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The Smith Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 13 September 2015.
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On this day
Bertha Louise RuffleyRuffley,Bertha Louise22 November 195905858Death
Rosanna Elizabeth KeilKeil,Rosanna Elizabeth22 November 195316464Death
John Edgar AldermanAlderman,John Edgar22 November 195126666Death
Albert Alonzo LongcorLongcor,Albert Alonzo22 November 195036767Death
Ethel Mae SmithSmith,Ethel Mae22 November 191949898Death
Abijah Curtis CoryCory,Abijah Curtis22 November 18925125125Death
Mary C. HuffmanHuffman,Mary C.22 November 18926125125Death
Charles BarberBarber,Charles22 November 18897128128Birth
Walter Kennedy McCallMacCall,Walter Kennedy22 November 18828135135Death
Andrew RayRay,Andrew22 November 18699148148Birth
Monroe J. RomaneRomane,Monroe J.22 November 186710150150Birth
Charles E. ApplegateApplegate,Charles E.22 November 186511152152Death
Kate Emily ThompsonThompson,Kate Emily22 November 186312154154Birth
Nathan DunklebargerDunklebarger,Nathan22 November 186313154154Birth
Oscar Clayton McKimMacKim,Oscar Clayton22 November 186214155155Birth
Ideletta KirkKirk,Ideletta22 November 185815159159Birth
Dora Maria McHoseMacHose,Dora Maria22 November 185716160160Birth
John F. PichtPicht,John F.22 November 185617161161Birth
Lizzie J. ChildChild,Lizzie J.22 November 185518162162Birth
Wesley Chilicoah PringPring,Wesley Chilicoah22 November 184819169169Birth
James DanskinDanskin,James22 November 184720170170Birth
William Henry AyersAyers,William Henry22 November 184721170170Birth
Caleb RulonRulon,Caleb22 November 183022187187Birth
John Conrad BelcherBelcher,John Conrad22 November 181923198198Birth
Mary HarleyHarley,Mary22 November 181624201201Death
Alfred NewmanNewman,Alfred22 November 181525202202Birth
Elias Hollingsworth McCordMacCord,Elias Hollingsworth22 November 181426203203Birth
John FordFord,John22 November 181127206206Birth
Thomas Franklin DowellDowell,Thomas Franklin22 November 180028217217Birth
Frank Bisbee + Katherine C. KennedyBisbee,Frank + Kennedy,Katherine C.22 November 189929118118Marriage
Lafayette Myers + Mary SpencerMyers,Lafayette + Spencer,Mary22 November 189030127127Marriage
Frederick Norris + Lucinda Eletha FrenchNorris,Frederick + French,Lucinda Eletha22 November 188031137137Marriage
Andrew Jackson Smith + Martha WhitingerSmith,Andrew Jackson + Whitinger,Martha22 November 187432143143Marriage
Jacob Bonsack + Catherine HarshbergerBonsack,Jacob + Harshberger,Catherine22 November 181933198198Marriage
Upcoming events
Eva May HennickHennick,Eva May23 November 200001717Death
Warren F. TreatTreat,Warren F.23 November 196015757Death
Charles L. MurrayMurray,Charles L.23 November 194427373Death
George Washington HalleyHalley,George Washington23 November 19163101101Death
Sarah A. SkinnerSkinner,Sarah A.23 November 19164101101Death
Deacon John WhitakerWhitaker,Deacon John23 November 19145103103Death
Daisy Eva ThorntonThornton,Daisy Eva23 November 18856132132Birth
David Henry WaltzWaltz,David Henry23 November 18847133133Death
Bessie SowersSowers,Bessie23 November 18808137137Birth
Gertrude ChildChild,Gertrude23 November 18759142142Birth
Myrtle M. EathertonEatherton,Myrtle M.23 November 187510142142Birth
Eliza Jane HoskinsHoskins,Eliza Jane23 November 187011147147Death
Rollin Beecher BallardBallard,Rollin Beecher23 November 187012147147Birth
Grace M. ShugartShugart,Grace M.23 November 186913148148Birth
Jennie Eliabeth MorganMorgan,Jennie Eliabeth23 November 186914148148Birth
Nicholas GugeGuge,Nicholas23 November 186815149149Death
Nancy Jane StricklerStrickler,Nancy Jane23 November 186116156156Birth
Franklin Lee HallHall,Franklin Lee23 November 186117156156Birth
Joseph Henry AldermanAlderman,Joseph Henry23 November 184718170170Birth
Addy ShearerShearer,Addy23 November 183919178178Birth
Alexander Boyce McCainMacCain,Alexander Boyce23 November 183420183183Birth
Nancy Norres GreerGreer,Nancy Norres23 November 183121186186Birth
Fielding UtterbackUtterback,Fielding23 November 180922208208Birth
Henry Furguson Chitty + Ethel CookChitty,Henry Furguson + Cook,Ethel23 November 191023107107Marriage
Charles Tomlinson + Mary McConnellTomlinson,Charles + MacConnell,Mary23 November 189724120120Marriage
Bradford Bagley + Ida L. GresslyBagley,Bradford + Gressly,Ida L.23 November 188625131131Marriage
Isaac Newton Evans + Lucy Abigail DavisEvans,Isaac Newton + Davis,Lucy Abigail23 November 187226145145Marriage
Christopher Barbour + Martha A. SheraBarbour,Christopher + Shera,Martha A.23 November 187027147147Marriage
Charles S. Pierce + Mary Ellen FitchpatrickPierce,Charles S. + Fitchpatrick,Mary Ellen23 November 186928148148Marriage
James Munns + Frances Marion LovejoyMunns,James + Lovejoy,Frances Marion23 November 186529152152Marriage
William Adams + Susan Nancy TalbottAdams,William + Talbott,Susan Nancy23 November 184830169169Marriage
Webster Hall + Dice UtleyHall,Webster + Utley,Dice23 November 178631231231Marriage
Earle BrownBrown,Earle24 November 1962325555Death
Ruth Emily RingheimRingheim,Ruth Emily24 November 1952336565Death
Charlotte BrownBrown,Charlotte24 November 1937348080Death
Joshua LongLong,Joshua24 November 1935358282Death
Jesse Ferguson TribbleTribble,Jesse Ferguson24 November 1926369191Death
John James HarrisonHarrison,John James24 November 1919379898Death
Jane M. DayDay,Jane M.24 November 190238115115Death
Lucy Pauline AmbroseAmbrose,Lucy Pauline24 November 190139116116Birth
Freddie Carl DawsonDawson,Freddie Carl24 November 189440123123Death
Nellie FaidleyFaidley,Nellie24 November 188041137137Birth
Claude Micah FrenchFrench,Claude Micah24 November 188042137137Birth
George Edward FloraFlora,George Edward24 November 186943148148Birth
Sarah Josephine KeltnerKeltner,Sarah Josephine24 November 186444153153Birth
Creighton AllenAllen,Creighton24 November 186345154154Death
Mintie Alice LawLaw,Mintie Alice24 November 186246155155Birth
Thomas Harlan DavisDavis,Thomas Harlan24 November 186047157157Birth
Effie Jane FordFord,Effie Jane24 November 185948158158Birth
Melvin M. BunceBunce,Melvin M.24 November 185849159159Birth
Barnet BrouhardBrouhard,Barnet24 November 185650161161Death
Harriet Elizabeth SpencerSpencer,Harriet Elizabeth24 November 185651161161Birth
Magdalena BraunBraun,Magdalena24 November 185252165165Death
Lucy M. WallbridgeWallbridge,Lucy M.24 November 185253165165Birth
William Henry McPhersonMacPherson,William Henry24 November 184854169169Birth
John Wesley BurgBurg,John Wesley24 November 184055177177Birth
William Clark CochranCochran,William Clark24 November 183856179179Birth
Nathan Latimer SpencerSpencer,Nathan Latimer24 November 183757180180Birth
Oliver HoskinsHoskins,Oliver24 November 182758190190Birth
John McWherter + Jennie Toledo CoxMacWherter,John + Cox,Jennie Toledo24 November 190459113113Marriage
Charles William Wills + Anna Natalia PetersenWills,Charles William + Petersen,Anna Natalia24 November 190460113113Marriage
John William Vasey + Corda Ora WorrallVasey,John William + Worrall,Corda Ora24 November 190361114114Marriage
George Murray + Rose M. VaseyMurray,George + Vasey,Rose M.24 November 189862119119Marriage
Albert T. Strattan + Sarah Matilda ChaffinStrattan,Albert T. + Chaffin,Sarah Matilda24 November 189763120120Marriage
Ernest Diggins + Catherine Luanna ShearerDiggins,Ernest + Shearer,Catherine Luanna24 November 189464123123Marriage
William Leonard Tipton + Carrie Mae GambleTipton,William Leonard + Gamble,Carrie Mae24 November 189265125125Marriage
George Loucks + Arminda PerkinsLoucks,George + Perkins,Arminda24 November 186766150150Marriage
David Utterback + Rachel Emaline AllisonUtterback,David + Allison,Rachel Emaline24 November 185367164164Marriage
Joseph Brubaker + Catherine HarshbergerBrubaker,Joseph + Harshberger,Catherine24 November 182568192192Marriage
Franklin Gale EtnireEtnire,Franklin Gale25 November 1965695252Death
Minnie Ann DawsonDawson,Minnie Ann25 November 1943707474Death
Josephine WantzWantz,Josephine25 November 1932718585Death
Nellie Jane ShearerShearer,Nellie Jane25 November 1930728787Death
Margaret NilandNiland,Margaret25 November 191473103103Death
Elizabeth Ann EvansEvans,Elizabeth Ann25 November 191374104104Death
Minnie ThorntonThornton,Minnie25 November 190775110110Death
James William McLaughlinMacLaughlin,James William25 November 190676111111Death
John Adam HuhnHuhn,John Adam25 November 190677111111Death
Alta May ShawShaw,Alta May25 November 190078117117Birth
Thomas Lawman HandsakerHandsaker,Thomas Lawman25 November 189279125125Birth
Roswell HopkinsHopkins,Roswell25 November 189180126126Death
Dora May WeltyWelty,Dora May25 November 189181126126Death
William E. AldredgeAldredge,William E.25 November 188682131131Death
Daniel BaileyBailey,Daniel25 November 188583132132Death
Louise EverhartEverhart,Louise25 November 186384154154Death
Elmira VoilesVoiles,Elmira25 November 185985158158Birth
Orrin W. Snyder LashLash,Orrin W. Snyder25 November 185586162162Birth
George Timber ZumwaltZumwalt,George Timber25 November 185487163163Birth
Julia Franklin DavisDavis,Julia Franklin25 November 185388164164Death
Mary Margaret WisegaverWisegaver,Mary Margaret25 November 185189166166Death
Kate PichtPicht,Kate25 November 185190166166Birth
Elbridge J. WalkerWalker,Elbridge J.25 November 184891169169Birth
Abram BatesBates,Abram25 November 184492173173Birth
Archibald RayRay,Archibald25 November 184493173173Birth
Hannah Pierce DeWolfDeWolf,Hannah Pierce25 November 184494173173Birth
John FunkFunk,John25 November 183495183183Birth
William Y. SellarsSellars,William Y.25 November 183096187187Birth
John ElliottElliott,John25 November 180297215215Birth
John PaulPaul,John25 November 171998298298Birth
Arthur Franklin Donaghy + Alta May HolmesDonaghy,Arthur Franklin + Holmes,Alta May25 November 1919999898Marriage
Christopher Columbus Evans + Alberta Jane OzmunEvans,Christopher Columbus + Ozmun,Alberta Jane25 November 1882100135135Marriage
George Coriell + Julia Matilda BriggsCoriell,George + Briggs,Julia Matilda25 November 1880101137137Marriage
Robert C. Casebolt + Sarah Amanda DavisCasebolt,Robert C. + Davis,Sarah Amanda25 November 1858102159159Marriage
Andrew Scott + Zilpha Ann GroveScott,Andrew + Grove,Zilpha Ann25 November 1858103159159Marriage
James Burbridge Cory + Sarah A. SmithCory,James Burbridge + Smith,Sarah A.25 November 1849104168168Marriage
Benjamin Utterback + Matilda HanksUtterback,Benjamin + Hanks,Matilda25 November 1808105209209Marriage
John Furnas + Esther WilsonFurnas,John + Wilson,Esther25 November 1790106227227Marriage
Howard Butters KelloggKellogg,Howard Butters26 November 19881072929Death
Edwin Augustine RingheimRingheim,Edwin Augustine26 November 19701084747Death
Emma HaltermanHalterman,Emma26 November 19481096969Death
Arthur BackousBackous,Arthur26 November 19421107575Death
Ralph Klove AldermanAlderman,Ralph Klove26 November 19401117777Death
Elva Maria EarlEarl,Elva Maria26 November 19341128383Death
Bessie Eliza MyersMyers,Bessie Eliza26 November 19251139292Death
John Wesley HuffHuff,John Wesley26 November 19211149696Death
Harry Glover AmbroseAmbrose,Harry Glover26 November 19211159696Birth
AmbroseAmbrose,//26 November 19211169696Birth
Altman K. SwihartSwihart,Altman K.26 November 1903117114114Birth
Cyrus BarrettBarrett,Cyrus26 November 1893118124124Death
Clara EvansEvans,Clara26 November 1881119136136Birth
Mitchell Robert MullenMullen,Mitchell Robert26 November 1880120137137Birth
Samuel WhitakerWhitaker,Samuel26 November 1876121141141Death
Willie PichtPicht,Willie26 November 1874122143143Birth
Howard Ambrose BanksBanks,Howard Ambrose26 November 1872123145145Birth
John Andrew TaylorTaylor,John Andrew26 November 1862124155155Birth
Harding Daniel WitmerWitmer,Harding Daniel26 November 1861125156156Birth
Jane OsbornOsborn,Jane26 November 1859126158158Death
John BrownBrown,John26 November 1855127162162Birth
Mary Jane BrileyBriley,Mary Jane26 November 1832128185185Birth
James A. FryFry,James A.26 November 1818129199199Birth
Charles Everett Ross + Vera Lavina ChildRoss,Charles Everett + Child,Vera Lavina26 November 1902130115115Marriage
William Farran + Vionna HuhnFarran,William + Huhn,Vionna26 November 1901131116116Marriage
Thomas Shannon Byers + Ada Jane OxleyByers,Thomas Shannon + Oxley,Ada Jane26 November 1893132124124Marriage
James Thomas Oxley + Alice Cordelia OzmunOxley,James Thomas + Ozmun,Alice Cordelia26 November 1893133124124Marriage
Justus Meeker Silliman + May A. LordSilliman,Justus Meeker + Lord,May A.26 November 1890134127127Marriage
John S. Hickman + Nancy RhodesHickman,John S. + Rhodes,Nancy26 November 1878135139139Marriage
Lars Knudtson + Celia JohnsonKnudtson,Lars + Johnson,Celia26 November 1874136143143Marriage
William K. Wood + Louisa IngersollWood,William K. + Ingersoll,Louisa26 November 1863137154154Marriage
James William Henry Cook + Sarah Ellenor BarnesCook,James William Henry + Barnes,Sarah Ellenor26 November 1857138160160Marriage
Thomas Shera + Margaret SheraShera,Thomas + Shera,Margaret26 November 1840139177177Marriage
Isaac Britson + Elizabeth PringBritson,Isaac + Pring,Elizabeth26 November 1840140177177Marriage
Lizzie Lucretia ShearerShearer,Lizzie Lucretia27 November 19731414444Death
Myrtle May StrattanStrattan,Myrtle May27 November 19721424545Death
Thomas J. QuickQuick,Thomas J.27 November 19271439090Death
Elisha Vance BrileyBriley,Elisha Vance27 November 1902144115115Death
Milton Elwyn WierWier,Milton Elwyn27 November 1892145125125Death
B. F. O. FunsonFunson,B. F. O.27 November 1889146128128Birth
Harvey T. FunsonFunson,Harvey T.27 November 1880147137137Birth
Emmet B. AyersAyers,Emmet B.27 November 1880148137137Birth
Mary Estella LongneckerLongnecker,Mary Estella27 November 1875149142142Birth
Mildred HunnellHunnell,Mildred27 November 1872150145145Birth
David C. HarrisonHarrison,David C.27 November 1867151150150Death
Noble William McKimMacKim,Noble William27 November 1864152153153Birth
Cornelius PichtPicht,Cornelius27 November 1862153155155Birth
Mary A. ThorntonThornton,Mary A.27 November 1861154156156Death
Isaac Milton ProutyProuty,Isaac Milton27 November 1852155165165Birth
Andrew ShearerShearer,Andrew27 November 1847156170170Birth
Martha Serepta ‘Mattie’ FordFord,Martha Serepta27 November 1847157170170Birth
William DayDay,William27 November 1845158172172Birth
Lucetta BailiffBailiff,Lucetta27 November 1844159173173Birth
Martha E. BattersonBatterson,Martha E.27 November 1842160175175Birth
David TootToot,David27 November 1842161175175Birth
Lucy R. KirkKirk,Lucy R.27 November 1829162188188Birth
David Alexander MooreMoore,David Alexander27 November 1822163195195Birth
Samuel Deck Booher + Mary FinleyBooher,Samuel Deck + Finley,Mary27 November 1890164127127Marriage
James Alder + Lillie May FlickAlder,James + Flick,Lillie May27 November 1889165128128Marriage
William Orin Bates + Carrie Sarah BallardBates,William Orin + Ballard,Carrie Sarah27 November 1888166129129Marriage
Samuel Whitaker + Larisa DensmoreWhitaker,Samuel + Densmore,Larisa27 November 1873167144144Marriage
Othniel A. Winkler + Mary LemmonsWinkler,Othniel A. + Lemmons,Mary27 November 1870168147147Marriage
John McG. White + Jane E. MyersWhite,John McG. + Myers,Jane E.27 November 1864169153153Marriage
Franklin Dewey Thompson + Abbie N. PriceThompson,Franklin Dewey + Price,Abbie N.27 November 1862170155155Marriage
Levi Jason Chandler + Eleanor Elizabeth TillotsonChandler,Levi Jason + Tillotson,Eleanor Elizabeth27 November 1860171157157Marriage
Benjamin Confare + Permelia MurrayConfare,Benjamin + Murray,Permelia27 November 1856172161161Marriage
Elbridge Gerrish Chandler + Sarah Ann OdiorneChandler,Elbridge Gerrish + Odiorne,Sarah Ann27 November 1854173163163Marriage
James Lyle HomanHoman,James Lyle28 November 19771744040Death
Emma KingKing,Emma28 November 19651755252Death
Mary M. YoungYoung,Mary M.28 November 19481766969Death
John H. TalbottTalbott,John H.28 November 19341778383Death
Loren E. FowlerFowler,Loren E.28 November 19271789090Death
Mary Jane BurnsideBurnside,Mary Jane28 November 1912179105105Death
Mary Elizabeth JohnJohn,Mary Elizabeth28 November 1911180106106Death
Alfred MorganMorgan,Alfred28 November 1910181107107Death
Abigail HowellHowell,Abigail28 November 1910182107107Death
Sarah Jane LackeyLackey,Sarah Jane28 November 1907183110110Death
Nola GugeGuge,Nola28 November 1903184114114Birth
Mary MeadeMeade,Mary28 November 1898185119119Death
Julia Etta NowningNowning,Julia Etta28 November 1898186119119Death
Harry B. RomaneRomane,Harry B.28 November 1895187122122Birth
Laura DinsmoreDinsmore,Laura28 November 1887188130130Birth
Guy F. AtkinsonAtkinson,Guy F.28 November 1886189131131Birth
George Lorenzo TichenorTichenor,George Lorenzo28 November 1886190131131Birth
General McLean SeeSee,General McLean28 November 1880191137137Death
Eliza HopkinsHopkins,Eliza28 November 1880192137137Death
Edward Ellsworth MyersMyers,Edward Ellsworth28 November 1876193141141Birth
Ethwell PressnallPressnall,Ethwell28 November 1875194142142Birth
William Henry CookCook,William Henry28 November 1868195149149Birth
Lucy A. BrownBrown,Lucy A.28 November 1865196152152Birth
John William DawsonDawson,John William28 November 1857197160160Birth
Andrew Jackson SmithSmith,Andrew Jackson28 November 1853198164164Birth
Sarah Alice GossardGossard,Sarah Alice28 November 1853199164164Birth
John Clarkson ReynardReynard,John Clarkson28 November 1847200170170Birth
Juliette Erick HadleyHadley,Juliette Erick28 November 1844201173173Birth
Harriet Augusta DavisDavis,Harriet Augusta28 November 1835202182182Birth
Philemon GoodnowGoodnow,Philemon28 November 1834203183183Birth
Martha JohnsonJohnson,Martha28 November 1833204184184Birth
Sarah RiceRice,Sarah28 November 1822205195195Birth
Mary BurtBurt,Mary28 November 1804206213213Birth
Claude Thomas Shickell + Olive E. McCordShickell,Claude Thomas + MacCord,Olive E.28 November 1908207109109Marriage
Charles William Roe + Lucy M. FrenchRoe,Charles William + French,Lucy M.28 November 1906208111111Marriage
Samuel Jacob Ayers + Nellie Maud DunahooAyers,Samuel Jacob + Dunahoo,Nellie Maud28 November 1901209116116Marriage
Charles Simmons + Sophia CorfmanSimmons,Charles + Corfman,Sophia28 November 1898210119119Marriage
Henry N. Burroughs + Martha Clementine ByersBurroughs,Henry N. + Byers,Martha Clementine28 November 1895211122122Marriage
Elmer Walter Alverson + Myra Catherine ChaffinAlverson,Elmer Walter + Chaffin,Myra Catherine28 November 1895212122122Marriage
George Ellsworth Boster + Hattie Logan ComfortBoster,George Ellsworth + Comfort,Hattie Logan28 November 1893213124124Marriage
Charles E. Goodyear + Levie Catherine WherryGoodyear,Charles E. + Wherry,Levie Catherine28 November 1889214128128Marriage
Homer W. S. Smay + Maggie May SmithSmay,Homer W. S. + Smith,Maggie May28 November 1888215129129Marriage
Daniel C. Finch + Sarah Jane WillsFinch,Daniel C. + Wills,Sarah Jane28 November 1880216137137Marriage
James Womack + Lydia Maria ShearerWomack,James + Shearer,Lydia Maria28 November 1872217145145Marriage
Andrew Carthon Sheldon + Amelia UphamSheldon,Andrew Carthon + Upham,Amelia28 November 1865218152152Marriage
Edmund Elliott + Elizabeth DavisElliott,Edmund + Davis,Elizabeth28 November 1854219163163Marriage
Lillian Rosetta CraneCrane,Lillian Rosetta29 November 19912202626Death
Myrtle CraneCrane,Myrtle29 November 19792213838Death
Susanna FosterFoster,Susanna29 November 19322228585Death
Zachariah ShugartShugart,Zachariah29 November 1910223107107Death
Viola Vianna ApplegateApplegate,Viola Vianna29 November 1907224110110Death
Charles P. MurpheyMurphey,Charles P.29 November 1903225114114Death
Robert Earl ChildChild,Robert Earl29 November 1901226116116Birth
Pearson EmbreeEmbree,Pearson29 November 1900227117117Death
John BallietBalliet,John29 November 1893228124124Death
Lloyd William CorbinCorbin,Lloyd William29 November 1888229129129Birth
John Emmet OylerOyler,John Emmet29 November 1886230131131Birth
Henry F. MurpheyMurphey,Henry F.29 November 1885231132132Death
Alma VaseyVasey,Alma29 November 1881232136136Birth
Joey YazelYazel,Joey29 November 1876233141141Birth
Genevieve Louise FitchpatrickFitchpatrick,Genevieve Louise29 November 1874234143143Birth
Rebecca Ellen WatkinsWatkins,Rebecca Ellen29 November 1869235148148Birth
Grace Gertrude EmmonsEmmons,Grace Gertrude29 November 1869236148148Birth
Gabriel I. SharpSharp,Gabriel I.29 November 1861237156156Death
Edith DillonDillon,Edith29 November 1857238160160Birth
Augusta P. WhiteWhite,Augusta P.29 November 1854239163163Birth
Volney Johnson DawsonDawson,Volney Johnson29 November 1854240163163Birth
Fairman Polk EllicottEllicott,Fairman Polk29 November 1844241173173Birth
Valentine AppleApple,Valentine29 November 1840242177177Birth
Rebecca Frances ByarsByars,Rebecca Frances29 November 1840243177177Birth
Lorana TiltonTilton,Lorana29 November 1838244179179Birth
James FrenchFrench,James29 November 1820245197197Death
Abel ChandlerChandler,Abel29 November 1796246221221Birth
John W. Handsaker + Clara BurkhartHandsaker,John W. + Burkhart,Clara29 November 1916247101101Marriage
Jesse Marion Kuhn + Jecova ChittyKuhn,Jesse Marion + Chitty,Jecova29 November 1905248112112Marriage
George Kooser + Jessie Maud AdamsKooser,George + Adams,Jessie Maud29 November 1895249122122Marriage
Guy Homer Brown + Elizabeth Ann GollyBrown,Guy Homer + Golly,Elizabeth Ann29 November 1894250123123Marriage
Bradley Bissell + Lillie Amelia WherryBissell,Bradley + Wherry,Lillie Amelia29 November 1888251129129Marriage
James Coughenour + Paulina BarberCoughenour,James + Barber,Paulina29 November 1880252137137Marriage
John Sullivan Banks + Agness M. ClothierBanks,John Sullivan + Clothier,Agness M.29 November 1872253145145Marriage
John Rolvin Hays + Susan Almira MillsHays,John Rolvin + Mills,Susan Almira29 November 1871254146146Marriage
Robert Bryant + Nancy Isabella ThorltonBryant,Robert + Thorlton,Nancy Isabella29 November 1868255149149Marriage
Noble Porter Hall + Margaret FelknerHall,Noble Porter + Felkner,Margaret29 November 1855256162162Marriage
James Hawthorne + Mary JonesHawthorne,James + Jones,Mary29 November 1849257168168Marriage
Thomas Hammond Burroughs + Hannah ColeBurroughs,Thomas Hammond + Cole,Hannah29 November 1843258174174Marriage
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