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The Pettee Family of America
This family tree was last updated on 16 November 2015.
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American Revolutionary War.Benjamin Pettee
Birth: 1759 32 31Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 17 August 1778USA
American and Soviet troops meet in April 1945, east of the Elbe River.Fred Cristy Pettee
Birth: 10 September 1908 31 27Francestown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
Death: 13 January 1997Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Keedy Cemetery, Eakles Mills, Washington County, Maryland, USAJohann Heinrich Keedy
Birth: 16 December 1741Niederschelden, Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Death: 14 February 1821Keedysville, Washington County, Maryland, USA
Clockwise from top: damage to the US Capitol after the Burning of Washington; the mortally wounded Isaac Brock spurs troops on at the Queenston Heights; USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere; the death of Tecumseh at Moraviantown; Andrew Jackson leads the defence of New Orleans.Oliver Pettee Jr
Birth: 29 November 1787 26 26Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 11 May 1821New Jersey, USA
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Union counter-attack at The Angle, third day, Gettysburg 1863.
Union counter-attack at The Angle, third day, Gettysburg 1863.
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Note: The American Civil War, also known as the War between the States or simply the Civil War, was a civi…
On this day
Charles Addison PetteePettee,Charles Addison19 September 18620155155Military
Emily Parker ‘Emma’ PetteePettee,Emily Parker19 September 18481169169Death
William W. PetteePettee,William W.19 September 18292188188Birth
Russell MortonMorton,Russell19 September 18243193193Death
Hannah MorseMorse,Hannah19 September 17274290290Birth
William Augustus Williams + Flora B. CooperWilliams,William Augustus + Cooper,Flora B.19 September 18805137137Marriage
Richard Ellis + Elizabeth FrenchEllis,Richard + French,Elizabeth19 September 16506367367Marriage
Upcoming events
Edward D. HewinsHewins,Edward D.20 September 192709090Burial
Janice PetteePettee,Janice20 September 19011116116Birth
Francis Stickney PetteePettee,Francis Stickney20 September 18992118118Death
Amy L. PetteePettee,Amy L.20 September 18893128128Birth
Erastus Otis PetteePettee,Erastus Otis20 September 18634154154Death
Eunice BostwickBostwick,Eunice20 September 18475170170Birth
Nicholas Captain ByramByram,Nicholas Captain20 September 17276290290Death
Nicholas Captain ByramByram,Nicholas Captain20 September 16407377377Birth
Thomas MannersManners,Thomas20 September 15438474474Death
Alexander Pettee + Sarah JohnsonPettee,Alexander + Johnson,Sarah20 September 18209197197Marriage
John Hyrum FowlerFowler,John Hyrum21 September 1936108181Death
Adin H. PetteePettee,Adin H.21 September 190711110110Death
Angeline Melissa McinellyMacinelly,Angeline Melissa21 September 189912118118Death
PerrinPerrin,@P.N.21 September 189813119119Birth
Chastina Orissa PetteePettee,Chastina Orissa21 September 185114166166Death
Mary Ann SeatonSeaton,Mary Ann21 September 184915168168Death
Rebekah HortonHorton,Rebekah21 September 184316174174Death
Edward Busby PalmerPalmer,Edward Busby21 September 184217175175Birth
William Jenkins PetteePettee,William Jenkins21 September 181918198198Birth
George CopelandCopeland,George21 September 181719200200Birth
John PartridgePartridge,John21 September 165620361361Birth
Jonathan MetcalfMetcalf,Jonathan21 September 165021367367Birth
Richard PlantagenetPlantagenet,Richard21 September 141122606606Birth
Lowell S. Pettee + Adina SmithPettee,Lowell S. + Smith,Adina21 September 188523132132Marriage
Samual Copps + Hannah PetteeCopps,Samual + Pettee,Hannah21 September 180024217217Intentions File
Curtis Stearns BillBill,Curtis Stearns22 September 189025127127Birth
Washington WilliamsWilliams,Washington22 September 188826129129Death
Robert E. HildrethHildreth,Robert E.22 September 187527142142Death
Helen Augusta WiresWires,Helen Augusta22 September 187528142142Birth
Elvira Estella HadlockHadlock,Elvira Estella22 September 186129156156Birth
Sally CapenCapen,Sally22 September 184030177177Death
Sally PetteePettee,Sally22 September 184031177177Death
Huldah CapenCapen,Huldah22 September 181932198198Death
Oakes CopelandCopeland,Oakes22 September 179433223223Birth
Thomas MowbrayMowbray,Thomas22 September 140034617617Death
Nathan W. Pettee + Clymenia T. HannaPettee,Nathan W. + Hanna,Clymenia T.22 September 186335154154Marriage
Horace Reed Pettee + Betsey M. HammonPettee,Horace Reed + Hammon,Betsey M.22 September 182036197197Marriage
Nathaniel Pettee + Abi MorsePettee,Nathaniel + Morse,Abi22 September 180137216216Marriage
Daniel McClellan + Hannah PetteeMacClellan,Daniel + Pettee,Hannah22 September 179938218218Marriage
John Jones + Ruth PetteeJones,John + Pettee,Ruth22 September 176339254254Marriage
Joseph P. CoppCopp,Joseph P.23 September 1987403030Death
Thomas DaviesDavies,Thomas23 September 1955416262Death
Lewis W. MooreMoore,Lewis W.23 September 189942118118Birth
Angeline Melissa McinellyMacinelly,Angeline Melissa23 September 189943118118Burial
Olive SanbornSanborn,Olive23 September 187244145145Death
Samuel HadlockHadlock,Samuel23 September 186645151151Death
Annie Drury CopelandCopeland,Annie Drury23 September 185446163163Birth
Hezekiah F. HortonHorton,Hezekiah F.23 September 185347164164Death
Norman Orlando PrattPratt,Norman Orlando23 September 184148176176Birth
Sally Celicia HadlockHadlock,Sally Celicia23 September 183649181181Birth
Nelly WrisleyWrisley,Nelly23 September 179650221221Birth
Henry MannersManners,Henry23 September 152651491491Birth
William A. Beverage + Eleanor M. PetteeBeverage,William A. + Pettee,Eleanor M.23 September 190052117117Marriage
Jacob L. Pettis + Hannah Fredonia ChasePettis,Jacob L. + Chase,Hannah Fredonia23 September 184953168168Marriage
Ethan Benjamin Whipple + Betsey PetteeWhipple,Ethan Benjamin + Pettee,Betsey23 September 182354194194Marriage
Shirley Talbot PetteePettee,Shirley Talbot24 September 1964555353Death
Thelma DaviesDavies,Thelma24 September 189956118118Death
Addie O. WilberWilber,Addie O.24 September 187457143143Death
Henry S. HildrethHildreth,Henry S.24 September 187458143143Death
Mark PetteePettee,Mark24 September 185459163163Death
Mary Josephine BillingsBillings,Mary Josephine24 September 184860169169Birth
Stephen de MaranvilleMaranville,Stephen24 September 182761190190Death
Elmira HadlockHadlock,Elmira24 September 181162206206Birth
Mary PetteePettee,Mary24 September 174663271271Death
Thomas Elwyn + Elizabeth BenslyeElwyn,Thomas + Benslye,Elizabeth24 September 159164426426Marriage
John Owen JohnsonJohnson,John Owen25 September 2001651616Death
Carrie Ella WoodWood,Carrie Ella25 September 1943667474Death
John Hyrum FowlerFowler,John Hyrum25 September 1936678181Burial
Charles Seneca PetteePettee,Charles Seneca25 September 191768100100Death
Charles W. CollinsCollins,Charles W.25 September 190669111111Death
Edith Leoma HadlockHadlock,Edith Leoma25 September 189770120120Birth
John Lyman PercyPercy,John Lyman25 September 187371144144Birth
Erastus PetteePettee,Erastus25 September 183772180180Death
James HolbrookHolbrook,James25 September 175373264264Birth
Judith WhitmarshWhitmarsh,Judith25 September 166974348348Birth
Judith WhitmarshWhitmarsh,Judith25 September 166975348348Christening
Daniel Webster Pettee + Myra Frances MyrickPettee,Daniel Webster + Myrick,Myra Frances25 September 189976118118Marriage
Alvin Wires + Betsy MelvinWires,Alvin + Melvin,Betsy25 September 182277195195Marriage
Otis Pettee + Matilda ShermanPettee,Otis + Sherman,Matilda25 September 181778200200Marriage
Shirley Talbot PetteePettee,Shirley Talbot26 September 1964795353Burial
Neva Myrtle ‘Myrt’ BrookieBrookie,Neva Myrtle26 September 1938807979Death
Jay Roy MelvinMelvin,Jay Roy26 September 1926819191Death
Jay Royen MelvinMelvin,Jay Royen26 September 1926829191Death
Maria GroverGrover,Maria26 September 191383104104Death
Mary PiercePierce,Mary26 September 189384124124Death
Donald Watson LarkeLarke,Donald Watson26 September 189385124124Birth
Gertrude Ethel PetteePettee,Gertrude Ethel26 September 187786140140Birth
Frank Flagg TaylorTaylor,Frank Flagg26 September 187587142142Birth
Emma C. PetteePettee,Emma C.26 September 186888149149Birth
Silas Washington WebsterWebster,Silas Washington26 September 182489193193Birth
Ruth HolbrookHolbrook,Ruth26 September 175890259259Death
Miriam PetteePettee,Miriam26 September 172691291291Birth
Thomas ClappClapp,Thomas26 September 166392354354Birth
Henry David Pettee + Lida M. SiegarsPettee,Henry David + Siegars,Lida M.26 September 187793140140Marriage
John F. Babcock + Evelyn M. BowenBabcock,John F. + Bowen,Evelyn M.26 September 187694141141Marriage
William Marshall Wires + Harriet Alony PondWires,William Marshall + Pond,Harriet Alony26 September 186795150150Marriage
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