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The Minor Family of Somerset, England
This family tree was last updated on 25 November 2016.
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Eliza NobleEliza Noble
Birth: 12 March 1876 35 18Kanab, Kane County, Utah, USA
Death: 7 March 1912Roosevelt, Duchesne County, Utah, USA
Harold Leroy MaineHarold Leroy Maine
Birth: 2 June 1926 30 19Baird Nicholes County, Nebraska, USA
Death: 22 November 1998Salem, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA
Joseph Chapin MainJoseph Chapin Main
Birth: 22 April 1822 66 37Bloomfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 15 November 1907Island Grove, Gage County, Nebraska, USA
Charles Edward PearceCharles Edward Pearce
Birth: 23 May 1893 21 17Alpine, Apache County, Arizona, USA
Death: 27 March 1974Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
King of Scots (1165-1214) William I "The Lion".William I ‘The Lion’
Birth: about 1143 29 39Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
Death: 4 December 1214Sterling, Sterlingshire, Scotland
Gunning Bedford JrGunning Bedford Jr
Birth: 13 April 1747 27 27Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 30 March 1812Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA
Clockwise from top left: Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Montgomery at Quebec, Battle of Cowpens, "Moonlight Battle".Gunning Bedford Sr
Birth: 17 April 1742 30New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, USA
Death: 30 December 1797New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, USA
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Gunning Bedford Jr
Gunning Bedford Jr
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Note: Gunning Bedford Jr was an American lawyer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County, Delaware. He served in the Delaware General Assembly, as a Continental Congressman from Delaware and as a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787. He is often confused with his cousin, Gunning Bedford Sr, an officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution and Governor of Delaware.
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Georgina May GarnerGarner,Georgina May24 May 199702020Death
Loren Vergil ‘Doc’ WendellWendell,Loren Vergil24 May 198713030Death
Samuel Gerolomo BakerBaker,Samuel Gerolomo24 May 198523232Death
Elma TaylorTaylor,Elma24 May 198433333Burial
Dora Marie JensenJensen,Dora Marie24 May 198243535Burial
Pearly G. MarrsMarrs,Pearly G.24 May 197953838Death
Katie RichardsonRichardson,Katie24 May 197764040Death
Asahel Kenneth WilkinsWilkins,Asahel Kenneth24 May 197174646Death
Mary Addie CapleCaple,Mary Addie24 May 196984848Death
George Ernest AshAsh,George Ernest24 May 196595252Burial
William George HillierHillier,William George24 May 1956106161Death
Elizabeth Mae HoldrenHoldren,Elizabeth Mae24 May 1955116262Burial
Martha Rebecca MayberryMayberry,Martha Rebecca24 May 1954126363Burial
Franklin Gold DenneyDenney,Franklin Gold24 May 1953136464Death
Hannah Eliza JexJex,Hannah Eliza24 May 1951146666Burial
Mary Agnes AdamsonAdamson,Mary Agnes24 May 1951156666Burial
Horace Barwell StratfordStratford,Horace Barwell24 May 1949166868Death
Noall Henry BecksteadBeckstead,Noall Henry24 May 1949176868Burial
Willis E TerryTerry,Willis E24 May 1941187676Death
Moses Willard BigelowBigelow,Moses Willard24 May 1940197777Burial
Generva GlennGlenn,Generva24 May 1937208080Burial
Jessie Ann BonnellBonnell,Jessie Ann24 May 1932218585Death
Herbert Milton DewhirstDewhirst,Herbert Milton24 May 1929228888Death
Hannah Jane MinorMinor,Hannah Jane24 May 1928238989Death
Leonidas Smart MechamMecham,Leonidas Smart24 May 1923249494Death
Ephraim Henry WilliamsWilliams,Ephraim Henry24 May 1919259898Burial
Wayne Beckstead MorganMorgan,Wayne Beckstead24 May 191726100100Birth
June BruceBruce,June24 May 191527102102Birth
Charles Jabez DangerfieldDangerfield,Charles Jabez24 May 191328104104Death
George MuirMuir,George24 May 190829109109Death
Monica Mary KingKing,Monica Mary24 May 190730110110Birth
Rulon Jay ReynoldsReynolds,Rulon Jay24 May 190731110110Birth
Hiram A. TillotsonTillotson,Hiram A.24 May 190632111111Death
John William BonnellBonnell,John William24 May 190433113113Christening
Roland Allen HowardHoward,Roland Allen24 May 190334114114Death
Sonia Rosemary KeppelKeppel,Sonia Rosemary24 May 190035117117Birth
Dorcia B. HamptonHampton,Dorcia B.24 May 189736120120Death
Hazel Maude KellerKeller,Hazel Maude24 May 189637121121Birth
Sylvia Ameretta MeachamMeacham,Sylvia Ameretta24 May 189438123123Death
Lieuticia NorthNorth,Lieuticia24 May 189439123123Death
Mary Elizabeth PotterPotter,Mary Elizabeth24 May 189340124124Death
Cleveland Grant BittonBitton,Cleveland Grant24 May 189141126126Birth
Gaddis CoffeeCoffee,Gaddis24 May 189042127127Birth
Julia Ann TempletonTempleton,Julia Ann24 May 188443133133Death
Joseph Eugene MayMay,Joseph Eugene24 May 188244135135Birth
Ethel Ellen RackhamRackham,Ethel Ellen24 May 188245135135Birth
Nora JohnsonJohnson,Nora24 May 187746140140Birth
Otto DahlDahl,Otto24 May 187647141141Birth
Joseph Young LitsonLitson,Joseph Young24 May 187548142142LDS confirmation
Frances Ellen BonnellBonnell,Frances Ellen24 May 187449143143Birth
Frances Ellen BonnellBonnell,Frances Ellen24 May 187450143143Christening
Orson Hookway BerrettBerrett,Orson Hookway24 May 187351144144Birth
John ParkPark,John24 May 187252145145Birth
Miles Franklin McCartyMacCarty,Miles Franklin24 May 186453153153Death
James Bowen RandallRandall,James Bowen24 May 186354154154Death
Sylvester Young Van HooserVan Hooser,Sylvester Young24 May 185755160160Birth
Prentiss WebsterWebster,Prentiss24 May 185156166166Birth
Mary Elizabeth Bushell BennionBennion,Mary Elizabeth Bushell24 May 184957168168Death
Frederick Arthur WellesleyWellesley,Frederick Arthur24 May 184458173173Birth
Celia Jane PerkinsPerkins,Celia Jane24 May 183959178178Death
Barthold JohanssonJohansson,Barthold24 May 183860179179Death
Agnes BollingBolling,Agnes24 May 183761180180Birth
William GriffithsGriffiths,William24 May 183562182182Burial
Elizabeth LongLong,Elizabeth24 May 183463183183Death
Mary Gorton ArnoldArnold,Mary Gorton24 May 183164186186Death
Sarah Elizabeth PalmerPalmer,Sarah Elizabeth24 May 183165186186Birth
Edward WillmottWillmott,Edward24 May 182966188188Christening
Elizabeth Mosely MinorMinor,Elizabeth Mosely24 May 182967188188Birth
John FlaggFlagg,John24 May 182568192192Death
Allen ParkPark,Allen24 May 182169196196Birth
Hannah ShattuckShattuck,Hannah24 May 181870199199Death
Frances HepditchHepditch,Frances24 May 181771200200Birth
Elleonora Frances PalmerPalmer,Elleonora Frances24 May 181172206206Birth
Matilda MinorMinor,Matilda24 May 181173206206Birth
Ann EnnissEnniss,Ann24 May 180874209209Christening
Harriet Ann TrippTripp,Harriet Ann24 May 180775210210Birth
Susan MaineMaine,Susan24 May 180676211211Birth
Sally BinnsBinns,Sally24 May 180577212212Christening
Charles Denison PalmerPalmer,Charles Denison24 May 180078217217Birth
Waldo LittlefieldLittlefield,Waldo24 May 179779220220Birth
Elizabeth BerrettBerrett,Elizabeth24 May 179580222222Christening
Elizabeth BerrettBerrett,Elizabeth24 May 179481223223Birth
Sidney Algernon KnowltonKnowlton,Sidney Algernon24 May 179382224224Birth
Amos ChesebroughChesebrough,Amos24 May 178883229229Death
Polly (Mary) MainMain,Polly (Mary)24 May 178784230230Birth
Elizabeth TaylorTaylor,Elizabethbefore 24 May 178685231231Death
John FullertonFullerton,John24 May 178586232232Birth
Elisha MackMack,Elisha24 May 178387234234Death
Ephraim MinorMinor,Ephraim24 May 178388234234Death
Gershom SillimanSilliman,Gershom24 May 178389234234Birth
Charlotte MinorMinor,Charlotte24 May 178290235235Birth
William @N.N.,Williambefore 24 May 177391244244Birth
William @N.N.,William24 May 177392244244Christening
Joseph InghamIngham,Josephbefore 24 May 176993248248Birth
Joseph InghamIngham,Joseph24 May 176994248248Christening
Hannah ForseyForsey,Hannah24 May 176795250250Birth
John WheelerWheeler,John24 May 176296255255Birth
Lucy MinorMinor,Lucy24 May 176197256256Death
Thankful MinorMinor,Thankful24 May 176198256256Birth
Sarah WeedenWeeden,Sarah24 May 175099267267Birth
Deborah GreeneGreene,Deborah24 May 1745100272272Birth
Samuel HobartHobart,Samuel24 May 1744101273273Birth
Mary GortonGorton,Mary24 May 1741102276276Birth
Joanna MinorMinor,Joanna24 May 1741103276276Death
Elizabeth BrainardBrainard,Elizabeth24 May 1740104277277Birth
Ann ArnoldArnold,Ann24 May 1737105280280Birth
Sarah DelanoDelano,Sarah24 May 1731106286286Birth
Elsa JonssonJonsson,Elsabefore 24 May 1730107287287Birth
Elsa JonssonJonsson,Elsa24 May 1730108287287Christening
John NelsonNelson,Johnbefore 24 May 1728109289289Death
John NelsonNelson,John24 May 1728110289289Burial
Sarah JackmanJackman,Sarah24 May 1720111297297Death
Mary MerrillMerrill,Mary24 May 1718112299299Birth
Abraham DayDay,Abraham24 May 1713113304304Birth
Richard GreeneGreene,Richard24 May 1711114306306Death
Prudence PalmerPalmer,Prudence24 May 1710115307307Christening
John WhitehillWhitehill,John24 May 1707116310310Birth
John WadsworthWadsworth,John24 May 1706117311311Birth
Phoebe DickensonDickenson,Phoebe24 May 1705118312312Death
Charles HoldenHolden,Charles24 May 1695119322322Birth
Alice NelsonNelson,Alice24 May 1679120338338Death
Jonathan HydeHyde,Jonathan24 May 1674121343343Birth
Ann WoodburyWoodbury,Annbefore 24 May 1674122343343Birth
Ann WoodburyWoodbury,Ann24 May 1674123343343Christening
James KingeKinge,James24 May 1672124345345Death
Robert MuirMuir,Robert24 May 1663125354354Birth
John HealdHeald,John24 May 1662126355355Death
Samuel TylerTyler,Samuel24 May 1655127362362Birth
Jeremiah WiseWise,Jeremiahbefore 24 May 1646128371371Birth
Jeremiah WiseWise,Jeremiah24 May 1646129371371Christening
John HinckleyHinckley,John24 May 1644130373373Birth
Mehitable GunnGunn,Mehitablebefore 24 May 1641131376376Birth
Mehitable GunnGunn,Mehitable24 May 1641132376376Christening
William UphamUpham,William24 May 1640133377377Birth
Thomas ListerLister,Thomas24 May 1635134382382Christening
James BrownBrown,James24 May 1631135386386Birth
Joanna TreatTreat,Joanna24 May 1618136399399Christening
Joanna TreatTreat,Joanna24 May 1618137399399Birth
Elizabeth BronsonBronson,Elizabeth24 May 1618138399399Death
Grace FoxcroftFoxcroft,Gracebefore 24 May 1618139399399Birth
Grace FoxcroftFoxcroft,Grace24 May 1618140399399Christening
Thomas StedmanStedman,Thomas24 May 1607141410410Birth
John PeasePease,Johnbefore 24 May 1593142424424Birth
John PeasePease,John24 May 1593143424424Christening
John PeasePease,Johnbefore 24 May 1591144426426Birth
John PeasePease,John24 May 1591145426426Christening
William LathropLathrop,William24 May 1587146430430Christening
Isaac StedmanStedman,Isaac24 May 1550147467467Birth
David I @N.N.,David I24 May 1153148864864Death
Stephen Wilcer Renfro + Carrie W. RobinsonRenfro,Stephen Wilcer + Robinson,Carrie W.24 May 1884149133133Marriage
Delos James Minor + Anna LangdonMinor,Delos James + Langdon,Anna24 May 1877150140140Marriage
Ralph Teancum Merrill + Elizabeth Matilda CollettMerrill,Ralph Teancum + Collett,Elizabeth Matilda24 May 1869151148148Marriage
James Rodeback + Phebe BeagleRodeback,James + Beagle,Phebe24 May 1832152185185Marriage
Benjamin Haws + Mary Nancy (Polly) WhitcombHaws,Benjamin + Whitcomb,Mary Nancy (Polly)24 May 1821153196196Marriage
Esau Williams + Ann BowenWilliams,Esau + Bowen,Ann24 May 1818154199199Marriage
Jacob Bigler + Elizabeth HarveyBigler,Jacob + Harvey,Elizabeth24 May 1814155203203Marriage
Robert McCulloch + Christian GreigMacCulloch,Robert + Greig,Christian24 May 1805156212212Marriage
Eliphalet Hobart + Rebecca ChesebroughHobart,Eliphalet + Chesebrough,Rebeccaafter 24 May 1788157229229Marriage
Simeon Lay + Hitty DennisonLay,Simeon + Dennison,Hitty24 May 1786158231231Marriage
Israel Clark + Mary StedmanClark,Israel + Stedman,Mary24 May 1781159236236Marriage
Joseph Moulton + Sarah FullerMoulton,Joseph + Fuller,Sarah24 May 1759160258258Marriage
Thomas Gilbert + Sarah GilbertGilbert,Thomas + Gilbert,Sarah24 May 1745161272272Marriage
Henry Chapman + Mary DibbleChapman,Henry + Dibble,Mary24 May 1744162273273Marriage
William Chadsey + Susannah GreeneChadsey,William + Greene,Susannah24 May 1719163298298Marriage
William Pasmore + Elizabeth SladerPasmore,William + Slader,Elizabeth24 May 1698164319319Marriage
Ephraim Minor + Mary StevensMinor,Ephraim + Stevens,Mary24 May 1694165323323Marriage
John Tillotson + Jane EvansTillotson,John + Evans,Jane24 May 1655166362362Marriage
Richard Fourness + Alicia HardyFourness,Richard + Hardy,Alicia24 May 1586167431431Marriage
Upcoming events
Ralph Enniss BerrettBerrett,Ralph Enniss25 May 200501212Death
Marley DaviesDavies,Marley25 May 198812929Death
Harold Johannes MadsenMadsen,Harold Johannes25 May 198822929Death
Otto M StewartStewart,Otto M25 May 198433333Burial
Orval Merrill GruwellGruwell,Orval Merrill25 May 197843939Death
Sarah Elizabeth MeachamMeacham,Sarah Elizabeth25 May 197554242Death
Edna Dell NephewNephew,Edna Dell25 May 197464343Death
Mildred May ShawShaw,Mildred May25 May 196775050Death
Millie Jane MellorMellor,Millie Jane25 May 196585252Death
Ethel DupontDupont,Ethel25 May 196595252Death
Clarence Richard WalterWalter,Clarence Richard25 May 1960105757Death
James Lloyd GillieGillie,James Lloyd25 May 1956116161Death
Phoebe Delilah HickmanHickman,Phoebe Delilah25 May 1949126868Death
Christopher E. WilcockWilcock,Christopher E.25 May 1946137171Death
Albert Reginald SpencerSpencer,Albert Reginald25 May 1944147373Death
Gerald Richard LittledykeLittledyke,Gerald Richard25 May 1944157373Death
Nathaniel Judd MitchellMitchell,Nathaniel Judd25 May 1943167474Death
Rose Halliday RichardsonRichardson,Rose Halliday25 May 1942177575Death
Tyresha Ann JensenJensen,Tyresha Ann25 May 1941187676Burial
Clara HillierHillier,Clara25 May 1938197979Death
Laura Louisa SmithSmith,Laura Louisa25 May 1938207979Burial
Joseph Preston MechamMecham,Joseph Preston25 May 1937218080Burial
Carolina Rebecca HessHess,Carolina Rebecca25 May 1932228585Death
Samuel John HamHam,Samuel John25 May 1931238686Burial
Anselme Alphonse PoirierPoirier,Anselme Alphonse25 May 1929248888Birth
Edward SouthworthSouthworth,Edward25 May 1927259090Immigration
Walter KingKing,Walter25 May 1919269898Birth
Kenneth Verl LishLish,Kenneth Verl25 May 191727100100Birth
Sidney H. Little AllredAllred,Sidney H. Little25 May 191728100100Death
Robert Mervin HillierHillier,Robert Mervin25 May 191629101101Birth
Nancy Jane GreenGreen,Nancy Jane25 May 191530102102Death
Wallace June David MacKayMacKay,Wallace June David25 May 191331104104Birth
Geraldina HansonHanson,Geraldina25 May 191232105105Death
Corrine May McKeeverMacKeever,Corrine May25 May 191233105105Birth
Jane HepditchHepditch,Jane25 May 191134106106Death
Esther Mary DeyoDeyo,Esther Mary25 May 190535112112Birth
Raymond Morse SquireSquire,Raymond Morse25 May 190336114114Birth
Katie Viola PortonPorton,Katie Viola25 May 190237115115Birth
Annie Gertrude BonnellBonnell,Annie Gertrude25 May 190138116116Burial
Reese TimothyTimothy,Reese25 May 190139116116Birth
Myrtle Elizabeth RoylanceRoylance,Myrtle Elizabeth25 May 190140116116Birth
Benjamin John BerrettBerrett,Benjamin John25 May 189441123123Birth
Mary MechamMecham,Mary25 May 189442123123Birth
Sarah Ann BeynonBeynon,Sarah Ann25 May 189343124124Burial
William Austin McCraryMacCrary,William Austin25 May 189344124124Death
Lulu May LishLish,Lulu May25 May 189345124124Birth
Lulu May LishLish,Lulu May25 May 189346124124Birth
Edward BarrettBarrett,Edward25 May 189147126126Birth
Julia NolanNolan,Julia25 May 189148126126Birth
George Dangerfield NealNeal,George Dangerfield25 May 189049127127Birth
Joseph Bushell BennionBennion,Joseph Bushell25 May 188850129129Death
Mary Ellen DysonDyson,Mary Ellen25 May 188451133133Birth
Leah NeibaurNeibaur,Leah25 May 187852139139Birth
Ezra Albert StewartStewart,Ezra Albert25 May 187753140140Birth
James RodebackRodeback,James25 May 187554142142Death
William ScottScott,William25 May 187455143143Birth
Ada CalderCalder,Ada25 May 187156146146Birth
Mary Ann MeltonMelton,Mary Ann25 May 186957148148Death
Anne Jean RobbinsRobbins,Anne Jean25 May 186758150150Death
Jacob Flynn HutchinsonHutchinson,Jacob Flynn25 May 186759150150Burial
Jane ParkPark,Jane25 May 186660151151Birth
Rosabelle Bateman TregeagleTregeagle,Rosabelle Bateman25 May 186161156156Birth
Elizabeth CotterillCotterill,Elizabeth25 May 186062157157Birth
Henry James McKellMacKell,Henry James25 May 185863159159Birth
Charles M. NorthNorth,Charles M.25 May 185764160160Birth
William Budge LowLow,William Budge25 May 185665161161Birth
William GoldGold,Williambefore 25 May 185666161161Birth
William GoldGold,William25 May 185667161161Christening
Harriet Emma JamesJames,Harriet Emma25 May 185468163163Birth
Alden Frederick MinorMinor,Alden Frederick25 May 185269165165Birth
Margaret GrandyGrandy,Margaret25 May 185170166166Death
Sylvia AlexanderAlexander,Sylvia25 May 185071167167Death
Caroline FlaggFlagg,Caroline25 May 185072167167Death
Rhoda Rebecca BerrettBerrett,Rhoda Rebecca25 May 184973168168Death
Sarah Jane LaneLane,Sarah Jane25 May 184574172172Christening
Enoch McCartyMacCarty,Enoch25 May 183975178178Death
Francis GoodsonGoodson,Francisabout 25 May 183676181181Death
Francis Albert LewisLewis,Francis Albert25 May 183377184184Birth
Sarah TillotsonTillotson,Sarah25 May 183178186186Death
Mary WooleyWooley,Mary25 May 183179186186Death
Homer L GillettGillett,Homer L25 May 182580192192Birth
Henrietta Maria BarrollBarroll,Henrietta Mariabefore 25 May 182581192192Birth
Henrietta Maria BarrollBarroll,Henrietta Maria25 May 182582192192Christening
Barbara DonaldsonDonaldson,Barbara25 May 181583202202Birth
Alice HalliwellHalliwell,Alice25 May 181184206206Christening
William Carson GlennGlenn,William Carson25 May 181085207207Birth
Charlotte TuckerTucker,Charlotte25 May 180986208208Birth
Lucy Ann MinorMinor,Lucy Ann25 May 180987208208Birth
Abia W MinorMinor,Abia W25 May 180788210210Birth
Thedea HowardHoward,Thedea25 May 180489213213Death
John DuncanDuncan,Johnbefore 25 May 180390214214Birth
John DuncanDuncan,John25 May 180391214214Christening
Frances DewisDewis,Francesbefore 25 May 180292215215Death
Frances DewisDewis,Frances25 May 180293215215Burial
Joshua RandallRandall,Joshua25 May 179794220220Birth
Peleg ThompsonThompson,Peleg25 May 179795220220Birth
William HarrisonHarrison,Williambefore 25 May 179596222222Birth
William HarrisonHarrison,William25 May 179597222222Christening
Phoebe GeorgeGeorge,Phoebe25 May 179498223223Christening
William HoughtonHoughton,William25 May 179499223223Death
Mary ChurchillChurchill,Mary25 May 1793100224224Birth
Eunice MinorMinor,Eunice25 May 1787101230230Birth
Elizabeth ParryParry,Elizabeth25 May 1783102234234Birth
Eleanor StobbsStobbs,Eleanorbefore 25 May 1783103234234Birth
Eleanor StobbsStobbs,Eleanor25 May 1783104234234Christening
Helena RooseveltRoosevelt,Helena25 May 1772105245245Burial
Rufus MinorMinor,Rufus25 May 1771106246246Birth
William BeevorBeevor,William25 May 1770107247247Death
Marcy PotterPotter,Marcy25 May 1760108257257Birth
John Francis JohnsonJohnson,John Francis25 May 1757109260260Birth
Mary CotterillCotterill,Mary25 May 1756110261261Burial
Sybil ConeCone,Sybil25 May 1755111262262Birth
Mary AveryAvery,Mary25 May 1753112264264Birth
Mercy GoddardGoddard,Mercy25 May 1752113265265Birth
Betty MinorMinor,Betty25 May 1751114266266Birth
Josiah AllenAllen,Josiah25 May 1742115275275Birth
Rosa RamsdenRamsden,Rosabefore 25 May 1733116284284Death
Rosa RamsdenRamsden,Rosa25 May 1733117284284Burial
Elisha MackMack,Elisha25 May 1728118289289Birth
Samuel MasonMason,Samuel25 May 1726119291291Birth
John MottMott,John25 May 1725120292292Birth
Thomas ArnoldArnold,Thomas25 May 1724121293293Birth
Nathan MinorMinor,Nathan25 May 1724122293293Birth
Nathaniel MurgatroydMurgatroyd,Nathaniel25 May 1718123299299Death
Rogers RichmondRichmond,Rogers25 May 1716124301301Birth
Isaac AdamsAdams,Isaac25 May 1713125304304Birth
George BurnellBurnell,Georgebefore 25 May 1712126305305Death
George BurnellBurnell,George25 May 1712127305305Burial
Bridget NoyesNoyes,Bridget25 May 1710128307307Birth
Bridget NoyesNoyes,Bridget25 May 1710129307307Birth
Benjamin CleverlyCleverly,Benjamin25 May 1702130315315Birth
Benoni WatermanWaterman,Benoni25 May 1701131316316Birth
Sarah PeasePease,Sarah25 May 1698132319319Birth
Peter LaneLane,Peter25 May 1697133320320Birth
Samuel IngrahamIngraham,Samuel25 May 1697134320320Death
Samuel SmithSmith,Samuel25 May 1696135321321Birth
Hezekiah WrightWright,Hezekiah25 May 1695136322322Birth
Peter Van BibberVan Bibber,Peter25 May 1695137322322Birth
John FairchildFairchild,John25 May 1684138333333Christening
Katherine FletcherFletcher,Katherine25 May 1676139341341Death
Mary WarrenWarren,Mary25 May 1675140342342Birth
Frances LambertLambert,Frances25 May 1675141342342Christening
Thomas NewhallNewhall,Thomas25 May 1674142343343Death
Mary PalmerPalmer,Mary25 May 1673143344344Birth
John FlaggFlagg,John25 May 1673144344344Birth
Damaris BlissBliss,Damaris25 May 1670145347347Birth
William MoultonMoulton,William25 May 1664146353353Birth
Alice NelsonNelson,Alice25 May 1664147353353Birth
Peter MontagueMontague,Peter25 May 1658148359359Death
Christian LowLow,Christianbefore 25 May 1656149361361Birth
Timothy TithertonTitherton,Timothy25 May 1651150366366Birth
John GreeneGreene,Johnbefore 25 May 1637151380380Death
John GreeneGreene,John25 May 1637152380380Burial
Dorothy DolbereDolbere,Dorothy25 May 1614153403403Death
James GawkrogerGawkroger,Jamesbefore 25 May 1609154408408Birth
James GawkrogerGawkroger,James25 May 1609155408408Christening
George MakepeaceMakepeace,George25 May 1600156417417Birth
Anthony HungerfordHungerford,Anthony25 May 1594157423423Death
Phoebe DrakeDrake,Phoebebefore 25 May 1578158439439Birth
Phoebe DrakeDrake,Phoebe25 May 1578159439439Christening
Isabella GawkrogerGawkroger,Isabella25 May 1543160474474Birth
Robert EldridgeEldridge,Robert25 May1610Birth
Harold Clifton Bondurant + Emma Laverne LowryBondurant,Harold Clifton + Lowry,Emma Laverne25 May 19491626868Marriage
Lewis B. Hills + Della Rene DaynesHills,Lewis B. + Daynes,Della Rene25 May 1898163119119Marriage
John Henry Loy + Mary M. HatcherLoy,John Henry + Hatcher,Mary M.25 May 1867164150150Marriage
George Wright + Brittana WiltseWright,George + Wiltse,Brittana25 May 1860165157157Marriage
Thomas Young + Annie McDougallYoung,Thomas + MacDougall,Annie25 May 1849166168168Marriage
Charles Lee Palmer + Maria V MillerPalmer,Charles Lee + Miller,Maria V25 May 1840167177177Marriage
Joshua Randall + Huldah KentRandall,Joshua + Kent,Huldah25 May 1819168198198Marriage
Lewis Spencer + Polly MinorSpencer,Lewis + Minor,Polly25 May 1815169202202Marriage
Charles de Wolfe + Sarah Minorde Wolfe,Charles + Minor,Sarah25 May 1791170226226Marriage
Thomas Woodman + Mary SharpWoodman,Thomas + Sharp,Mary25 May 1760171257257Marriage
John Meacham + Prisca ChatwellMeacham,John + Chatwell,Prisca25 May 1711172306306Marriage
George Heatherington + Mary BrownHeatherington,George + Brown,Mary25 May 1708173309309Marriage
Thomas Barber + Abigail BuellBarber,Thomas + Buell,Abigail25 May 1699174318318Marriage
James Lister + Mary IssottLister,James + Issott,Mary25 May 1699175318318Marriage
Jeremiah Meacham + Deborah BrownMeacham,Jeremiah + Brown,Deborah25 May 1693176324324Marriage
Joseph Bradford + Jael HobartBradford,Joseph + Hobart,Jael25 May 1664177353353Marriage
Love Brewster + Sarah CollierBrewster,Love + Collier,Sarah25 May 1634178383383Marriage
John Batt + Elizabeth LewenBatt,John + Lewen,Elizabeth25 May 1622179395395Marriage
Wilfred John HillierHillier,Wilfred John26 May 19861803131Death
Marjorie Lenore JacobsJacobs,Marjorie Lenore26 May 19861813131Death
Charles Arthur StonehamStoneham,Charles Arthur26 May 19811823636Death
Del Farnsworth JepsonJepson,Del Farnsworth26 May 19761834141Death
John Samuel NealNeal,John Samuel26 May 19731844444Burial
James Noel HawsHaws,James Noel26 May 19681854949Death
Florence Eleanor NealNeal,Florence Eleanor26 May 19671865050Death
Levi Marion BybeeBybee,Levi Marion26 May 19561876161Burial
Abigail Celecta LewisLewis,Abigail Celecta26 May 19521886565Burial
Joseph Henry NeibaurNeibaur,Joseph Henry26 May 19471897070Death
Thomas DudleyDudley,Thomas26 May 19451907272Death
William John DunphyDunphy,William John26 May 19381917979Death
Melinda Howard NorthNorth,Melinda Howard26 May 19371928080Burial
Jedediah TimothyTimothy,Jedediah26 May 19371938080Death
Eunice Alice NicholasNicholas,Eunice Alice26 May 19331948484Burial
James CharlesworthCharlesworth,James26 May 19321958585Death
John Wesley BrownBrown,John Wesley26 May 19311968686Birth
Bertha Aurelia TimothyTimothy,Bertha Aurelia26 May 19301978787Death
Louisa MorrisMorris,Louisa26 May 19291988888Burial
Lloyd Berthel HaleHale,Lloyd Berthel26 May 19181999999Death
Edward Charles ParkerParker,Edward Charles26 May 1916200101101Death
Jeremiah DavidsDavids,Jeremiah26 May 1911201106106Death
Helen GerberGerber,Helen26 May 1908202109109Birth
George MuirMuir,George26 May 1908203109109Burial
Julia Myrle AdairAdair,Julia Myrle26 May 1904204113113Death
Martha D ClarkClark,Martha D26 May 1902205115115Death
Mary Ann HollettHollett,Mary Ann26 May 1902206115115Death
Blanche Rosalie HillierHillier,Blanche Rosalie26 May 1901207116116Christening
James Henry EastinEastin,James Henry26 May 1898208119119Birth
Laura May FurstenauFurstenau,Laura May26 May 1898209119119Birth
Martha SharpSharp,Martha26 May 1895210122122Burial
James WhitakerWhitaker,James26 May 1892211125125Burial
David King UdallUdall,David King26 May 1888212129129Birth
Sarah Jane BerrettBerrett,Sarah Jane26 May 1887213130130Death
Hannah PikePike,Hannah26 May 1885214132132Birth
Mary Ann MedlerMedler,Mary Ann26 May 1883215134134Death
Mary Ann SmithSmith,Mary Ann26 May 1878216139139Death
Harriet Jeannette McNeilMacNeil,Harriet Jeannette26 May 1877217140140Birth
Henrietta Anne HowardHoward,Henrietta Anne26 May 1876218141141Death
Louis Henry BiselBisel,Louis Henry26 May 1874219143143Birth
Joseph CalderCalder,Joseph26 May 1873220144144Birth
Homer Horace DuncanDuncan,Homer Horace26 May 1873221144144Birth
Hyrum Bennion CalderCalder,Hyrum Bennion26 May 1873222144144Birth
Jeremiah Greene ChadseyChadsey,Jeremiah Greene26 May 1872223145145Death
Harriet NuttNutt,Harriet26 May 1872224145145Death
Charles I. HartHart,Charles I.26 May 1871225146146Birth
Mary Ann YoungYoung,Mary Ann26 May 1870226147147Birth
George Abraham CakeCake,George Abraham26 May 1867227150150Christening
Bertha Augusta FlaggFlagg,Bertha Augusta26 May 1867228150150Birth
Nellie Ann CarterCarter,Nellie Ann26 May 1865229152152Birth
Marintha Althera BinghamBingham,Marintha Althera26 May 1861230156156Birth
Martha Elzade AverettAverett,Martha Elzade26 May 1861231156156Birth
Mary Elizabeth JackJack,Mary Elizabeth26 May 1861232156156Birth
John BottomleyBottomley,John26 May 1860233157157Death
Sarah Jane WarrenWarren,Sarah Jane26 May 1858234159159Birth
Erie StewartStewart,Erie26 May 1857235160160Birth
Anson PrattPratt,Anson26 May 1849236168168Death
John Parcles ProvostProvost,John Parcles26 May 1848237169169Birth
Fountain B. NorthNorth,Fountain B.26 May 1847238170170Birth
Abner I McCartyMacCarty,Abner I26 May 1846239171171Birth
Erastus MerryMerry,Erastus26 May 1846240171171Death
John Edward MortlockMortlock,John Edward26 May 1844241173173Birth
Emma StewartStewart,Emma26 May 1844242173173Death
RandallRandall,@P.N.26 May 1843243174174Birth
Jeremiah Etherage MinorMinor,Jeremiah Etherage26 May 1840244177177Birth
Jane Elizabeth SomervilleSomerville,Jane Elizabeth26 May 1839245178178Death
Bent BenstenBensten,Bent26 May 1834246183183Birth
Theodore SmithSmith,Theodore26 May 1830247187187Birth
Henry ZerfassZerfass,Henry26 May 1826248191191Birth
Charity HoldawayHoldaway,Charity26 May 1824249193193Birth
Jemima HerringHerring,Jemima26 May 1822250195195Birth
Elizabeth AbbottAbbott,Elizabeth26 May 1821251196196Birth
Christian ParkPark,Christian26 May 1820252197197Birth
Mary MorriceMorrice,Mary26 May 1819253198198Death
William Scott CawkwellCawkwell,William Scott26 May 1819254198198Birth
Nelson N. PrattPratt,Nelson N.26 May 1815255202202Birth
Ebeneezer HydeHyde,Ebeneezer26 May 1813256204204Death
Elizabeth F. WalpoleWalpole,Elizabeth F.26 May 1799257218218Birth
John BrookeBrooke,John26 May 1794258223223Birth
Jonathan DemingDeming,Jonathan26 May 1791259226226Death
John DerbyDerby,John26 May 1789260228228Birth
Hannah JohnsonJohnson,Hannah26 May 1787261230230Death
Mary Tayloe LloydLloyd,Mary Tayloe26 May 1784262233233Birth
Elisha MackMack,Elisha26 May 1783263234234Birth
Horace MerryMerry,Horacebefore 26 May 1782264235235Birth
Horace MerryMerry,Horace26 May 1782265235235Christening
John TaylorTaylor,John26 May 1771266246246Death
Urania (Anna) MinorMinor,Urania (Anna)26 May 1771267246246Christening
Theophilus MinorMinor,Theophilus26 May 1770268247247Birth
Robert BinnsBinns,Robertbefore 26 May 1765269252252Birth
Robert BinnsBinns,Robert26 May 1765270252252Christening
Joshua BrookeBrooke,Joshuabefore 26 May 1765271252252Birth
Joshua BrookeBrooke,Joshua26 May 1765272252252Christening
Pahr ArfvidssonArfvidsson,Pahrbefore 26 May 1758273259259Death
Pahr ArfvidssonArfvidsson,Pahr26 May 1758274259259Burial
Mehitable AllenAllen,Mehitable26 May 1749275268268Birth
Isaac WheelerWheeler,Isaac26 May 1747276270270Death
Roger ConantConant,Roger26 May 1746277271271Death
Olive MinorMinor,Olive26 May 1745278272272Birth
Rhoda WoodruffWoodruff,Rhoda26 May 1742279275275Birth
Azubah WrightWright,Azubah26 May 1736280281281Birth
Joseph BigelowBigelow,Joseph26 May 1730281287287Birth
Mary NewmanNewman,Marybefore 26 May 1729282288288Birth
Mary NewmanNewman,Mary26 May 1729283288288Christening
Andrew MinorMinor,Andrew26 May 1728284289289Birth
Sarah ClarkClark,Sarah26 May 1727285290290Death
David MinorMinor,David26 May 1721286296296Birth
Oliver ArnoldArnold,Oliver26 May 1719287298298Birth
Mary TryonTryon,Mary26 May 1717288300300Christening
Elijah JonesJones,Elijah26 May 1706289311311Birth
Amos PrattPratt,Amos26 May 1699290318318Birth
Ruth StanleyStanley,Ruth26 May 1696291321321Death
Ephraim MinorMinor,Ephraim26 May 1695292322322Christening
Anthony MorseMorse,Anthony26 May 1690293327327Birth
Anna WatsonWatson,Anna26 May 1688294329329Birth
Gertrude CarewCarew,Gertrude26 May 1682295335335Christening
John SmithSmith,John26 May 1673296344344Birth
James KingeKinge,James26 May 1672297345345Burial
Hannah MinorMinor,Hannah26 May 1667298350350Death
Ephraim KidderKidder,Ephraim26 May 1661299356356Christening
Hannah HowlandHowland,Hannah26 May 1661300356356Birth
George FairbanksFairbanks,George26 May 1650301367367Birth
Hope ParkerParker,Hope26 May 1650302367367Christening
John HinckleyHinckley,John26 May 1644303373373Christening
Best AthertonAtherton,Best26 May 1639304378378Christening
John FrenchFrench,John26 May 1622305395395Birth
Katherine BircherBircher,Katherine26 May 1608306409409Christening
Joan RogersRogers,Joan26 May 1594307423423Christening
Moore Rose + Eliza Victory FerrinRose,Moore + Ferrin,Eliza Victory26 May 1891308126126Marriage
Elias Arnold + Ann Coggeshall ButtsArnold,Elias + Butts,Ann Coggeshall26 May 1816309201201Marriage
Thomas Gould + Anna WeatherheadGould,Thomas + Weatherhead,Anna26 May 1791310226226Marriage
Joseph Howland + Lydia BillHowland,Joseph + Bill,Lydia26 May 1772311245245Marriage
Samuel Minor + Mary HendeeMinor,Samuel + Hendee,Mary26 May 1768312249249Marriage
Samuel Minor + Mary HendeeMinor,Samuel + Hendee,Mary26 May 1768313249249Marriage
Aaron Field + Eunice FraryField,Aaron + Frary,Eunice26 May 1743314274274Marriage
Robert Stanton + Anna StantonStanton,Robert + Stanton,Anna26 May 1736315281281Marriage
William Warriner + Rebecca BirdWarriner,William + Bird,Rebecca26 May 1731316286286Marriage
Oliver Grant + Bridget MinorGrant,Oliver + Minor,Bridget26 May 1726317291291Marriage
Benjamin Colt + Miriam HarrisColt,Benjamin + Harris,Miriam26 May 1724318293293Marriage
Samuel Frink + Margaret WheelerFrink,Samuel + Wheeler,Margaret26 May 1714319303303Marriage
John Abbat + Anne MaulevererAbbat,John + Mauleverer,Anne26 May 1696320321321Marriage
Peter Taelman + Maria von PeeneTaelman,Peter + von Peene,Maria26 May 1622321395395Marriage
Bryan Crowther + Jane HemingwayCrowther,Bryan + Hemingway,Jane26 May 1578322439439Marriage
Eva RichardsonRichardson,Eva27 May 19953232222Burial
Helen Mildred HinkleHinkle,Helen Mildred27 May 19903242727Death
Caroline Oretta AllenAllen,Caroline Oretta27 May 19823253535Death
Gilbert Clair VinzantVinzant,Gilbert Clair27 May 19813263636Death
Linden James HowcroftHowcroft,Linden James27 May 19803273737Burial
Norma BennionBennion,Norma27 May 19773284040Death
Henry Charles ClarkClark,Henry Charles27 May 19743294343Death
Melba May WestWest,Melba May27 May 19713304646Death
Millie Jane MellorMellor,Millie Jane27 May 19653315252Burial
John Ronald BernklowBernklow,John Ronald27 May 19603325757Death
Clarence Richard WalterWalter,Clarence Richard27 May 19603335757Burial
Frances Jane MathenaMathena,Frances Jane27 May 19583345959Death
Maude Iola DentDent,Maude Iola27 May 19553356262Death
Robert DaybellDaybell,Robert27 May 19533366464Death
Charles MinorMinor,Charles27 May 19523376565Event
Horace Barwell StratfordStratford,Horace Barwell27 May 19493386868Burial
Julia B BurdickBurdick,Julia B27 May 19463397171Death
Marjory HillierHillier,Marjory27 May 19373408080Burial
Jordan BradyBrady,Jordan27 May 19343418383Death
Angeline Roberts BennionBennion,Angeline Roberts27 May 19343428383Death
Harold Von DaybellDaybell,Harold Von27 May 19303438787Death
Charlotte Elizabeth JonesJones,Charlotte Elizabeth27 May 19273449090Death
George WhiteheadWhitehead,George27 May 19263459191Death
Alpha Willis SmithSmith,Alpha Willis27 May 19243469393Death
Joseph MeachamMeacham,Joseph27 May 19233479494Death
Frances Leroy BrownleeBrownlee,Frances Leroy27 May 19213489696Birth
Thomas James UdyUdy,Thomas James27 May 19183499999Death
Susanna Mae DaellenbachDaellenbach,Susanna Mae27 May 1917350100100Birth
Richard John WarneWarne,Richard John27 May 1913351104104Birth
Janet Thomson McLachlanMacLachlan,Janet Thomson27 May 1912352105105Death
Robert CornettCornett,Robert27 May 1907353110110Death
Leslie Hiram MinorMinor,Leslie Hiram27 May 1906354111111Birth
Hazel Mary AllenAllen,Hazel Mary27 May 1903355114114Birth
Webster Howard NorthNorth,Webster Howard27 May 1902356115115Death
John Whitmer HooverHoover,John Whitmer27 May 1902357115115Death
John Whitmer HooverHoover,John Whitmer27 May 1902358115115Burial
George HillierHillier,George27 May 1900359117117Burial
William Maxwell MaxfieldMaxfield,William Maxwell27 May 1899360118118Death
Ellinor Catherine DraperDraper,Ellinor Catherine27 May 1895361122122Birth
William Austin McCraryMacCrary,William Austin27 May 1893362124124Burial
Edward PrentissPrentiss,Edward27 May 1892363125125Death
James BonnellBonnell,James27 May 1890364127127Burial
Lafey Leroy BigelowBigelow,Lafey Leroy27 May 1888365129129Birth
Editha FarnsworthFarnsworth,Editha27 May 1888366129129Birth
Delbert Bowen HughesHughes,Delbert Bowen27 May 1884367133133Birth
William Thomas JenningsJennings,William Thomasbefore 27 May 1884368133133Death
William Thomas JenningsJennings,William Thomas27 May 1884369133133Burial
Rozilla JohnsonJohnson,Rozilla27 May 1880370137137Birth
Elna AnderssonAndersson,Elna27 May 1876371141141Death
James Watson SimpsonSimpson,James Watson27 May 1876372141141Birth
Walter Hawksworth FawkesFawkes,Walter Hawksworth27 May 1875373142142Birth
William John BakesBakes,William John27 May 1875374142142Birth
Lawrence Bruche ‘Booth’ SearsSears,Lawrence Bruche "Booth"27 May 1873375144144Birth
Winslow Bronson FerrinFerrin,Winslow Bronson27 May 1871376146146Birth
James TaylorTaylor,James27 May 1870377147147Death
Isaac ArnoldArnold,Isaac27 May 1867378150150Death
Mary Jane ArnotArnot,Mary Jane27 May 1866379151151Birth
Mary Lucinda NorthNorth,Mary Lucinda27 May 1864380153153Birth
Mary Jane MayberryMayberry,Mary Jane27 May 1864381153153Birth
Mary Elvira RogersRogers,Mary Elvira27 May 1863382154154Birth
Niels Peter JensenJensen,Niels Peter27 May 1862383155155Birth
Charles Calvert EgertonEgerton,Charles Calvert27 May 1862384155155Death
Mary JohnsonJohnson,Mary27 May 1858385159159Death
Charlotte Eugenia DavisDavis,Charlotte Eugenia27 May 1853386164164Birth
James WilsonWilson,James27 May 1851387166166Death
Sarah Hyet GriffenGriffen,Sarah Hyet27 May 1849388168168Death
Albert Edward BerrettBerrett,Albert Edward27 May 1849389168168Death
Isaac Frank WebsterWebster,Isaac Frank27 May 1849390168168Birth
Betsey HurstHurst,Betsey27 May 1849391168168Death
Lucretia GrayGray,Lucretia27 May 1848392169169Death
William UmphersonUmpherson,William27 May 1848393169169Birth
Mary Albina SheddShedd,Mary Albina27 May 1846394171171Birth
Phila Getchell FlaggFlagg,Phila Getchell27 May 1846395171171Birth
Sophia TimbersTimbers,Sophia27 May 1843396174174Birth
Rachel Johnson UnderwoodUnderwood,Rachel Johnson27 May 1836397181181Birth
Mary DutyDuty,Mary27 May 1836398181181Death
Annie BerrettBerrett,Annie27 May 1835399182182Birth
Nathan NorthNorth,Nathan27 May 1835400182182Birth
Henry Fredric LoehrLoehr,Henry Fredric27 May 1834401183183Birth
John CooperCooper,John27 May 1834402183183Birth
Alfred MinorMinor,Alfred27 May 1833403184184Birth
Oliver Cromwell BessBess,Oliver Cromwell27 May 1831404186186Birth
Elizabeth MortlockMortlock,Elizabeth27 May 1831405186186Death
George BarnettBarnett,George27 May 1828406189189Birth
George BarnettBarnett,George27 May 1828407189189Birth
Absalom BanksBanks,Absalom27 May 1824408193193Birth
Samuel Weston MeachamMeacham,Samuel Weston27 May 1821409196196Birth
Charles Louis WoodworthWoodworth,Charles Louis27 May 1820410197197Birth
Editha HitchcockHitchcock,Editha27 May 1816411201201Death
John HiltonHilton,Johnbefore 27 May 1813412204204Death
John HiltonHilton,John27 May 1813413204204Burial
Henry Barnum DemingDeming,Henry Barnum27 May 1812414205205Birth
Thomas Jefferson KingKing,Thomas Jefferson27 May 1806415211211Birth
Harriet MinorMinor,Harriet27 May 1804416213213Christening
Nathaniel MinorMinor,Nathaniel27 May 1804417213213Christening
Judah BartlettBartlett,Judah27 May 1791418226226Death
Edmund Davy MortlockMortlock,Edmund Davybefore 27 May 1787419230230Birth
Edmund Davy MortlockMortlock,Edmund Davy27 May 1787420230230Christening
Jane BedderBedder,Janebefore 27 May 1787421230230Birth
Jane BedderBedder,Jane27 May 1787422230230Christening
Elizabeth TaylorTaylor,Elizabeth27 May 1786423231231Burial
John ColtColt,John27 May 1784424233233Death
Harriet ChesebroughChesebrough,Harriet27 May 1778425239239Birth
Daniel ConeCone,Daniel27 May 1776426241241Death
Sarah WhitakerWhitaker,Sarahbefore 27 May 1770427247247Birth
Sarah WhitakerWhitaker,Sarah27 May 1770428247247Christening
Ann BedderBedder,Ann27 May 1764429253253Christening
Mary BurnellBurnell,Mary27 May 1764430253253Christening
Sarah Emma MinorMinor,Sarah Emma27 May 1764431253253Birth
Rebecca MinorMinor,Rebecca27 May 1759432258258Birth
Rebecca MinorMinor,Rebecca27 May 1759433258258Birth
Alida WeidmanWeidman,Alida27 May 1757434260260Christening
Anne GriswoldGriswold,Anne27 May 1754435263263Death
Eunice MinorMinor,Eunice27 May 1753436264264Birth
Welthian WhitingWhiting,Welthian27 May 1752437265265Birth
Asahel DemingDeming,Asahel27 May 1748438269269Birth
Benjamin IngrahamIngraham,Benjamin27 May 1744439273273Birth
Mary IngrahamIngraham,Mary27 May 1744440273273Birth
Phebe GreeneGreene,Phebe27 May 1733441284284Death
John KingKing,Johnbefore 27 May 1730442287287Birth
John KingKing,John27 May 1730443287287Christening
Elizabeth SpragueSprague,Elizabeth27 May 1727444290290Death
Samuel ThaxterThaxter,Samuel27 May 1725445292292Death
Samuel WardWard,Samuel27 May 1725446292292Birth
Hannah LaneLane,Hannah27 May 1724447293293Birth
Seth AldenAlden,Sethbefore 27 May 1722448295295Birth
Thankful MinorMinor,Thankful27 May 1717449300300Birth
Grace BillingsBillings,Grace27 May 1716450301301Birth
Mehitable RussellRussell,Mehitable27 May 1704451313313Birth
John MayneMayne,John27 May 1699452318318Death
John PalmerPalmer,John27 May 1697453320320Birth
Mary ListerLister,Mary27 May 1695454322322Birth
Samuel MooreMoore,Samuel27 May 1688455329329Death
Demaris WhitcombWhitcomb,Demaris27 May 1686456331331Birth
Katherine FletcherFletcher,Katherine27 May 1676457341341Burial
Mary FrenchFrench,Mary27 May 1672458345345Death
Joseph HydeHyde,Joseph27 May 1672459345345Birth
Philemon DickinsonDickinson,Philemon27 May 1672460345345Death
Hester HosfordHosford,Hester27 May 1664461353353Birth
Thomas HatchHatch,Thomas27 May 1661462356356Death
Charles GrayGray,Charlesbefore 27 May 1656463361361Birth
Charles GrayGray,Charles27 May 1656464361361Christening
Robert WoodwardWoodward,Robert27 May 1640465377377Death
Caleb ConantConant,Caleb27 May 1622466395395Christening
Walter MaxwellMaxwell,Walter27 May 1614467403403Christening
Thomas GreeneGreene,Thomasbefore 27 May 1610468407407Death
Thomas GreeneGreene,Thomas27 May 1610469407407Burial
Edward TilleyTilley,Edwardbefore 27 May 1588470429429Birth
Edward TilleyTilley,Edward27 May 1588471429429Christening
Michael SpencerSpencer,Michael27 May 1536472481481Birth
Michael S. SpencerSpencer,Michael S.about 27 May 1531473486486Birth
Maurice de Berkeleyde Berkeley,Maurice27 May 1349474668668Birth
Gundred @N.N.,Gundred27 May 1085475932932Death
Samuel Joseph Denney + Laura Lucinda SmithDenney,Samuel Joseph + Smith,Laura Lucinda27 May 19444767373Marriage
Roland Hills Pearson + Martha Marene BerrettPearson,Roland Hills + Berrett,Martha Marene27 May 19224779595Marriage
Jesse Stratford Budge + Grace Elizabeth HoffBudge,Jesse Stratford + Hoff,Grace Elizabeth27 May 1903478114114Marriage
Fredrick William Cutler + Sarah SainsburyCutler,Fredrick William + Sainsbury,Sarah27 May 1891479126126Marriage
Blair Provost Jacobs + Harriett (Hanah) PattersonJacobs,Blair Provost + Patterson,Harriett (Hanah)27 May 1859480158158Marriage
Andrew Hamilton + Isobel ArbuckleHamilton,Andrew + Arbuckle,Isobel27 May 1853481164164Marriage
George Wegg + Jemima HerringWegg,George + Herring,Jemima27 May 1850482167167Marriage
Amos de Forest + Sarah Fuller Demingde Forest,Amos + Deming,Sarah Fuller27 May 1835483182182Marriage
Thomas Skirrow + Sarah BeanlandsSkirrow,Thomas + Beanlands,Sarah27 May 1824484193193Marriage
John Willmott + Mary ParkerWillmott,John + Parker,Mary27 May 1823485194194Marriage
Mark King + Hannah SutcliffeKing,Mark + Sutcliffe,Hannah27 May 1804486213213Marriage
Chesebrough Randall + Prudence MinorRandall,Chesebrough + Minor,Prudence27 May 1799487218218Marriage
Thomas Gorton + Susanna PearceGorton,Thomas + Pearce,Susanna27 May 1764488253253Marriage
John Pearce + Elizabeth Pearce,John + @N.N.,Elizabeth27 May 1764489253253Marriage
Thomas Gilbert + Mercy GilbertGilbert,Thomas + Gilbert,Mercy27 May 1747490270270Marriage
David Sanger + Bathsheba PrattSanger,David + Pratt,Bathsheba27 May 1736491281281Marriage
Experience Richardson + Hannah GossRichardson,Experience + Goss,Hannah27 May 1723492294294Marriage
William Young + Susannah CottonYoung,William + Cotton,Susannah27 May 1722493295295Marriage
Thomas Bliss + Mary McCranneyBliss,Thomas + MacCranney,Mary27 May 1714494303303Marriage
Cornelius Bogart + Cornelia DelamaterBogart,Cornelius + Delamater,Cornelia27 May 1704495313313Marriage
Thomas Greene + Anne GreeneGreene,Thomas + Greene,Anne27 May 1686496331331Marriage
Louis IX + Marguerite de Provence@N.N.,Louis IX + de Provence,Marguerite27 May 1234497783783Marriage
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