen,Lois Eva30 August 1859217158158Birth
Nancy Jane SeeSee,Nancy Jane30 August 1859218158158Birth
James Samuel HunterHunter,James Samuel30 August 1856219161161Birth
Mary Ellen NalleyNalley,Mary Ellen30 August 1852220165165Birth
Thomas Hugh StephensStephens,Thomas Hugh30 August 1848221169169Birth
Andrew DunahooDunahoo,Andrew30 August 1838222179179Birth
Rosamond ChapinChapin,Rosamond30 August 1832223185185Birth
Katherine ReynardReynard,Katherine30 August 1825224192192Birth
Jesse HussongHussong,Jesse30 August 1819225198198Birth
Isaiah ReidReid,Isaiah30 August 1819226198198Death
Mary ChapmanChapman,Mary30 August 1814227203203Birth
Strother VandavierVandavier,Strother30 August 1810228207207Birth
Anna H. HinshawHinshaw,Anna H.30 August 1810229207207Birth
Richard Maxwell + Mina E. KurtzMaxwell,Richard + Kurtz,Mina E.30 August 1907230110110Divorce
Orange Howard Cessna + Lillian May WheelerCessna,Orange Howard + Wheeler,Lillian May30 August 1881231136136Marriage
John Burl Veneman + Emma HarveyVeneman,John Burl + Harvey,Emma30 August 1876232141141Marriage
Fernando DeColyo Burdick + Susan Elizabeth BallietBurdick,Fernando DeColyo + Balliet,Susan Elizabeth30 August 1875233142142Marriage
John A. Daugherty + Sarah Jane AldermanDaugherty,John A. + Alderman,Sarah Jane30 August 1871234146146Marriage
Guilford Mullen + Mary I. HalleyMullen,Guilford + Halley,Mary I.30 August 1866235151151Marriage
John James Harrison + Rachel Clara RiceHarrison,John James + Rice,Rachel Clara30 August 1865236152152Marriage
Matthew Dixson Elliott + Sarah Ann LeakeyElliott,Matthew Dixson + Leakey,Sarah Ann30 August 1849237168168Marriage
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