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The Smith Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 13 September 2015.
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On this day
Wilford Edward MyersMyers,Wilford Edward24 May 195805959Death
Anna EasterdayEasterday,Anna24 May 193218585Death
Henry O. AyersAyers,Henry O.24 May 192629191Death
John Alexander FryFry,John Alexander24 May 192539292Death
Faith Rebecca WatermanWaterman,Faith Rebecca24 May 192449393Death
George Washington SmaySmay,George Washington24 May 19145103103Death
John C. BurkhartBurkhart,John C.24 May 19116106106Death
Lois MullenMullen,Lois24 May 19097108108Death
Sarah DuttonDutton,Sarah24 May 19068111111Death
Aaron KesterKester,Aaron24 May 19069111111Death
Raymond Glen LoerchLoerch,Raymond Glen24 May 189910118118Birth
Mary M. HawnHawn,Mary M.24 May 189811119119Death
Ralph LeRoy JonesJones,Ralph LeRoy24 May 189012127127Birth
Roy O. YazelYazel,Roy O.24 May 188913128128Birth
Keziah JonesJones,Keziah24 May 188814129129Death
Chauncey Weaver VaseyVasey,Chauncey Weaver24 May 188615131131Birth
Leon Higley WillWill,Leon Higley24 May 188416133133Birth
Dollie JonesJones,Dollie24 May 188417133133Death
Gould Hurlbut LewisLewis,Gould Hurlbut24 May 188118136136Death
Edwin James MartinMartin,Edwin James24 May 187719140140Birth
Minerva Mae TillotsonTillotson,Minerva Mae24 May 187620141141Birth
Earnest BellBell,Earnest24 May 187421143143Birth
Lena M. StevensStevens,Lena M.24 May 187122146146Birth
Maybell YoungYoung,Maybell24 May 187023147147Birth
George DunlapDunlap,George24 May 186424153153Death
Sarah Emily HeistandHeistand,Sarah Emily24 May 186425153153Death
James McConnellMacConnell,James24 May 186226155155Death
Homer Brooks SillimanSilliman,Homer Brooksbetween 24 May 1861 and 16 September 186127156156Military
Annie C. GageGage,Annie C.24 May 185328164164Birth
Reuben DanskinDanskin,Reubenbetween 12 May 1849 and 24 May 184929168168Birth
George ManifeeManifee,George24 May 183830179179Birth
Mary Jane WilsonWilson,Mary Jane24 May 182831189189Birth
Asa WillisWillis,Asa24 May 182532192192Death
Charles L. BryantBryant,Charles L.24 May 182533192192Birth
George Levi Horner + Hannah Margaret StiegelmeierHorner,George Levi + Stiegelmeier,Hannah Margaret24 May 1922349595Divorce
Austin Canvey Banks + Alice Adelia WillsonBanks,Austin Canvey + Willson,Alice Adelia24 May 189635121121Marriage
Harry Jarvill + Ellen VirtueJarvill,Harry + Virtue,Ellen24 May 187736140140Marriage
William Abbott + Mary BallardAbbott,William + Ballard,Mary24 May 187637141141Marriage
Noah Hand + Sarah SellersHand,Noah + Sellers,Sarah24 May 185438163163Marriage
Christian Jackson Olinger + Nancy Ann GambleOlinger,Christian Jackson + Gamble,Nancy Ann24 May 184939168168Marriage
Joshua Cooper + Sally Ann HallCooper,Joshua + Hall,Sally Ann24 May 183840179179Marriage
Upcoming events
Warren Dunning VincentVincent,Warren Dunning25 May 194707070Death
Austin Ora AppleApple,Austin Ora25 May 194217575Death
Orville Mortimer RobbinsRobbins,Orville Mortimer25 May 192928888Death
Butler Pinkham PoolPool,Butler Pinkham25 May 192339494Death
Rebecca Emiline JacksonJackson,Rebecca Emiline25 May 19144103103Death
Daniel Edmunds McKimMacKim,Daniel Edmunds25 May 19145103103Death
Charles W. CookCook,Charles W.25 May 18956122122Death
Clarence McKeeMacKee,Clarence25 May 18957122122Birth
Allen Burdett AmbroseAmbrose,Allen Burdett25 May 18958122122Birth
Joyce BallardBallard,Joyce25 May 18929125125Birth
Pearl J. BrouhardBrouhard,Pearl J.25 May 188410133133Birth
Jacob EastmanEastman,Jacob25 May 187811139139Birth
Albert Elihu HinesHines,Albert Elihu25 May 187112146146Birth
Arvel Allen BatmanBatman,Arvel Allen25 May 186613151151Birth
Emanuel M. SmithSmith,Emanuel M.25 May 186114156156Birth
Elizabeth Catherine GoodGood,Elizabeth Catherine25 May 186015157157Birth
John Davidson HarbourHarbour,John Davidson25 May 184516172172Birth
John Wesley CookCook,John Wesley25 May 184417173173Birth
Mary Ann RandallRandall,Mary Ann25 May 182518192192Birth
Margaret SheraShera,Margaret25 May 182119196196Birth
Henry L. Pool + Eliza Jane WaymanPool,Henry L. + Wayman,Eliza Jane25 May 189620121121Marriage
Israel A. Banks + Mary Ann ClothierBanks,Israel A. + Clothier,Mary Ann25 May 186821149149Marriage
William Kitchen + Elizabeth ArcherKitchen,William + Archer,Elizabeth25 May 184522172172Marriage
John William CrouchCrouch,John William26 May 1956236161Death
Harry Henderson McHoseMacHose,Harry Henderson26 May 1938247979Death
Alexander Ellie McQuillanMacQuillan,Alexander Ellie26 May 191125106106Death
Odd RingheimRingheim,Odd26 May 191026107107Death
Mary McCallMacCall,Mary26 May 190527112112Birth
Sarah Ann HolmesHolmes,Sarah Ann26 May 189228125125Death
David A. TillotsonTillotson,David A.26 May 188829129129Birth
Boyd Blanchard YoungYoung,Boyd Blanchard26 May 188430133133Birth
John Burton KooserKooser,John Burton26 May 186931148148Birth
Mary Elizabeth RudyRudy,Mary Elizabeth26 May 186732150150Birth
Henry SowersSowers,Henry26 May 186733150150Death
Charles Benjamin IngramIngram,Charles Benjamin26 May 186534152152Birth
Charles Benjamin IngramIngram,Charles Benjamin26 May 186535152152Birth
James Button Clyde LockwoodLockwood,James Button Clyde26 May 186336154154Birth
Melville Truman MillerMiller,Melville Truman26 May 186137156156Birth
John Clarkson ElliottElliott,John Clarkson26 May 185738160160Birth
Sarah Elizabeth NewkirkNewkirk,Sarah Elizabeth26 May 185639161161Birth
Hortense Mason SheldonSheldon,Hortense Mason26 May 184340174174Birth
Catherine HansHans,Catherine26 May 182941188188Birth
Catherine H. SlackSlack,Catherine H.26 May 182042197197Birth
Electa AldermanAlderman,Electa26 May 181643201201Birth
Catherine YoderYoder,Catherine26 May 180844209209Birth
Elisha ScottScott,Elisha26 May 180745210210Birth
Elisha TenneyTenney,Elisha26 May 178546232232Birth
Betsy ToddTodd,Betsy26 May 178547232232Birth
George Brown + Ida Belle McCallisterBrown,George + MacCallister,Ida Belle26 May 189248125125Marriage
Joshua VanScoy + Lavina Catherine WilsonVanScoy,Joshua + Wilson,Lavina Catherine26 May 187749140140Marriage
Jonathan Joshua See + Margaret KellySee,Jonathan Joshua + Kelly,Margaret26 May 185150166166Marriage
John Brooks + Betsy ToddBrooks,John + Todd,Betsy26 May 180651211211Marriage
William Wright RingheimRingheim,William Wright27 May 1964525353Death
Moses Anthony BaumgardnerBaumgardner,Moses Anthony27 May 1928538989Death
Marietta Jane PondPond,Marietta Jane27 May 1925549292Death
Andrew WallbridgeWallbridge,Andrew27 May 1920559797Death
James St. Clair WillWill,James St. Clair27 May 191156106106Death
Melissa Bloomington HagueHague,Melissa Bloomington27 May 190757110110Death
George MatherMather,George27 May 189258125125Death
William ParkerParker,William27 May 189159126126Death
Bertha Mae AyersAyers,Bertha Mae27 May 188560132132Birth
Zeno LambLamb,Zeno27 May 188461133133Death
Nora Wave CaldwellCaldwell,Nora Wave27 May 188362134134Birth
James William CraneCrane,James William27 May 188063137137Death
Hubert Earl NobleNoble,Hubert Earl27 May 187964138138Birth
Matthew Walter YoungYoung,Matthew Walter27 May 186865149149Birth
Squire Adolphus HandHand,Squire Adolphus27 May 186366154154Birth
Ethelinda DeweyDewey,Ethelindabetween 17 May 1860 and 27 May 186067157157Death
Robert HankinsHankins,Robert27 May 185868159159Birth
Eliza Lois BallardBallard,Eliza Lois27 May 185869159159Birth
Anna Elizabeth StephensStephens,Anna Elizabeth27 May 185270165165Birth
James Wilson BishopBishop,James Wilson27 May 182871189189Birth
Louisa FurnasFurnas,Louisa27 May 182272195195Birth
Rachel BevingtonBevington,Rachel27 May 181173206206Birth
John McConnellMacConnell,John27 May 180274215215Birth
John F. Saunders + Amy Loretta ChandlerSaunders,John F. + Chandler,Amy Loretta27 May 189575122122Marriage
John Park Corbin + Mary E. HubbardCorbin,John Park + Hubbard,Mary E.27 May 187076147147Marriage
Andrew Groseclose + Frances Soronia MessersmithGroseclose,Andrew + Messersmith,Frances Soronia27 May 182377194194Marriage
Ethel CessnaCessna,Ethel28 May 1948786969Death
Albert CoonCoon,Albert28 May 1939797878Death
Henry Jacob GarlockGarlock,Henry Jacob28 May 1929808888Death
Druscilla DunlapDunlap,Druscilla28 May 1918819999Death
Ruth LongneckerLongnecker,Ruth28 May 189582122122Birth
Isabel SheetsSheets,Isabel28 May 189083127127Death
Frederic Alexander DieffenbackerDieffenbacker,Frederic Alexander28 May 188184136136Death
Bowen Washington JohnJohn,Bowen Washington28 May 187885139139Death
Maria SullivanSullivan,Maria28 May 187786140140Death
Bowen Washington JohnJohn,Bowen Washington28 May 187387144144Death
John William OxleyOxley,John William28 May 186788150150Birth
Ward EdwardsEdwards,Ward28 May 185789160160Birth
Benjamin D. CrossCross,Benjamin D.28 May 185390164164Birth
Asa B. McHoneMacHone,Asa B.28 May 184991168168Birth
James W. SowersSowers,James W.28 May 184892169169Birth
Jemima DawsonDawson,Jemima28 May 184493173173Birth
Richard R. ThompsonThompson,Richard R.28 May 183894179179Birth
Samuel KirkendallKirkendall,Samuel28 May 183895179179Birth
Nathaniel Arba StimsonStimson,Nathaniel Arba28 May 182796190190Birth
Ole S. RoeRoe,Ole S.28 May 182697191191Birth
Lavina TenneyTenney,Lavina28 May 179198226226Birth
Edward HutchinsonHutchinson,Edward28 May 161399404404Birth
Robert Bruce Sutherland + Lena RoundsSutherland,Robert Bruce + Rounds,Lena28 May 1902100115115Marriage
Jesse Albert Fry + Edith M. CooperFry,Jesse Albert + Cooper,Edith M.28 May 1900101117117Marriage
Winthrop Dyer + Louisa HoyerDyer,Winthrop + Hoyer,Louisa28 May 1877102140140Marriage
William Brown + Sarah Alice GossardBrown,William + Gossard,Sarah Alice28 May 1876103141141Marriage
Jacob Conrad Coil + Catherine DunahooCoil,Jacob Conrad + Dunahoo,Catherine28 May 1851104166166Marriage
Lemuel Veneman + Matilda Ann CoryVeneman,Lemuel + Cory,Matilda Ann28 May 1843105174174Marriage
Annie Georgia ArmstrongArmstrong,Annie Georgia29 May 19471067070Death
Lucy Jane GiffordGifford,Lucy Jane29 May 1912107105105Death
Clarence H. RomaneRomane,Clarence H.29 May 1900108117117Birth
Inez FruittFruitt,Inez29 May 1882109135135Birth
Frank CoggshallCoggshall,Frank29 May 1881110136136Birth
Andrew ShearerShearer,Andrew29 May 1875111142142Death
Adam GroveGrove,Adam29 May 1869112148148Death
Katie Diane CrainCrain,Katie Diane29 May 1869113148148Birth
Effie Leora WhippleWhipple,Effie Leora29 May 1859114158158Birth
Joseph Edmund WhiteWhite,Joseph Edmund29 May 1854115163163Birth
Israel HelphreyHelphrey,Israel29 May 1843116174174Birth
Elizabeth Adeline HuntHunt,Elizabeth Adeline29 May 1841117176176Birth
Hezekiah KelleyKelley,Hezekiah29 May 1837118180180Birth
Nancy Lucinda BarrickBarrick,Nancy Lucinda29 May 1835119182182Birth
Samuel McCallMacCall,Samuel29 May 1833120184184Birth
Joshua HarrisonHarrison,Joshua29 May 1833121184184Birth
Joshua C. MillsMills,Joshua C.29 May 1821122196196Birth
Thomas HallHall,Thomas29 May 1810123207207Birth
Benjamin Smith BarberBarber,Benjamin Smith29 May 1800124217217Birth
William FurnasFurnas,William29 May 1775125242242Birth
Logan Olinger + Bessie Elton ShermanOlinger,Logan + Sherman,Bessie Elton29 May 1906126111111Marriage
I. W. Douglass + Addie Elizabeth GambleDouglass,I. W. + Gamble,Addie Elizabeth29 May 1893127124124Marriage
Joseph Edmund White + Mary Eveline TaylorWhite,Joseph Edmund + Taylor,Mary Eveline29 May 1884128133133Marriage
John Mount Applegate + Caroline BurnsideApplegate,John Mount + Burnside,Caroline29 May 1856129161161Marriage
Jacob Isaac Hennick + Susannah HamsHennick,Jacob Isaac + Hams,Susannah29 May 1834130183183Marriage
John DagueDague,John30 May 19521316565Death
George Washington CrossCross,George Washington30 May 19491326868Death
Adelia Jane DawsonDawson,Adelia Jane30 May 19451337272Death
Prince Edward VaseyVasey,Prince Edward30 May 19301348787Death
Louise Jane TichenorTichenor,Louise Jane30 May 1904135113113Death
Elizabeth ClaryClary,Elizabeth30 May 1897136120120Death
Clarence Raymond HibbsHibbs,Clarence Raymond30 May 1887137130130Birth
Thomas Abiah McCallMacCall,Thomas Abiah30 May 1866138151151Birth
Harvey A. WeltyWelty,Harvey A.30 May 1864139153153Birth
Cornelia Bell ZenorZenor,Cornelia Bell30 May 1864140153153Birth
Sophia Martha OlsonOlson,Sophia Martha30 May 1861141156156Birth
Eli Francis PosegatePosegate,Eli Francis30 May 1859142158158Birth
Lorenzo OzmunOzmun,Lorenzo30 May 1859143158158Death
Michael K. HargerHarger,Michael K.30 May 1854144163163Birth
Evaline MurpheyMurphey,Evaline30 May 1853145164164Birth
Mary DunahughDunahugh,Mary30 May 1836146181181Birth
Andrew A. KloveKlove,Andrew A.30 May 1828147189189Birth
William BanksBanks,William30 May 1802148215215Birth
Margaret GroveGrove,Margaret30 May 1781149236236Birth
Ervill Arba Banks + Bertha May TaylorBanks,Ervill Arba + Taylor,Bertha May30 May 1900150117117Marriage
Henry Roles + Alice Melissa HarrisonRoles,Henry + Harrison,Alice Melissa30 May 1896151121121Marriage
John Henry Warren + Flora TuslerWarren,John Henry + Tusler,Flora30 May 1879152138138Marriage
John A. McCall + Gertrude HutchinsMacCall,John A. + Hutchins,Gertrude30 May 1878153139139Marriage
David Palmer + Catherine PearsonPalmer,David + Pearson,Catherine30 May 1867154150150Marriage
Newton Wheatley + Mary M. HarrisWheatley,Newton + Harris,Mary M.30 May 1865155152152Marriage
Joseph P. Day + Lucinda HastingsDay,Joseph P. + Hastings,Lucinda30 May 1861156156156Marriage
Asa Bruce Griffith + Bashua M. SheffieldGriffith,Asa Bruce + Sheffield,Bashua M.30 May 1858157159159Marriage
Asa Bruce Griffith + Bashua M. SheffieldGriffith,Asa Bruce + Sheffield,Bashua M.30 May 1858158159159Divorce
Winthrop Dyer + Polly VintonDyer,Winthrop + Vinton,Polly30 May 1798159219219Marriage
Frederick McCall CronenwettCronenwett,Frederick McCall31 May 19671605050Death
Dora Elenor EastmanEastman,Dora Elenor31 May 19291618888Death
James Burns CouserCouser,James Burns31 May 19271629090Death
Hudson Leroy BallardBallard,Hudson Leroy31 May 1911163106106Death
Eliza Jane BanksBanks,Eliza Jane31 May 1895164122122Death
Noah Albert RingheimRingheim,Noah Albert31 May 1886165131131Birth
Emma BergerBerger,Emmaabout 31 May 1881166136136Birth
Susie May KirkendallKirkendall,Susie May31 May 1881167136136Birth
Bert B. WeltyWelty,Bert B.31 May 1871168146146Birth
Amy Katherine HallHall,Amy Katherine31 May 1867169150150Birth
Floyd Martin BosterBoster,Floyd Martin31 May 1861170156156Birth
William Henry FaidleyFaidley,William Henry31 May 1856171161161Death
John ShugartShugart,John31 May 1824172193193Birth
Isaac CoughenourCoughenour,Isaac31 May 1805173212212Birth
John GreeneGreene,John31 May 1722174295295Birth
James William Eaton + Minnie WrightEaton,James William + Wright,Minnie31 May 1905175112112Marriage
James Harvey Brouhard + Eliza Catherine SheetsBrouhard,James Harvey + Sheets,Eliza Catherine31 May 1872176145145Marriage
Benjamin F. Henry + Ellen SheetsHenry,Benjamin F. + Sheets,Ellen31 May 1872177145145Marriage
Jackson Madison + Elizabeth YazelMadison,Jackson + Yazel,Elizabeth31 May 1860178157157Marriage
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