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The Harvey Family of London, England
This family tree was last updated on 15 June 2016.
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On this day
Edith Nellie BurgessBurgess,Edith Nellie20 August 19100107107Birth
Eliza MetcalfeMetcalfe,Eliza20 August 18411176176Baptism
Henry William Hazell + Emily Eliza MoulandHazell,Henry William + Mouland,Emily Eliza20 August 18842133133Marriage
Upcoming events
Ellen GeensGeens,Ellen21 August 18750142142Birth
Frederick William PrattPratt,Frederick William22 August 19161101101Death
Smith HeardHeard,Smith22 August 18132204204Baptism
Thomas DodsonDodson,Thomas22 August 16493368368Death
Thomas DodsonDodson,Thomas22 August 16494368368Burial
Mary HardwickHardwick,Mary24 August 18405177177Baptism
Arthur Charles Green + Ann Maria FaulknerGreen,Arthur Charles + Faulkner,Ann Maria24 August 19126105105Marriage
John Alan RichesRiches,John Alan25 August 18937124124Birth
Gertrude Beatrice WarnerWarner,Gertrude Beatrice25 August 18888129129Birth
John GeensGeens,John25 August 18829135135Birth
John DodsonDodson,John26 August 178410233233Death
Jane HardwickHardwick,Jane26 August 170511312312Baptism
Vincent HallHall,Vincent27 August 1962125555Death
Mark RussellRussell,Mark27 August 180913208208Baptism
Richard CastleCastle,Richard27 August 172714290290Baptism
Frederick Green + Emily Elizabeth TurleyGreen,Frederick + Turley,Emily Elizabeth27 August 188915128128Marriage
Thomas Frederick HeardHeard,Thomas Frederick28 August 186416153153Baptism
Joseph PashleyPashley,Joseph28 August 183317184184Birth
Samuel TurleyTurley,Samuel28 August 180818209209Baptism
Hannah HardwickHardwick,Hannah28 August 176319254254Baptism
Frederick William PrattPratt,Frederick William29 August 184120176176Baptism
Reginald Edwin GilbartGilbart,Reginald Edwin30 August 2003211414Death
Henry GeensGeens,Henry31 August 189822119119Death
Henry Harvey + Amelia AtkinsonHarvey,Henry + Atkinson,Amelia31 August 183023187187Marriage
Arthur Leonard GilbartGilbart,Arthur LeonardSeptember 1996242121Death
Edna R GilbartGilbart,Edna RSeptember 1991252626Death
Gwenyth Audrey HarveyHarvey,Gwenyth AudreySeptember 1977264040Death
Olive Doreen MiramsMirams,Olive DoreenSeptember 1976274141Death
Thomas Ernest Alexander GriffithGriffith,Thomas Ernest AlexanderSeptember 1974284343Death
Olive Maud GreenGreen,Olive MaudSeptember 1971294646Death
Stanley H HarlowHarlow,Stanley HSeptember 1960305757Death
Flora L KempKemp,Flora LSeptember 1956316161Death
Edward Charles MedcalfMedcalf,Edward CharlesSeptember 1947327070Death
Albert HarmanHarman,AlbertSeptember 1945337272Death
William James WhitlockWhitlock,William JamesSeptember 1940347777Death
Barbara E TurnerTurner,Barbara ESeptember 1937358080Birth
Barbara E TurnerTurner,Barbara ESeptember 1937368080Death
Betty E BirchBirch,Betty ESeptember 1932378585Birth
Dorothy Audrey M HeardHeard,Dorothy Audrey MSeptember 1926389191Birth
Peggy R BruceBruce,Peggy RSeptember 1926399191Birth
Arthur G KiffKiff,Arthur GSeptember 1924409393Birth
Phyllis M HazellHazell,Phyllis MSeptember 1922419595Birth
Thomas HanlonHanlon,ThomasSeptember 1921429696Birth
Jane GreenGreen,JaneSeptember 1921439696Death
Roy HebdenHebden,RoySeptember 1920449797Birth
Nellie WithnellWithnell,NellieSeptember 1918459999Death
Mabel L GeensGeens,Mabel LSeptember 191546102102Birth
Emily Elizabeth TurleyTurley,Emily ElizabethSeptember 191147106106Death
Constance Catherine GilbartGilbart,Constance CatherineSeptember 190948108108Birth
Harold Ferdinand N KaufmannKaufmann,Harold Ferdinand NSeptember 190249115115Birth
Charles Percy WookeyWookey,Charles PercySeptember 189950118118Birth
William Alfred GeensGeens,William AlfredSeptember 189951118118Birth
Thomas Noel HarveyHarvey,Thomas NoelSeptember 189952118118Birth
Bertha Ann SarchetSarchet,Bertha AnnSeptember 189753120120Birth
Amelia GreenGreen,AmeliaSeptember 189754120120Death
Lilian Rose GeensGeens,Lilian RoseSeptember 189655121121Birth
Henry MarkhamMarkham,HenrySeptember 189656121121Death
Emily GreenGreen,EmilySeptember 189357124124Death
Martha PashleyPashley,MarthaSeptember 189058127127Death
Winifred DissDiss,WinifredSeptember 188959128128Birth
Thomas Miles HarveyHarvey,Thomas MilesSeptember 188860129129Birth
Laura Ellen GeensGeens,Laura EllenSeptember 188461133133Birth
James Henry BoddyBoddy,James HenrySeptember 188462133133Death
Joseph HardwickHardwick,JosephSeptember 188263135135Birth
Ernest Freddy MillsMills,Ernest FreddySeptember 188264135135Birth
Edward Dodson PeacockPeacock,Edward DodsonSeptember 188165136136Death
Arthur Victor HeardHeard,Arthur VictorSeptember 188066137137Birth
Susannah BettsBetts,SusannahSeptember 188067137137Death
John Frederick MillsMills,John FrederickSeptember 187668141141Death
Charles HazellHazell,CharlesSeptember 187069147147Death
Charles HazellHazell,CharlesSeptember 186870149149Birth
Helena Mary HazellHazell,Helena MarySeptember 186871149149Birth
Lydia HeardHeard,LydiaSeptember 186272155155Death
Eliza Rosina HeardHeard,Eliza RosinaSeptember 186273155155Birth
Edward WalkerWalker,EdwardSeptember 185874159159Birth
Caroline TurleyTurley,CarolineSeptember 185275165165Birth
Sarah PashleyPashley,SarahSeptember 184976168168Death
Thomas PashleyPashley,ThomasSeptember 183777180180Death
George Thomas SinfieldSinfield,George Thomas1 September 1944787373Death
Joseph PashleyPashley,Joseph1 September 191579102102Death
Stanley Skiff + Sybil Emily GreatrexSkiff,Stanley + Greatrex,Sybil EmilySeptember 1953806464Marriage
Norman E Bell + Edith GeensBell,Norman E + Geens,EdithSeptember 1951816666Marriage
Herbert W Waters + Marjorie I C HeardWaters,Herbert W + Heard,Marjorie I CSeptember 1950826767Marriage
William Edwin Hazell + Joyce A TaylorHazell,William Edwin + Taylor,Joyce ASeptember 1947837070Marriage
Arthur Morgan + Dorothy F GreatrexMorgan,Arthur + Greatrex,Dorothy FSeptember 1946847171Marriage
Henry Alfred Pratt + Audrey TubbyPratt,Henry Alfred + Tubby,AudreySeptember 1936858181Marriage
Frank Edward Pratt + Elizabeth M RyderPratt,Frank Edward + Ryder,Elizabeth MSeptember 1935868282Marriage
Jack Farrington + Annie WithnellFarrington,Jack + Withnell,AnnieSeptember 1934878383Marriage
Charles Pryce + Edith Maude PrattPryce,Charles + Pratt,Edith MaudeSeptember 1934888383Marriage
Stanley H Harlow + Johanna PrattHarlow,Stanley H + Pratt,JohannaSeptember 1933898484Marriage
Robert Shirley Manders + Jessie GeensManders,Robert Shirley + Geens,JessieSeptember 1931908686Marriage
Cyril Claud Pratt + Kate LockhartPratt,Cyril Claud + Lockhart,KateSeptember 1927919090Marriage
Braynard Stanley Pratt + Annie B EdenePratt,Braynard Stanley + Edene,Annie BSeptember 1927929090Marriage
Charles Ferdinand Kaufmann + Jane Elizabeth CurmeKaufmann,Charles Ferdinand + Curme,Jane ElizabethSeptember 1925939292Marriage
Leslie Walter Heard + Doris I MartinHeard,Leslie Walter + Martin,Doris ISeptember 1921949696Marriage
Alfred Metcalf Heard + Minnie Eliza HolditchHeard,Alfred Metcalf + Holditch,Minnie ElizaSeptember 1919959898Marriage
Henry Archibald Harman + Ann B WhelanHarman,Henry Archibald + Whelan,Ann BSeptember 1919969898Marriage
John Thomas Poyner + Elizabeth Weaver GeensPoyner,John Thomas + Geens,Elizabeth WeaverSeptember 190797110110Marriage
Arthur Geens + Sarah Ann PriceGeens,Arthur + Price,Sarah AnnSeptember 190598112112Marriage
Alfred Henry Butler + Mary Louisa TurleyButler,Alfred Henry + Turley,Mary LouisaSeptember 190199116116Marriage
William James Whitlock + Amelia GormanWhitlock,William James + Gorman,AmeliaSeptember 1899100118118Marriage
Ernest Charles Pratt + Elizabeth Ann WhitePratt,Ernest Charles + White,Elizabeth AnnSeptember 1898101119119Marriage
Alexander Charles Pratt + Alice Mary KingPratt,Alexander Charles + King,Alice MarySeptember 1898102119119Marriage
Leonard Heard + Amelia CooperHeard,Leonard + Cooper,AmeliaSeptember 1891103126126Marriage
Charles Green + Eliza Rosina HeardGreen,Charles + Heard,Eliza RosinaSeptember 1883104134134Marriage
Henry Turley + Elizabeth JukesTurley,Henry + Jukes,ElizabethSeptember 1880105137137Marriage
Arthur John Whitlock + Harriet Mary A HammondWhitlock,Arthur John + Hammond,Harriet Mary ASeptember 1879106138138Marriage
John Middleton + Charlotte Elizabeth BoddyMiddleton,John + Boddy,Charlotte ElizabethSeptember 1879107138138Marriage
William Allen Binge + Sarah Ann HeardBinge,William Allen + Heard,Sarah AnnSeptember 1878108139139Marriage
John Mills + Silvia Sarah TurleyMills,John + Turley,Silvia SarahSeptember 1870109147147Marriage
John Tolley + Caroline GeensTolley,John + Geens,CarolineSeptember 1864110153153Marriage
William Heard + Charlotte Amelia MetcalfeHeard,William + Metcalfe,Charlotte AmeliaSeptember 1857111160160Marriage
Mark Russell + Esther DavisRussell,Mark + Davis,EstherSeptember 1843112174174Marriage
Thomas Pashley Harvey + Helen May MarshallHarvey,Thomas Pashley + Marshall,Helen May1 September 1887113130130Marriage
Joseph Pashley + Martha BrafittPashley,Joseph + Brafitt,Martha1 September 1801114216216Marriage
Amy Eleanor BirchBirch,Amy Eleanor2 September 19651155252Death
William LamanLaman,William2 September 1666116351351Baptism
William James Whitlock + Emily Risdon GreenWhitlock,William James + Green,Emily Risdon2 September 1883117134134Marriage
Timothy Craft + Hannah SaundersCraft,Timothy + Saunders,Hannah2 September 1815118202202Marriage
Jesse FordFord,Jesse3 September 19351198282Death
Geoffrey James Wearn CadgeCadge,Geoffrey James Wearn4 September 20011201616Death
Gladys Edith Margueritte KaufmannKaufmann,Gladys Edith Margueritte4 September 1897121120120Birth
Fanny Elizabeth VintonVinton,Fanny Elizabeth4 September 1863122154154Birth
Gregory CastleCastle,Gregory4 September 1692123325325Baptism
Thomas Ernest Heard + Elizabeth Annie RoseHeard,Thomas Ernest + Rose,Elizabeth Annie4 September 1905124112112Marriage
Phyllis Mary DixonDixon,Phyllis Mary5 September 200812599Death
Elvy William HeardHeard,Elvy William6 September 1892126125125Birth
Helena Mary HazellHazell,Helena Mary6 September 1868127149149Baptism
Joseph HardwickHardwick,Joseph6 September 1846128171171Baptism
John Francis HazellHazell,John Francis7 September 201212955Death
Amelia GreenGreen,Amelia7 September 1890130127127Baptism
Beatrice PrattPratt,Beatrice7 September 1884131133133Baptism
Sarah PeacockPeacock,Sarah7 September 1823132194194Baptism
Robert Mackintosh Harvey + Wyndham Matilda Adelaide GarlickHarvey,Robert Mackintosh + Garlick,Wyndham Matilda Adelaide7 September 1893133124124Marriage
Frederick William TurleyTurley,Frederick William8 September 1902134115115Death
William HeardHeard,William8 September 1802135215215Baptism
William PashleyPashley,William8 September 1799136218218Baptism
Elizabeth HolmesHolmes,Elizabeth8 September 1750137267267Death
Hazel Mary WookeyWookey,Hazel Mary9 September 20001381717Death
John Albert ClarkClark,John Albert9 September 19731394444Death
Albert David BingeBinge,Albert David9 September 19571406060Death
Eric Charles PrattPratt,Eric Charles10 September 1899141118118Birth
John Frederick Green + Elizabeth QuartermanGreen,John Frederick + Quarterman,Elizabeth10 September 1882142135135Marriage
Horace Anthony EamesEames,Horace Anthony11 September 19351438282Death
George PrattPratt,George11 September 1785144232232Baptism
William Metcalfe HeardHeard,William Metcalfe12 September 1858145159159Baptism
Jesse FordFord,Jesse12 September 1855146162162Birth
Wilfred John Tolley + Marjorie Alice HarperTolley,Wilfred John + Harper,Marjorie Alice12 September 19281478989Marriage
Samuel Pashley + Hannah CartledgePashley,Samuel + Cartledge,Hannah12 September 1797148220220Marriage
Peggy R BruceBruce,Peggy R13 September 201014977Death
Charles GeensGeens,Charles13 September 1874150143143Death
Eliza Rosina HeardHeard,Eliza Rosina13 September 1863151154154Baptism
James HardwickHardwick,James13 September 1778152239239Baptism
Hannah PashleyPashley,Hannah14 September 1804153213213Baptism
Thomas TurleyTurley,Thomas15 September 1811154206206Baptism
Marye ConisbyConisby,Marye16 September 1649155368368Baptism
Edward Walter Medcalf + Harriet Susan ScrivenMedcalf,Edward Walter + Scriven,Harriet Susan16 September 19201569797Marriage
George Heard + Martha SachellHeard,George + Sachell,Martha16 September 1765157252252Marriage
Grace Rebecca HeardHeard,Grace Rebecca17 September 1896158121121Birth
George Thomas HarveyHarvey,George Thomas17 September 1884159133133Death
Charlotte Amelia MetcalfeMetcalfe,Charlotte Amelia17 September 1837160180180Baptism
Thomas Noel HarveyHarvey,Thomas Noel18 September 1899161118118Baptism
Jane HollandHolland,Jane18 September 1825162192192Baptism
Judith HollandHolland,Judith18 September 1825163192192Baptism
William Herbert Heard + Margaret GreenHeard,William Herbert + Green,Margaret18 September 1911164106106Marriage
Benjamin Smith Boddy + Edith Maria WoodhouseBoddy,Benjamin Smith + Woodhouse,Edith Maria18 September 1897165120120Marriage
Arthur Morris HebdenHebden,Arthur Morris19 September 19241669393Birth
Leslie Walter HeardHeard,Leslie Walter19 September 1898167119119Baptism
George William TolleyTolley,George William19 September 1871168146146Birth
Isabella Steele PrattPratt,Isabella Steele19 September 1858169159159Birth
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