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The Harvey Family of London, England
This family tree was last updated on 15 June 2016.
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On this day
Sarah Ann HardwickHardwick,Sarah Ann22 November 193608181Death
William Dawe BoddyBoddy,William Dawe22 November 18571160160Baptism
Arthur William Tolley + Annie Tolley,Arthur William + @N.N.,Annie22 November 18902127127Marriage
Upcoming events
Frances Louisa GeensGeens,Frances Louisa23 November 18960121121Birth
Thomas HeardHeard,Thomas23 November 16651352352Baptism
Wilfred John TolleyTolley,Wilfred John24 November 19032114114Birth
Henry Alfred PrattPratt,Henry Alfred24 November 18443173173Baptism
John Lench + Elizabeth GreeningLench,John + Greening,Elizabeth24 November 18864131131Marriage
John HeardHeard,John25 November 18665151151Baptism
Thomas DodsonDodson,Thomas25 November 17276290290Death
Joanna CastleCastle,Joanna25 November 17227295295Baptism
Samuel Hardwick + Thirza Lily ChanceHardwick,Samuel + Chance,Thirza Lily25 November 18668151151Marriage
Albert Ernest GeensGeens,Albert Ernest26 November 198992828Death
Harry HeardHeard,Harry26 November 1921109696Death
Suzannah HardwickHardwick,Suzannah26 November 178011237237Birth
Joseph PashleyPashley,Joseph26 November 174912268268Baptism
Thomas Heard + Katherine FisherHeard,Thomas + Fisher,Katherine26 November 158713430430Marriage
Maud Mabel GilbartGilbart,Maud Mabel27 November 190414113113Birth
John Frederick GreenGreen,John Frederick27 November 188715130130Baptism
George Albert CharlesCharles,George Albert28 November 190816109109Birth
Sarah BrettBrett,Sarah28 November 185217165165Burial
James CastleCastle,James28 November 173618281281Baptism
George Alfred Sinfield + Mabel CookSinfield,George Alfred + Cook,Mabel28 November 1934198383Marriage
Charles Boddy + Mary Ann ReedBoddy,Charles + Reed,Mary Ann28 November 187320144144Marriage
George Henry Stair + Clara Maria PrattStair,George Henry + Pratt,Clara Maria28 November 187021147147Marriage
Elizabeth PashleyPashley,Elizabeth29 November 180422213213Baptism
Samuel Hardwick + Elizabeth BennettHardwick,Samuel + Bennett,Elizabeth29 November 179023227227Marriage
William Castell + Ann ConisbyCastell,William + Conisby,Ann29 November 167324344344Marriage
Mary Matilda BraidsBraids,Mary Matilda30 November 1920259797Death
Berry DodsonDodson,Berry30 November 177926238238Death
Dennis Alexander F HeardHeard,Dennis Alexander FDecember 1995272222Death
Rhona Elizabeth WookeyWookey,Rhona ElizabethDecember 1992282525Death
Arthur Thomas GreatrexGreatrex,Arthur ThomasDecember 1982293535Death
George Albert CharlesCharles,George AlbertDecember 1977304040Death
Beatrice WilkinsWilkins,BeatriceDecember 1972314545Death
Astley Joseph HeardHeard,Astley JosephDecember 1971324646Death
Dorothy Margaret ButlerButler,Dorothy MargaretDecember 1970334747Death
Harry Ernest KiffKiff,Harry ErnestDecember 1969344848Death
Ralph HitchmanHitchman,RalphDecember 1968354949Death
Cyril Claud PrattPratt,Cyril ClaudDecember 1968364949Death
May Elizabeth HazellHazell,May ElizabethDecember 1968374949Death
Annie Eliza PrattPratt,Annie ElizaDecember 1968384949Death
Dorothy Agnes HeardHeard,Dorothy AgnesDecember 1966395151Death
Leonard HeardHeard,LeonardDecember 1965405252Death
May G ShortShort,May GDecember 1957416060Death
Marjorie I C HeardHeard,Marjorie I CDecember 1952426565Death
John HeardHeard,JohnDecember 1949436868Death
Michael HoldenHolden,MichaelDecember 1947447070Death
Noel Austin HarveyHarvey,Noel AustinDecember 1945457272Death
Arthur Victor HeardHeard,Arthur VictorDecember 1940467777Death
Donald C GogelGogel,Donald CDecember 1937478080Birth
Albert Victor ButlerButler,Albert VictorDecember 1936488181Death
Elizabeth Margaret HazellHazell,Elizabeth MargaretDecember 1935498282Death
Ann E HitchmanHitchman,Ann EDecember 1932508585Birth
Harry J KiffKiff,Harry JDecember 1928518989Birth
Arthur WilkinsWilkins,ArthurDecember 1927529090Death
Alice Kinloch GilbartGilbart,Alice KinlochDecember 1926539191Death
Charles Barrington WookeyWookey,Charles BarringtonDecember 1925549292Birth
Leslie HanlonHanlon,LeslieDecember 1924559393Birth
Hazel Mary WookeyWookey,Hazel MaryDecember 1923569494Birth
Thomas W GassonGasson,Thomas WDecember 1922579595Birth
Joan L E BruceBruce,Joan L EDecember 1922589595Birth
Herbert TurleyTurley,HerbertDecember 1920599797Death
Henry William HazellHazell,Henry WilliamDecember 1920609797Death
Sidney HardwickHardwick,SidneyDecember 1919619898Death
Clara Maria PrattPratt,Clara MariaDecember 1919629898Death
Douglas James Victor HeardHeard,Douglas James VictorDecember 191763100100Birth
Norman Philip GilbartGilbart,Norman PhilipDecember 191764100100Death
Thomas HardwickHardwick,ThomasDecember 191665101101Death
George Henry StairStair,George HenryDecember 191666101101Death
James A C HebdenHebden,James A CDecember 191467103103Birth
Richard LawLaw,RichardDecember 191268105105Death
Marjorie I C HeardHeard,Marjorie I CDecember 191169106106Birth
Marjorie I C HeardHeard,Marjorie I CDecember 191170106106Birth
Marjorie I C HeardHeard,Marjorie I CDecember 191171106106Birth
Marjorie I C HeardHeard,Marjorie I CDecember 191172106106Birth
Albert A J ButlerButler,Albert A JDecember 191173106106Birth
Mary Sophia FarmerFarmer,Mary SophiaDecember 190874109109Death
William GreenGreen,WilliamDecember 190175116116Death
Alfred John HeardHeard,Alfred JohnDecember 190076117117Birth
Flossie Emmie TolleyTolley,Flossie EmmieDecember 190077117117Birth
Rose Charlotte GilbartGilbart,Rose CharlotteDecember 189978118118Death
John Fred GreenGreen,John FredDecember 189979118118Death
William Cecil GilbartGilbart,William CecilDecember 189880119119Birth
Russell Sidney BrownBrown,Russell SidneyDecember 189681121121Birth
Harry GreenGreen,HarryDecember 189382124124Death
Agnes Eliza KempKemp,Agnes ElizaDecember 189283125125Birth
Alfred Metcalf HeardHeard,Alfred MetcalfDecember 189084127127Birth
Maud Victoria GilbartGilbart,Maud VictoriaDecember 188685131131Birth
Florence May MillsMills,Florence MayDecember 188586132132Birth
Lily Jane MillsMills,Lily JaneDecember 188387134134Birth
Florence Alice Rosina HeardHeard,Florence Alice RosinaDecember 188388134134Birth
Eugenie AndrewsAndrews,EugenieDecember 188189136136Birth
John Thomas PoynerPoyner,John ThomasDecember 187790140140Birth
Florence M TolleyTolley,Florence MDecember 187491143143Birth
Frederick K HazellHazell,Frederick KDecember 187392144144Birth
Amelia AtkinsonAtkinson,AmeliaDecember 187193146146Death
Emily Elizabeth TurleyTurley,Emily ElizabethDecember 186994148148Birth
Henry TurleyTurley,HenryDecember 186295155155Birth
Alice Ann TolleyTolley,Alice AnnDecember 186296155155Birth
Frederick William LawLaw,Frederick WilliamDecember 186197156156Death
Henry William HazellHazell,Henry WilliamDecember 186098157157Birth
Samuel Joseph TurleyTurley,Samuel JosephDecember 185799160160Birth
Harriet Mary A HammondHammond,Harriet Mary ADecember 1857100160160Birth
Mary Ann RogersRogers,Mary AnnDecember 1850101167167Birth
Mary A TurleyTurley,Mary ADecember 1849102168168Birth
George SeymourSeymour,GeorgeDecember 1844103173173Death
Ann KirbyKirby,AnnDecember 1844104173173Death
Elizabeth HazellHazell,ElizabethDecember 1840105177177Birth
Sarah SeymourSeymour,SarahDecember 1814106203203Birth
Elizabeth DodsonDodson,ElizabethDecember 1751107266266Birth
Leonard Sidney Hall + Margaret Joyce PrattHall,Leonard Sidney + Pratt,Margaret JoyceDecember 19451087272Marriage
Wilfred J Nock + Clara SkidmoreNock,Wilfred J + Skidmore,ClaraDecember 19441097373Marriage
John Alan Riches + Hilda Louise BurrettRiches,John Alan + Burrett,Hilda LouiseDecember 19261109191Marriage
Harold Spencer Medcalf + Emily Ethel Blanche WiltshireMedcalf,Harold Spencer + Wiltshire,Emily Ethel BlancheDecember 19241119393Marriage
Alexander Cyril Pratt + Eliza Ellen KingPratt,Alexander Cyril + King,Eliza EllenDecember 19231129494Marriage
Alfred William Medcalf + Bertha Ann SarchetMedcalf,Alfred William + Sarchet,Bertha AnnDecember 19181139999Marriage
Russell Sidney Brown + Annetta Agnes Kemp BurrettBrown,Russell Sidney + Burrett,Annetta Agnes KempDecember 1916114101101Marriage
Edwin Geens + Elizabeth CallowayGeens,Edwin + Calloway,ElizabethDecember 1904115113113Marriage
James Fabian White + Mary Charlotte GilbartWhite,James Fabian + Gilbart,Mary CharlotteDecember 1901116116116Marriage
Arthur Henry Pratt + Mary Jane FarnPratt,Arthur Henry + Farn,Mary JaneDecember 1900117117117Marriage
Arthur Victor Heard + Emily MayHeard,Arthur Victor + May,EmilyDecember 1897118120120Marriage
Frederick Wiliam Turley + Annie NewtonTurley,Frederick Wiliam + Newton,AnnieDecember 1894119123123Marriage
Walter Alfred Heard + Elizabeth Mary CooperHeard,Walter Alfred + Cooper,Elizabeth MaryDecember 1891120126126Marriage
William John Pratt + Elizabeth JacobsPratt,William John + Jacobs,ElizabethDecember 1890121127127Marriage
Harry Heard + Ellen KibblerHeard,Harry + Kibbler,EllenDecember 1887122130130Marriage
Harry Heard + Ellen KibblerHeard,Harry + Kibbler,EllenDecember 1887123130130Marriage
Alfred Archer Dixon + Fanny LawDixon,Alfred Archer + Law,FannyDecember 1885124132132Marriage
Edwin Leadbeater + Ann PashleyLeadbeater,Edwin + Pashley,AnnDecember 1870125147147Marriage
Charles Richard Turley + Susannah LenchTurley,Charles Richard + Lench,SusannahDecember 1868126149149Marriage
Henry Whitmore Baker + Judith HollandBaker,Henry Whitmore + Holland,JudithDecember 1863127154154Marriage
James Henry Boddy + Susannah BettsBoddy,James Henry + Betts,SusannahDecember 1853128164164Marriage
Samuel Hardwick + Mary BanesHardwick,Samuel + Banes,MaryDecember 1835129182182Marriage
Dorothy DodsonDodson,Dorothy2 December 1646130371371Baptism
Herbert Stanley Heard + Alice Annie CobbHeard,Herbert Stanley + Cobb,Alice Annie2 December 1911131106106Marriage
Edward TurleyTurley,Edward3 December 1753132264264Birth
Abraham Heard + Rose FisherHeard,Abraham + Fisher,Rose3 December 1660133357357Marriage
Harriet GeensGeens,Harriet4 December 1884134133133Death
Reginald Hughes GilbartGilbart,Reginald Hughes4 December 1867135150150Baptism
William Charles BoddyBoddy,William Charles4 December 1851136166166Birth
Thomas TurleyTurley,Thomas4 December 1818137199199Birth
Thomas TurleyTurley,Thomas4 December 1818138199199Baptism
Berry DodsonDodson,Berry5 December 1779139238238Burial
John HeardHeard,John5 December 1736140281281Birth
Thomas Withnell + Harriet GeensWithnell,Thomas + Geens,Harriet5 December 1908141109109Marriage
Abraham HeardHeard,Abraham6 December 1701142316316Death
William J WhitlockWhitlock,William J7 December 1905143112112Birth
Joseph HardwickHardwick,Joseph8 December 19561446161Death
Alan Marston RichesRiches,Alan Marston8 December 19261459191Birth
Lily HardwickHardwick,Lily8 December 1887146130130Baptism
Sidney HardwickHardwick,Sidney8 December 1887147130130Baptism
Ellen Florence HorryHorry,Ellen Florence9 December 1884148133133Birth
Mary PrattPratt,Mary9 December 1771149246246Baptism
Edward HeardHeard,Edward9 December 1632150385385Birth
William John Boddy + Roseanne GilmoreBoddy,William John + Gilmore,Roseanne9 December 1854151163163Marriage
Florence Lillian Kibbler HeardHeard,Florence Lillian Kibbler10 December 19861523131Death
Alfred Norman ButlerButler,Alfred Norman11 December 19791533838Death
Helen Gertrude PrattPratt,Helen Gertrude11 December 1909154108108Birth
Henry James HeardHeard,Henry James11 December 1904155113113Baptism
Lilian HeardHeard,Lilian11 December 1904156113113Baptism
Mary GeensGeens,Mary11 December 1890157127127Death
Emily ReedReed,Emily11 December 1850158167167Birth
Edward HeardHeard,Edward11 December 1632159385385Death
Charles Boddy + Elizabeth TaylorBoddy,Charles + Taylor,Elizabeth11 December 1836160181181Marriage
John Albert Clark + Iris Lillian CornwellClark,John Albert + Cornwell,Iris Lillian12 December 19421617575Marriage
Elsie Rebecca GilbartGilbart,Elsie Rebecca14 December 1905162112112Birth
Marguerita E GilbartGilbart,Marguerita E15 December 19831633434Death
Harold Spencer MedcalfMedcalf,Harold Spencer15 December 19581645959Death
Ernest Harry SaleSale,Ernest Harry15 December 19321658585Death
Sarah PrattPratt,Sarah15 December 1776166241241Baptism
Alfred WhitlockWhitlock,Alfred16 December 19691674848Death
John TurleyTurley,John16 December 1864168153153Death
James KempKemp,James16 December 1852169165165Birth
William Edwin HazellHazell,William Edwin17 December 1915170102102Birth
Robert J PashleyPashley,Robert J17 December 1914171103103Death
Herbert GeensGeens,Herbert17 December 1906172111111Birth
Grace Hilda GreenGreen,Grace Hilda17 December 1902173115115Baptism
Alfred John HeardHeard,Alfred John17 December 1900174117117Baptism
Lily Elizabeth HardwickHardwick,Lily Elizabeth17 December 1871175146146Birth
James TurleyTurley,James17 December 1827176190190Burial
Augustus Pratt + Susan WrenPratt,Augustus + Wren,Susan17 December 1882177135135Marriage
Marjorie Alice HarperHarper,Marjorie Alice18 December 20001781717Death
Sarah Rebecca Bryan MartinMartin,Sarah Rebecca Bryan18 December 1880179137137Birth
William CastellCastell,William18 December 1625180392392Baptism
Ernest DissDiss,Ernest19 December 1887181130130Birth
Hannah BowesBowes,Hannah19 December 1750182267267Death
Berry DodsonDodson,Berry19 December 1698183319319Baptism
John Castle + Elizabeth PriddonCastle,John + Priddon,Elizabeth19 December 1742184275275Marriage
Jane DodsonDodson,Jane20 December 1684185333333Death
Pamela M GriffithGriffith,Pamela M21 December 201018677Death
Pamela M GriffithGriffith,Pamela M21 December 19281878989Birth
Beatrice May HeardHeard,Beatrice May21 December 1898188119119Birth
Mary Charlotte GilbartGilbart,Mary Charlotte21 December 1865189152152Birth
William John GreenGreen,William John21 December 1853190164164Birth
Ann HeardHeard,Ann21 December 1755191262262Baptism
Robert George Charles GarrardGarrard,Robert George Charles22 December 1917192100100Baptism
Audrey May Cheveley DennisDennis,Audrey May Cheveley22 December 1915193102102Birth
Fanny Maria BoddyBoddy,Fanny Maria22 December 1819194198198Baptism
John HeardHeard,John22 December 1753195264264Death
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