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This family tree was last updated on 5 February 2012.
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On this day
Lt. Col. George KEPPELKEPPEL,Lt. Col. George22 November 194707070Death
Mikhail Alexandrovitch ROMANOVROMANOV,Mikhail Alexandrovitch22 November 18781139139Birth
Ferdinand (Frederik) Prince Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Ferdinand (Frederik) Prince Of22 November 17922225225Birth
Amalie Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Amalie Princess Of22 November 17723245245Birth
Carolina Maria Teresa Giuseppa Of PARMAPARMA,Carolina Maria Teresa Giuseppa Of22 November 17704247247Birth
Marie Christine, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie Christine, Archduchess Of22 November 17635254254Birth
Marie Christine, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie Christine, Archduchess Of22 November 17636254254Death
Eleonore Princess Of SOLMS-BRAUNFELSSOLMS-BRAUNFELS,Eleonore Princess Of22 November 17347283283Birth
Karl Friedrich Grand Duke Of BADENBADEN,Karl Friedrich Grand Duke Of22 November 17288289289Birth
Charles SPENCERSPENCER,Charles22 November 17069311311Birth
Adolf Wilhelm Duke Of SAXE-EISENACHSAXE-EISENACH,Adolf Wilhelm Duke Of22 November 166810349349Death
Sofie Amalie Queen Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Sofie Amalie Queen Of22 November 161011407407Birth
Marie Elisabeth, Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Marie Elisabeth, Princess Of22 November 161012407407Birth
Elizabeth DE BOURBONDE BOURBON,Elizabeth22 November 160213415415Birth
Elizabeth DE BOURBONDE BOURBON,Elizabeth22 November 160214415415Birth
Anna, Princess Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Anna, Princess Of22 November 153216485485Birth
Marie Princess Of LORRAINE-GUISELORRAINE-GUISE,Marie Princess Of22 November 151517502502Birth
Anne Princess Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Anne Princess Ofafter 22 November 151118506506Death
Alice NEVILLENEVILLE,Aliceafter 22 November 150319514514Death
Georg, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Georg, Prince Of22 November 149420523523Birth
Alexander BOYDBOYD,Alexander22 November 146921548548Death
Joan BEAUFORTBEAUFORT,Joan22 November 144522572572Burial
Richard ‘The King Maker’ NEVILLENEVILLE,Richard "The King Maker"22 November 142823589589Birth
Alfonso Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Alfonso Prince Of22 November 140024617617Death
Elisabeth, Princess Of THURINGIATHURINGIA,Elisabeth, Princess Of22 November 132925688688Birth
Otakar Prince Of BOHEMIABOHEMIA,Otakar Prince Of22 November 131826699699Birth
Ela LONGSPEELONGSPEE,Ela22 November 129927718718Death
Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) De BALIOLBALIOL,Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) Debefore 22 November 128128736736Death
Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) De BALIOLBALIOL,Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) Debefore 22 November 128129736736Burial
Albrecht IV Count Of HABSBURGHABSBURG,Albrecht IV Count Of22 November 124030777777Death
Otto I Friedrich OF GREECE + Amalia OF OLDENBURGOF GREECE,Otto I Friedrich + OF OLDENBURG,Amalia22 November 183631181181Marriage
Robert II King Of SCOTLAND + Elizabeth MORE MURESCOTLAND,Robert II King Of + MORE,Elizabeth22 November 134732670670Marriage
Upcoming events
Elizabeth OF BAVARIAOF BAVARIA,Elizabeth23 November 196505252Death
Harriet Lydia MONTAGUMONTAGU,Harriet Lydia23 November 18941123123Death
Caroline SPENCERSPENCER,Caroline23 November 18132204204Death
Isabilla Elizabeth BEAUCLERKBEAUCLERK,Isabilla Elizabeth23 November 18083209209Christening
Mary Georgiana Emma SEYMOURSEYMOUR,Mary Georgiana Emma23 November 17984219219Birth
Gabriel Prince Of SPAINSPAIN,Gabriel Prince Of23 November 17885229229Death
Gabriel Prince Of SPAINSPAIN,Gabriel Prince Of23 November 17886229229Death
Anna, Princess Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Anna, Princess Of The23 November 17757242242Birth
Anna, Princess Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Anna, Princess Of The23 November 17758242242Christening
Caroline SPENCERSPENCER,Caroline23 November 17639254254Christening
Sidney BEAUCLERKBEAUCLERK,Sidney23 November 174410273273Death
August Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,August Prince Of23 November 171911298298Birth
Friedrich Ludwig Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Friedrich Ludwig Prince Of23 November 170712310310Birth
Sofie Princess Of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACHBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH,Sofie Princess Of23 November 164613371371Death
Sofie Eleonore Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Sofie Eleonore Princess Of23 November 160914408408Birth
Agnes Countess Of SOLMS-LAUBACHSOLMS-LAUBACH,Agnes Countess Of23 November 160215415415Death
Ludwig Philipp Count Palatine Of SIMMERNSIMMERN,Ludwig Philipp Count Palatine Of23 November 160216415415Birth
Elisabeth Dorothea, Countess Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Elisabeth Dorothea, Countess Of23 November 159317424424Death
Margaret PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,Margaret23 November 150320514514Death
Gaston De FOIXFOIX,Gaston De23 November 147021547547Death
Ladislaus (Vladislav IV) King Of BOHEMIA AND HUNGARYBOHEMIA AND HUNGARY,Ladislaus (Vladislav IV) King Of23 November 145722560560Death
Louis Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis Prince Of23 November 140723610610Death
John de BOHUNBOHUN,John de23 November 130624711711Birth
James Of ALDITHLEY (AUDLEY)ALDITHLEY (AUDLEY),James Of23 November 127325744744Death
John FITZGEOFFREYFITZGEOFFREY,John23 November 125826759759Death
William ‘Mafonache’ FITZROBERTFITZROBERT,William "Mafonache"23 November 118327834834Death
William ‘Mafonache’ FITZROBERTFITZROBERT,William "Mafonache"about 23 November 111628901901Birth
Edred King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Edred King Of23 November 955291,0621062Death
Otto I ‘The Great’ Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Otto I "The Great" Emperor Of The23 November 912301,1051105Birth
James I King Of ENGLAND + Anne Princess Of DENMARKENGLAND,James I King Of + DENMARK,Anne Princess Of23 November 158931428428Marriage
James I I OF ENGLAND + Anne OF DENMARKOF ENGLAND,James I I + OF DENMARK,Anne23 November 158932428428Marriage
Dietrich Count Of OLDENBURG + Hedwig Princess Of SCHLESWIGOLDENBURG,Dietrich Count Of + SCHLESWIG,Hedwig Princess Of23 November 142333594594Marriage
Richard Prince Of ENGLAND + Sancha Countess Of PROVENCEENGLAND,Richard Prince Of + PROVENCE,Sancha Countess Of23 November 124334774774Marriage
Olga Alexandrovna ROMANOVROMANOV,Olga Alexandrovna24 November 1960355757Death
William ASTORASTOR,William24 November 187536142142Death
William Backhouse (Backhorse) ASTORASTOR,William Backhouse (Backhorse)24 November 187537142142Death
Pauline Augustine Friederike, Princess Of SAXE-ALTENBURGSAXE-ALTENBURG,Pauline Augustine Friederike, Princess Of24 November 181938198198Birth
Luise Princess Of HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECKHOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECK,Luise Princess Of24 November 180339214214Death
Friederike Elisabeth Amalie Auguste Princess WhURTTEMBERG-URACHWhURTTEMBERG-URACH,Friederike Elisabeth Amalie Auguste Princess24 November 178540232232Death
Maria Luisa Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Maria Luisa Princess Of24 November 174541272272Birth
Ulrika Eleonora Queen Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Ulrika Eleonora Queen Of24 November 174142276276Death
Charlotte Elizabeth BOYLEBOYLE,Charlotte Elizabeth24 November 173343284284Christening
Marie Amalie Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Marie Amalie Princess Of24 November 172444293293Birth
Marie Amalie Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Marie Amalie Princess Of24 November 172445293293Birth
Hedwig Eleonore Queen Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Hedwig Eleonore Queen Of24 November 171546302302Death
Hedwig Eleonore Queen Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Hedwig Eleonore Queen Of24 November 171547302302Death
Dorothea Charlotte Princess Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Dorothea Charlotte Princess Of24 November 170548312312Burial
Charles Prince Of LORRAINELORRAINE,Charles Prince Of24 November 168049337337Birth
Karl XI King Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Karl XI King Of24 November 165550362362Birth
Johann ‘The Younger’ Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Johann "The Younger" Prince Of24 November 164251375375Birth
James II King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,James II King Of24 November 163352384384Christening
Magdalene Sibylle Duchess Of HOLSTEIN-GOTTORFHOLSTEIN-GOTTORF,Magdalene Sibylle Duchess Of24 November 163153386386Birth
Magdalene Sibylle Duchess Of HOLSTEIN-GOTTORFHOLSTEIN-GOTTORF,Magdalene Sibylle Duchess Of24 November 163154386386Birth
Elisabeth, Countess Of ZWEIBRUCKENZWEIBRUCKEN,Elisabeth, Countess Of24 November 162555392392Death
Elisabeth Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Elisabeth Princess Of24 November 157656441441Birth
Yurij Vasilevich Duke Of UGLICHUGLICH,Yurij Vasilevich Duke Of24 November 156357454454Death
Margaret TUDORTUDOR,Margaret24 November 154258475475Death
James BUTLERBUTLER,James24 November 142059597597Birth
Albrecht Achilles Elector Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Albrecht Achilles Elector Of24 November 141460603603Birth
Agnaes Countess Of HOLLANDHOLLAND,Agnaes Countess Ofafter 24 November 132761690690Death
Hugh DESPENCERDESPENCER,Hugh24 November 132662691691Death
Alphonso Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Alphonso Prince Of24 November 127363744744Birth
Walter MARSHALLMARSHALL,Walter24 November 124564772772Death
Constance Countess Of BRETAGNEBRETAGNE,Constance Countess Of24 November 122565792792Burial
Karl Friedrich Grand Duke Of BADEN + Luise Baroness GEYER VON GEYERSBERGBADEN,Karl Friedrich Grand Duke Of + GEYER VON GEYERSBERG,Luise Baroness24 November 178766230230Marriage
James II King Of ENGLAND + Anne HYDEENGLAND,James II King Of + HYDE,Anne24 November 165967358358Marriage
Alfonso XII King Of SPAIN AND THE INDIESSPAIN AND THE INDIES,Alfonso XII King Of25 November 188568132132Death
Alphonso XII OF SPAINOF SPAIN,Alphonso XII25 November 188569132132Death
Josef Georg Friedrich Ernst Karl Duke Of SAXE-ALTENBURGSAXE-ALTENBURG,Josef Georg Friedrich Ernst Karl Duke Of25 November 186870149149Death
Ernest , Grand Duke Of Hesse LUDWIGLUDWIG,Ernest , Grand Duke Of Hesse25 November 186871149149Birth
Ashley Charles SPENCER-CHURCHILLSPENCER-CHURCHILL,Ashley Charles25 November 185672161161Birth
Christian Ludwig Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Christian Ludwig Prince Of25 November 176373254254Birth
William Henry Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,William Henry Prince Of25 November 174374274274Christening
Edward Henry Of Gloucester HANOVERHANOVER,Edward Henry Of Gloucester25 November 174375274274Birth
Luise Christine Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Luise Christine Princess Of25 November 169776320320Burial
Georg Albrecht I, Count Of ERBACHERBACH,Georg Albrecht I, Count Of25 November 164777370370Death
Catharina Henriette Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Catharina Henriette Princess Of25 November 163878379379Birth
Catharina Henriette Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Catharina Henriette Princess Of25 November 163879379379Birth
Agnes Princess Of WÜRTTEMBERGWÜRTTEMBERG,Agnes Princess Of25 November 162980388388Death
Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of25 November 162781390390Death
Margarita Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Margarita Princess Of25 November 162382394394Birth
Henriette Marie Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Henriette Marie Princess Of25 November 160983408408Birth
Henriette Marie Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Henriette Marie Princess Of25 November 160984408408Birth
Bridget MARBURYMARBURY,Bridget25 November 159985418418Birth
Bridget MARBURYMARBURY,Bridget25 November 159986418418Christening
Susanna HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Susanna25 November 159987418418Birth
Susanna HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Susanna25 November 159988418418Christening
Dorothy NEVILLENEVILLE,Dorothy25 November 159389424424Christening
Elizabeth STEWARTSTEWART,Elizabethbefore 25 November 156490453453Death
Franz, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Franz, Prince Of25 November 152991488488Death
Henry BEAUFORTBEAUFORT,Henry25 November 141892599599Death
John De BOTETOURTBOTETOURT,John De25 November 132493693693Death
Petronilla (Pernel) De LACYLACY,Petronilla (Pernel) Deafter 25 November 128894729729Death
Marguerite De BAR MOUSSONBAR MOUSSON,Marguerite De25 November 127595742742Death
Catherine Princess Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Catherine Princess Of25 November 125396764764Birth
Louis Philippe I King Of FRANCE + Maria Amalie Princess Of The TWO SICILIESFRANCE,Louis Philippe I King Of + TWO SICILIES,Maria Amalie Princess Of The25 November 180997208208Marriage
Nathaniel LEWIS + Abigail ASHLEYLEWIS,Nathaniel + ASHLEY,Abigail25 November 169998318318Marriage
Ferdinand Albrecht I, Duke Of BRUNSWICK BEVERN + Christine Princess Of HESSE-ESCHWEGEBRUNSWICK BEVERN,Ferdinand Albrecht I, Duke Of + HESSE-ESCHWEGE,Christine Princess Of25 November 166799350350Marriage
Louis XIII, King Of FRANCE + Anna Princess Of SPAINFRANCE,Louis XIII, King Of + SPAIN,Anna Princess Of25 November 1615100402402Marriage
Philip IV OF SPAIN + Elizabeth DE BOURBONOF SPAIN,Philip IV + DE BOURBON,Elizabeth25 November 1615101402402Marriage
Marie Louise Alexandrine Caroline Princes Of BELGIUMBELGIUM,Marie Louise Alexandrine Caroline Princes Of26 November 1912102105105Death
Gaetano Prince Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Gaetano Prince Of The26 November 1871103146146Death
Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria WINDSOR of NorwayWINDSOR,Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria26 November 1869104148148Birth
Charles EDENEDEN,Charles26 November 1862105155155Birth
Ernest Augustus I OF HANOVEROF HANOVER,Ernest Augustus I26 November 1851106166166Burial
Mariya (Dagmar) Czarina Of Russia@N.N.,Mariya (Dagmar)26 November 1847107170170Birth
Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Adolf Landgrave Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Adolf Landgrave Of26 November 1820108197197Birth
Caroline RUSSELLRUSSELL,Caroline26 November 1811109206206Death
Caroline Susan SPENCER-CHURCHILLSPENCER-CHURCHILL,Caroline Susan26 November 1792110225225Birth
Karl, Prince Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Karl, Prince Of26 November 1706111311311Birth
Ludwig Count Of BIRKENFELDBIRKENFELD,Ludwig Count Of26 November 1669112348348Birth
Ekaterina Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Ekaterina Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of26 November 1658113359359Birth
Marie Hedwig Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Marie Hedwig Princess Of26 November 1647114370370Birth
Hedwig, Princess Of DENMARKDENMARK,Hedwig, Princess Of26 November 1641115376376Death
Margaret CHENEYCHENEY,Margaret26 November 1628116389389Birth
Margarethe Countess of SOLMSSOLMS,Margarethe Countess of26 November 1580117437437Birth
Marie Von ALVENSLEBENALVENSLEBEN,Marie Von26 November 1579118438438Birth
Johann Georg I Count Of SOLMS-LAUBACHSOLMS-LAUBACH,Johann Georg I Count Of26 November 1547119470470Birth
Isabel I ‘The Catholic’ Queen Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Isabel I "The Catholic" Queen Of26 November 1504120513513Death
Isabel I ‘The Catholic’ Queen Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Isabel I "The Catholic" Queen Of26 November 1504121513513Death
Catarina Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Catarina Princess Of26 November 1436122581581Birth
Henry BEAUFORTBEAUFORT,Henry26 November 1401123616616Christening
Yurij IV Grand Duke Of MOSCOWMOSCOW,Yurij IV Grand Duke Of26 November 1374124643643Birth
William ‘Atheling’ Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,William "Atheling" Prince Of26 November 1119125898898Death
Nikolas II ROMANOV Czar of Russia + Alexandre FEDOROVNA Czarina of RussiaROMANOV,Nikolas II + FEDOROVNA,Alexandre26 November 1894126123123Marriage
Christian Ludwig Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Christian Ludwig Prince Of27 November 1763128254254Christening
Isabella Princess Of PARMAPARMA,Isabella Princess Of27 November 1763129254254Death
Wilhelmine Charlotte Princess Of HESSEHESSE,Wilhelmine Charlotte Princess Of27 November 1722130295295Death
Friedrich Kasimir Prince Of BADENBADEN,Friedrich Kasimir Prince Of27 November 1643131374374Birth
Barbara VILLIERS Duchess of ClevelandVILLIERS,Barbara27 November 1640132377377Christening
Johann, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Johann, Prince Of27 November 1628133389389Death
Luiz Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Luiz Prince Of27 November 1555134462462Death
Eleanor BRANDONBRANDON,Eleanor27 November 1547135470470Burial
Anne MONTAGUMONTAGU,Anne27 November 1457136560560Death
Filippa Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Filippa Princess Of27 November 1430137587587Birth
Joan De HOLANDHOLAND,Joan De27 November 1384138633633Burial
Fernando I ‘The Antiquarian’ King Of ARAGÓN & SICILYARAGÓN & SICILY,Fernando I "The Antiquarian" King Of27 November 1380139637637Birth
Isabelle Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Isabelle Princess Of27 November 1358140659659Burial
Blanca Alphonsa Princess Of CASTILECASTILE,Blanca Alphonsa Princess Of27 November 1252141765765Death
John ASPINWALL + Susan HOWLANDASPINWALL,John + HOWLAND,Susan27 November 1803142214214Marriage
Christian IV OF DENMARK + Anne Catherine OF BRANDENBURGOF DENMARK,Christian IV + OF BRANDENBURG,Anne Catherine27 November 1597143420420Marriage
Helen OF GREECEOF GREECE,Helen28 November 19821443535Death
Sibylla OF SAXE-COBURGOF SAXE-COBURG,Sibylla28 November 19721454545Death
Ludwig Rudolph Prince of HANOVERHANOVER,Ludwig Rudolph Prince of28 November 19551466262Birth
Alexandra OF DENMARKOF DENMARK,Alexandra28 November 19251479292Burial
Mary Lilian BAELSBAELS,Mary Lilian28 November 1916148101101Birth
Alfonso XII King Of SPAIN AND THE INDIESSPAIN AND THE INDIES,Alfonso XII King Of28 November 1857149160160Birth
Amalie (Luise Wilhelmine) Princess Of WhURTTEMBERGWhURTTEMBERG,Amalie (Luise Wilhelmine) Princess Of28 November 1848150169169Death
Auguste Sofie Friederike Marie Princess Of HESSEHESSE,Auguste Sofie Friederike Marie Princess Of28 November 1823151194194Christening
Karl Christian Prince Of NASSAU-WEILBURGNASSAU-WEILBURG,Karl Christian Prince Of28 November 1788152229229Death
Auguste Friederike Princess Of HESSE-HOMBURGHESSE-HOMBURG,Auguste Friederike Princess Of28 November 1776153241241Birth
Maria Antoinette Giuseppina Walpurga Anna Of PARMAPARMA,Maria Antoinette Giuseppina Walpurga Anna Of28 November 1774154243243Birth
George William HANOVERHANOVER,George William28 November 1717155300300Christening
Magdalene Klaudine Countess Of BIRKENFELDBIRKENFELD,Magdalene Klaudine Countess Of28 November 1704156313313Death
Magdalene (Sofie) Queen Of DENMARKDENMARK,Magdalene (Sofie) Queen Of28 November 1700157317317Birth
Elizabeth LIGHTFOOTLIGHTFOOT,Elizabeth28 November 1693158324324Birth
Feodora Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Feodora Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of28 November 1677159340340Death
Elishua HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Elishua28 November 1641160376376Birth
Elishua HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Elishua28 November 1641161376376Christening
Amalie Juliane Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Amalie Juliane Princess Of28 November 1639162378378Birth
Ludwig Wilhelm, Count Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Ludwig Wilhelm, Count Of28 November 1580163437437Birth
Constance Princess Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Constance Princess Of28 November 1416164601601Death
Manolis I, Emperor Of The BYZANTINE EMPIREBYZANTINE EMPIRE,Manolis I, Emperor Of The28 November 1122165895895Birth
Philippa (Mathilde Or Maude), Countess Of TOULOUSETOULOUSE,Philippa (Mathilde Or Maude), Countess Of28 November 1117166900900Death
Frederick William I OF PRUSSIA + Sophia Dorothea of Prussia HANOVEROF PRUSSIA,Frederick William I + HANOVER,Sophia Dorothea of Prussia28 November 1706167311311Marriage
Ludwig Rudolph Prince of HANOVERHANOVER,Ludwig Rudolph Prince of29 November 19891682828Death
Katharine (Friederike Sophie Dorothea) Queen WESTPHALIAWESTPHALIA,Katharine (Friederike Sophie Dorothea) Queen29 November 1835169182182Death
Caroline SPENCERSPENCER,Caroline29 November 1813170204204Burial
Amelius Augustus BEAUCLERKBEAUCLERK,Amelius Augustus29 November 1809171208208Christening
Sofie Friederike Princess Of MECKLENBURG SCHWERINMECKLENBURG SCHWERIN,Sofie Friederike Princess Of29 November 1794172223223Death
Marie Therese Empress Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Marie Therese Empress Of The29 November 1780173237237Death
Marie Therese Empress Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Marie Therese Empress Of The29 November 1780174237237Death
Son, Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Son, Prince Of29 November 1777175240240Birth
Son, Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Son, Prince Of29 November 1777176240240Death
Louis, Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis, Prince Of29 November 1760177257257Christening
Jemima SHELDONSHELDON,Jemima29 November 1725178292292Birth
Barbara BENNETTBENNETT,Barbara29 November 1724179293293Birth
Sofie Princess Of SAXESAXE,Sofie Princess Of29 November 1703180314314Death
Ruprecht Duke Of CUMBERLANDCUMBERLAND,Ruprecht Duke Of29 November 1682181335335Death
Klaudie Eleonore, Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Klaudie Eleonore, Princess Of29 November 1675182342342Birth
Teodosio II Duke Of BRAGANÇABRAGANÇA,Teodosio II Duke Of29 November 1630183387387Death
Robert HAMBYHAMBY,Robert29 November 1625184392392Christening
Agnes Countess Of SOLMS-LAUBACHSOLMS-LAUBACH,Agnes Countess Of29 November 1602185415415Burial
Boris Fedorovich ROMANOVROMANOV,Boris Fedorovich29 November 1592186425425Death
Catharina Karlsdotter (Vasa) Princess Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Catharina Karlsdotter (Vasa) Princess Of29 November 1584187433433Christening
Philipp Georg Count Of SOLMSSOLMS,Philipp Georg Count Of29 November 1573188444444Birth
Kunigunde Von ALVENSLEBENALVENSLEBEN,Kunigunde Von29 November 1571189446446Birth
Walter OGILVIEOGILVIE,Walter29 November 1558190459459Death
Erich, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Erich, Prince Of29 November 1553191464464Death
Margaret TUDORTUDOR,Margaret29 November 1489192528528Birth
Philippe II, Duke Of SAVOYSAVOY,Philippe II, Duke Of29 November 1438193579579Birth
Karel IV (Vacvel Karel) Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Karel IV (Vacvel Karel) Emperor Of The29 November 1378194639639Death
Lionel ‘of Antwerp’ Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Lionel "of Antwerp" Prince Of29 November 1338195679679Birth
Roger MORTIMERMORTIMER,Roger29 November 1330196687687Death
Philippe IV King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Philippe IV King Of29 November 1314197703703Death
John De MOWBRAYMOWBRAY,John De29 November 1310198707707Birth
Bouchard de AVESNESAVESNES,Bouchard de29 November 1296199721721Death
Leonor Princess Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Leonor Princess Of29 November 1290200727727Death
Otto II Duke Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Otto II Duke Of29 November 1253201764764Death
Thomas ‘The Observer Or Temporiser’ De BERKELEYBERKELEY,Thomas "The Observer Or Temporiser" De29 November 1243202774774Death
Fernando Prince Of CASTILECASTILE,Fernando Prince Of29 November 1189203828828Birth
Guillaume VII Count Of MONTPELLIERMONTPELLIER,Guillaume VII Count Ofbefore 29 November 1172204845845Death
Mathilde De BOURGOGNEBOURGOGNE,Mathilde Debefore 29 November 1172205845845Death
Richard WELLESLEY WESLEY + Hyacinthe Gabrielle ROLANDWELLESLEY WESLEY,Richard + ROLAND,Hyacinthe Gabrielle29 November 1794206223223Marriage
Friedrich II (Eugen) Duke Of WhURTTEMBERG + Dorothea (Friederike) Sophie Princess Of BRANDENBURGWhURTTEMBERG,Friedrich II (Eugen) Duke Of + BRANDENBURG,Dorothea (Friederike) Sophie Princess Of29 November 1753207264264Marriage
Ralph De NEVILLE + Joan De BEAUFORTNEVILLE,Ralph De + BEAUFORT,Joan De29 November 1396208621621Marriage
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