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The Pettee Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 16 November 2015.
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American Revolutionary War.Benjamin Pettee
Birth: 1759 32 31Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 17 August 1778USA
American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.Fred Cristy Pettee
Birth: 10 September 1908 31 27Francestown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
Death: 13 January 1997Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Keedy Cemetery, Eakles Mills, Washington County, Maryland, USAJohann Heinrich Keedy
Birth: 16 December 1741Niederschelden, Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Death: 14 February 1821Keedysville, Washington County, Maryland, USA
Clockwise from top: damage to the US Capitol after the Burning of Washington; the mortally wounded Isaac Brock spurs troops on at the Queenston Heights; USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere; the death of Tecumseh at Moraviantown; Andrew Jackson leads the defence of New Orleans.Oliver Pettee Jr
Birth: 29 November 1787 26 26Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 11 May 1821New Jersey, USA
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American troops in Vladivostok, Siberia, August 1918.
American troops in Vladivostok, Siberia, August 1918.
View individual — Addison H. Pettee
View individual — Warren Russell Pettee

Note: World War I (WWI) was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 …
On this day
Doris Etta TuckerTucker,Doris Etta24 January 193608282Death
Newton H. CoppCopp,Newton H.24 January 191919999Birth
Simon Pettee CopelandCopeland,Simon Pettee24 January 19152103103Burial
Genevieve CopelandCopeland,Genevieve24 January 18973121121Birth
Clarissa Elizabeth HadlockHadlock,Clarissa Elizabeth24 January 18684150150Birth
Argina Le TourneauTourneau,Argina Le24 January 18675151151Birth
Josephine GroverGrover,Josephine24 January 18666152152Death
Charles WilliamsWilliams,Charlesabout 24 January 18647154154Birth
Abner PetteePettee,Abner24 January 18548164164Death
Henry WilliamsWilliams,Henry24 January 18509168168Birth
John Sylvester PrattPratt,John Sylvester24 January 183710181181Birth
Albert SampsonSampson,Albert24 January 181911199199Birth
Albert PlymptonPlympton,Albert24 January 181712201201Birth
Amanda HolmesHolmes,Amanda24 January 180613212212Birth
Samuel AdamsAdams,Samuel24 January 168714331331Death
Clarence H. Setzer + Frances Loray WilliamsSetzer,Clarence H. + Williams,Frances Loray24 January 1929158989Marriage
Douglas Lee Dunavan + Dollie RoweDunavan,Douglas Lee + Rowe,Dollie24 January 188916129129Marriage
Hugh Beaton + Betsey HadlockBeaton,Hugh + Hadlock,Betsey24 January 182517193193Marriage
King Edward III Plantagenet + Phillipa of HainaultPlantagenet,King Edward III + @N.N.,Phillipa24 January 132718691691Marriage
Upcoming events
Luella LindseyLindsey,Luella25 January 194207676Death
Joseph Clifford KortumKortum,Joseph Clifford25 January 192719191Birth
Richard HadlockHadlock,Richard25 January 18892129129Birth
Anna Field PetteePettee,Anna Field25 January 18883130130Death
James DunbarDunbar,James25 January 18554163163Birth
Anson L. PetteePettee,Anson L.25 January 18085210210Birth
Ebenezer BillingsBillings,Ebenezer25 January 17166302302Death
Amos Woods Hadlock + Sarah MoultonHadlock,Amos Woods + Moulton,Sarah25 January 18167202202Marriage
John Gould + Naomi PetteeGould,John + Pettee,Naomi25 January 17378281281Marriage
Lottie WentworthWentworth,Lottie26 January 196495454Death
Betsey PetteePettee,Betsey26 January 189210126126Death
James E. PetteePettee,James E.26 January 186811150150Death
Kittie E. ShaverShaver,Kittie E.26 January 186812150150Birth
Mary Jane PettisPettis,Mary Jane26 January 186113157157Birth
Elizabeth Fairbanks WilsonWilson,Elizabeth Fairbanks26 January 185514163163Death
Joseph Warren CopelandCopeland,Joseph Warren26 January 185015168168Birth
Ellen Elizabeth PetteePettee,Ellen Elizabeth26 January 184216176176Birth
Hannah HolbrookHolbrook,Hannah26 January 180817210210Death
Nathan PetteePettee,Nathan26 January 177718241241Baptism
Hannah PetteePettee,Hannah26 January 172919289289Birth
Elijah Davis + Rhoda PetteeDavis,Elijah + Pettee,Rhoda26 January 180420214214Marriage
Freeman Rogers HadlockHadlock,Freeman Rogers27 January 1941217777Death
James Madison ClarkClark,James Madison27 January 190822110110Death
George Dane CummingsCummings,George Dane27 January 187223146146Birth
Henry David PetteePettee,Henry David27 January 185324165165Birth
Mahala PetteePettee,Mahala27 January 184325175175Birth
Maria PetteePettee,Maria27 January 180426214214Birth
Polly PetteePettee,Polly27 January 178327235235Birth
James PetteePettee,James27 January 176428254254Death
Ephraim II MortonMorton,Ephraim II27 January 164729371371Birth
Everett Hadlock + Nancy KelleyHadlock,Everett + Kelley,Nancy27 January 186530153153Marriage
Colin Richard WrightWright,Colin Richard28 January 1937318181Birth
Ann Katharine BurrowsBurrows,Ann Katharine28 January 1921329797Birth
Edward Bertrand KovarKovar,Edward Bertrand28 January 191733101101Birth
Arnold Van Ness HuntressHuntress,Arnold Van Ness28 January 191034108108Death
Harriet PetteePettee,Harriet28 January 189635122122Death
Betsey PetteePettee,Betsey28 January 189236126126Burial
Ursula Jane HadlockHadlock,Ursula Jane28 January 188037138138Birth
Charles Oliver FullerFuller,Charles Oliver28 January 186338155155Death
Charles Oliver FullerFuller,Charles Oliverbetween 1861 and 28 January 186339155155Military
George DeBolt ShaverShaver,George DeBolt28 January 183940179179Birth
Clark MortonMorton,Clark28 January 182041198198Birth
Elizabeth HadlockHadlock,Elizabeth28 January 179742221221Birth
Caleb HolbrookHolbrook,Caleb28 January 179343225225Birth
George AdamsAdams,George28 January 179244226226Death
Solomon PetteePettee,Solomonbefore 28 January 178145237237Birth
Solomon PetteePettee,Solomon28 January 178146237237Baptism
Silas PetteePettee,Silas28 January 177647242242Birth
Simon PetteePettee,Simon28 January 174848270270Birth
Thomas ClappClapp,Thomas28 January 170349315315Death
Experience AdamsAdams,Experience28 January 168150337337Birth
John MunsonMunson,John28 January 167151347347Birth
Ernest Fredrick Augusstus Rankin + Caroline Clement WatsonRankin,Ernest Fredrick Augusstus + Watson,Caroline Clement28 January 188652132132Marriage
Samuel Larnard Fay + Mary MercerFay,Samuel Larnard + Mercer,Mary28 January 183353185185Marriage
Charles Sumner + Cinthy PetteeSumner,Charles + Pettee,Cinthy28 January 179454224224Marriage
William B. HuntressHuntress,William B.29 January 191355105105Death
William WilliamsWilliams,William29 January 191156107107Death
Paul Foltz PetteePettee,Paul Foltz29 January 191057108108Birth
Mildred Irene PrattPratt,Mildred Irene29 January 189758121121Birth
Samuel FowlerFowler,Samuel29 January 189159127127Birth
Emanuel Mark Pledger MurphyMurphy,Emanuel Mark Pledger29 January 188760131131Death
Mary F. PetteePettee,Mary F.29 January 187961139139Birth
Eliza Allen PetteePettee,Eliza Allen29 January 186762151151Death
Angelia Lucclla TaberTaber,Angelia Lucclla29 January 185563163163Birth
George Albert PetteePettee,George Albert29 January 183164187187Birth
John C. CrossmanCrossman,John C.29 January 183065188188Birth
Charles H. PetteePettee,Charles H.29 January 182966189189Birth
Charles H. PetteePettee,Charles H.29 January 182967189189Death
Thomas ClappClapp,Thomas29 January 169068328328Death
Lord William Howard Baron EffinghamHoward,William29 January 157169447447Burial
Margaret Louise BunkerBunker,Margaret Louise30 January 191170107107Birth
Mary Charlotte VennVenn,Mary Charlotte30 January 189571123123Birth
Albert A. WilmarthWilmarth,Albert A.30 January 189172127127Death
James A. HarrisHarris,James A.30 January 188873130130Death
Arathusa ScottScott,Arathusa30 January 186274156156Death
Artemisa @N.N.,Artemisa30 January 180675212212Birth
Rebeckah CrapoCrapo,Rebeckah30 January 179176227227Death
Ira CooperCooper,Ira30 January 178677232232Birth
Samuel Doty MortonMorton,Samuel Doty30 January 178478234234Birth
Rachel PetteePettee,Rachel30 January 174679272272Birth
Louis D. Cyr + Matilda WatsonCyr,Louis D. + Watson,Matilda30 January 186580153153Marriage
William Marshall WiresWires,William Marshall31 January 1920819898Death
Mark PetteePettee,Mark31 January 189782121121Death
William James PetteePettee,William James31 January 186783151151Birth
William BostwickBostwick,William31 January 185084168168Birth
Lorraine (Lovina) HadlockHadlock,Lorraine (Lovina)31 January 180585213213Birth
Hiram HadlockHadlock,Hiram31 January 180586213213Birth
Mary WrisleyWrisley,Mary31 January 178287236236Birth
Rebecca HartshornHartshorn,Rebecca31 January 174788271271Christening
George W. Pettee + Lucretia ChasePettee,George W. + Chase,Lucretia31 January 185689162162Marriage
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