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This family tree was last updated on 5 February 2012.
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On this day
Frederik VIII (Christian) Vilhelm King Of DENMARKDENMARK,Frederik VIII (Christian) Vilhelm King Of24 May 19120105105Burial
Sonia Rosemary KEPPELKEPPEL,Sonia Rosemary24 May 19001117117Birth
Mariee Feodore Leopoldine Of HESSEHESSE,Mariee Feodore Leopoldine Of24 May 18742143143Birth
Louis Mountbatten OF BATTENBERGOF BATTENBERG,Louis Mountbatten24 May 18543163163Birth
Margaret OF SAXONYOF SAXONY,Margaret24 May 18404177177Birth
Victoria of England HANOVERHANOVER,Victoria of England24 May 18195198198Birth
Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Prince Of HESSEHESSE,Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Prince Of24 May 18096208208Christening
Friedrich Landgrave Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Friedrich Landgrave Of24 May 17717246246Birth
Heinrich LIII Count REUSSREUSS,Heinrich LIII Count24 May 17658252252Birth
Carlo Emanuele IV Ferdinando Mario King Of SARDINIASARDINIA,Carlo Emanuele IV Ferdinando Mario King Of24 May 17519266266Birth
Frederick William HANOVERHANOVER,Frederick William24 May 175010267267Birth
Augustus FITZROYFITZROY,Augustus24 May 174111276276Death
George III of England HANOVERHANOVER,George III of England24 May 173812279279Birth
Henry SOMERSETSOMERSET,Henry24 May 171413303303Death
Henry Albert De La GRANGE Marq. d'ArquienGRANGE,Henry Albert De La24 May 170714310310Death
Karoline Amalie, Princess Of SAXONY ZEITZSAXONY ZEITZ,Karoline Amalie, Princess Of24 May 169315324324Birth
Elisabeth Juliane, Princess Of HOLSTEIN-NORBURGHOLSTEIN-NORBURG,Elisabeth Juliane, Princess Of24 May 163416383383Birth
Margarita Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Margarita Princess Of24 May 161017407407Birth
Margarita Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Margarita Princess Of24 May 161018407407Birth
Anna Eleonore Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Anna Eleonore Princess Of24 May 160019417417Death
Margaret DOUGLASDOUGLAS,Margaretafter 24 May 157920438438Death
John HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,John24 May 156521452452Death
John HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,John24 May 156522452452Burial
Wolfgang, Prince Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Wolfgang, Prince Of24 May 151423503503Death
David I ‘The Saint’ King Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,David I "The Saint" King Of24 May 115324864864Death
Raymond De BOURGOGNEBOURGOGNE,Raymond De24 May 110725910910Death
William Spencer LEVESON GOWER + Rose Constance BOWES-LYONLEVESON GOWER,William Spencer + BOWES-LYON,Rose Constance24 May 191626101101Marriage
Ernest Augustus HANOVER + Victoria Louise HOHENZOLLERNHANOVER,Ernest Augustus + HOHENZOLLERN,Victoria Louise24 May 191327104104Marriage
George DOUGLAS + Mary STEWARTDOUGLAS,George + STEWART,Mary24 May 139728620620Marriage
Upcoming events
Patrick BOWES-LYONBOWES-LYON,Patrick25 May 194906868Death
Anne Jean ROBBINSROBBINS,Anne Jean25 May 18671150150Death
Helena Augusta Victoria OF SAXE-COBURGOF SAXE-COBURG,Helena Augusta Victoria25 May 18462171171Birth
Josefina Fernanda Luisa de Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Josefina Fernanda Luisa de Princess Of25 May 18273190190Birth
Helena ROSEVELTROSEVELT,Helena25 May 17724245245Burial
Ferdinand (August) Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Ferdinand (August) Prince Of25 May 17305287287Birth
Anna Princess Of POLANDPOLAND,Anna Princess Of25 May 16996318318Birth
Francisco Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Francisco Prince Of25 May 16917326326Birth
Johann Ernst II Duke Of SAXE-WEIMARSAXE-WEIMAR,Johann Ernst II Duke Of25 May 16838334334Death
Charles LENNARDLENNARD,Charles25 May 16829335335Birth
Juliane Princess Of HESSEHESSE,Juliane Princess Of25 May 160610411411Christening
Karl Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Karl Archduke Of25 May 160311414414Birth
Karl Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Karl Archduke Of25 May 160312414414Death
Christine Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Christine Archduchess Of25 May 160113416416Birth
Margarethe Von Der ASSEBURGASSEBURG,Margarethe Von Der25 May 154114476476Birth
James Duke of ROTHESAYROTHESAY,James Duke ofbefore 25 May 154115476476Death
Filipe Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Filipe Prince Of25 May 153316484484Birth
Katharina Princess Of KLEVEKLEVE,Katharina Princess Of25 May 141717600600Birth
Friedrich III ‘Der Strenge’, Landgrave Of THURINGIATHURINGIA,Friedrich III "Der Strenge", Landgrave Of25 May 138118636636Death
Sebastian Prince Of SPAIN + Amelia Princess Of The TWO SICILIESSPAIN,Sebastian Prince Of + TWO SICILIES,Amelia Princess Of The25 May 183219185185Marriage
Charles FITZROY Duke of Cleveland + Mary WOODFITZROY,Charles + WOOD,Maryafter 25 May 167120346346Marriage
Wilhelm Friedrich Franz Joseph Christian OF PRUSSIAOF PRUSSIA,Wilhelm Friedrich Franz Joseph Christian26 May 1940217777Death
Alfonso Prince Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Alfonso Prince Of The26 May 1934228383Death
Alexander Frederic BINGHAMBINGHAM,Alexander Frederic26 May 190923108108Death
Helen EDENEDEN,Helen26 May 187824139139Death
Mary OF TECKOF TECK,Mary26 May 186725150150Birth
Sofie Wilhelmine Princess Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Sofie Wilhelmine Princess Of26 May 180126216216Christening
Mary STRONGSTRONG,Mary26 May 177027247247Death
Luise Baroness GEYER VON GEYERSBERGGEYER VON GEYERSBERG,Luise Baroness26 May 176828249249Birth
Heinrich (Friedrich) Karl, Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Heinrich (Friedrich) Karl, Prince Of26 May 176729250250Death
Margarita Petrovna, Grand Duchess Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Margarita Petrovna, Grand Duchess Of26 May 171530302302Death
Karl II Elector Of PALATINEPALATINE,Karl II Elector Of26 May 168531332332Death
Ferdinand Maria Elector Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Ferdinand Maria Elector Of26 May 167932338338Death
Eve Christine Princess Of WÜRTTEMBERGWÜRTTEMBERG,Eve Christine Princess Of26 May 165733360360Death
Margarethe Countess Of ERBACHERBACH,Margarethe Countess Of26 May 163534382382Death
Jane SAVAGESAVAGE,Jane26 May 160735410410Christening
Ludvig Karlsson (Vasa) Prince Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Ludvig Karlsson (Vasa) Prince Of26 May 158336434434Death
Richard LUMLEYLUMLEY,Richard26 May 151037507507Death
Charles Valois Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Charles Valois Prince Of26 May 139138626626Birth
Bouchard de AVESNESAVESNES,Bouchard de26 May 125139766766Birth
Edmund I ‘The Magnificent’ King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Edmund I "The Magnificent" King Of26 May 946401,0711071Death
Joseph HOWLAND + Lydia BILLHOWLAND,Joseph + BILL,Lydia26 May 177241245245Marriage
Thomas HOWARD + Elizabeth CECILHOWARD,Thomas + CECIL,Elizabeth26 May 161442403403Marriage
Johann Prince Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Johann Prince Of27 May 191143106106Death
Carl Oscar BERNADOTTEBERNADOTTE,Carl Oscar27 May 189044127127Birth
Sophia HANOVERHANOVER,Sophia27 May 184845169169Death
Margaret BINGHAMBINGHAM,Margaret27 May 183946178178Death
Elisabeth (Amalie Luise Karoline) Princess HESSEHESSE,Elisabeth (Amalie Luise Karoline) Princess27 May 182647191191Death
Laetizia Mathilde Frederique Aloisia Elisabe FRANCE (BONAPARTE)FRANCE (BONAPARTE),Laetizia Mathilde Frederique Aloisia Elisabe27 May 182048197197Birth
Georg V Friedrich Alexander Karl King Of HANNOVERHANNOVER,Georg V Friedrich Alexander Karl King Of27 May 181949198198Birth
Jane Frances Clinton SPENCERSPENCER,Jane Frances Clinton27 May 181750200200Birth
Lodovico I King Of ETRURIAETRURIA,Lodovico I King Of27 May 180351214214Death
Magdalene (Sofie) Queen Of DENMARKDENMARK,Magdalene (Sofie) Queen Of27 May 177052247247Death
Georg Wilhelm Belgicus Prince Of NASSAUNASSAU,Georg Wilhelm Belgicus Prince Of27 May 176253255255Death
Maximilian I Josef King Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Maximilian I Josef King Of27 May 175654261261Birth
Maximilian I Joseph OF BAVARIAOF BAVARIA,Maximilian I Joseph27 May 175655261261Birth
Isaac JOHNSONJOHNSON,Isaac27 May 173856279279Death
Charles LENNOXLENNOX,Charles27 May 172357294294Death
Leopoldine Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Leopoldine Princess Of27 May 167958338338Birth
Leopoldine Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Leopoldine Princess Of27 May 167959338338Birth
Sofie Elisabeth Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Sofie Elisabeth Princess Of27 May 165760360360Birth
Sofie Elisabeth Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Sofie Elisabeth Princess Of27 May 165761360360Birth
Elisabeth Charlotte Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Elisabeth Charlotte Princess Of27 May 165262365365Birth
Johann Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Johann Prince Of27 May 165163366366Burial
Elisabeth Juliane, Countess Of ERBACHERBACH,Elisabeth Juliane, Countess Of27 May 164064377377Death
Duarte Prince Of BRAGANÇABRAGANÇA,Duarte Prince Of27 May 162765390390Death
Eleonore Katharine Countess Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Eleonore Katharine Countess Of27 May 162666391391Birth
Christine Magdalene Countess Of ZWEIBRÜCKEN-KLEEBURGZWEIBRÜCKEN-KLEEBURG,Christine Magdalene Countess Of27 May 161667401401Birth
Robert STUARTSTUART,Robert27 May 160268415415Death
Robert STUARTSTUART,Robert27 May 160269415415Death
Ludwig IV ‘The Elder’ Landrave Of HESSE-MARBURGHESSE-MARBURG,Ludwig IV "The Elder" Landrave Of27 May 153770480480Birth
Henry VI King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Henry VI King Ofabout 27 May 147171546546Death
John BEAUFORTBEAUFORT,John27 May 144472573573Death
William PLANTAGENET WARRENPLANTAGENET,William27 May 124073777777Death
Gundred Princess Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Gundred Princess Of27 May 108574932932Death
Richard BINGHAM + Elizabeth BELASYSEBINGHAM,Richard + BELASYSE,Elizabeth27 May 179475223223Marriage
Louis IX King Of FRANCE + Marguerite De PROVENCEFRANCE,Louis IX King Of + PROVENCE,Marguerite De27 May 123476783783Marriage
Edward VIII, King of ENGLANDENGLAND,Edward VIII, King of28 May 1972774545Death
Mary Josepha OF SAXONYOF SAXONY,Mary Josepha28 May 1944787373Death
Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine OF RUSSIAOF RUSSIA,Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine28 May 188079137137Burial
Friederike Sofie Dorothea Princess Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Friederike Sofie Dorothea Princess Of28 May 187280145145Death
Elisabeth (Amalie Luise Karoline) Princess HESSEHESSE,Elisabeth (Amalie Luise Karoline) Princess28 May 182181196196Christening
Friedrich Prince Of BADENBADEN,Friedrich Prince Of28 May 181782200200Death
Franz Friedrich Karl Ludwig Georg Prince Of SAXESAXE,Franz Friedrich Karl Ludwig Georg Prince Of28 May 180083217217Death
Felipe Prince Of SPAINSPAIN,Felipe Prince Of28 May 179284225225Birth
Christian Wilhelm Prince Of SAXESAXE,Christian Wilhelm Prince Of28 May 170685311311Birth
Maximilian Prince Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Maximilian Prince Of28 May 168986328328Birth
Feodosiya Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Feodosiya Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of28 May 166287355355Birth
George I HANOVER of EnglandHANOVER,George I28 May 166088357357Birth
Sofie Princess Of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURGBRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG,Sofie Princess Of28 May 163989378378Burial
Edward HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Edward28 May 161390404404Birth
Edward HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Edward28 May 161391404404Christening
Heinrich IV, Count Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Heinrich IV, Count Of28 May 142792590590Death
Sofie Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Sofie Princess Ofafter 28 May 141693601601Death
Jean De BOURGOGNEBOURGOGNE,Jean De28 May 137194646646Birth
Guy de AVESNESAVESNES,Guy de28 May 131795700700Death
Philippe III King Of FRANCE + Isabel Princess Of ARAGÓNFRANCE,Philippe III King Of + ARAGÓN,Isabel Princess Of28 May 126296755755Marriage
Violet Caroline MORDAUNTMORDAUNT,Violet Caroline29 May 1928978989Death
Frederick Wilhelm August Of HESSEHESSE,Frederick Wilhelm August Of29 May 187398144144Death
Sofie Friederike Dorothea Marie Josefe AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Sofie Friederike Dorothea Marie Josefe29 May 185799160160Death
Christian IX King Of DENMARKDENMARK,Christian IX King Of29 May 1818100199199Christening
Josephine Marie Rose TACSHER DE LA PAGERIETACSHER DE LA PAGERIE,Josephine Marie Rose29 May 1814101203203Death
George SMITHSMITH,George29 May 1765102252252Christening
William SMITHSMITH,William29 May 1756103261261Christening
Violante Princess Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Violante Princess Of29 May 1731104286286Death
Leopold Friedrich Prince Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Leopold Friedrich Prince Of29 May 1674105343343Birth
Karoline Or Charlotte Wilhelmine Countess Of BIRKENFELDBIRKENFELD,Karoline Or Charlotte Wilhelmine Countess Of29 May 1673106344344Death
Sarah JENNINGSJENNINGS,Sarah29 May 1660107357357Birth
Marie Magdalene Countess Of ÖTTINGEN-ÖTTINGENÖTTINGEN-ÖTTINGEN,Marie Magdalene Countess Of29 May 1636108381381Death
Charles II King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Charles II King Of29 May 1630109387387Birth
Charles II King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Charles II King Of29 May 1630110387387Christening
Louis Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis Prince Of29 May 1548111469469Christening
Thomas NEVILLNEVILL,Thomas29 May 1542112475475Death
Fedosiya Ivanovna Princess Of MOSCOWMOSCOW,Fedosiya Ivanovna Princess Of29 May 1485113532532Birth
Barbara Princess Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Barbara Princess Of29 May 1464114553553Birth
Carlos Prince Of ARAGÓN & SICILYARAGÓN & SICILY,Carlos Prince Of29 May 1421115596596Birth
Jaime I (II) King Of MAJORCAMAJORCA,Jaime I (II) King Of29 May 1318116699699Death
Ernest Augustus I OF HANOVER + Frederica OF MECKLENBURGOF HANOVER,Ernest Augustus I + OF MECKLENBURG,Frederica29 May 1815117202202Marriage
Johann Georg I Duke Of SAXE-MARKSUHL + Johannette Countess Of SAYN WITTGENSTEINSAXE-MARKSUHL,Johann Georg I Duke Of + SAYN WITTGENSTEIN,Johannette Countess Of29 May 1661118356356Marriage
Theodora Of Greece And DENMARKDENMARK,Theodora Of Greece And30 May 1906119111111Birth
George Henry SPENCER-CHURCHILLSPENCER-CHURCHILL,George Henry30 May 1828120189189Death
Louis Charles, Prince Of ORLEANSORLEANS,Louis Charles, Prince Of30 May 1808121209209Death
Karl Bernhard Duke Of SAXE WEIMARSAXE WEIMAR,Karl Bernhard Duke Of30 May 1792122225225Birth
John Charles SPENCERSPENCER,John Charles30 May 1782123235235Birth
Phebe SHELDONSHELDON,Phebe30 May 1776124241241Death
Johanne Elisabeth Princess Of HOLSTEIN-GOTTORPHOLSTEIN-GOTTORP,Johanne Elisabeth Princess Of30 May 1760125257257Death
Mary CHURCHILLCHURCHILL,Mary30 May 1751126266266Burial
Sofie Charlotte Princess Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Sofie Charlotte Princess Of30 May 1749127268268Death
Sofie Princess Of SAXESAXE,Sofie Princess Of30 May 1697128320320Birth
Peter I ‘The Great’ OF RUSSIAOF RUSSIA,Peter I "The Great"30 May 1672129345345Birth
Fedor III Alekseevich Czar Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Fedor III Alekseevich Czar Of30 May 1661130356356Birth
Christian Margrave Of BRANDENBURG-BAYREUTHBRANDENBURG-BAYREUTH,Christian Margrave Of30 May 1655131362362Death
Peter DUTTONDUTTON,Peter30 May 1593132424424Death
Karl, Prince Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Karl, Prince Of30 May 1580133437437Birth
Charles IX, King of FRANCEFRANCE,Charles IX, King of30 May 1574134443443Death
Henry NEVILLENEVILLE,Henry30 May 1564135453453Christening
Christian STEWARTSTEWART,Christian30 May 1538136479479Death
Jacquette De Jacqueline De LUXEMBOURGLUXEMBOURG,Jacquette De Jacqueline De30 May 1472137545545Death
Enrique II ‘The Merciful’ King Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Enrique II "The Merciful" King Of30 May 1379138638638Death
Isabel De BEAUCHAMPBEAUCHAMP,Isabel Deabout 30 May 1306139711711Death
Fernando III ‘The Saint’ King Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Fernando III "The Saint" King Of30 May 1252140765765Death
Vladimir Grand Duke Of KIEVKIEV,Vladimir Grand Duke Of30 May 1174141843843Death
Baudouin IV ‘Le Barbu’, Count Of FLANDRESFLANDRES,Baudouin IV "Le Barbu", Count Of30 May 1036142981981Death
Anton August (Carl) Prince Of HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECK + Friederike Antoinette Amalie DOHNA-WARTENBERG-LEISTENAUHOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECK,Anton August (Carl) Prince Of + DOHNA-WARTENBERG-LEISTENAU,Friederike Antoinette Amalie30 May 1754143263263Marriage
Henry VIII King Of ENGLAND + Jane SEYMOURENGLAND,Henry VIII King Of + SEYMOUR,Jane30 May 1536144481481Marriage
Cecil Edward BINGHAMBINGHAM,Cecil Edward31 May 19341458383Death
Prince Rainier Grimaldi IIIGrimaldi,Rainier31 May 19231469494Birth
John George SPENCER-CHURCHILLSPENCER-CHURCHILL,John George31 May 1909147108108Birth
Clara Marie, Countess of KORFFKORFF,Clara Marie, Countess of31 May 1895148122122Birth
Mary Josepha OF SAXONYOF SAXONY,Mary Josepha31 May 1867149150150Birth
Albert Arthur PAGETPAGET,Albert Arthur31 May 1823150194194Christening
Wilhelm Prince Of SAXE-GOTHA-ALTENBURGSAXE-GOTHA-ALTENBURG,Wilhelm Prince Of31 May 1771151246246Death
Frederick William I OF PRUSSIAOF PRUSSIA,Frederick William I31 May 1740152277277Death
Karl, Prince Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Karl, Prince Of31 May 1727153290290Death
Jemima SHELDONSHELDON,Jemima31 May 1702154315315Birth
Mary SEYMOURSEYMOUR,Mary31 May 1660155357357Death
Eleonore Queen Of POLANDPOLAND,Eleonore Queen Of31 May 1653156364364Birth
Alexandre BRAGANZABRAGANZA,Alexandre31 May 1637157380380Death
Sofie Princess Of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACHBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH,Sofie Princess Of31 May 1614158403403Birth
Johann Georg Ii, Elector Of SAXONYSAXONY,Johann Georg Ii, Elector Of31 May 1613159404404Birth
Rudolf Prince Of BADENBADEN,Rudolf Prince Of31 May 1603160414414Death
John STUARTSTUART,John31 May 1567161450450Death
Agnes Princess Of HESSEHESSE,Agnes Princess Of31 May 1527162490490Birth
Cecily NEVILLENEVILLE,Cecily31 May 1495163522522Death
Sibylle Margravine Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Sibylle Margravine Of31 May 1467164550550Birth
John STEWARTSTEWART,John31 May 1445165572572Death
Margaret BEAUFORTBEAUFORT,Margaret31 May 1443166574574Birth
Wilhelm II Duke Of BAVARIA-STRAUBINGBAVARIA-STRAUBING,Wilhelm II Duke Of31 May 1417167600600Death
Cecily NEVILLENEVILLE,Cecily31 May 1415168602602Birth
Martin I ‘The Humane’ King Of ARAGÓN, VALENCIA & MAJORCAARAGÓN,Martin I "The Humane" King Of31 May 1410169607607Death
Charles Valois Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Charles Valois Prince Of31 May 1391170626626Christening
Robert ‘The Competitor’ de BRUSBRUS,Robert31 May 1295171722722Death
Isabel De FERRIERESFERRIERES,Isabel Debefore 31 May 1252172765765Death
Isabella De TAILLEFERTAILLEFER,Isabella De31 May 1245173772772Death
Geza II (Masodik Geza) King Of HUNGARYHUNGARY,Geza II (Masodik Geza) King Of31 May 1161174856856Death
Mary Princess Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,Mary Princess Of31 May 1116175901901Death
Waltheof Earl Of NORTHUMBERLANDNORTHUMBERLAND,Waltheof Earl Of31 May 1076176941941Death
Vittorio Amedeo II King Of SARDINIA + Maria Antonia Princess Of SPAIN Queen of SardiniaSARDINIA,Vittorio Amedeo II King Of + SPAIN,Maria Antonia Princess Of31 May 1750177267267Marriage
Charles II King Of ENGLAND + Catharina Henriette Princess Of PORTUGALENGLAND,Charles II King Of + PORTUGAL,Catharina Henriette Princess Of31 May 1662178355355Marriage
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