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The Hough Family of Lancashire, England
This family tree was last updated on 13 February 2016.
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Joseph Harrison Hough
Birth: 11 September 1879 38 34Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Death: December 1968Manchester, Lancashire, England
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On this day
George DawsonDawson,George24 May 18650152152Death
Joseph MilledgeMilledge,Joseph24 May 18271190190Birth
John ‘Bridgemaster’ LawLaw,John24 May 17812236236Death
Frank Cecil Palmer + Charlotte Emily NosterPalmer,Frank Cecil + Noster,Charlotte Emily24 May 19113106106Marriage
Walter Thomas Burton + Agnes DawsonBurton,Walter Thomas + Dawson,Agnes24 May 18774140140Marriage
Thomas Sadler + Charlotte WickerSadler,Thomas + Wicker,Charlotte24 May 17925225225Marriage
Upcoming events
Martha Elizabeth BurtonBurton,Martha Elizabeth25 May 18780139139Birth
Betty LawLaw,Betty25 May 17291288288Baptism
Emily Violet BagnallBagnall,Emily Violet26 May 200421313Death
Robert LawLaw,Robert26 May 19083109109Death
Albert Carbutt BurtonBurton,Albert Carbutt26 May 19014116116Birth
Kirtland Thomas BarberBarber,Kirtland Thomas26 May 18755142142Birth
Jane SoppSopp,Jane26 May 18166201201Baptism
Ronald Whittington ReeveReeve,Ronald Whittington28 May 19037114114Birth
John Alfred PalmerPalmer,John Alfred28 May 19008117117Birth
James SoppSopp,James28 May 18269191191Baptism
William Snelling + Elizabeth Tripp HaselgroveSnelling,William + Haselgrove,Elizabeth Tripp28 May 186710150150Marriage
Thomas Styant + Mary RushmanStyant,Thomas + Rushman,Mary28 May 158111436436Marriage
John StansfieldStansfield,John29 May 191712100100Death
Daniel HowarthHowarth,Daniel29 May 185313164164Baptism
Ann StoneStone,Ann29 May 185214165165Death
Pamela Lilias HydeHyde,Pamela Lilias30 May 1980153737Death
Jessie Gwendoline BurtonBurton,Jessie Gwendoline30 May 190016117117Birth
May Agnes Wilmot BurtonBurton,May Agnes Wilmot30 May 188017137137Birth
William CrowtherCrowther,William30 May 178818229229Baptism
Robert SoppSopp,Robert30 May 163019387387Baptism
George Kew + Clara BurtonKew,George + Burton,Clara30 May 189920118118Marriage
Jesse Whittington + Ann StoneWhittington,Jesse + Stone,Ann30 May 181521202202Marriage
John Shipley + Jane PoweShipley,John + Powe,Jane30 May 180522212212Marriage
Sarah AubinAubin,Sarah31 May 1930238787Death
Walter Thomas BurtonBurton,Walter Thomas31 May 1929248888Death
Margaret Mae TaylorTaylor,Margaret Mae31 May 1924259393Birth
David William BurtonBurton,David William31 May 189026127127Birth
John BriggsBriggs,John31 May 184927168168Death
William LawLaw,William31 May 182828189189Birth
George SoppSopp,George31 May 181829199199Baptism
Mary Ann BurtonBurton,Mary Ann31 May 180630211211Birth
Isabella de TailleferTaillefer,Isabella31 May 124631771771Death
Boyd Rae FurnessFurness,Boyd RaeJune 1992322525Death
Thora SeamanSeaman,ThoraJune 1987333030Death
Doris HawkinsHawkins,DorisJune 1984343333Death
Percy Edwin BurtonBurton,Percy EdwinJune 1984353333Death
Dorothy May AdsettAdsett,Dorothy MayJune 1981363636Death
Doris Veronica BrownBrown,Doris VeronicaJune 1980373737Death
Arthur Charles FielderFielder,Arthur CharlesJune 1979383838Death
Samuel Jonathan HoverHover,Samuel JonathanJune 1978393939Death
Leonard KewKew,LeonardJune 1970404747Death
Ada CowlingCowling,AdaJune 1968414949Death
Jonathan BennettBennett,JonathanJune 1965425252Death
Robert H StephensStephens,Robert HJune 1962435555Death
Angelina Martha BurtonBurton,Angelina MarthaJune 1961445656Death
Jean NarboroughNarborough,JeanJune 1956456161Birth
Mary WhittingtonWhittington,MaryJune 1949466868Death
Florence Eliza BurtonBurton,Florence ElizaJune 1948476969Death
Hamer HollinrakeHollinrake,HamerJune 1948486969Death
George Harry BurtonBurton,George HarryJune 1947497070Death
Burton GarnerGarner,BurtonJune 1947507070Death
William Edward BentonBenton,William EdwardJune 1946517171Death
Clara HollinrakeHollinrake,ClaraJune 1941527676Death
James Barrie HollinrakeHollinrake,James BarrieJune 1938537979Birth
Elizabeth Ann FielderFielder,Elizabeth AnnJune 1937548080Death
Robert F MillarMillar,Robert FJune 1934558383Birth
William SoppSopp,WilliamJune 1931568686Death
Sarah StansfieldStansfield,SarahJune 1927579090Death
Cyril FielderFielder,CyrilJune 1926589191Birth
Gwenda M MannMann,Gwenda MJune 1926599191Birth
Sylvester ProtzProtz,SylvesterJune 1925609292Death
Reginald Frederick BennettBennett,Reginald FrederickJune 1924619393Death
Jane EarnshawEarnshaw,JaneJune 1921629696Death
Sidney Robert RedmanRedman,Sidney RobertJune 1921639696Death
Gerald Patrick W SoppSopp,Gerald Patrick WJune 1919649898Birth
Charles Hardman HollinrakeHollinrake,Charles HardmanJune 1918659999Birth
Albert BurtonBurton,AlbertJune 191766100100Death
George Alfred GimbertGimbert,George AlfredJune 191667101101Birth
William McDonald WrightWright,William McDonaldJune 191668101101Death
Alice Mary FurnessFurness,Alice MaryJune 191069107107Death
Sarah Ann SandersonSanderson,Sarah AnnJune 190770110110Death
Sally HaighHaigh,SallyJune 190771110110Burial
George Leslie RobertsRoberts,George LeslieJune 190772110110Birth
William SnellingSnelling,WilliamJune 190473113113Death
Harold W BeavenBeaven,Harold WJune 190074117117Birth
George Arthur NarboroughNarborough,George ArthurJune 189875119119Birth
Edith Annie TownsendTownsend,Edith AnnieJune 189776120120Birth
George Douglas ThorntonThornton,George DouglasJune 189577122122Birth
Harry Clifford BarkerBarker,Harry CliffordJune 189578122122Birth
Sarah BurtonBurton,SarahJune 189379124124Death
Edward MidgleyMidgley,EdwardJune 189380124124Death
Annie GreenfieldGreenfield,AnnieJune 189081127127Birth
Sam WrathallWrathall,SamJune 189082127127Birth
George William StephensStephens,George WilliamJune 188583132132Birth
Mary StoneStone,MaryJune 188184136136Death
Ella Linda BurtonBurton,Ella LindaJune 187785140140Birth
Bernard Coell FitchFitch,Bernard CoellJune 187786140140Birth
Joseph HollinrakeHollinrake,JosephJune 187587142142Birth
Edith Florence JewissJewiss,Edith FlorenceJune 187488143143Death
Mary Elizabeth StansfieldStansfield,Mary ElizabethJune 187389144144Death
Elijah OakleyOakley,ElijahJune 187090147147Birth
Rachel Elizabeth WilsonWilson,Rachel ElizabethJune 186891149149Birth
Fanny HollinrakeHollinrake,FannyJune 186892149149Birth
Maria BaggottBaggott,MariaJune 186793150150Death
Esther SandersonSanderson,EstherJune 186594152152Birth
Laura Eliza WalkerWalker,Laura ElizaJune 186595152152Birth
Sylvester ProtzProtz,SylvesterJune 186496153153Birth
George LuckLuck,GeorgeJune 186397154154Death
Frederick George FielderFielder,Frederick GeorgeJune 186298155155Birth
Eliza HoughHough,ElizaJune 186199156156Birth
Fanny MilledgeMilledge,FannyJune 1859100158158Birth
Alfred Archer ThorpThorp,Alfred ArcherJune 1858101159159Birth
Robert SoppSopp,RobertJune 1857102160160Death
Eliza @N.N.,ElizaJune 1852103165165Death
Isaiah BellBell,IsaiahJune 1851104166166Birth
Agnes Ann LuckLuck,Agnes AnnJune 1851105166166Death
John HarrisonHarrison,JohnJune 1850106167167Birth
Mary BurtonBurton,MaryJune 1849107168168Birth
Mary BurtonBurton,MaryJune 1848108169169Death
Alice Ann BurtonBurton,Alice AnnJune 1847109170170Birth
Mary MilwardMilward,MaryJune 1846110171171Death
Sally BrookBrook,SallyJune 1846111171171Death
Mary Ann HoughHough,Mary AnnJune 1845112172172Birth
George HoworthHoworth,GeorgeJune 1845113172172Death
Thomas JewissJewiss,ThomasJune 1843114174174Death
Mary HoughHough,MaryJune 1842115175175Death
John William ShortShort,John WilliamJune 1838116179179Death
Sarah SadlerSadler,SarahJune 1803117214214Birth
Thomas JewissJewiss,ThomasJune 1786118231231Birth
Henry AlchinAlchin,HenryJune 1765119252252Death
John ChristmasChristmas,JohnJune 1720120297297Birth
Jane HoughHough,JaneJune 1689121328328Birth
Samuel LawLaw,SamuelJune 1684122333333Death
George HowellHowell,George1 June 20011231616Death
Lilian May CandyCandy,Lilian May1 June 19731244444Death
Newark Shipley DawsonDawson,Newark Shipley1 June 1917125100100Death
Francis James DailyDaily,Francis James1 June 1896126121121Birth
Edwin BurtonBurton,Edwin1 June 1873127144144Birth
James Joseph KellyKelly,James Joseph1 June 1853128164164Birth
James Joseph KellyKelly,James Joseph1 June 1853129164164Birth
Mary StoneStone,Mary1 June 1788130229229Baptism
Henry HesfordHesford,Henry1 June 1777131240240Baptism
Thomas GanderGander,Thomas1 June 1673132344344Baptism
Francis William Titmuss Chalkley + Dorothy SteeleChalkley,Francis William Titmuss + Steele,DorothyJune 19601335757Marriage
John Hardman Hollinrake + Winifred WadsworthHollinrake,John Hardman + Wadsworth,WinifredJune 19481346969Marriage
Michael Barrett + Violet May RuffBarrett,Michael + Ruff,Violet MayJune 19481356969Marriage
Leonard N Copplestone + Dorothy C M StephensCopplestone,Leonard N + Stephens,Dorothy C MJune 19401367777Marriage
William Humphries + Rose VincentHumphries,William + Vincent,RoseJune 19361378181Marriage
Herbert Cecil Garner + Phyliss M WilesGarner,Herbert Cecil + Wiles,Phyliss MJune 19341388383Marriage
Arthur William Mann + Elizabeth PenfoldMann,Arthur William + Penfold,ElizabethJune 19331398484Marriage
Albert George Mann + Lilian May CandyMann,Albert George + Candy,Lilian MayJune 19311408686Marriage
Charles W Oliver + Bertha May BarberOliver,Charles W + Barber,Bertha MayJune 19301418787Marriage
Arthur William Whittington + Dorothy May AdsettWhittington,Arthur William + Adsett,Dorothy MayJune 19261429191Marriage
George Arthur Narborough + Clara HearnNarborough,George Arthur + Hearn,ClaraJune 19251439292Marriage
Ronald D Tester + Vera Irene MilledgeTester,Ronald D + Milledge,Vera IreneJune 19241449393Marriage
George Alexander Sopp + Louisa J WardSopp,George Alexander + Ward,Louisa JJune 19211459696Marriage
George Relfe + Daisy RedmanRelfe,George + Redman,DaisyJune 19191469898Marriage
Richard Henry Sopp + Ethel Maud HawkinsSopp,Richard Henry + Hawkins,Ethel MaudJune 1911147106106Marriage
John Christmas Leake + Ruth HoverLeake,John Christmas + Hover,RuthJune 1908148109109Marriage
James Furness + Betsy Ann FieldenFurness,James + Fielden,Betsy AnnJune 1903149114114Marriage
Alfred Ernest Gimbert + Julia HoughGimbert,Alfred Ernest + Hough,JuliaJune 1902150115115Marriage
Francis William Chalkley + Gertude BurtonChalkley,Francis William + Burton,GertudeJune 1901151116116Marriage
William Sharratt + Mary Ann HoughSharratt,William + Hough,Mary AnnJune 1899152118118Marriage
William Mann + Emily Ellen WhittingtonMann,William + Whittington,Emily EllenJune 1897153120120Marriage
Robert Whyte + Nancy FurnessWhyte,Robert + Furness,NancyJune 1893154124124Marriage
George Townsend + Ann HollinrakeTownsend,George + Hollinrake,AnnJune 1893155124124Marriage
Caleb Hover + Fanny J RedmanHover,Caleb + Redman,Fanny JJune 1886156131131Marriage
Albert Holmes + Judith Ann PicklesHolmes,Albert + Pickles,Judith AnnJune 1878157139139Marriage
Thomas Jackson + Ann HollinrakeJackson,Thomas + Hollinrake,AnnJune 1877158140140Marriage
James Whittington + Sarah NorrisWhittington,James + Norris,SarahJune 1862159155155Marriage
John Hollinrake + Jane EarnshawHollinrake,John + Earnshaw,JaneJune 1860160157157Marriage
Robert Evans + Martha ParkesEvans,Robert + Parkes,MarthaJune 1849161168168Marriage
Samuel Sopp + Eliza PullenSopp,Samuel + Pullen,ElizaJune 1840162177177Marriage
William II Longespee + Idoine de CamvilleLongespee,William II + Camville,IdoineJune 1226163791791Marriage
William Meeson + Elizabeth HandMeeson,William + Hand,Elizabeth1 June 1746164271271Marriage
Henry de Lacy + Margaret LongespeeLacy,Henry + Longespee,Margaret1 June 1268165749749Marriage
Mary Teresa DunnDunn,Mary Teresa2 June 20071661010Death
Henry James RedmanRedman,Henry James2 June 19601675757Death
George Alexander MilledgeMilledge,George Alexander2 June 19531686464Death
George Victor HodgeHodge,George Victor2 June 1915169102102Birth
Chas J BebanBeban,Chas J2 June 1893170124124Birth
Alice CowdrayCowdray,Alice2 June 1872171145145Birth
John HarrisonHarrison,John2 June 1811172206206Birth
George HoworthHoworth,George2 June 1807173210210Burial
George BurtonBurton,George2 June 1768174249249Birth
Edmund de LacyLacy,Edmund2 June 1258175759759Death
Calvert Cy BellBell,Calvert Cy3 June 19701764747Death
June Lilian L OliverOliver,June Lilian L3 June 19311778686Birth
Jesse WhittingtonWhittington,Jesse3 June 19311788686Death
Jack Mead BurtonBurton,Jack Mead3 June 1914179103103Birth
Harold MosleyMosley,Harold3 June 1902180115115Birth
Henry HowarthHowarth,Henry3 June 1890181127127Death
Dr James Hardman + Sarah UnsworthHardman,James + Unsworth,Sarah3 June 1831182186186Marriage
James Archer Burton + Susanna Lillia WalkerBurton,James Archer + Walker,Susanna Lillia3 June 1823183194194Marriage
Eli Fielden FurnessFurness,Eli Fielden4 June 1916184101101Birth
Martha Hesford SandersonSanderson,Martha Hesford4 June 1902185115115Death
Henry FawknerFawkner,Henry4 June 1857186160160Birth
Sally BrookBrook,Sally4 June 1806187211211Baptism
George BurtonBurton,George4 June 1800188217217Baptism
John Sutcliffe SeniorSutcliffe,John4 June 1558189459459Death
Arthur Carlisle + Margaret Malinda BurtonCarlisle,Arthur + Burton,Margaret Malinda4 June 1904190113113Marriage
Thomas Burton + Elizabeth OrrBurton,Thomas + Orr,Elizabeth4 June 1708191309309Marriage
John Sutcliffe Senior + Margaret HoldsworthSutcliffe,John + Holdsworth,Margaret4 June 1550192467467Marriage
Leonard Charles RobertsonRobertson,Leonard Charles5 June 19691934848Death
Jill Ogilvie SandersonSanderson,Jill Ogilvie5 June 19371948080Birth
Sir Simon de CorbetCorbet,Simon5 June 1165195852852Death
John Jewiss + Susannah AlchinJewiss,John + Alchin,Susannah5 June 1766196251251Marriage
Mary HowarthHowarth,Mary6 June 1910197107107Birth
Emma Sarah MilledgeMilledge,Emma Sarah6 June 1861198156156Birth
Thomas ParkesParkes,Thomas6 June 1858199159159Death
William HollinrakeHollinrake,William6 June 1830200187187Death
James SoppSopp,James6 June 1812201205205Burial
Job LawLaw,Job6 June 1722202295295Death
John LawLaw,John6 June 1602203415415Baptism
Hawise de Meschines of ChesterMeschines,Hawise6 June 1241204776776Death
Charles Archer Burton + Matilda Jane SimmondsBurton,Charles Archer + Simmonds,Matilda Jane6 June 1845205172172Marriage
Thomas Jewiss + Mary StoneJewiss,Thomas + Stone,Mary6 June 1808206209209Marriage
Lilian Maud AillesAilles,Lilian Maud7 June 19862073131Death
Clara Beatrice DawsonDawson,Clara Beatrice7 June 19672085050Death
Henry William HofmeisterHofmeister,Henry William7 June 19502096767Death
Jonathan HolmesHolmes,Jonathan7 June 1808210209209Baptism
Thomas Rance + Mary PaiceRance,Thomas + Paice,Mary7 June 1677211340340Marriage
Thomas Rance + Mary PaiceRance,Thomas + Paice,Mary7 June 1677212340340Marriage
John Law + Mary FieldenLaw,John + Fielden,Mary7 June 1627213390390Marriage
Susan StansfieldStansfield,Susan8 June 19752144242Death
Timothy AubinAubin,Timothy8 June 19272159090Death
Newark Shipley DawsonDawson,Newark Shipley8 June 1913216104104Birth
Rhoda Emma BurtonBurton,Rhoda Emma8 June 1871217146146Birth
Mary LawLaw,Mary8 June 1823218194194Baptism
George HarrisonHarrison,George8 June 1806219211211Baptism
Robert William BurtonBurton,Robert William9 June 1879220138138Birth
John ShackletonShackleton,John9 June 1844221173173Birth
Samuel LawLaw,Samuel9 June 1824222193193Death
Abraham LawLaw,Abraham9 June 1796223221221Baptism
Sally LawLaw,Sally9 June 1796224221221Baptism
John Amos + Matilda BurtonAmos,John + Burton,Matilda9 June 1868225149149Marriage
Gaynor Marjorie PalmerPalmer,Gaynor Marjorie10 June 19932262424Death
Timothy AubinAubin,Timothy10 June 19272279090Burial
Stephen Pannell NorrellNorrell,Stephen Pannell10 June 19272289090Death
Robert William BurtonBurton,Robert William10 June 19262299191Death
Albert Anthony HarbottleHarbottle,Albert Anthony10 June 1892230125125Birth
George Frederick BurtonBurton,George Frederick10 June 1856231161161Birth
Sir Thomas BosvileBosvile,Thomasbefore 10 June 1490232527527Death
David William Burton + Florence Mildred MaceBurton,David William + Mace,Florence Mildred10 June 1912233105105Marriage
Gertrude Aletta ThorpThorp,Gertrude Aletta11 June 19562346161Death
Derek C K OliverOliver,Derek C K11 June 19322358585Birth
Edward BurtonBurton,Edward11 June 1807236210210Birth
John WhittingtonWhittington,John11 June 1765237252252Burial
Andrew WhittingtonWhittington,Andrew11 June 1765238252252Burial
Richard StansfieldStansfield,Richard11 June 1699239318318Baptism
Roger WhittingtonWhittington,Roger11 June 1624240393393Birth
Henry Burton + Sarah Ann BaconBurton,Henry + Bacon,Sarah Ann11 June 1867241150150Marriage
Muriel OrrOrr,Muriel12 June 19942422323Death
Alan Douglas ForbesForbes,Alan Douglas12 June 19892432828Death
Mary Agnes LawLaw,Mary Agnes12 June 1857244160160Birth
Isabella WilliamsWilliams,Isabella12 June 1855245162162Birth
Susannah StoneStone,Susannah12 June 1808246209209Birth
Sarah SoppSopp,Sarah12 June 1800247217217Baptism
Elizabeth StyantStyant,Elizabeth12 June 1600248417417Baptism
Percy George ClarkeClarke,Percy George13 June 19822493535Death
Florence Lilly RobertsonRobertson,Florence Lilly13 June 19702504747Death
Eileen Madge ThorntonThornton,Eileen Madge13 June 19192519898Birth
Sally HaighHaigh,Sally13 June 1907252110110Death
James Whittington + Ann MartinWhittington,James + Martin,Ann13 June 1738253279279Marriage
Edith Agnes DunnDunn,Edith Agnes14 June 19652545252Death
Amelia BiddleBiddle,Amelia14 June 1892255125125Birth
Samuel LawLaw,Samuel14 June 1763256254254Death
Sarah Ann CrossleyCrossley,Sarah Ann14 June 1744257273273Birth
John Alfred PalmerPalmer,John Alfred15 June 19812583636Death
John ChristmasChristmas,John15 June 1840259177177Death
Martha Hesford SandersonSanderson,Martha Hesford15 June 1832260185185Baptism
Alan Douglas Forbes + Edith Maud Francis WestForbes,Alan Douglas + West,Edith Maud Francis15 June 19382617979Marriage
Charles Gordon Purrington + Ada Victoria DawsonPurrington,Charles Gordon + Dawson,Ada Victoria15 June 1913262104104Marriage
William Batchelor + Eliza WhittingtonBatchelor,William + Whittington,Eliza15 June 1839263178178Marriage
Robert Sopp + Mary BeatesSopp,Robert + Beates,Mary15 June 1790264227227Marriage
Raymond William MannMann,Raymond William16 June 19982651919Death
Elizabeth SoppSopp,Elizabeth16 June 1805266212212Baptism
Robert Hollinrake + Grace NewallHollinrake,Robert + Newall,Grace16 June 1855267162162Marriage
Eileen E RuffRuff,Eileen E17 June 19262689191Birth
Harold Dawson EvansEvans,Harold Dawson17 June 19182699999Birth
Mary Ann BurtonBurton,Mary Ann17 June 1865270152152Death
Walter Thomas BurtonBurton,Walter Thomas17 June 1851271166166Birth
Samuel HoughHough,Samuel17 June 1699272318318Birth
Thomas SoppSopp,Thomas17 June 1669273348348Baptism
Princess Eleanor of EnglandEngland,Eleanor17 June 1264274753753Birth
King Edward I ‘Longshanks’ of EnglandEngland,Edward I17 June 1239275778778Birth
Archibald George Searle Ruff + Edith Rose WhittingtonRuff,Archibald George Searle + Whittington,Edith Rose17 June 19242769393Marriage
Tamar DawsonDawson,Tamar18 June 19252779292Death
Jacob PartingtonPartington,Jacob18 June 19202789797Death
Mabel WilesWiles,Mabel18 June 1914279103103Birth
Virginia MitchellMitchell,Virginia19 June 19952802222Death
Gwendoline Rachel SmurthwaiteSmurthwaite,Gwendoline Rachel19 June 19682814949Death
Lilian Mary PalmerPalmer,Lilian Mary19 June 19592825858Death
Cedric DixonDixon,Cedric19 June 19302838787Birth
Cyril Raymond WestWest,Cyril Raymond19 June 1911284106106Birth
Winifred Alice SnellingSnelling,Winifred Alice19 June 1900285117117Birth
Frederick William LeafLeaf,Frederick William19 June 1895286122122Birth
Haigh HollinrakeHollinrake,Haigh19 June 1890287127127Death
Harry SherwinSherwin,Harry19 June 1881288136136Birth
Thomas Albert ThorpThorp,Thomas Albert19 June 1861289156156Birth
Fanny MilledgeMilledge,Fanny19 June 1859290158158Baptism
Henry BellBell,Henry19 June 1831291186186Baptism
Robert LawLaw,Robert19 June 1774292243243Baptism
Thomas WhittingtonWhittington,Thomas19 June 1681293336336Baptism
Colin Douglas ForbesForbes,Colin Douglas20 June 19922942525Death
Abraham LawLaw,Abraham20 June 1850295167167Death
Henry JewissJewiss,Henry20 June 1806296211211Birth
Thomas Law of MellingsLaw,Thomas20 June 1708297309309Baptism
Maurice Louis BellenotBellenot,Maurice Louis21 June 19552986262Death
Margaret Frances GimbertGimbert,Margaret Frances21 June 1908299109109Birth
Margaret DawsonDawson,Margaret21 June 1843300174174Birth
Mally LawLaw,Mally21 June 1785301232232Birth
King Edward I ‘Longshanks’ of EnglandEngland,Edward I21 June 1239302778778Baptism
Frederick Warwick Sydney West + Irene Gladys CooperWest,Frederick Warwick Sydney + Cooper,Irene Gladys21 June 19583035959Marriage
John Pass + Bertha Jenny HawkinsPass,John + Hawkins,Bertha Jenny21 June 1902304115115Marriage
Barbara Evelyn BurtonBurton,Barbara Evelyn22 June 1914305103103Birth
Arthur William Rowland HillHill,Arthur William Rowland22 June 1905306112112Birth
Albert Edgar PalmerPalmer,Albert Edgar22 June 1887307130130Birth
John Chettle PalmerPalmer,John Chettle22 June 1873308144144Birth
Abraham LawLaw,Abraham22 June 1850309167167Burial
Joseph MilledgeMilledge,Joseph22 June 1827310190190Baptism
James HollinrakeHollinrake,James22 June 1826311191191Baptism
William LawLaw,William22 June 1822312195195Death
William Law of MellingsLaw,William22 June 1802313215215Death
Edmund SoppSopp,Edmund22 June 1760314257257Birth
William Lilly Burton + Jane SibleyBurton,William Lilly + Sibley,Jane22 June 1891315126126Marriage
James Snelling + Susannah SadlerSnelling,James + Sadler,Susannah22 June 1825316192192Marriage
Thomas Scutt + Jane PuttickScutt,Thomas + Puttick,Jane22 June 1753317264264Marriage
Marion Elizabeth KellyKelly,Marion Elizabeth23 June 19993181818Death
Elizabeth Susannah PalmerPalmer,Elizabeth Susannah23 June 19483196969Death
Ethel Maud HawkinsHawkins,Ethel Maud23 June 1889320128128Birth
Sarah ShawShaw,Sarah23 June 1882321135135Death
Matilda BurtonBurton,Matilda23 June 1842322175175Birth
John HarrisonHarrison,John23 June 1811323206206Baptism
Edward Burton + Eliza PrattBurton,Edward + Pratt,Eliza23 June 1862324155155Marriage
Samuel Hough + Mary AdamsHough,Samuel + Adams,Mary23 June 1744325273273Marriage
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