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This family tree was last updated on 5 February 2012.
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On this day
Wilhelm (Georg) August Heinrich Duke Of NASSAU-WEILBURGNASSAU-WEILBURG,Wilhelm (Georg) August Heinrich Duke Of20 August 18390178178Death
Charlotte LENNOXLENNOX,Charlotte20 August 18331184184Death
Elizabeth POTTSPOTTS,Elizabeth20 August 18072210210Death
Alfred HANOVERHANOVER,Alfred20 August 17834234234Death
Francesco I, King Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Francesco I, King Of The20 August 17775240240Birth
Anne Mary [Twin] BEAUCLERKBEAUCLERK,Anne Mary [Twin]20 August 17666251251Birth
Elizabeth BEAUCLERKBEAUCLERK,Elizabeth20 August 17667251251Birth
Josbe Prince Of PORTUGAL AND THE ALGARVESPORTUGAL AND THE ALGARVES,Josbe Prince Of20 August 17618256256Birth
Friedrich Carl Ludwig Duke Of HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECKHOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-BECK,Friedrich Carl Ludwig Duke Of20 August 17579260260Birth
Friederike Karoline Luise Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Friederike Karoline Luise Princess Of20 August 175210265265Birth
Karoline Ernestine, Countess Of ERBACH SCHONBERGERBACH SCHONBERG,Karoline Ernestine, Countess Of20 August 172711290290Birth
Natalya Petrovna, Grand Duchess Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Natalya Petrovna, Grand Duchess Of20 August 171812299299Birth
Maria Princess Of MODENAMODENA,Maria Princess Of20 August 168413333333Death
Ephraim HINSDALEHINSDALE,Ephraim20 August 168114336336Death
Anne MARBURYMARBURY,Anne20 August 164315374374Death
Francis HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Francis20 August 164316374374Death
William HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,William20 August 164317374374Death
Samuel HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Samuel20 August 164318374374Death
Anne HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Anne20 August 164319374374Death
Katherine Or Katherene HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Katherine Or Katherene20 August 164320374374Death
William HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,William20 August 164321374374Death
Mary Or Maria HUTCHINSONHUTCHINSON,Mary Or Maria20 August 164322374374Death
Sofie Elisabeth, Princess Of MECKLENBURG-GhUSTROWMECKLENBURG-GhUSTROW,Sofie Elisabeth, Princess Of20 August 161323404404Birth
Wilhelm, Duke Of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURGBRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG,Wilhelm, Duke Of20 August 159224425425Death
William WINDSORWINDSOR,William20 August 155825459459Death
Henry De BOURBONBOURBON,Henry De20 August 155326464464Death
Wartislaw VIII, Duke Of POMERANIA WOLGASTPOMERANIA WOLGAST,Wartislaw VIII, Duke Of20 August 141527602602Death
Robert NEVILLENEVILLE,Robert20 August 128228735735Death
George Lionel DAWSON-DAMER + Mary Georgiana Emma SEYMOURDAWSON-DAMER,George Lionel + SEYMOUR,Mary Georgiana Emma20 August 182529192192Marriage
Carlo Emanuele III, King Of SARDINIA + Polyxene Christine Johanna Princess Of HESSE-RHEINFELS-ROTHENBURGSARDINIA,Carlo Emanuele III, King Of + HESSE-RHEINFELS-ROTHENBURG,Polyxene Christine Johanna Princess Of20 August 172430293293Marriage
August III (Friedrich) King Of POLAND + Marie Josefe Queen Of POLANDPOLAND,August III (Friedrich) King Of + POLAND,Marie Josefe Queen Of20 August 171931298298Marriage
William CAVENDISH + Elizabeth HARDWICKCAVENDISH,William + HARDWICK,Elizabeth20 August 154832469469Marriage
Maximilian I Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE + Marie Princess Of BOURGOGNEHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Maximilian I Emperor Of The + BOURGOGNE,Marie Princess Of20 August 147733540540Marriage
Upcoming events
Margaret WINDSORWINDSOR,Margaret21 August 193008787Birth
Rebecca Brien HOWLANDHOWLAND,Rebecca Brien21 August 18761141141Death
Rudolf Franz Karl Josef, Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Rudolf Franz Karl Josef, Archduke Of21 August 18582159159Birth
Harry Mildred SMITHSMITH,Harry Mildred21 August 18373180180Christening
Karoline Polyxene Princess Of NASSAU-USINGENNASSAU-USINGEN,Karoline Polyxene Princess Of21 August 18234194194Burial
Alexander Ludwig Christian Georg Prince Of HESSEHESSE,Alexander Ludwig Christian Georg Prince Of21 August 18235194194Christening
Sofia Magdalena Queen Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Sofia Magdalena Queen Of21 August 18136204204Death
Georgiana Caroline CARTERETCARTERET,Georgiana Caroline21 August 17807237237Death
William IV (Henry) HANOVERHANOVER,William IV (Henry)21 August 17658252252Birth
Friederike Karoline Luise Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Friederike Karoline Luise Princess Of21 August 17529265265Christening
Karl Prince Of HESSEHESSE,Karl Prince Of21 August 171810299299Birth
Johannes Roosevelt Or ROOSEVELTROOSEVELT,Johannes Roosevelt Or21 August 171511302302Christening
George BOWESBOWES,George21 August 170112316316Birth
Henry HOBARTHOBART,Henry21 August 169813319319Death
Leopold Friedrich Prince Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Leopold Friedrich Prince Of21 August 167614341341Death
Henrietta Ann STUARTSTUART,Henrietta Ann21 August 167015347347Burial
James FITZJAMESFITZJAMES,James21 August 167016347347Birth
Isabella Princess Of MODENAMODENA,Isabella Princess Of21 August 166617351351Death
Affonso VI King Of PORTUGAL AND THE ALGARVESPORTUGAL AND THE ALGARVES,Affonso VI King Of21 August 164318374374Birth
Richard LENNARDLENNARD,Richard21 August 163019387387Burial
Ludwig Count Palatine Of SIMMERNSIMMERN,Ludwig Count Palatine Of21 August 162320394394Birth
Elizabeth DRUMMONDDRUMMOND,Elizabethafter 21 August 151421503503Death
Margarethe Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Margarethe Archduchess Of21 August 141622601601Birth
Alphonse Prince Of FRANCEFRANCE,Alphonse Prince Of21 August 127123746746Death
Alfonso VII ‘Pierre-Raimund’ King Of CASTILE AND LÉON AND GALICIACASTILE AND LÉON AND GALICIA,Alfonso VII "Pierre-Raimund" King Of21 August 115724860860Death
Henry CUBITT + Maud Marianne CALVERTCUBITT,Henry + CALVERT,Maud Marianne21 August 189025127127Marriage
Philip I ‘The Handsome’ King Of SPAIN + Juana Princess Of ARAGÓNSPAIN,Philip I "The Handsome" King Of + ARAGÓN,Juana Princess Of21 August 149626521521Marriage
Philippe III King Of FRANCE + Marie Princess Of BRABANTFRANCE,Philippe III King Of + BRABANT,Marie Princess Of21 August 127427743743Marriage
Cristina (Maria) Princess Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Cristina (Maria) Princess Of The22 August 187828139139Death
Sarah Alvey DELANODELANO,Sarah Alvey22 August 182229195195Birth
Karl Friedrich Heinrich Prince Of WhURTTEMBERGWhURTTEMBERG,Karl Friedrich Heinrich Prince Of22 August 179130226226Death
Maria Lodovica Gabriella Princess Of SARDINIASARDINIA,Maria Lodovica Gabriella Princess Of22 August 176731250250Death
Georg Ludwig, Count Of KIELMANSEGGKIELMANSEGG,Georg Ludwig, Count Of22 August 170532312312Birth
Elizabeth MAYNARDMAYNARD,Elizabeth22 August 170133316316Death
Joseph LYMANLYMAN,Joseph22 August 169934318318Birth
Marie Therese, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie Therese, Archduchess Of22 August 168435333333Birth
John HOBARTHOBART,John22 August 168336334334Death
Dorothea Friederike Princess Of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACHBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH,Dorothea Friederike Princess Of22 August 167637341341Christening
August Friedrich, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,August Friedrich, Prince Of22 August 167638341341Death
Natalya Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Natalya Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of22 August 167339344344Birth
Natalya Kirillovna NARYSHKINA Czarina of RussiaNARYSHKINA,Natalya Kirillovna22 August 165140366366Birth
Jacquette (Jacqueline) POUSSARD-DE-VANDREPOUSSARD-DE-VANDRE,Jacquette (Jacqueline)before 22 August 164841369369Death
Dmitrij Alekseevich Grand Duke Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Dmitrij Alekseevich Grand Duke Of22 August 164842369369Birth
Elizabeth JOHNSONJOHNSON,Elizabeth22 August 161943398398Christening
Elizabeth JOHNSONJOHNSON,Elizabeth22 August 161944398398Birth
Elizabeth JOHNSONJOHNSON,Elizabeth22 August 161945398398Christening
Philipp Ludwig, Count Palatine Of NEUBURGNEUBURG,Philipp Ludwig, Count Palatine Of22 August 161446403403Death
John FLEMINGFLEMING,John22 August 159247425425Death
John DUDLEYDUDLEY,John22 August 155348464464Burial
Charles BRANDONBRANDON,Charles22 August 154549472472Death
John HOWARDHOWARD,John22 August 148550532532Death
Richard III King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Richard III King Of22 August 148551532532Death
Juana Princess Of ARAGÓN & SICILYARAGÓN & SICILY,Juana Princess Of22 August 142552592592Death
Friedrich II ‘The Gentle’, Elector Of SAXONYSAXONY,Friedrich II "The Gentle", Elector Of22 August 141253605605Birth
Philippe VI ‘de Valois’ FRANCEFRANCE,Philippe VI "de Valois"22 August 135054667667Death
Guglielmo Prince Of SICILYSICILY,Guglielmo Prince Of22 August 133855679679Death
Jean II De AVESNESAVESNES,Jean II De22 August 130456713713Death
Leugia De CEVACEVA,Leugia De22 August 129157726726Death
Philippe Auguste II King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Philippe Auguste II King Of22 August 116558852852Birth
George II (Augustus) of England HANOVER + Karoline (Wilhelmina) Queen Of ENGLANDHANOVER,George II (Augustus) of England + ENGLAND,Karoline (Wilhelmina) Queen Of22 August 170559312312Marriage
George II (Augustus) of England HANOVER + Caroline OF BRANDENBURGHANOVER,George II (Augustus) of England + OF BRANDENBURG,Caroline22 August 170560312312Marriage
Malcolm BOWES-LYONBOWES-LYON,Malcolm23 August 1957616060Death
Luigia (Maria Immacolato) of the TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Luigia (Maria Immacolato) of the23 August 187462143143Death
Marianne Charlotte, Princess Of SAXESAXE,Marianne Charlotte, Princess Of23 August 179463223223Death
Daughter, Princess Of ORLEANSORLEANS,Daughter, Princess Of23 August 177764240240Birth
Adelaide, Princess Of ORLEANSORLEANS,Adelaide, Princess Of23 August 177765240240Birth
Louis XVI, King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis XVI, King Of23 August 175466263263Birth
Sofie Princess Of SAXESAXE,Sofie Princess Of23 August 171267305305Birth
Susanne Margarethe Princess Of ANHALT-DESSAUANHALT-DESSAU,Susanne Margarethe Princess Of23 August 161068407407Birth
Louis De LORRAINELORRAINE,Louis De23 August 152869489489Death
Isabel Princess Of ARAGÓN, CASTILE & LEONARAGÓN,Isabel Princess Of23 August 149870519519Death
Isabel Princess Of ARAGÓN, CASTILE & LEONARAGÓN,Isabel Princess Of23 August 149871519519Death
Marie Countess Of CLEVESCLEVES,Marie Countess Of23 August 148772530530Death
Diogo Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Diogo Prince Of23 August 148473533533Death
Katharine Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Katharine Princess Of23 August 147674541541Death
James Le ‘The White Earl’ BUTLERBUTLER,James Le "The White Earl"23 August 145275565565Death
Bbeatrice Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Bbeatrice Princess Of23 August 987761,0301030Death
George SPENCER + Caroline RUSSELLSPENCER,George + RUSSELL,Caroline23 August 176277255255Marriage
Richard TALBOT + Ankaret Le STRANGETALBOT,Richard + STRANGE,Ankaret Lebefore 23 August 138378634634Marriage
Margarethe Sofie Maria Annunciate Therese Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Margarethe Sofie Maria Annunciate Therese Of24 August 190279115115Death
Alfred Henry PAGETPAGET,Alfred Henry24 August 188880129129Death
Ferdinand I Of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen HOHENZOLLERNHOHENZOLLERN,Ferdinand I Of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen24 August 186581152152Birth
Maria Theresa OF PORTUGALOF PORTUGAL,Maria Theresa24 August 185582162162Birth
James HAMILTONHAMILTON,James24 August 183883179179Birth
August Nicolaus Prince Of SWEDEN & NORWAYSWEDEN & NORWAY,August Nicolaus Prince Of24 August 183184186186Birth
Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Queen Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Queen Of24 August 182185196196Burial
Jerome Napoleon Charles Frederic, Prince Of MONTFORDMONTFORD,Jerome Napoleon Charles Frederic, Prince Of24 August 181486203203Birth
Sofie Friederike Princess Of MECKLENBURG SCHWERINMECKLENBURG SCHWERIN,Sofie Friederike Princess Of24 August 175887259259Birth
George FITZROYFITZROY,George24 August 171588302302Birth
Tatyana, Grand Duchess Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Tatyana, Grand Duchess Of24 August 170689311311Death
Elizabeth CECILCECIL,Elizabeth24 August 167290345345Burial
August Friedrich, Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,August Friedrich, Prince Of24 August 165791360360Birth
Adolf, Prince Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Adolf, Prince Of24 August 164792370370Birth
Adolf, Prince Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Adolf, Prince Of24 August 164793370370Birth
Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of24 August 164794370370Birth
Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of HOLSTEINHOLSTEIN,Elisabeth Sofie, Princess Of24 August 164795370370Birth
Ulyana Nikitichna ROMANOVA-YUREVAROMANOVA-YUREVA,Ulyana Nikitichna24 August 156596452452Death
Dorothbee, Princess Of LORRAINELORRAINE,Dorothbee, Princess Of24 August 154597472472Birth
Cecily Princess Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Cecily Princess Of24 August 150798510510Death
Sofie Princess Of POMERANIAPOMERANIA,Sofie Princess Ofabout 24 August 149799520520Death
Maddalena VISCONTIVISCONTI,Maddalena24 August 1404102613613Death
Marie Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Marie Princess Of24 August 1393103624624Birth
Idonea De CLIFFORDCLIFFORD,Idonea De24 August 1365104652652Death
Juan I Of CASTILE AND LÉONCASTILE AND LÉON,Juan I Of24 August 1358105659659Birth
Heinrich VII (Heinrich IV) Emperor Of HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Heinrich VII (Heinrich IV) Emperor Of24 August 1313106704704Death
Theobald De VERDUNVERDUN,Theobald De24 August 1309107708708Death
Ela (Fitzpatrick) Countess Of SALISBURYSALISBURY,Ela (Fitzpatrick) Countess Of24 August 1261108756756Death
Alexander II King Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,Alexander II King Of24 August 1198109819819Birth
Geoffrey V ‘le Bon’ PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,Geoffrey V "le Bon"24 August 1113110904904Birth
Gunhild WESSEXWESSEX,Gunhild24 August 1087111930930Death
Philipp Wilhelm Elector Of PALATINE + Elisabeth Amalie Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTPALATINE,Philipp Wilhelm Elector Of + HESSE-DARMSTADT,Elisabeth Amalie Princess Of24 August 1653112364364Marriage
Philipp Wilhelm Elector Of PALATINE + Elisabeth Amalie Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTPALATINE,Philipp Wilhelm Elector Of + HESSE-DARMSTADT,Elisabeth Amalie Princess Of24 August 1653113364364Marriage
James STEWART + Elizabeth CAMPBELLSTEWART,James + CAMPBELL,Elizabeth24 August 1529114488488Marriage
Thomas Prince Of ENGLAND + Eleanor (Alianore) De BOHUNENGLAND,Thomas Prince Of + BOHUN,Eleanor (Alianore) Debefore 24 August 1376115641641Marriage
George Edward Alexander Edmund WINDSORWINDSOR,George Edward Alexander Edmund25 August 19421167575Death
Tikhon N. KULIKOVSKIJKULIKOVSKIJ,Tikhon N.25 August 1917117100100Birth
William Henry Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,William Henry Prince Of25 August 1805118212212Death
Edward Henry Of Gloucester HANOVERHANOVER,Edward Henry Of Gloucester25 August 1805119212212Death
Ludwig I Karl August, King Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Ludwig I Karl August, King Of25 August 1786120231231Birth
Carl Gustaf Prince Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Carl Gustaf Prince Of25 August 1782121235235Birth
Sofie Friederike Princess Of MECKLENBURG SCHWERINMECKLENBURG SCHWERIN,Sofie Friederike Princess Of25 August 1758122259259Christening
Sarah CADOGANCADOGAN,Sarah25 August 1751123266266Death
Xaver (Franz) Prince Of SAXONYSAXONY,Xaver (Franz) Prince Of25 August 1730124287287Birth
Johannes Roosevelt Or ROOSEVELTROOSEVELT,Johannes Roosevelt Or25 August 1714125303303Christening
Martha JOHNSONJOHNSON,Martha25 August 1708126309309Death
Joseph Prince Of LORRAINELORRAINE,Joseph Prince Of25 August 1705127312312Death
Christian V King Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Christian V King Of25 August 1699128318318Death
Ferdinand Wilhelm, Prince Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Ferdinand Wilhelm, Prince Of25 August 1620129397397Birth
Frances AYLESBURYAYLESBURY,Frances25 August 1617130400400Christening
Friedrich Moritz Prince Of ANHALTANHALT,Friedrich Moritz Prince Of25 August 1610131407407Death
Wilhelm IV ‘The Wise’ Landgrave Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Wilhelm IV "The Wise" Landgrave Of25 August 1592132425425Death
Elisabeth, Princess Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Elisabeth, Princess Of25 August 1573133444444Birth
Thomas III HOWARDHOWARD,Thomas III25 August 1554134463463Death
Ivan IV ‘The Terrible’ Czar Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Ivan IV "The Terrible" Czar Of25 August 1530135487487Birth
Marguerite Princess Of ANJOUANJOU,Marguerite Princess Of25 August 1482136535535Death
Louis IX King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis IX King Of25 August 1270137747747Death
Robert ‘Fortis’ Duke Of FRANCEFRANCE,Robert "Fortis" Duke Of25 August 8661381,1511151Death
Robert ‘Fortis’ Duke Of FRANCEFRANCE,Robert "Fortis" Duke Of25 August 8661391,1511151Burial
Lionel George Seymour DAWSON-DAMER + Emma Andalusia Frere KENNEDYDAWSON-DAMER,Lionel George Seymour + KENNEDY,Emma Andalusia Frere25 August 1881140136136Marriage
Antonio Pascual Prince Of SPAIN + Maria Amalia Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Antonio Pascual Prince Of + SPAIN,Maria Amalia Princess Of25 August 1795141222222Marriage
Charles BINGHAM + Margaret SMITHBINGHAM,Charles + SMITH,Margaret25 August 1760142257257Marriage
Robert EDENEDEN,Robert26 August 1886143131131Death
Lionel Arthur Henry DAWSON-DAMERDAWSON-DAMER,Lionel Arthur Henry26 August 1883144134134Birth
Anne Sarah BINGHAMBINGHAM,Anne Sarah26 August 1855145162162Death
Louis Philippe I King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis Philippe I King Of26 August 1850146167167Death
Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine OF RUSSIAOF RUSSIA,Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine26 August 1824147193193Christening
Albert (Francis) Augustus Charles Prince Of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHASAXE-COBURG-GOTHA,Albert (Francis) Augustus Charles Prince Of26 August 1819148198198Birth
Carlo, Prince Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Carlo, Prince Of The26 August 1788149229229Birth
Karoline Ulrike Louise Princess Of HESSE-HOMBURGHESSE-HOMBURG,Karoline Ulrike Louise Princess Of26 August 1771150246246Birth
Charlotte SPENCERSPENCER,Charlotte26 August 1765151252252Birth
Marie Zbephyrine, Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Marie Zbephyrine, Princess Of26 August 1750152267267Birth
Antoine-Laurent LAVOISIERLAVOISIER,Antoine-Laurent26 August 1743153274274Birth
Marie Elisabeth, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie Elisabeth, Archduchess Of26 August 1741154276276Death
Henry HOBARTHOBART,Henry26 August 1698155319319Burial
Marfa Margarita Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of RUSSIA (ROMANOV)RUSSIA (ROMANOV),Marfa Margarita Alekseevna Grand Duchess Of26 August 1652156365365Birth
Ernst Count Of SAYN WITTGENSTEINSAYN WITTGENSTEIN,Ernst Count Of26 August 1594157423423Birth
Margareta Elisabeth Karlsdotter Princess Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Margareta Elisabeth Karlsdotter Princess Of26 August 1585158432432Death
Margareta ERIKSDOTTER (LEIJONHUFVUD)ERIKSDOTTER (LEIJONHUFVUD),Margareta26 August 1551159466466Death
Magnus King Of LIVONIALIVONIA,Magnus King Of26 August 1540160477477Birth
Ernst, Elector Of SAXONYSAXONY,Ernst, Elector Of26 August 1486161531531Death
Eikaterina Asanina ZACHARIAINAZACHARIAINA,Eikaterina Asanina26 August 1462162555555Death
Ernst, Prince Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Ernst, Prince Of26 August 1438163579579Birth
Charles II ‘Magnanime’ De VALOISVALOIS,Charles II "Magnanime" De26 August 1346164671671Death
Jan King Of BOHEMIABOHEMIA,Jan King Of26 August 1346165671671Death
Roger De SOMERYSOMERY,Roger De26 August 1273166744744Death
Yolande, Countess Of FLANDERSFLANDERS,Yolande, Countess Of26 August 1219167798798Death
John ‘Lackland’ King Of ENGLAND + Isabella De TAILLEFERENGLAND,John "Lackland" King Of + TAILLEFER,Isabella De26 August 1200168817817Marriage
David Earl Of HUNTINGDON + Maud De MESCHINESHUNTINGDON,David Earl Of + MESCHINES,Maud De26 August 1190169827827Marriage
Richard ‘Strongbow’ Fitzgilbert De CLARE + Eva (Aoife) MCMURROUGHCLARE,Richard "Strongbow" Fitzgilbert De + MacMURROUGH,Eva (Aoife)26 August 1171170846846Marriage
Louis Of Burma MOUNTBATTENMOUNTBATTEN,Louis Of Burma27 August 19791713838Death
Amalia Felipina Del Pilar, Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Amalia Felipina Del Pilar, Princess Of27 August 1905172112112Death
Ferdinand, Prince Of SAXE-COBURG-SAALFELDSAXE-COBURG-SAALFELD,Ferdinand, Prince Of27 August 1851173166166Death
Thomas LYON BOWESLYON BOWES,Thomas27 August 1846174171171Death
Josef Georg Friedrich Ernst Karl Duke Of SAXE-ALTENBURGSAXE-ALTENBURG,Josef Georg Friedrich Ernst Karl Duke Of27 August 1789175228228Birth
Maria Barbara Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Maria Barbara Princess Of27 August 1758176259259Death
Elizabeth BURRELLBURRELL,Elizabeth27 August 1734177283283Death
Henrietta SOMERSET Duchess of GraftonSOMERSET,Henrietta27 August 1690178327327Birth
Ioann V Alekseevich Czar Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Ioann V Alekseevich Czar Of27 August 1666179351351Birth
Christine Magdalene Countess Of ZWEIBRÜCKEN-KLEEBURGZWEIBRÜCKEN-KLEEBURG,Christine Magdalene Countess Of27 August 1662180355355Burial
Benjamin JOHNSONJOHNSON,Benjamin27 August 1657181360360Birth
Friedrich Margrave Of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACHBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH,Friedrich Margrave Of27 August 1634182383383Death
Franziske Princess Of BADENBADEN,Franziske Princess Of27 August 1606183411411Death
Eskil ISAACSSON (BANER)ISAACSSON (BANER),Eskilbefore 27 August 1488184529529Death
Anna Duchess Of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEINSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN,Anna Duchess Of27 August 1487185530530Birth
Maud FITZGEOFFREYFITZGEOFFREY,Maud27 August 1236186781781Death
Irini Maria Princess Of The BYZANTINE EMPIREBYZANTINE EMPIRE,Irini Maria Princess Of The27 August 1208187809809Death
Marie De POITIERSPOITIERS,Marie De27 August 1182188835835Death
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