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The Pettee Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 16 November 2015.
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American Revolutionary War.Benjamin Pettee
Birth: 1759 32 31Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 17 August 1778USA
American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.Fred Cristy Pettee
Birth: 10 September 1908 31 27Francestown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
Death: 13 January 1997Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Keedy Cemetery, Eakles Mills, Washington County, Maryland, USAJohann Heinrich Keedy
Birth: 16 December 1741Niederschelden, Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Death: 14 February 1821Keedysville, Washington County, Maryland, USA
Clockwise from top: damage to the US Capitol after the Burning of Washington; the mortally wounded Isaac Brock spurs troops on at the Queenston Heights; USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere; the death of Tecumseh at Moraviantown; Andrew Jackson leads the defence of New Orleans.Oliver Pettee Jr
Birth: 29 November 1787 26 26Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 11 May 1821New Jersey, USA
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On this day
Marion ChaseChase,Marion30 March 198303434Death
Ephraim Stanley WiresWires,Ephraim Stanley30 March 197314444Death
Florence May PetteePettee,Florence May30 March 196625151Burial
Sallie Hathaway EldridgeEldridge,Sallie Hathaway30 March 196635151Burial
James Paul GauthierGauthier,James Paul30 March 194047777Birth
Arno BaldBald,Arno30 March 192359494Birth
Roger Hoyt PetteePettee,Roger Hoyt30 March 18906127127Birth
Ida Catherine VennVenn,Ida Catherine30 March 18687149149Birth
Lillian Alice JonesJones,Lillian Alice30 March 18678150150Birth
Lewis WiresWires,Lewis30 March 18609157157Birth
Mary Ann PetteePettee,Mary Ann30 March 185610161161Death
Frances Warner WiresWires,Frances Warner30 March 183811179179Birth
Henry Harrison DemaranvilleDemaranville,Henry Harrison30 March 181912198198Birth
Leah RobertsonRobertson,Leah30 March 175313264264Birth
Upcoming events
Alice Clifford ChoateChoate,Alice Clifford31 March 196205555Death
Winthrop Myles BrownBrown,Winthrop Myles31 March 195716060Death
Erastus Warren PetteePettee,Erastus Warren31 March 18982119119Burial
William MaginnisMaginnis,William31 March 18963121121Death
Rollo G. ReynoldsReynolds,Rollo G.31 March 18864131131Birth
Walter Scott CalderwoodCalderwood,Walter Scott31 March 18755142142Birth
Mary Polly ChandlerChandler,Mary Polly31 March 18526165165Death
Mary Adelaide StrongStrong,Mary Adelaide31 March 18437174174Birth
Rachel SampsonSampson,Rachel31 March 17988219219Birth
John GarnseyGarnsey,John31 March 17229295295Death
Orville Roy Brandt Jr + Marilyn Talbot BeachBrandt,Orville Roy + Beach,Marilyn Talbot31 March 1961105656Marriage
Howard BurnettBurnett,HowardApril 1986113131Death
Newton PetteePettee,NewtonApril 1984123333Death
Eunice ShafferShaffer,EuniceApril 1981133636Death
George Forrest BentleyBentley,George ForrestApril 1925149292Birth
Royal Wallace HadlockHadlock,Royal WallaceApril 191115106106Burial
Willis A. PetteePettee,Willis A.April 188816129129Birth
Lida Eugenia BrookieBrookie,Lida EugeniaApril 188217135135Birth
Hoyt G. PetteePettee,Hoyt G.April 188218135135Birth
James SeatonSeaton,JamesApril 187919138138Death
Fred RuebsamRuebsam,FredApril 186820149149Birth
Carrie J. PetteePettee,Carrie J.April 185421163163Birth
Arthur W. PetteePettee,Arthur W.April 185222165165Birth
Baby PetteePettee,BabyApril 182723190190Death
Dianna MorrisonMorrison,DiannaApril 181024207207Death
Sarah PetteePettee,SarahApril 173425283283Birth
Samuel PorterPorter,SamuelApril 171726300300Burial
PetteePettee,@P.N.April 171427303303Birth
John GarnseyGarnsey,JohnApril 164828369369Birth
Charles L.W. PetteePettee,Charles L.W.1 April 1962295555Death
Louis C. SouthardSouthard,Louis C.1 April 185430163163Birth
Cynthia Bean BunkerBunker,Cynthia Bean1 April 183231185185Birth
Eliza Goodnow PetteePettee,Eliza Goodnow1 April 182932188188Birth
Emily Ruth PetteePettee,Emily Ruth1 April 182433193193Birth
James PetteePettee,James1 April 169234325325Birth
Newton Sample + Florence CyrSample,Newton + Cyr,FlorenceApril 188835129129Marriage
George Braley + Sophia G. HadlockBraley,George + Hadlock,Sophia G.April 186236155155Marriage
Horace K. Pettis + Francis A. SearsPettis,Horace K. + Sears,Francis A.1 April 188737130130Marriage
Winifred Ermine MorganMorgan,Winifred Ermine2 April 1995382222Death
Myrtle May Hadlock MurphyMurphy,Myrtle May Hadlock2 April 1954396363Death
Barbara Mead WiresWires,Barbara Mead2 April 191040107107Birth
George Elmer PetteePettee,George Elmer2 April 187641141141Birth
Rosanna PetteePettee,Rosanna2 April 186042157157Birth
Franklin PetteePettee,Franklin2 April 185743160160Birth
Elizabeth Jane HadlockHadlock,Elizabeth Jane2 April 184444173173Birth
Anna WiresWires,Anna2 April 180045217217Birth
Polly ManningManning,Polly2 April 179046227227Birth
Anna WallbridgeWallbridge,Anna2 April 178147236236Birth
David PetteePettee,David2 April 177748240240Birth
William PetteePettee,William2 April 175649261261Birth
Abigail MunsonMunson,Abigail2 April 170450313313Birth
Samuel AdamesAdames,Samuel2 April 167151346346Birth
Joshua FisherFisher,Joshua2 April 162152396396Birth
George FairbankFairbank,George2 April 156253455455Christening
Norman P. Beach + Marjorie PetteeBeach,Norman P. + Pettee,Marjorie2 April 1938547979Marriage
William A. Merrill + Ellen Elizabeth PetteeMerrill,William A. + Pettee,Ellen Elizabeth2 April 185455163163Marriage
William Pettee + Abigail CoxPettee,William + Cox,Abigail2 April 174156276276Marriage
Michael Metcalf + Mary FairbanksMetcalf,Michael + Fairbanks,Mary2 April 164457373373Marriage
Everett William PetteePettee,Everett William3 April 1980583737Burial
Annie BeanBean,Annie3 April 1933598484Death
Franklin Albert Alton ‘Frank’ PetteePettee,Franklin Albert Alton3 April 1924609393Death
Diantha PettiePettie,Diantha3 April 186461153153Death
Jesse GayGay,Jesse3 April 186062157157Death
Clark MortonMorton,Clark3 April 184563172172Death
Elijah WrisleyWrisley,Elijah3 April 182264195195Death
Asa T. PetteePettee,Asa T.3 April 182165196196Birth
Abner PetteePettee,Abner3 April 175166266266Birth
Samuel PetteePettee,Samuel3 April 173667281281Birth
Howard Copeland Venn + Helen SmithVenn,Howard Copeland + Smith,Helen3 April 190768110110Marriage
Elijah Wrisley + Mary BancroftWrisley,Elijah + Bancroft,Mary3 April 182269195195Marriage
Nathanel Hall Jr + Keziah PetteeHall,Nathanel + Pettee,Keziah3 April 179970218218Marriage
Susie Matilda PendletonPendleton,Susie Matilda4 April 1974714343Death
Willis Grant FarissFariss,Willis Grant4 April 191672101101Birth
Laura Lewis NevinsNevins,Laura Lewis4 April 191473103103Death
David DaviesDavies,David4 April 189674121121Birth
Adrianna FitzgeraldFitzgerald,Adrianna4 April 188375134134Death
Harry W. WattsWatts,Harry W.4 April 187876139139Birth
Lilliam M PetteePettee,Lilliam M4 April 187377144144Birth
Fred Oliver Pomeroy MortonMorton,Fred Oliver Pomeroy4 April 187178146146Birth
Arthur Francis PetteePettee,Arthur Francis4 April 186779150150Birth
Theodore Henry PetteePettee,Theodore Henry4 April 185480163163Death
Abigail HadlockHadlock,Abigail4 April 176981248248Death
John Martin + Mercy ThurberMartin,John + Thurber,Mercyafter 4 April 171382304304Marriage
John Martin + Mercy ThurberMartin,John + Thurber,Mercy4 April 171383304304Intentions File
Joseph William PetteePettee,Joseph William5 April 1938847979Death
William Henry SampsonSampson,William Henry5 April 190385114114Death
Martha E. SeatonSeaton,Martha E.5 April 183586182182Birth
Nancy Adelaide PetteePettee,Nancy Adelaide5 April 183387184184Birth
Hannah ReedReed,Hannah5 April 177988238238Death
Thomas Waterman HydeHyde,Thomas Waterman5 April 177489243243Birth
Elisabeth SchauerSchauer,Elisabeth5 April 177290245245Birth
Luzinah ChandlerChandler,Luzinah5 April 176891249249Birth
Walter Follett Goodard + Hannah Louise PetteeGoodard,Walter Follett + Pettee,Hannah Louise5 April 188292135135Marriage
Hezekiah F. Horton + Sarah BurnhamHorton,Hezekiah F. + Burnham,Sarah5 April 180693211211Marriage
John Johnson + Rebecah PetteeJohnson,John + Pettee,Rebecah5 April 178594232232Marriage
Charles Harrison PetteePettee,Charles Harrison6 April 1989952828Death
Franklin Albert Alton ‘Frank’ PetteePettee,Franklin Albert Alton6 April 1924969393Burial
John J. F. Breslin RankinRankin,John J. F. Breslin6 April 1923979494Birth
Charles Richard PetteePettee,Charles Richard6 April 1920989797Birth
Richard Stevens LangsdaleLangsdale,Richard Stevens6 April 188599132132Birth
Johnnie PetteePettee,Johnnie6 April 1873100144144Birth
Eliva L. GroverGrover,Eliva L.6 April 1858101159159Death
Francis Dunbar WilliamsWilliams,Francis Dunbar6 April 1824102193193Birth
Amos Woods HadlockHadlock,Amos Woods6 April 1793103224224Birth
Robert WebsterWebster,Robert6 April 1791104226226Birth
Egebida CooperCooper,Egebida6 April 1787105230230Birth
Keziah PetteePettee,Keziah6 April 1760106257257Baptism
Esther (Hastings) BoyseBoyse,Esther (Hastings)6 April 1721107296296Birth
Daniel Pettee Jr + Abbie Jane ClappPettee,Daniel + Clapp,Abbie Jane6 April 1871108146146Marriage
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