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The Smith Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 13 September 2015.
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On this day
Eva MyersMyers,Eva26 March 199702020Death
Pierce Ratcliff AlderAlder,Pierce Ratcliff26 March 196115656Death
Charles Willard PondPond,Charles Willard26 March 195925858Death
Jennie Annaretta OlingerOlinger,Jennie Annaretta26 March 194237575Death
Bertram Ravenscraft DawsonDawson,Bertram Ravenscraft26 March 194147676Death
Olive Jane RobbinsRobbins,Olive Jane26 March 19095108108Death
Eliza Jane WhitingerWhitinger,Eliza Jane26 March 19086109109Death
Charles Albert PaddockPaddock,Charles Albert26 March 19027115115Death
Wilson RomaneRomane,Wilson26 March 19008117117Death
Henry BrouhardBrouhard,Henry26 March 18999118118Death
Helen G. McCallMacCall,Helen G.26 March 189810119119Birth
Catherine D. YetleyYetley,Catherine D.26 March 189511122122Death
George FlemingFleming,George26 March 188012137137Birth
Daisy Lois FlemingFleming,Daisy Lois26 March 188013137137Birth
Addie Elizabeth FrenchFrench,Addie Elizabeth26 March 187814139139Birth
John J. BellBell,John J.26 March 187815139139Death
Volney Alpheus ChandlerChandler,Volney Alpheus26 March 187816139139Birth
Delia May ChaffinChaffin,Delia May26 March 187717140140Birth
James Thomas OxleyOxley,James Thomas26 March 187418143143Birth
Alice Cordelia OzmunOzmun,Alice Cordelia26 March 187319144144Birth
Francis Marion WhiteWhite,Francis Marion26 March 186920148148Birth
Lizzie E. BoyesBoyes,Lizzie E.26 March 186821149149Birth
Isabelle A. ThomasThomas,Isabelle A.26 March 186422153153Birth
Georgianna DyerDyer,Georgianna26 March 185923158158Birth
Mary Katherine BlazeBlaze,Mary Katherine26 March 185724160160Birth
Sophronia MeekerMeeker,Sophronia26 March 185425163163Death
Simon Peter MeyersMeyers,Simon Peter26 March 185126166166Birth
Ann E. WallbridgeWallbridge,Ann E.26 March 184427173173Birth
Daniel E. BrubakerBrubaker,Daniel E.26 March 184128176176Birth
Newton Robert GarrettGarrett,Newton Robert26 March 184029177177Birth
Louisa Caroline JohnJohn,Louisa Caroline26 March 183930178178Birth
Mary Ann MasonMason,Mary Ann26 March 183431183183Birth
Samuel ClingenpeelClingenpeel,Samuel26 March 182332194194Birth
Homer BrooksBrooks,Homer26 March 181133206206Birth
John DuttonDutton,John26 March 179134226226Birth
Frank John Cottrill + Grace Mae BurdickCottrill,Frank John + Burdick,Grace Mae26 March 191035107107Marriage
Arthur Pearle Couser + Daisy Lois FlemingCouser,Arthur Pearle + Fleming,Daisy Lois26 March 190236115115Marriage
Samuel Francis Donahue + Elvira Elizabeth HeflerDonahue,Samuel Francis + Hefler,Elvira Elizabeth26 March 189037127127Marriage
William B. Finch + Mary A. McDowellFinch,William B. + MacDowell,Mary A.26 March 188538132132Marriage
Addison Emor Lough + Maria FryLough,Addison Emor + Fry,Maria26 March 188139136136Marriage
Joseph Yazel + Matilda FieldsYazel,Joseph + Fields,Matilda26 March 188140136136Marriage
Daniel E. Faidley + Sarah Anne MeyersFaidley,Daniel E. + Meyers,Sarah Anne26 March 187641141141Marriage
Squire Bradford Stevens + Dorcas BullingtonStevens,Squire Bradford + Bullington,Dorcas26 March 186942148148Marriage
Noah Washington Ringer + Elizabeth HagueRinger,Noah Washington + Hague,Elizabeth26 March 185643161161Marriage
Elias Palmer + Eunice Worth CoggeshallPalmer,Elias + Coggeshall,Eunice Worth26 March 184644171171Marriage
James Kirkendall + Rachel BevingtonKirkendall,James + Bevington,Rachel26 March 183045187187Marriage
Upcoming events
Jay King RomaneRomane,Jay King27 March 196605151Death
Mildred Deette McCallMacCall,Mildred Deette27 March 195815959Death
Harriet Mabelle DawsonDawson,Harriet Mabelle27 March 194427373Death
John H. BuffingtonBuffington,John H.27 March 193837979Death
Julia A. MartinMartin,Julia A.27 March 191949898Death
Mary Ann HallHall,Mary Ann27 March 19165101101Death
James DillinDillin,James27 March 19016116116Death
Arthur Earl ShafferShaffer,Arthur Earl27 March 18897128128Birth
America SeeSee,America27 March 18878130130Death
Silva NellisNellis,Silva27 March 18819136136Birth
Frank RayRay,Frank27 March 188110136136Birth
Mary BellBell,Mary27 March 188011137137Death
Cora Belle WhitneyWhitney,Cora Belle27 March 187212145145Birth
Amy Loretta ChandlerChandler,Amy Loretta27 March 187013147147Birth
John C. LoerchLoerch,John C.27 March 186814149149Birth
Warren Wesley AldermanAlderman,Warren Wesley27 March 186715150150Birth
Rothmer J. SillimanSilliman,Rothmer J.27 March 184216175175Birth
Rachel ShenkleShenkle,Rachel27 March 183617181181Birth
John Thomas PrimePrime,John Thomas27 March 183418183183Birth
Lorenzo OzmunOzmun,Lorenzo27 March 182319194194Birth
Dudley ChildChild,Dudley27 March 181920198198Birth
Vincent AllenAllen,Vincent27 March 181821199199Birth
Seth Davis HadleyHadley,Seth Davis27 March 181622201201Birth
John Mitchell Wills + Lulu Maud ChandlerWills,John Mitchell + Chandler,Lulu Maud27 March 189523122122Marriage
Charles L'hommedieu + Maude HardingL'hommedieu,Charles + Harding,Maude27 March 189424123123Marriage
Philip S. O'Neil + Laura Isabelle KoonsO'Neil,Philip S. + Koons,Laura Isabelle27 March 189425123123Marriage
John Clinton Briggs + Etta M. WilliamsBriggs,John Clinton + Williams,Etta M.27 March 189026127127Marriage
William V. Finley + Elsie Ann GoldenFinley,William V. + Golden,Elsie Ann27 March 188427133133Marriage
Samuel Dyer Law + Anna Mary SwisherLaw,Samuel Dyer + Swisher,Anna Mary27 March 188128136136Marriage
John A. McClure + Jane CampbellMacClure,John A. + Campbell,Jane27 March 186029157157Marriage
Carl HuseHuse,Carl28 March 1994302323Death
Violetta BriggsBriggs,Violetta28 March 1943317474Death
Mina E. KurtzKurtz,Mina E.28 March 1937328080Death
Philip Ilo BuffingtonBuffington,Philip Ilo28 March 1931338686Death
Mellie V. LanningLanning,Mellie V.28 March 1920349797Death
Joseph M. DieffenbacherDieffenbacher,Joseph M.28 March 191135106106Death
Sarah Ann HadleyHadley,Sarah Ann28 March 191036107107Death
Anna VreelandVreeland,Anna28 March 190737110110Death
Alice BarkerBarker,Alice28 March 190338114114Death
Beulah Bernice KitchenKitchen,Beulah Bernice28 March 190139116116Birth
Teresse BishopBishop,Teresse28 March 189240125125Death
Charley Hanby CoughenourCoughenour,Charley Hanby28 March 189041127127Death
Edith Verne ApplegateApplegate,Edith Verne28 March 188642131131Birth
Mabel Amanda ShawShaw,Mabel Amanda28 March 188443133133Birth
Clyde BorgenBorgen,Clyde28 March 188244135135Birth
Edwin William McConnellMacConnell,Edwin William28 March 188045137137Birth
Rachel RayRay,Rachel28 March 188046137137Death
Millie Bethana BreezleyBreezley,Millie Bethana28 March 187547142142Birth
Charles W. StevensStevens,Charles W.28 March 187548142142Birth
Lewis BellBell,Lewis28 March 187249145145Birth
Letson BellBell,Letson28 March 187250145145Birth
David HolmesHolmes,David28 March 186851149149Birth
Annie NilandNiland,Annie28 March 186652151151Birth
Albert SowersSowers,Albert28 March 186553152152Birth
Edward T. TalbottTalbott,Edward T.28 March 186154156156Birth
Emma Belle ButtButt,Emma Belle28 March 185855159159Birth
Robert English McCainMacCain,Robert English28 March 184256175175Birth
Ferdinand Turner McLainMacLain,Ferdinand Turner28 March 184157176176Birth
Sarah Ann BurdickBurdick,Sarah Ann28 March 183558182182Birth
Michael ReedReed,Michael28 March 183359184184Birth
Sarah Ann BigbeeBigbee,Sarah Ann28 March 183360184184Birth
Polly E. DyerDyer,Polly E.28 March 183161186186Birth
Hudson Leroy BallardBallard,Hudson Leroy28 March 182862189189Birth
Hudson Leroy BallardBallard,Hudson Leroy28 March 182863189189Birth
Catherine BrubakerBrubaker,Catherine28 March 182464193193Birth
Jacob McCordMacCord,Jacob28 March 181965198198Birth
Jacob WhitingerWhitinger,Jacob28 March 181866199199Birth
Benjamin ShinkleShinkle,Benjamin28 March 181367204204Birth
Rebecca TainterTainter,Rebecca28 March 178968228228Birth
Willoughby PhillipsPhillips,Willoughby28 March 178069237237Birth
William Henry Cook + Mildred WoodCook,William Henry + Wood,Mildred28 March 190070117117Marriage
Charles Lawrence Cravens + Martha DanskinCravens,Charles Lawrence + Danskin,Martha28 March 190071117117Marriage
Elijah Fisher + Clara Agnes BuffingtonFisher,Elijah + Buffington,Clara Agnes28 March 188072137137Marriage
Henry C. Elliott + Mary J. BerstElliott,Henry C. + Berst,Mary J.28 March 187673141141Marriage
David Thomas Danskin + Agnes ClydeDanskin,David Thomas + Clyde,Agnes28 March 187274145145Marriage
William McCollough + Anna Elizabeth MullenMacCollough,William + Mullen,Anna Elizabeth28 March 186975148148Marriage
Andrew Dunahoo + Rachel Ann SmithDunahoo,Andrew + Smith,Rachel Ann28 March 185876159159Marriage
William Gibson Reid + Anna WorkReid,William Gibson + Work,Anna28 March 182877189189Marriage
Clarence Dean WierWier,Clarence Dean29 March 1968784949Death
Samuel Dyer LawLaw,Samuel Dyer29 March 1935798282Death
Minnie Loo SheldonSheldon,Minnie Loo29 March 1932808585Death
Mary Ann ClothierClothier,Mary Ann29 March 1926819191Death
Susan BrubakerBrubaker,Susan29 March 1921829696Death
Frederic C. ToeplemanToepleman,Frederic C.29 March 1918839999Death
Henry M. MurrayMurray,Henry M.29 March 189684121121Death
Leon L. CooperCooper,Leon L.29 March 189185126126Birth
WorrallWorrall,//29 March 188886129129Birth
Andrew Melvin PichtPicht,Andrew Melvin29 March 188787130130Birth
Nora Ellen HubbardHubbard,Nora Ellen29 March 188488133133Birth
Raleigh Joseph VaseyVasey,Raleigh Joseph29 March 188489133133Birth
Henry Ellis ArmstrongArmstrong,Henry Ellis29 March 188190136136Birth
Bessie HefleyHefley,Bessie29 March 188191136136Birth
Huldah HutsonHutson,Huldah29 March 188192136136Death
Mary HagueHague,Mary29 March 187693141141Birth
Sarah BakerBaker,Sarah29 March 187394144144Death
Mary Abigail SpringSpring,Mary Abigail29 March 186995148148Death
Dora Lillie PalmatierPalmatier,Dora Lillie29 March 186996148148Birth
Rose Ann BurdickBurdick,Rose Ann29 March 186697151151Birth
Melinda CoryCory,Melinda29 March 186298155155Death
Minerva Ruth LawLaw,Minerva Ruth29 March 185899159159Birth
Anna E. SellarsSellars,Anna E.29 March 1856100161161Birth
Hannah BatesBates,Hannah29 March 1855101162162Birth
Levina HeavnerHeavner,Levina29 March 1850102167167Death
Thomas WhitakerWhitaker,Thomas29 March 1836103181181Birth
George W. RandolRandol,George W.29 March 1835104182182Birth
David C. HarrisonHarrison,David C.29 March 1835105182182Birth
Mary Elizabeth JohnJohn,Mary Elizabeth29 March 1835106182182Birth
Sarah GoffGoff,Sarah29 March 1834107183183Birth
David McClungMacClung,David29 March 1819108198198Birth
Nathaniel B. WilcoxWilcox,Nathaniel B.29 March 1807109210210Birth
David ChildChild,David29 March 1805110212212Birth
Guy E. MoultonMoulton,Guy E.29 March 1794111223223Birth
George Ira Applegate + Alma B. JensenApplegate,George Ira + Jensen,Alma B.29 March 1906112111111Marriage
Archibald Coriell + Henrietta Estella BriggsCoriell,Archibald + Briggs,Henrietta Estella29 March 1874113143143Marriage
Bedent Baird Gallup + Adaline DyerGallup,Bedent Baird + Dyer,Adaline29 March 1848114169169Marriage
Essie Jane ChandlerChandler,Essie Jane30 March 19461157171Death
Hattie E. ScottScott,Hattie E.30 March 19361168181Death
Mary Ellen McQuistonMacQuiston,Mary Ellen30 March 19271179090Death
Rachel ShenkleShenkle,Rachel30 March 19231189494Death
Harriet LintLint,Harriet30 March 1915119102102Death
Commodore Perry McQuistonMacQuiston,Commodore Perry30 March 1914120103103Death
Sarah BoitnottBoitnott,Sarah30 March 1913121104104Death
Thomas Jefferson WilcoxWilcox,Thomas Jefferson30 March 1904122113113Death
Nettie Marie McCainMacCain,Nettie Marie30 March 1900123117117Death
Tracy Milton TishTish,Tracy Milton30 March 1895124122122Birth
Floyd Sidney ShickellShickell,Floyd Sidney30 March 1891125126126Birth
Heman D. ShugartShugart,Heman D.30 March 1886126131131Death
John Henry StiegelmeyerStiegelmeyer,John Henry30 March 1883127134134Death
Silas OsburnOsburn,Silas30 March 1879128138138Death
Kennie O. HughesHughes,Kennie O.30 March 1877129140140Death
Esella Jane AndersonAnderson,Esella Jane30 March 1876130141141Death
William E. FeatherstoneFeatherstone,William E.30 March 1873131144144Birth
Della May VauthrinVauthrin,Della May30 March 1870132147147Death
Alvin Dean McCallMacCall,Alvin Dean30 March 1867133150150Birth
Charles Edward VauthrinVauthrin,Charles Edward30 March 1861134156156Birth
Robert N. GambleGamble,Robert N.30 March 1861135156156Birth
Mary B. CorbinCorbin,Mary B.30 March 1841136176176Birth
Mary B. CorbinCorbin,Mary B.30 March 1841137176176Birth
Ruth SheffieldSheffield,Ruth30 March 1837138180180Birth
Samuel Elam BriggsBriggs,Samuel Elam30 March 1830139187187Birth
Eliza BellBell,Eliza30 March 1829140188188Birth
Mary BellBell,Mary30 March 1827141190190Birth
Simon Peter Meyers + Mary Ellen NalleyMeyers,Simon Peter + Nalley,Mary Ellen30 March 1909142108108Divorce
William A. Cox + Carrie WiremanCox,William A. + Wireman,Carrie30 March 1887143130130Marriage
Lloyd Selby + Emma BowmanSelby,Lloyd + Bowman,Emma30 March 1881144136136Marriage
Silas Pritton Alderman + Mary Jane EllisonAlderman,Silas Pritton + Ellison,Mary Jane30 March 1873145144144Marriage
John Wesley Pressnall + Martha T. ReynardPressnall,John Wesley + Reynard,Martha T.30 March 1868146149149Marriage
William Deane Illingsworth + Martha E. BattersonIllingsworth,William Deane + Batterson,Martha E.30 March 1860147157157Marriage
Elias Reed + Mary SeeReed,Elias + See,Mary30 March 1851148166166Marriage
William Golden + Mary Frances CallisonGolden,William + Callison,Mary Frances30 March 1850149167167Marriage
John Miller + Blanche TaylorMiller,John + Taylor,Blanche30 March 1826150191191Marriage
Jacob Reynard + Elizabeth SheridanReynard,Jacob + Sheridan,Elizabeth30 March 1822151195195Marriage
Levi GugeGuge,Levi31 March 19881522929Death
Emma Rosemond WaxWax,Emma Rosemond31 March 19841533333Death
Wanda Constance LoerchLoerch,Wanda Constance31 March 19791543838Death
Grace Ellen MackeyMackey,Grace Ellen31 March 19631555454Death
Reuben DanskinDanskin,Reuben31 March 19291568888Death
Letta Anna SimmonsSimmons,Letta Anna31 March 19281578989Death
Orrin W. Snyder LashLash,Orrin W. Snyder31 March 1909158108108Death
Elizabeth Ann TownsendTownsend,Elizabeth Ann31 March 1909159108108Death
William HandsakerHandsaker,William31 March 1907160110110Death
Magdalena ShearerShearer,Magdalena31 March 1899161118118Death
John Stephen BosterBoster,John Stephen31 March 1895162122122Birth
Electa Ann WoodWood,Electa Ann31 March 1891163126126Death
Minerva StevensStevens,Minerva31 March 1886164131131Death
Hattie McCainMacCain,Hattie31 March 1882165135135Birth
Aaron BrownBrown,Aaron31 March 1879166138138Death
Conway SeeSee,Conway31 March 1873167144144Birth
Mattie Ann CoughenourCoughenour,Mattie Ann31 March 1872168145145Birth
Nora Irene BurdickBurdick,Nora Irene31 March 1868169149149Birth
Charles William HarrisHarris,Charles William31 March 1863170154154Birth
Milton Wallace GossardGossard,Milton Wallace31 March 1856171161161Birth
Albert Henry KelloggKellogg,Albert Henry31 March 1855172162162Birth
Lucinda Maria AldermanAlderman,Lucinda Maria31 March 1848173169169Birth
Artemus ShearerShearer,Artemus31 March 1846174171171Birth
Margaretha Barbara HartmannHartmann,Margaretha Barbara31 March 1845175172172Birth
Robert MartinMartin,Robert31 March 1836176181181Death
Jane CrouchCrouch,Jane31 March 1833177184184Birth
Francis BombergerBomberger,Francis31 March 1831178186186Birth
Henry Joseph BrubakerBrubaker,Henry Joseph31 March 1827179190190Birth
John Milton BlairBlair,John Milton31 March 1823180194194Birth
Anna McClureMacClure,Anna31 March 1817181200200Birth
Molly ChildChild,Molly31 March 1812182205205Death
William McClureMacClure,William31 March 1759183258258Birth
Thomas Smith + Fannie GugeSmith,Thomas + Guge,Fannie31 March 1897184120120Marriage
Bert Henry Baumgardner + Effie Jane ArrasmithBaumgardner,Bert Henry + Arrasmith,Effie Jane31 March 1897185120120Marriage
William James Mead + Emma S. S. Jane SmayMead,William James + Smay,Emma S. S. Jane31 March 1889186128128Marriage
Elbridge Gerrish Chandler + Medora Elizabeth ChandlerChandler,Elbridge Gerrish + Chandler,Medora Elizabeth31 March 1886187131131Marriage
Albert O. Clark + Leonora HeistandClark,Albert O. + Heistand,Leonora31 March 1881188136136Marriage
John C. Coulton + Phebe Adeline KesterCoulton,John C. + Kester,Phebe Adeline31 March 1875189142142Marriage
Stephen Harlan Elwood + Joanna UtterbackElwood,Stephen Harlan + Utterback,Joanna31 March 1867190150150Marriage
John Tyler Smith + Sarah SheetsSmith,John Tyler + Sheets,Sarah31 March 1853191164164Marriage
Rufus Barton + Sarah DuttonBarton,Rufus + Dutton,Sarah31 March 1838192179179Marriage
John Craig + Hannah SeeCraig,John + See,Hannah31 March 1836193181181Marriage
John Apple + Sarah Ann MitchellApple,John + Mitchell,Sarah Ann31 March 1814194203203Marriage
Ella G. WaxWax,Ella G.April 19871953030Death
Ralph CessnaCessna,RalphApril 19761964141Death
True O. FullerFuller,True O.April 19711974646Death
Carl Harrison KirkKirk,Carl HarrisonApril 19711984646Death
Mary Louisa BanksBanks,Mary LouisaApril 19711994646Death
William Winfield KingKing,William WinfieldApril 19402007777Death
Thomas Frank VauthrinVauthrin,Thomas FrankApril 19302018787Death
Hosea Sheldon AldermanAlderman,Hosea SheldonApril 1908202109109Death
Floyd S. BackousBackous,Floyd S.April 1896203121121Birth
James Luther HessHess,James LutherApril 1896204121121Birth
Clara B. VaseyVasey,Clara B.April 1896205121121Birth
Doris AmbroseAmbrose,DorisApril 1896206121121Birth
Rollie McKeeMacKee,RollieApril 1895207122122Birth
Harry PryorPryor,HarryApril 1894208123123Birth
Frank DawsonDawson,FrankApril 1894209123123Birth
Bruce R. BairdBaird,Bruce R.April 1894210123123Birth
George A. KelloggKellogg,George A.April 1894211123123Birth
Geneva RayRay,GenevaApril 1894212123123Birth
Bessie BloomfieldBloomfield,BessieApril 1894213123123Birth
Cecil E. WarrenWarren,Cecil E.April 1893214124124Birth
Anna VogtVogt,AnnaApril 1893215124124Birth
Flora DedmanDedman,FloraApril 1893216124124Birth
Ruth BennethumBennethum,RuthApril 1893217124124Birth
Lenore WrightWright,LenoreApril 1892218125125Birth
Archibald MullenMullen,ArchibaldApril 1892219125125Birth
May HandHand,MayApril 1892220125125Birth
Josephine WhitingerWhitinger,JosephineApril 1892221125125Birth
Oscar BoltonBolton,OscarApril 1892222125125Birth
Nina HibbsHibbs,NinaApril 1891223126126Birth
Charles S. ThomasThomas,Charles S.April 1891224126126Birth
George MelohnMelohn,GeorgeApril 1891225126126Birth
Ruth WhitakerWhitaker,RuthApril 1890226127127Birth
Daisy Lenoir HarrisonHarrison,Daisy LenoirApril 1890227127127Birth
Ethel B. VaseyVasey,Ethel B.April 1890228127127Birth
Ethel FultzFultz,EthelApril 1889229128128Birth
Ernest GollyGolly,ErnestApril 1889230128128Birth
Blanch ChildChild,BlanchApril 1889231128128Birth
Wesley E. HuffHuff,Wesley E.April 1889232128128Birth
William W. ShoningShoning,William W.April 1887233130130Birth
Robert McGawMacGaw,RobertApril 1886234131131Birth
Grace L. ThorntonThornton,Grace L.April 1886235131131Birth
Mildred Roseman DawsonDawson,Mildred RosemanApril 1886236131131Birth
Miranda D. TaylorTaylor,Miranda D.April 1885237132132Birth
Marcus Lindsy EvansEvans,Marcus LindsyApril 1885238132132Birth
Mable CraigCraig,MableApril 1884239133133Birth
William Findley ThompsonThompson,William FindleyApril 1884240133133Birth
Clara HandHand,ClaraApril 1884241133133Birth
Laura BrownBrown,LauraApril 1883242134134Birth
Grace Myrtle CoxworthCoxworth,Grace MyrtleApril 1883243134134Birth
Cora Belle NobleNoble,Cora BelleApril 1882244135135Birth
Nellie J. McBrideMacBride,Nellie J.April 1882245135135Birth
Caroline RaimerRaimer,CarolineApril 1882246135135Death
Gertie MeyersMeyers,GertieApril 1881247136136Birth
Hattie Minnie McCallMacCall,Hattie MinnieApril 1881248136136Birth
John C. TaylorTaylor,John C.April 1880249137137Birth
Mary E. ProctorProctor,Mary E.April 1880250137137Death
Amelia Catherine AyersAyers,Amelia CatherineApril 1880251137137Birth
Frances LaugheryLaughery,FrancesApril 1879252138138Birth
Eva L. StephensStephens,Eva L.April 1879253138138Birth
Olive KingsburyKingsbury,OliveApril 1879254138138Death
John L. MillerMiller,John L.April 1879255138138Birth
Loretta McConnellMacConnell,LorettaApril 1879256138138Death
Thomas P. TaylorTaylor,Thomas P.April 1878257139139Birth
Jenny M. FrenchFrench,Jenny M.April 1878258139139Birth
Samantha Neola HandsakerHandsaker,Samantha NeolaApril 1878259139139Birth
Kate F. BlickensderferBlickensderfer,Kate F.April 1878260139139Birth
Mabel GrauelGrauel,MabelApril 1877261140140Birth
Nellie @N.N.,NellieApril 1876262141141Birth
Mary H. @N.N.,Mary H.April 1876263141141Birth
George Royal CrainCrain,George RoyalApril 1876264141141Birth
Charles Robert MitchellMitchell,Charles RobertApril 1876265141141Birth
Anna Natalia PetersenPetersen,Anna NataliaApril 1875266142142Birth
Mary J. DayDay,Mary J.April 1875267142142Birth
John W. ClineCline,John W.April 1874268143143Birth
John Howard GentryGentry,John HowardApril 1874269143143Birth
Edwin BlanchardBlanchard,EdwinApril 1874270143143Birth
Van Bertie McCainMacCain,Van BertieApril 1874271143143Death
Maggie Eva LaugheryLaughery,Maggie EvaApril 1873272144144Birth
Carrie Ella PeckPeck,Carrie EllaApril 1873273144144Birth
Franklin E. WiseWise,Franklin E.April 1873274144144Birth
Martha Delilah HouserHouser,Martha DelilahApril 1873275144144Birth
Maria HolmesHolmes,MariaApril 1873276144144Birth
Charles PetersenPetersen,CharlesApril 1872277145145Birth
Mamie @N.N.,MamieApril 1872278145145Birth
Charles E. AppleApple,Charles E.April 1872279145145Birth
May Margaret CrainCrain,May MargaretApril 1872280145145Birth
Frank Henry SpencerSpencer,Frank HenryApril 1872281145145Birth
Henry V. KirkendallKirkendall,Henry V.April 1872282145145Birth
Lucy A. Kollman HollmanHollman,Lucy A. KollmanApril 1872283145145Birth
Franz H. ShinkleShinkle,Franz H.April 1871284146146Birth
George Franklin RowanRowan,George FranklinApril 1871285146146Birth
Adele Hazel ShawShaw,Adele HazelApril 1871286146146Birth
Eva Belle ErbErb,Eva BelleApril 1871287146146Birth
Ida Mae OxleyOxley,Ida MaeApril 1871288146146Birth
Viola Mahala DillinDillin,Viola MahalaApril 1871289146146Birth
Bertha BuckBuck,BerthaApril 1870290147147Birth
Flora May FitchpatrickFitchpatrick,Flora MayApril 1870291147147Birth
Anna MurpheyMurphey,AnnaApril 1870292147147Birth
Clarence H. WiseWise,Clarence H.April 1870293147147Birth
Reuben WyattWyatt,ReubenApril 1870294147147Death
Schuyler McQuistonMacQuiston,SchuylerApril 1870295147147Birth
Walter BackousBackous,WalterApril 1869296148148Birth
John Allen TownsendTownsend,John AllenApril 1868297149149Birth
Melville Augustus BeachBeach,Melville AugustusApril 1868298149149Birth
Elmer E. SmaySmay,Elmer E.April 1867299150150Birth
Mary E. FryFry,Mary E.April 1867300150150Birth
Maggie TreatTreat,MaggieApril 1867301150150Birth
Zella HarrisHarris,ZellaApril 1866302151151Birth
Edwin G. SchoonoverSchoonover,Edwin G.April 1866303151151Birth
Minnie Ellen McCallMacCall,Minnie EllenApril 1866304151151Birth
Fannie Belle ShugartShugart,Fannie BelleApril 1865305152152Birth
Elsie A. LudlowLudlow,Elsie A.April 1865306152152Birth
William Grant HenningHenning,William GrantApril 1865307152152Birth
Stephen VirtueVirtue,Stephenbetween August 1864 and April 1865308152152Military
Abbie V. ChatfieldChatfield,Abbie V.April 1864309153153Birth
Mary C. GoodnowGoodnow,Mary C.April 1864310153153Birth
Louisa GoodnowGoodnow,LouisaApril 1864311153153Birth
Emma FurnasFurnas,EmmaApril 1863312154154Birth
Bertha McCammonMacCammon,BerthaApril 1863313154154Birth
James HessHess,JamesApril 1863314154154Birth
Susanna DunahooDunahoo,SusannaApril 1863315154154Birth
Cornelia C. RappRapp,Cornelia C.April 1863316154154Birth
Arminda @N.N.,ArmindaApril 1862317155155Birth
Jason Devillo FergusonFerguson,Jason DevilloApril 1862318155155Death
Clara Laurinda JohnJohn,Clara LaurindaApril 1862319155155Birth
Ellen BowmanBowman,EllenApril 1861320156156Birth
Sarah A. AppleApple,Sarah A.April 1861321156156Birth
Marion D. QuackenbushQuackenbush,Marion D.April 1860322157157Birth
Franklin BelcherBelcher,FranklinApril 1860323157157Birth
Nellie PearlPearl,NellieApril 1859324158158Birth
William Franklin WaltzWaltz,William FranklinApril 1858325159159Birth
Andrew W. SarsfieldSarsfield,Andrew W.April 1858326159159Birth
Mary A. ShawShaw,Mary A.April 1858327159159Birth
Frances R. ShugartShugart,Frances R.April 1857328160160Birth
Harvey W. YeatonYeaton,Harvey W.April 1857329160160Birth
George Warren PosegatePosegate,George WarrenApril 1857330160160Birth
Medora Elizabeth ChandlerChandler,Medora ElizabethApril 1856331161161Birth
Phebe BaldwinBaldwin,PhebeApril 1856332161161Birth
Tillman SmithSmith,TillmanApril 1856333161161Birth
Mary L. DetrickDetrick,Mary L.April 1855334162162Birth
Jeptha JonesJones,JepthaApril 1854335163163Birth
Louisa HoffmanHoffman,LouisaApril 1854336163163Birth
Mary Lueretta ApplegateApplegate,Mary LuerettaApril 1854337163163Birth
William W. CoxworthCoxworth,William W.April 1854338163163Birth
Lizzie M. BaerBaer,Lizzie M.April 1853339164164Birth
Eleanor J. AppleApple,Eleanor J.April 1853340164164Birth
Sarah KepfordKepford,SarahApril 1853341164164Birth
Rebecca VenemanVeneman,RebeccaApril 1853342164164Birth
Paulina S. DunahooDunahoo,Paulina S.April 1853343164164Birth
Allen KeltnerKeltner,AllenApril 1852344165165Birth
David C. JohnsonJohnson,David C.April 1852345165165Birth
William H. WarrenWarren,William H.April 1851346166166Birth
Alexander Bryan McClureMacClure,Alexander BryanApril 1850347167167Birth
Mary Jane LoganLogan,Mary JaneApril 1850348167167Birth
Virginia PowellPowell,VirginiaApril 1849349168168Birth
Lewis PearsonPearson,LewisApril 1848350169169Birth
Elzina AppleApple,ElzinaApril 1847351170170Birth
Franklin BlylerBlyler,FranklinApril 1847352170170Birth
Francis Boone TallmanTallman,Francis BooneApril 1847353170170Birth
Emma BrileyBriley,EmmaApril 1845354172172Birth
Margaret Ann HalfordHalford,Margaret AnnApril 1844355173173Birth
James A. HutchinsHutchins,James A.April 1843356174174Birth
Alexander Hamilton BuckBuck,Alexander HamiltonApril 1841357176176Birth
Minerva BarnesBarnes,MinervaApril 1841358176176Birth
Rachel HelphreyHelphrey,RachelApril 1841359176176Birth
Electa J. HaxtonHaxton,Electa J.April 1841360176176Birth
Mary I. CookCook,Mary I.April 1840361177177Death
Andrew Carthon SheldonSheldon,Andrew CarthonApril 1840362177177Birth
William OxleyOxley,WilliamApril 1839363178178Birth
Susanna WhitingerWhitinger,SusannaApril 1836364181181Birth
Rebecca StanleyStanley,RebeccaApril 1836365181181Birth
Adeline BrownBrown,AdelineApril 1834366183183Birth
Simon Peter RhinehartRhinehart,Simon PeterApril 1833367184184Birth
Miles PearsonPearson,MilesApril 1833368184184Birth
Christine OlesonOleson,ChristineApril 1830369187187Birth
Elizabeth Jane NewmanNewman,Elizabeth JaneApril 1829370188188Birth
Christopher Parrott PagePage,Christopher ParrottApril 1824371193193Birth
George BlackhurstBlackhurst,GeorgeApril 1818372199199Birth
Rebecca AndersonAnderson,RebeccaApril 1818373199199Birth
George WalkerWalker,GeorgeApril 1816374201201Birth
Hezekiah Mason SheldonSheldon,Hezekiah MasonApril 1815375202202Birth
Anna Agnes ReedReed,Anna Agnes1 April 19573766060Death
Alfredda BellBell,Alfredda1 April 19503776767Death
Nettie A RookerRooker,Nettie A1 April 19293788888Death
John Doty FinchFinch,John Doty1 April 19233799494Death
William P. KirkKirk,William P.1 April 1912380105105Death
Nancy Ellen GlassburnGlassburn,Nancy Ellen1 April 1912381105105Death
Ira Franklin VoilesVoiles,Ira Franklin1 April 1911382106106Death
Clifford MyersMyers,Clifford1 April 1899383118118Birth
Jane BatesBates,Jane1 April 1894384123123Death
Mary UtterbackUtterback,Mary1 April 1892385125125Death
James B. AldermanAlderman,James B.1 April 1889386128128Birth
Lida Belle ChapmanChapman,Lida Belle1 April 1884387133133Birth
Ida ConnConn,Ida1 April 1882388135135Birth
Charley E. BrouhardBrouhard,Charley E.1 April 1880389137137Death
Mary DanskinDanskin,Mary1 April 1879390138138Birth
George DanskinDanskin,George1 April 1879391138138Birth
Cora E. WhitingerWhitinger,Cora E.1 April 1872392145145Birth
Phebe MaxwellMaxwell,Phebe1 April 1871393146146Death
Lewis Levi ElliottElliott,Lewis Levi1 April 1870394147147Birth
Luella Loretta StrattanStrattan,Luella Loretta1 April 1870395147147Birth
Mary BalesBales,Mary1 April 1867396150150Birth
John BackousBackous,John1 April 1863397154154Birth
Jacob Robert AtkinsonAtkinson,Jacob Robert1 April 1861398156156Birth
Viola Vianna ApplegateApplegate,Viola Vianna1 April 1859399158158Birth
James K. DickinsonDickinson,James K.1 April 1853400164164Birth
Samuel Willis GossardGossard,Samuel Willis1 April 1844401173173Birth
James Hayes HallHall,James Hayes1 April 1838402179179Birth
Mary BellBell,Mary1 April 1836403181181Birth
Martha Malina HerrickHerrick,Martha Malina1 April 1830404187187Birth
Eliza Ann McKimMacKim,Eliza Ann1 April 1830405187187Birth
David F. ShopeShope,David F.1 April 1826406191191Birth
Elizabeth JohnsonJohnson,Elizabeth1 April 1813407204204Birth
Jonathan CessnaCessna,Jonathan1 April 1789408228228Birth
Experience HarveyHarvey,Experience1 April 1644409373373Birth
Silas McQuiston + Susanna KesterMacQuiston,Silas + Kester,SusannaApril 1854410163163Marriage
James Montgomery + Mary HarrisMontgomery,James + Harris,MaryApril 1838411179179Marriage
David Ringer + Susannah DerrRinger,David + Derr,SusannahApril 1823412194194Marriage
Orrin Crowser + Isabell MecumCrowser,Orrin + Mecum,Isabell1 April 1898413119119Divorce
Leonard Evans + Ordema J. DoddEvans,Leonard + Dodd,Ordema J.1 April 1896414121121Marriage
Hiram Barnett + Kate BennethumBarnett,Hiram + Bennethum,Kate1 April 1879415138138Marriage
Charles Nellis + Alice E. ChandlerNellis,Charles + Chandler,Alice E.1 April 1877416140140Marriage
John R. Braden + Carrie E. AustinBraden,John R. + Austin,Carrie E.1 April 1865417152152Marriage
John Wesley John + Sarah J. BellJohn,John Wesley + Bell,Sarah J.1 April 1861418156156Marriage
Michael See + Arminda VanMeterSee,Michael + VanMeter,Arminda1 April 1858419159159Marriage
Mathias Switzer + Sarah Ellen HarrisonSwitzer,Mathias + Harrison,Sarah Ellen1 April 1858420159159Marriage
Elisha Vance Briley + Mary Magdalene FosterBriley,Elisha Vance + Foster,Mary Magdalene1 April 1857421160160Marriage
Isaac Stevens French + Rebecca E. HagueFrench,Isaac Stevens + Hague,Rebecca E.1 April 1855422162162Marriage
Samuel Woodbury + Cordelia BrooksWoodbury,Samuel + Brooks,Cordelia1 April 1843423174174Marriage
Rodman Lewis + Mary Ann AldermanLewis,Rodman + Alderman,Mary Ann1 April 1841424176176Marriage
Laura Marilla FinnieFinnie,Laura Marilla2 April 19554256262Death
Fred C. WarrickWarrick,Fred C.2 April 19544266363Death
Frederick TroutnerTroutner,Frederick2 April 19444277373Death
Oliver S. HutsonHutson,Oliver S.2 April 1907428110110Death
Nelson PerryPerry,Nelson2 April 1907429110110Death
Ephraim Worth FordFord,Ephraim Worth2 April 1904430113113Death
George W. ProctorProctor,George W.2 April 1903431114114Death
Harris Cheesbrough BurdickBurdick,Harris Cheesbrough2 April 1899432118118Death
Jacob GrosecloseGroseclose,Jacob2 April 1896433121121Death
Lenore Hammond SillimanSilliman,Lenore Hammond2 April 1892434125125Birth
Henry ParslowParslow,Henry2 April 1891435126126Death
Charles Ross TillotsonTillotson,Charles Ross2 April 1886436131131Birth
Joseph Neal ClemmerClemmer,Joseph Neal2 April 1885437132132Birth
Lillie HuffmanHuffman,Lillie2 April 1884438133133Birth
Roy W. VauthrinVauthrin,Roy W.2 April 1883439134134Birth
Phebe Jane McCleesMacClees,Phebe Jane2 April 1882440135135Birth
Grace HawthorneHawthorne,Grace2 April 1881441136136Birth
Samuel HoskinsHoskins,Samuel2 April 1881442136136Death
Mary Elizabeth McNeillMacNeill,Mary Elizabeth2 April 1879443138138Death
Mary DanskinDanskin,Mary2 April 1879444138138Death
George DanskinDanskin,George2 April 1879445138138Death
William Bert HitchingsHitchings,William Bert2 April 1878446139139Birth
Nature IllingsworthIllingsworth,Nature2 April 1873447144144Birth
James William MyersMyers,James William2 April 1861448156156Birth
Samuel Miller TootToot,Samuel Miller2 April 1859449158158Birth
Hannah BatesBates,Hannah2 April 1855450162162Death
Anna Eliza SilversSilvers,Anna Eliza2 April 1849451168168Birth
Philena Lucinda BonebrakeBonebrake,Philena Lucinda2 April 1848452169169Birth
Amanda WillsWills,Amanda2 April 1847453170170Birth
James Frank LoucksLoucks,James Frank2 April 1846454171171Birth
Rachel Lockwood TrumbullTrumbull,Rachel Lockwood2 April 1843455174174Birth
Christopher BrubakerBrubaker,Christopher2 April 1839456178178Birth
Charles CookCook,Charles2 April 1839457178178Birth
Ira Edwin MartinMartin,Ira Edwin2 April 1838458179179Birth
Sarah Ellenor BarnesBarnes,Sarah Ellenor2 April 1836459181181Birth
Joseph HaltermanHalterman,Joseph2 April 1834460183183Birth
Joseph Warren MaxwellMaxwell,Joseph Warren2 April 1834461183183Birth
Phillip BloughBlough,Phillip2 April 1833462184184Birth
Noah HandHand,Noah2 April 1833463184184Birth
Bedent Baird GallupGallup,Bedent Baird2 April 1827464190190Birth
Bedent Baird GallupGallup,Bedent Baird2 April 1827465190190Birth
James AyersAyers,James2 April 1815466202202Birth
Noble McKimMacKim,Noble2 April 1803467214214Birth
Maria ReedReed,Maria2 April 1800468217217Birth
Exum PearsonPearson,Exum2 April 1797469220220Birth
Benjamin BoyntonBoynton,Benjamin2 April 1790470227227Birth
Mary CottaCotta,Mary2 April 1729471288288Death
Knute Algernon Dickinson + Mary Elizabeth CarrDickinson,Knute Algernon + Carr,Mary Elizabeth2 April 19184729999Marriage
John Patterson + Lydia NewnumPatterson,John + Newnum,Lydia2 April 1891473126126Marriage
Henry W. Granger + Minnie ThorntonGranger,Henry W. + Thornton,Minnie2 April 1891474126126Marriage
Zeno Lamb + Susanna Lamb,Zeno + @N.N.,Susanna2 April 1874475143143Marriage
Alexander Laughery + Celene HusbandLaughery,Alexander + Husband,Celene2 April 1868476149149Marriage
John Davidson Breezley + Rebecca Elizabeth ArnespigerBreezley,John Davidson + Arnespiger,Rebecca Elizabeth2 April 1865477152152Marriage
George Brigg Kooser + Margaret Elizabeth BoucherKooser,George Brigg + Boucher,Margaret Elizabeth2 April 1857478160160Marriage
Lewis Applegate + Louise Jane TichenorApplegate,Lewis + Tichenor,Louise Jane2 April 1840479177177Marriage
Madison Evans + Rhoda ShinkleEvans,Madison + Shinkle,Rhoda2 April 1840480177177Marriage
Noble McKim + Abigail EdmundsMacKim,Noble + Edmunds,Abigail2 April 1829481188188Marriage
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