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The Pettee Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 16 November 2015.
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American Revolutionary War.Benjamin Pettee
Birth: 1759 32 31Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 17 August 1778USA
American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.Fred Cristy Pettee
Birth: 10 September 1908 31 27Francestown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
Death: 13 January 1997Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Keedy Cemetery, Eakles Mills, Washington County, Maryland, USAJohann Heinrich Keedy
Birth: 16 December 1741Niederschelden, Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Death: 14 February 1821Keedysville, Washington County, Maryland, USA
Clockwise from top: damage to the US Capitol after the Burning of Washington; the mortally wounded Isaac Brock spurs troops on at the Queenston Heights; USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere; the death of Tecumseh at Moraviantown; Andrew Jackson leads the defence of New Orleans.Oliver Pettee Jr
Birth: 29 November 1787 26 26Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 11 May 1821New Jersey, USA
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American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.
American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.
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Note: World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that was underway b…
On this day
Mark Lewis PetteePettee,Mark Lewis25 June 198403333Death
Edith Cassandra WiresWires,Edith Cassandra25 June 196215555Death
Helen Marie KingKing,Helen Marie25 June 192029797Birth
Elizabeth Jane FalesFales,Elizabeth Jane25 June 19093108108Burial
William Harrison HadlockHadlock,William Harrison25 June 19064111111Death
Roger Conant PetteePettee,Roger Conant25 June 19065111111Death
Naomi Victoria YorkYork,Naomi Victoria25 June 19016116116Birth
Elizabeth Wilson PetteePettee,Elizabeth Wilson25 June 18817136136Birth
Grace M. PetteePettee,Grace M.25 June 18758142142Birth
Luella Elizabeth SwettSwett,Luella Elizabeth25 June 18549163163Birth
Ione Amelia PingreePingree,Ione Amelia25 June 184210175175Birth
Lowell Chandler Pettee GurnseyGurnsey,Lowell Chandler Pettee25 June 183211185185Birth
Mary Ann DemaranvilleDemaranville,Mary Ann25 June 182112196196Birth
Ann BrackettBrackett,Ann25 June 181413203203Birth
Esther Mann HewesHewes,Esther Mann25 June 179214225225Birth
Henry Shepard Wood + Bertha SampsonWood,Henry Shepard + Sampson,Bertha25 June 191115106106Marriage
Anson Lewis Pettee + Mary Ann ConnantPettee,Anson Lewis + Connant,Mary Ann25 June 185216165165Marriage
Upcoming events
Eugene Wiley PetteePettee,Eugene Wiley26 June 198802929Death
Everett William PetteePettee,Everett William26 June 19051112112Birth
Henry Clinton PetteePettee,Henry Clinton26 June 18892128128Death
Willard PetteePettee,Willard26 June 18813136136Death
Guy StebbinsStebbins,Guy26 June 18734144144Birth
Amanda HolmesHolmes,Amanda26 June 18495168168Death
Samuel PetteePettee,Samuel26 June 18296188188Death
Hannah PerkinsPerkins,Hannah26 June 18167201201Birth
Polly PetteePettee,Polly26 June 17998218218Birth
Patience AdamsAdams,Patience26 June 17379280280Christening
David HolbrookHolbrook,David26 June 171710300300Birth
Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of NorfolkHoward,Thomas26 June 152411493493Burial
Charles Foster Pettee + Lucinda HackitPettee,Charles Foster + Hackit,Lucinda26 June 185012167167Marriage
Caleb Bates + Betsey PetteeBates,Caleb + Pettee,Betsey26 June 180613211211Marriage
Ebenezer Fuller + Elizabeth PetteeFuller,Ebenezer + Pettee,Elizabeth26 June 180014217217Marriage
Elmer Dawson WaltersWalters,Elmer Dawson27 June 1924159393Birth
James H. RoughRough,James H.27 June 189616121121Birth
Mary PetteePettee,Mary27 June 181917198198Death
Archibald Gilchrist HadlockHadlock,Archibald Gilchrist27 June 181518202202Birth
Stephen PetteePettee,Stephen27 June 178919228228Birth
Oliver Pettee Jr + Betsey BillingsPettee,Oliver + Billings,Betsey27 June 181220205205Marriage
Samuel MaysillesMaysilles,Samuel28 June 189221125125Death
William Jewett II LodgeLodge,William Jewett II28 June 188722130130Birth
Franklin Ulysses NelsonNelson,Franklin Ulysses28 June 186823149149Birth
Idella E. TenneyTenney,Idella E.28 June 185524162162Birth
Betsey HadlockHadlock,Betsey28 June 185325164164Death
Martha A. PetteePettee,Martha A.28 June 185126166166Birth
Sussana Maria KeedyKeedy,Sussana Maria28 June 183927178178Birth
Albert Jenkins GroverGrover,Albert Jenkins28 June 183528182182Birth
Sarah ChandlerChandler,Sarah28 June 183329184184Death
Simon PetteePettee,Simon28 June 182330194194Death
Junius Lee SterlingSterling,Junius Lee28 June 181531202202Birth
Sally PetteePettee,Sally28 June 179632221221Death
Polly PetteePettee,Polly28 June 179633221221Death
Sergeant Timothy GayGay,Timothy28 June 174434273273Birth
Nathaniel MortonMorton,Nathaniel28 June 168535332332Death
Nathaniel MortonMorton,Nathaniel28 June 161336404404Birth
Horace Sampson + Carrie Ella WoodSampson,Horace + Wood,Carrie Ella28 June 188537132132Marriage
Oliver Plimpton + Sophronia PetteePlimpton,Oliver + Pettee,Sophronia28 June 184838169169Marriage
Solomon Marshall + Judah EvmMarshall,Solomon + Evm,Judah28 June 179439223223Marriage
John Hunting + Esther SeabornHunting,John + Seaborn,Esther28 June 162440393393Marriage
Clarence Vincent DunavanDunavan,Clarence Vincent29 June 1919419898Death
Nina Irene PrattPratt,Nina Irene29 June 188542132132Birth
Lindol GroverGrover,Lindol29 June 187843139139Death
David PetteePettee,David29 June 187644141141Death
Arthur Emery PetteePettee,Arthur Emery29 June 186545152152Birth
Abigail Williams HodgesHodges,Abigail Williams29 June 185246165165Death
Miriam HadlockHadlock,Miriam29 June 185147166166Death
Joseph Warren PlymptonPlympton,Joseph Warren29 June 181048207207Birth
Lydia HallHall,Lydia29 June 178949228228Birth
Hepzibah AdamsAdams,Hepzibah29 June 174050277277Christening
Lemuel Gardner Pettee + Mabel Ora BarnesPettee,Lemuel Gardner + Barnes,Mabel Ora29 June 190351114114Marriage
Lewis B. Pettee + Annie DaltonPettee,Lewis B. + Dalton,Annie29 June 190052117117Marriage
Hollis W. Pettee + Cynthia A. BurlingamePettee,Hollis W. + Burlingame,Cynthia A.29 June 185253165165Marriage
Elias Mercer + Mary ‘Polly’ RandelsMercer,Elias + Randels,Mary29 June 182054197197Marriage
Bertha SampsonSampson,Bertha30 June 1979553838Death
Hugh Watson BurrowsBurrows,Hugh Watson30 June 1922569595Birth
Ann BlanchardBlanchard,Ann30 June 190957108108Death
Kenneth Warren TuckerTucker,Kenneth Warren30 June 190358114114Birth
Sally Celicia HadlockHadlock,Sally Celicia30 June 189559122122Death
Son PetteePettee,Son30 June 184660171171Birth
Sarah Frances PetteePettee,Sarah Frances30 June 183661181181Birth
Laura DabollDaboll,Laura30 June 181862199199Birth
Abigail HolmesHolmes,Abigail30 June 176263255255Birth
Dilly BatesBates,Dilly30 June 174864269269Birth
Ruth PetteePettee,Ruth30 June 174265275275Birth
Sarah NewcombNewcomb,Sarah30 June 164366374374Birth
Ephraim Lewis Wires + Mary Helen PondWires,Ephraim Lewis + Pond,Mary Helen30 June 185967158158Marriage
Aaron Mercer + Mary ‘Polly’ CecilMercer,Aaron + Cecil,Mary30 June 183168186186Marriage
Dorothy RainesRaines,DorothyJuly 1990692727Death
Joseph Clifford KortumKortum,Joseph CliffordJuly 1982703535Burial
Margaret HarperHarper,MargaretJuly 1973714444Death
Harold Forrest PetteePettee,Harold ForrestJuly 1969724848Death
Mary Ellen McCannMacCann,Mary EllenJuly 1937738080Death
Harriet WilliamsWilliams,HarrietJuly 189874119119Death
George PetteePettee,GeorgeJuly 189375124124Birth
Norman Orlando PrattPratt,Norman OrlandoJuly 189276125125Birth
William PetteePettee,WilliamJuly 188577132132Birth
Agatha @N.N.,AgathaJuly 188078137137Birth
George L. MunsonMunson,George L.July 187979138138Birth
Persina HadlockHadlock,PersinaJuly 186880149149Death
Daniel George KeedyKeedy,Daniel GeorgeJuly 185281165165Death
Samantha MunsonMunson,SamanthaJuly 180982208208Death
Joseph PetteePettee,Josephbetween May 1759 and July 175983258258Death
Luella Elizabeth SwettSwett,Luella Elizabeth1 July 1939847878Death
Loring Eugene ThomasThomas,Loring Eugene1 July 191585102102Birth
Daniel Johnson WiresWires,Daniel Johnson1 July 185786160160Birth
Albert D. WilmarthWilmarth,Albert D.1 July 185287165165Birth
Edward KeedyKeedy,Edward1 July 182888189189Birth
Rebeccah PetteePettee,Rebeccah1 July 179989218218Death
James E. PetteePettee,James E.1 July 178690231231Birth
Hezekiah PetteePettee,Hezekiah1 July 176391254254Birth
Jonathan Wrisley + Chloe CrowningshieldWrisley,Jonathan + Crowningshield,ChloeJuly 179492223223Marriage
John Cole + Florence WreyCole,John + Wrey,FlorenceJuly 170793310310Marriage
Francis Dunbar Williams + Lydia Townsend CopelandWilliams,Francis Dunbar + Copeland,Lydia Townsend1 July 184794170170Marriage
Frank Vincent BurrowsBurrows,Frank Vincent2 July 191795100100Birth
Martha J. HathawayHathaway,Martha J.2 July 188996128128Death
Frank M. ReynoldsReynolds,Frank M.2 July 187397144144Birth
Diadama StearnsStearns,Diadama2 July 183498183183Death
Betsy WoodWood,Betsy2 July 182599192192Death
Cyrenius PetteePettee,Cyrenius2 July 1816100201201Death
Samuel MaysillesMaysilles,Samuel2 July 1810101207207Birth
Samuel PetteePettee,Samuel2 July 1807102210210Birth
John PorterPorter,John2 July 1667103350350Birth
Jonas WatsonWatson,Jonas2 July 1663104354354Death
Oliver Pettee + Mary Elizabeth JoyPettee,Oliver + Joy,Mary Elizabeth2 July 1839105178178Marriage
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