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This family tree was last updated on 5 February 2012.
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On this day
Elisabeth Pauline Alexandrine Princess Of SAXE-ALTENBURGSAXE-ALTENBURG,Elisabeth Pauline Alexandrine Princess Of26 March 18260191191Birth
Louisa PAGETPAGET,Louisa26 March 17772240240Birth
Karl Wilhelm Prince Of NASSAUNASSAU,Karl Wilhelm Prince Of26 March 17613256256Birth
August Prince Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,August Prince Of26 March 17204297297Death
Benjamin JOHNSONJOHNSON,Benjamin26 March 17075310310Death
Marie Magdalene Josefe, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie Magdalene Josefe, Archduchess Of26 March 16896328328Birth
Sophia Dorothea of Prussia HANOVERHANOVER,Sophia Dorothea of Prussia26 March 16877330330Birth
Agathea Countess Of ÖTTINGENÖTTINGEN,Agathea Countess Of26 March 16808337337Death
Ernst I ‘The Pious’, Duke Of SAXE-GOTHASAXE-GOTHA,Ernst I "The Pious", Duke Of26 March 16759342342Death
Agnes Princess Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Agnes Princess Of26 March 162910388388Death
Wilhelm Prince Of SAXESAXE,Wilhelm Prince Of26 March 162611391391Birth
Johann II, Count Palatine Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Johann II, Count Palatine Of26 March 158412433433Birth
Ludwig Wilhelm, Count Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Ludwig Wilhelm, Count Of26 March 158113436436Death
Marie, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Marie, Archduchess Of26 March 156414453453Death
Elizabeth GRESHAMGRESHAM,Elizabeth26 March 155215465465Death
James HAMILTONHAMILTON,Jamesabout 26 March 152916488488Death
Vasilij III (IV) Grand Duke Of MOSCOWMOSCOW,Vasilij III (IV) Grand Duke Of26 March 147917538538Birth
Walter STEWARTSTEWART,Walter26 March 143618581581Death
David Prince Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,David Prince Of26 March 140219615615Death
John De BRAOSEBRAOSE,John Debefore 26 March 120520812812Death
Upcoming events
Francisca Carolina Joana Carlota Princess of BRAZILBRAZIL,Francisca Carolina Joana Carlota Princess of27 March 18980119119Death
Waldemar (Joachim Friedrich Ernst) PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Waldemar (Joachim Friedrich Ernst)27 March 18791138138Death
William Henry CAVENDISH BENTINCK-SCOTTCAVENDISH BENTINCK-SCOTT,William Henry27 March 18542163163Death
Charlotte Augusta Louisa HANOVERHANOVER,Charlotte Augusta Louisa27 March 18193198198Birth
Charlotte Augusta Louisa HANOVERHANOVER,Charlotte Augusta Louisa27 March 18194198198Death
Maria, Countess Of KLEBELSBERGKLEBELSBERG,Maria, Countess Of27 March 18065211211Birth
Elizabeth Georgiana POYNTZ Countess SpencerPOYNTZ,Elizabeth Georgiana27 March 17996218218Birth
Louis XVII King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis XVII King Of27 March 17857232232Birth
Louis XVII King Of FRANCEFRANCE,Louis XVII King Of27 March 17858232232Christening
Louisa SPENCERSPENCER,Louisa27 March 17699248248Christening
Ludwig George Karl Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Ludwig George Karl Prince Of27 March 174910268268Birth
Dorothea Wilhelmine Princess Of SAXONY-ZEITZSAXONY-ZEITZ,Dorothea Wilhelmine Princess Of27 March 174311274274Burial
Philip HOWARDHOWARD,Philip27 March 174112276276Death
Leopold Duke Of LORRAINELORRAINE,Leopold Duke Of27 March 172913288288Death
Anton Ulrich, Duke Of BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBhUTTELBRUNSWICK-WOLFENBhUTTEL,Anton Ulrich, Duke Of27 March 171414303303Death
Charlotte Amelia OF HESSEOF HESSE,Charlotte Amelia27 March 171415303303Death
Sofie Amalie Queen Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Sofie Amalie Queen Of27 March 168516332332Burial
Marie Louise OF ORLEANSOF ORLEANS,Marie Louise27 March 166217355355Birth
Therese Marie Josefe, Archduchess Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Therese Marie Josefe, Archduchess Of27 March 165218365365Birth
James I I OF ENGLANDOF ENGLAND,James I I27 March 162519392392Death
James I King Of ENGLANDENGLAND,James I King Of27 March 162520392392Death
Ulrich, Prince Of DENMARKDENMARK,Ulrich, Prince Of27 March 162421393393Death
Margaret of VALOISVALOIS,Margaret of27 March 161522402402Death
Dorothea Countess Of ÖTTINGENÖTTINGEN,Dorothea Countess Of27 March 160523412412Christening
Margarethe Princess Of POMERANIAPOMERANIA,Margarethe Princess Of27 March 152624491491Death
Richard HOWARDHOWARD,Richard27 March 151725500500Death
George GORDONGORDON,Georgeafter 27 March 150126516516Death
Marie Princess Of BOURGOGNEBOURGOGNE,Marie Princess Of27 March 148227535535Death
Vasilij II(III) ‘The Blind’ Grand Duke Of MOSCOWMOSCOW,Vasilij II(III) "The Blind" Grand Duke Of27 March 146228555555Death
Henry De BEAUCHAMPBEAUCHAMP,Henry De27 March 142429593593Christening
Albrecht II (III) Duke Of BAVARIABAVARIA,Albrecht II (III) Duke Of27 March 140130616616Birth
Juana Manuel De VILLENA-ESCALONA Y PENAFIELVILLENA-ESCALONA Y PENAFIEL,Juana Manuel De27 March 138131636636Death
Anna Princess Of BOHEMIABOHEMIA,Anna Princess Of27 March 131932698698Birth
Eliska Princess Of BOHEMIABOHEMIA,Eliska Princess Of27 March 131933698698Birth
Maud (Matilda) MARSHALLMARSHALL,Maud (Matilda)27 March 124834769769Death
Robert II ‘The Pious’ FRANCEFRANCE,Robert II "The Pious"27 March 972351,0451045Birth
William CAVENDISH + Charlotte Elizabeth BOYLECAVENDISH,William + BOYLE,Charlotte Elizabeth27 March 174836269269Marriage
Victoria Alexandria Alice Mary WINDSORWINDSOR,Victoria Alexandria Alice Mary28 March 1965375252Death
Henriette (Twin) @N.N.,Henriette (Twin)28 March 1948386969Death
Edith EDENEDEN,Edith28 March 1931398686Death
Louise Josefine Eugenie Queen Of DENMARKDENMARK,Louise Josefine Eugenie Queen Of28 March 1926409191Burial
Ingrid Viktoria Sofia Louise, Queen OF DENMARKOF DENMARK,Ingrid Viktoria Sofia Louise, Queen28 March 191041107107Birth
Nadejda Michaelovna ROMANOVROMANOV,Nadejda Michaelovna28 March 189642121121Birth
Leopold George Duncan OF SAXE-COBURGOF SAXE-COBURG,Leopold George Duncan28 March 188443133133Death
Charlotte (Louise) Princess Of DENMARKDENMARK,Charlotte (Louise) Princess Of28 March 186444153153Death
Edward SPENCER-CHURCHILLSPENCER-CHURCHILL,Edward28 March 185345164164Birth
Alfonso Prince Of The TWO SICILIESTWO SICILIES,Alfonso Prince Of The28 March 184146176176Birth
August Charles Eugene Napoleon, Duke Of LEUCHTENBERGLEUCHTENBERG,August Charles Eugene Napoleon, Duke Of28 March 183547182182Death
Franpcoise Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Franpcoise Princess Of28 March 181648201201Birth
Ferdinand, Prince Of SAXE-COBURG-SAALFELDSAXE-COBURG-SAALFELD,Ferdinand, Prince Of28 March 178549232232Birth
Charles IRVINEIRVINE,Charles28 March 177950238238Death
Ludwig George Karl Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Ludwig George Karl Prince Of28 March 174951268268Christening
Johann Reinhard III, Count Of HANAUHANAU,Johann Reinhard III, Count Of28 March 173652281281Death
Diana SPENCERSPENCER,Diana28 March 173553282282Christening
Ludwig Kraft Count Of NASSAU-SAARBRUCKENNASSAU-SAARBRUCKEN,Ludwig Kraft Count Of28 March 166354354354Birth
Catherine SAINT JOHNSAINT JOHN,Catherine28 March 163355384384Death
Moritz, Duke Of SAXONY ZEITZSAXONY ZEITZ,Moritz, Duke Of28 March 161956398398Birth
Magnus King Of LIVONIALIVONIA,Magnus King Of28 March 158357434434Death
Elizabeth TAILBOYSTAILBOYS,Elizabethbefore 28 March 156358454454Death
Ivan Ivanovich, Grand Duke Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Ivan Ivanovich, Grand Duke Of28 March 155459463463Birth
Ferdinand, Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Ferdinand, Archduke Of28 March 155160466466Birth
Henry Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Henry Prince Of28 March 115561862862Birth
Charles Edward STUART ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ + Luise Princess Of Stolberg GEDERNSTUART,Charles Edward + GEDERN,Luise Princess Of Stolberg28 March 177262245245Marriage
Jean II, ‘Le Bon’ FRANCE + Jutte (Bonne) Princess Of BOHEMIAFRANCE,Jean II, "Le Bon" + BOHEMIA,Jutte (Bonne) Princess Of28 March 133263685685Marriage
Edward John SPENCERSPENCER,Edward John29 March 1992642525Death
Prosper LECLAIRLECLAIR,Prosper29 March 187465143143Birth
John Jacob ASTORASTOR,John Jacob29 March 184866169169Death
Anna Maria LYONLYON,Anna Maria29 March 183267185185Death
Maximilian Karl Adolf Heinrich Prince Of SAXESAXE,Maximilian Karl Adolf Heinrich Prince Of29 March 180368214214Death
Charles BINGHAMBINGHAM,Charles29 March 179969218218Death
Jane STEWARTSTEWART,Jane29 March 179870219219Birth
Gustaf III King Of SWEDENSWEDEN,Gustaf III King Of29 March 179271225225Death
Carlos Prince Of SPAIN Count of MolinaSPAIN,Carlos Prince Of29 March 178872229229Birth
Francis RUSSELLRUSSELL,Francis29 March 176773250250Burial
Thomas TREVORTREVOR,Thomas29 March 175374264264Burial
Elizabeth CHURCHILLCHURCHILL,Elizabeth29 March 171475303303Burial
Georg Friedrich Margrave Of BRANDENBURGBRANDENBURG,Georg Friedrich Margrave Of29 March 170376314314Death
Albrecht Ernst I Prince Of hOTTINGEN-hOTTINGENhOTTINGEN-hOTTINGEN,Albrecht Ernst I Prince Of29 March 168377334334Death
Wilhelm Prince Of HESSEHESSE,Wilhelm Prince Of29 March 167478343343Birth
Mehitable HINSDALEHINSDALE,Mehitable29 March 164679371371Birth
Mehitable HINSDALEHINSDALE,Mehitable29 March 164680371371Christening
Anne Catherine OF BRANDENBURGOF BRANDENBURG,Anne Catherine29 March 161281405405Death
William WALTERWALTER,William29 March 160582412412Christening
Georg I ‘The Pious’ Landgrave Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Georg I "The Pious" Landgrave Of29 March 159683421421Burial
Alexander III King Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,Alexander III King Of29 March 128684731731Burial
Elizabeth ‘The Queen Mother’ BOWES-LYONBOWES-LYON,Elizabeth "The Queen Mother"30 March 2002851515Death
Kermit B. ROOSEVELTROOSEVELT,Kermit B.30 March 1968864949Death
Mary Frances BOWES-LYONBOWES-LYON,Mary Frances30 March 188387134134Birth
Louise Queen Of SWEDEN & NORWAYSWEDEN & NORWAY,Louise Queen Of30 March 187188146146Death
Marie Dorothea Luise Wilhelmine Princess Of WhURTTEMBERGWhURTTEMBERG,Marie Dorothea Luise Wilhelmine Princess Of30 March 185589162162Death
Luise Henriette Karoline Princess Of NASSAUNASSAU,Luise Henriette Karoline Princess Of30 March 184590172172Death
Ludwig I Grand Duke Of BADENBADEN,Ludwig I Grand Duke Of30 March 183091187187Death
Margaret Georgiana POYNTZPOYNTZ,Margaret Georgiana30 March 181492203203Burial
Georgiana SPENCERSPENCER,Georgiana30 March 180693211211Death
Friederike Auguste Karoline, Princess Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Friederike Auguste Karoline, Princess Of30 March 180094217217Death
Auguste (Marie Wilhelmine) Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Auguste (Marie Wilhelmine) Princess Of30 March 179695221221Death
Anna Amalie Princess Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Anna Amalie Princess Of30 March 178796230230Death
Karoline (Henriette Christine) Princess Of BIRKENFELDBIRKENFELD,Karoline (Henriette Christine) Princess Of30 March 177497243243Death
Joseph LYMANLYMAN,Joseph30 March 176398254254Death
Carlos Prince Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Carlos Prince Of30 March 173699281281Death
Albrecht Ernst II Prince Of hOTTINGEN-hOTTINGENhOTTINGEN-hOTTINGEN,Albrecht Ernst II Prince Of30 March 1731100286286Death
Sofie Amalie, Princess Of HOLSTEIN-GOTTORPHOLSTEIN-GOTTORP,Sofie Amalie, Princess Of30 March 1710101307307Burial
Charles HAMILTONHAMILTON,Charles30 March 1691102326326Birth
Anne STUARTSTUART,Anne30 March 1636103381381Christening
Duarte BRAGANZABRAGANZA,Duarte30 March 1605105412412Birth
Anna Auguste Princess Of BADENBADEN,Anna Auguste Princess Of30 March 1604106413413Birth
Malcolm FLEMINGFLEMING,Malcolm30 March 1569107448448Death
Andrew WINDSORWINDSOR,Andrew30 March 1543108474474Death
Wilhelm II ‘Der Reiche’, Prince Of THURINGIATHURINGIA,Wilhelm II "Der Reiche", Prince Of30 March 1425109592592Death
Yurij Vasilevich Prince Of MOSCOW AND VLADIMIRMOSCOW AND VLADIMIR,Yurij Vasilevich Prince Of30 March 1395110622622Birth
Elisabeth Countess Of HENNEBURG-SCHLEUSINGENHENNEBURG-SCHLEUSINGEN,Elisabeth Countess Of30 March 1389111628628Death
Margaret Princess Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,Margaret Princess Of30 March 1346112671671Death
Mary OF TECKOF TECK,Mary31 March 19531136464Burial
Morton EDENEDEN,Morton31 March 1909114108108Death
Henry William Frederick Albert WINDSORWINDSOR,Henry William Frederick Albert31 March 1900115117117Birth
William Waldorf ASTORASTOR,William Waldorf31 March 1848116169169Birth
Augusta HANOVERHANOVER,Augusta31 March 1813118204204Burial
Henri BERNADOTTEBERNADOTTE,Henri31 March 1780119237237Death
Frederick Louis HANOVER Of WalesHANOVER,Frederick Louis31 March 1751120266266Death
Charles SPENCERSPENCER,Charles31 March 1740121277277Birth
Frederik V King Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Frederik V King Of31 March 1723122294294Birth
Frederik V King Of DENMARK & NORWAYDENMARK & NORWAY,Frederik V King Of31 March 1723123294294Christening
Maria Anna Victoria Princess Of SPAINSPAIN,Maria Anna Victoria Princess Of31 March 1718124299299Birth
Dorothea Auguste Princess Of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBORG-PLONSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBORG-PLON,Dorothea Auguste Princess Of31 March 1682125335335Death
Anne HYDEHYDE,Anne31 March 1671126346346Death
Karl II Elector Of PALATINEPALATINE,Karl II Elector Of31 March 1651127366366Birth
Margarethe Princess Of HESSE-ESCHWEGEHESSE-ESCHWEGE,Margarethe Princess Of31 March 1647128370370Birth
Margarethe Princess Of HESSE-ESCHWEGEHESSE-ESCHWEGE,Margarethe Princess Of31 March 1647129370370Christening
Felipe III ‘The Pious’ King Of SPAIN AND PORTUGALSPAIN AND PORTUGAL,Felipe III "The Pious" King Of31 March 1621130396396Death
Felipe III ‘The Pious’ King Of SPAIN AND PORTUGALSPAIN AND PORTUGAL,Felipe III "The Pious" King Of31 March 1621131396396Death
Johann Adolf Duke Of HOLSTEIN-GOTTORPHOLSTEIN-GOTTORP,Johann Adolf Duke Of31 March 1616132401401Death
Joachim Ernst Count OF ÖTTINGENOF ÖTTINGEN,Joachim Ernst Count31 March 1612133405405Birth
Eleonore (Marie) Princess Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Eleonore (Marie) Princess Of31 March 1607134410410Death
Jeremuthy MARBURYMARBURY,Jeremuthy31 March 1601135416416Birth
Jeremuthy MARBURYMARBURY,Jeremuthy31 March 1601136416416Christening
Johann Prince Of SAXESAXE,Johann Prince Of31 March 1597137420420Birth
Sofie, Princess Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Sofie, Princess Of31 March 1582138435435Birth
Louisa Juliana Princess Of ORANGEORANGE,Louisa Juliana Princess Of31 March 1576139441441Birth
Philipp I ‘The Magnanimous’ Landgrave Of HESSE-KASSELHESSE-KASSEL,Philipp I "The Magnanimous" Landgrave Of31 March 1567140450450Death
Elizabeth CAVENDISHCAVENDISH,Elizabeth31 March 1555141462462Birth
Elisabeth, Countess Of ZWEIBRUCKENZWEIBRUCKEN,Elisabeth, Countess Of31 March 1553142464464Birth
François I, King Of FRANCEFRANCE,François I, King Of31 March 1547143470470Death
Henry II, King of FRANCEFRANCE,Henry II, King of31 March 1519144498498Birth
Edward Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Edward Prince Of31 March 1484145533533Death
Catherine PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,Catherinebefore 31 March 1373146644644Birth
Philippa Plantagenet Queen Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Philippa Plantagenet Queen Of31 March 1360147657657Birth
Margherita Princess Of SICILYSICILY,Margherita Princess Of31 March 1349148668668Death
Friedrich III Duke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Friedrich III Duke Of31 March 1347149670670Birth
Edmund ‘of Woodstock’ Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Edmund "of Woodstock" Prince Of31 March 1330150687687Burial
Margaret (Margery) BIGODBIGOD,Margaret (Margery)31 March 1237151780780Death
Princess Elbeonore of Aquitane@N.N.,Elbeonore31 March 1204152813813Death
Annabel BALLIOLBALLIOL,Annabel31 March 1204153813813Death
Philippe I, Duke Of ORLEANS + Henrietta Ann STUARTORLEANS,Philippe I, Duke Of + STUART,Henrietta Ann31 March 1661154356356Marriage
Franklin Delano ROOSEVELTROOSEVELT,Franklin DelanoApril 19451557272Burial
Karoline Luise Princess Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Karoline Luise Princess OfApril 1783157234234Burial
Son Grand Duke Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Son Grand Duke OfApril 1776158241241Birth
Son Grand Duke Of RUSSIARUSSIA,Son Grand Duke OfApril 1776159241241Death
Child SWEDENSWEDEN,ChildApril 1745160272272Birth
Charles HOWARDHOWARD,CharlesApril 1679161338338Death
Richard LENNARDLENNARD,RichardApril 1596162421421Birth
Henri VALOIS le Bâtard d'AngoulemeVALOIS,HenriApril 1577163440440Birth
Katharine Princess Of PALATINEPALATINE,Katharine Princess OfApril 1572164445445Birth
Arthur Prince Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,Arthur Prince OfApril 1541165476476Birth
Elizabeth HAMILTONHAMILTON,Elizabethafter April 1531166486486Death
Izabel Princess Of PORTUGALPORTUGAL,Izabel Princess OfApril 1521167496496Death
Anna Vasilevna Princess Of MOSCOWMOSCOW,Anna Vasilevna Princess OfApril 1501168516516Death
Adam HEPBURNHEPBURN,Adamabout April 1492169525525Birth
Robert BOYDBOYD,Robertafter April 1480170537537Death
John GREYGREY,JohnApril 1480171537537Birth
John Prince Of SCOTLANDSCOTLAND,John Prince OfApril 1479172538538Death
Isaac ISAACSSON (BANER)ISAACSSON (BANER),Isaacafter April 1429173588588Death
Johann IV, Duke Of SAXONYSAXONY,Johann IV, Duke OfApril 1414174603603Death
Isabel PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,Isabelabout April 1402175615615Death
Anne PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,AnneApril 1383176634634Birth
Humphrey PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,HumphreyApril 1382177635635Birth
Orlando De ARAGONARAGON,Orlando DeApril 1361178656656Death
Agnaes Princess Of FRANCEFRANCE,Agnaes Princess OfApril 1349179668668Death
Giovanni Prince Of SICILYSICILY,Giovanni Prince OfApril 1317180700700Birth
John BALIOLBALIOL,JohnApril 1313181704704Death
Jean I De AVESNESAVESNES,Jean I DeApril 1218182799799Birth
Isabel MARSHALLMARSHALL,IsabelApril 1206183811811Christening
Hamelin PLANTAGENETPLANTAGENET,HamelinApril 1202184815815Death
William Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,William Prince OfApril 1156185861861Death
Ethelred I King Of WESSEXWESSEX,Ethelred I King OfApril 8711861,1461146Death
Pippin (Carloman) King Of ITALYITALY,Pippin (Carloman) King OfApril 7731871,2441244Birth
Juan Carlos Teresa Silvestre Alfonso DE BORBONDE BORBON,Juan Carlos Teresa Silvestre Alfonso1 April 19931882424Death
George II OF GREECEOF GREECE,George II1 April 19471897070Death
Karl I OF AUSTRIAOF AUSTRIA,Karl I1 April 19221909595Death
John Herbert BOWES-LYONBOWES-LYON,John Herbert1 April 1886191131131Birth
Auguste Friederike Princess Of HESSE-HOMBURGHESSE-HOMBURG,Auguste Friederike Princess Of1 April 1871192146146Death
Theodolinde Luise Eugenie Auguste Napoleone, Princ LEUCHTENBERGLEUCHTENBERG,Theodolinde Luise Eugenie Auguste Napoleone, Princ1 April 1857193160160Death
Amelia Frederica GORDON-LENNOXGORDON-LENNOX,Amelia Frederica1 April 1831194186186Christening
Ferdinand, Prince Of PRUSSIAPRUSSIA,Ferdinand, Prince Of1 April 1806195211211Death
Karl Duke Of ZWEIBRÜCKENZWEIBRÜCKEN,Karl Duke Of1 April 1795196222222Death
Henri BERNADOTTEBERNADOTTE,Henri1 April 1780197237237Burial
Deborah JOHNSONJOHNSON,Deborah1 April 1769198248248Death
Louisa Anne HANOVERHANOVER,Louisa Anne1 April 1749199268268Christening
Jeanne de SAINT-JEANSAINT-JEAN,Jeanne de1 April 1728200289289Birth
Sofie Elisabeth Von Dem BUSSCHEBUSSCHE,Sofie Elisabeth Von Dem1 April 1721201296296Death
Amalie Sophie Marianne Von WENDTWENDT,Amalie Sophie Marianne Von1 April 1704202313313Birth
Petronille Melusine Von Der SCHULENBERGSCHULENBERG,Petronille Melusine Von Der1 April 1693203324324Birth
Sibylle Ursule, Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Sibylle Ursule, Princess Of1 April 1673204344344Death
Deborah JOHNSONJOHNSON,Deborah1 April 1669205348348Death
Wilhelmine Eleonore Princess Of SAXESAXE,Wilhelmine Eleonore Princess Of1 April 1653206364364Death
Johann Prince Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Johann Prince Of1 April 1651207366366Death
Christian Count Of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACHBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH,Christian Count Of1 April 1623208394394Birth
Heinrich Count Of HESSE-DARMSTADTHESSE-DARMSTADT,Heinrich Count Of1 April 1612209405405Birth
Beata Knutsdotter HANDHAND,Beata Knutsdotter1 April 1563210454454Birth
Zygmunt I ‘The Old’ King Of POLANDPOLAND,Zygmunt I "The Old" King Of1 April 1548211469469Death
Marie De LUXEMBOURGLUXEMBOURG,Marie De1 April 1546212471471Death
Frands Prince Of DENMARKDENMARK,Frands Prince Of1 April 1511213506506Death
Jean II De BOURBONBOURBON,Jean II De1 April 1488214529529Death
Mernando I Duke Of BRAGANÇABRAGANÇA,Mernando I Duke Of1 April 1478215539539Death
Catherine De VENDCOMEVENDCOME,Catherine De1 April 1412216605605Death
Ludwig IV Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Ludwig IV Emperor Of The1 April 1282217735735Birth
Robert De CLIFFORDCLIFFORD,Robert De1 April 1274218743743Birth
Amadeo III Count Of SAVOYSAVOY,Amadeo III Count Of1 April 1148219869869Death
Randolph Henry SPENCER-CHURCHILL + Jeanette JEROMESPENCER-CHURCHILL,Randolph Henry + JEROME,JeanetteApril 1874220143143Marriage
Humphrey De BOHUN + Margaret Princess Of SCOTLANDBOHUN,Humphrey De + SCOTLAND,Margaret Princess Ofbefore April 1175221842842Marriage
Baudouin VIII (V) Count Of FLANDERS & HAINAULT + Marguerite De LORRAINEFLANDERS & HAINAULT,Baudouin VIII (V) Count Of + LORRAINE,Marguerite DeApril 1169222848848Marriage
Hamelin PLANTAGENET + Isabel De WARENNEPLANTAGENET,Hamelin + WARENNE,Isabel DeApril 1164223853853Marriage
Miles Of GLOUCESTER + Sybil De NEUFMARCHEGLOUCESTER,Miles Of + NEUFMARCHE,Sybil DeApril 1121224896896Marriage
Louis VI, ‘The Fat’ King Of FRANCE + Alix (Adbelahide) Countess Of SAVOYFRANCE,Louis VI, "The Fat" King Of + SAVOY,Alix (Adbelahide) Countess OfApril 1115225902902Marriage
Napoleon I BONAPARTE + Marie Luise Leopoldine Franziska Theresia Of AUSTRIABONAPARTE,Napoleon I + AUSTRIA,Marie Luise Leopoldine Franziska Theresia Of1 April 1810226207207Marriage
Georg II Landgrave Of HESSE-DARMSTADT + Sofie Eleonore Princess Of SAXONYHESSE-DARMSTADT,Georg II Landgrave Of + SAXONY,Sofie Eleonore Princess Of1 April 1627227390390Marriage
Juan II King Of ARAGÓN & SICILY + Juana ENRIQUEZARAGÓN & SICILY,Juan II King Of + ENRIQUEZ,Juana1 April 1444228573573Marriage
Clarissa HALLHALL,Clarissa2 April 1895229122122Death
Anne BRUDENELLBRUDENELL,Anne2 April 1877230140140Death
Susan STEWARTSTEWART,Susan2 April 1841231176176Death
Robert O'Brien FITZROYFITZROY,Robert O'Brien2 April 1839232178178Birth
Anton, Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Anton, Archduke Of2 April 1835233182182Death
Friedrich VI Joseph Ludwig Karl Landgrave Of HESSE-HOMBURGHESSE-HOMBURG,Friedrich VI Joseph Ludwig Karl Landgrave Of2 April 1829234188188Death
Amalie Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Amalie Princess Of2 April 1773235244244Death
Frances THYNNETHYNNE,Frances2 April 1750236267267Death
Leopold, Archduke Of AUSTRIAAUSTRIA,Leopold, Archduke Of2 April 1716237301301Birth
Henry SOMERSETSOMERSET,Henry2 April 1684238333333Birth
Ludwig Count Of BIRKENFELDBIRKENFELD,Ludwig Count Of2 April 1670239347347Death
Ferdinand III Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Ferdinand III Emperor Of The2 April 1657240360360Death
Bridget DRYDENDRYDEN,Bridget2 April 1645241372372Death
Bridget DRYDENDRYDEN,Bridgetbefore 2 April 1645242372372Burial
Georg Duke Of BRUNSWICK-KALENBERGBRUNSWICK-KALENBERG,Georg Duke Of2 April 1641243376376Death
Friedrich Count OF ÖTTINGENOF ÖTTINGEN,Friedrich Count2 April 1628244389389Death
Anna Auguste Princess Of BADENBADEN,Anna Auguste Princess Of2 April 1616245401401Death
Elisabeth Princess Of SAXONYSAXONY,Elisabeth Princess Of2 April 1590246427427Death
Elisabeth Princess Of BRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURGBRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURG,Elisabeth Princess Of2 April 1572247445445Death
John DUTTONDUTTON,John2 April 1562248455455Christening
George RALEIGHRALEIGH,Georgebefore 2 April 1546249471471Death
Elizabeth OF FRANCEOF FRANCE,Elizabeth2 April 1544250473473Birth
Arthur Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Arthur Prince Of2 April 1502251515515Death
Katherine Or Elisabeth Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Katherine Or Elisabeth Princess Of2 April 1420252597597Death
Elisabeth Princess Of BRUNSWICKBRUNSWICK,Elisabeth Princess Of2 April 1420253597597Death
Fernando I ‘The Antiquarian’ King Of ARAGÓN & SICILYARAGÓN & SICILY,Fernando I "The Antiquarian" King Of2 April 1416254601601Death
John FERRERSFERRERS,John2 April 1367255650650Death
Jeanne Princess Of NAVARRENAVARRE,Jeanne Princess Of2 April 1305256712712Death
Richard Prince Of ENGLANDENGLAND,Richard Prince Of2 April 1272257745745Death
Charlemagne Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIREHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,Charlemagne Emperor Of The2 April 7422581,2751275Birth
Malcolm FLEMING + Euphame LIVINGSTONEFLEMING,Malcolm + LIVINGSTONE,Euphamebefore 2 April 1472259545545Marriage
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