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The Harvey Family of London, England
This family tree was last updated on 15 June 2016.
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On this day
Thomas Pashley HarveyHarvey,Thomas Pashley26 March 192309494Death
Agnes Annie GreeningGreening,Agnes Annie26 March 18791138138Birth
Samuel PashleyPashley,Samuel26 March 18652152152Death
Upcoming events
Henry PeacockPeacock,Henry27 March 17740243243Baptism
George Turley + Emma JonesTurley,George + Jones,Emma27 March 18531164164Marriage
Constance Margaret HarveyHarvey,Constance Margaret28 March 196225555Death
James Charles John GreenGreen,James Charles John28 March 18893128128Birth
Walter Alfred HeardHeard,Walter Alfred28 March 18724145145Baptism
Mary GeensGeens,Mary28 March 18565161161Birth
Amelia GormanGorman,Amelia29 March 193168686Death
William TurleyTurley,William29 March 18257192192Baptism
Thirza Lily ChanceChance,Thirza Lily30 March 19088109109Death
Ann BailisBailis,Ann30 March 18109207207Death
Dorothy Stacey BarrettBarrett,Dorothy Stacey30 March 172210295295Burial
Berry DodsonDodson,Berry30 March 172211295295Baptism
Edward Lench + Mary RussellLench,Edward + Russell,Mary30 March 184112176176Marriage
Ronald William BarnesBarnes,Ronald William31 March 191313104104Birth
Annie GreenGreen,Annie31 March 189214125125Birth
Henry HardwickHardwick,Henry31 March 183715180180Birth
William Leaman HarveyHarvey,William Leaman31 March 181116206206Baptism
John CastleCastle,John31 March 174517272272Baptism
Joan WarnerWarner,Joan31 March 162218395395Baptism
William John Boddy + Annie Jane MaskellBoddy,William John + Maskell,Annie Jane31 March 189019127127Marriage
Stanley SkiffSkiff,StanleyApril 2003201414Death
Hazel Beatrice GeensGeens,Hazel BeatriceApril 2002211515Death
Kate LockhartLockhart,KateApril 2002221515Death
Ivor Mervyn GreatrexGreatrex,Ivor MervynApril 2001231616Death
Amelia Maude HeardHeard,Amelia MaudeApril 1987243030Death
Marion Kinloch GilbartGilbart,Marion KinlochApril 1984253333Death
Annie Jane MaskellMaskell,Annie JaneApril 1950266767Death
Thomas W WithnellWithnell,Thomas WApril 191527102102Death
Marjorie Helen NicholsNichols,Marjorie HelenApril 191028107107Birth
Fanny Maria BoddyBoddy,Fanny MariaApril 190929108108Death
Maud Louisa SinfieldSinfield,Maud LouisaApril 190730110110Birth
Aubrey Joseph NicholsNichols,Aubrey JosephApril 190631111111Birth
Susan CummingsCummings,SusanApril 190432113113Death
Judith HollandHolland,JudithApril 190433113113Death
Lucy Kezia TaylorTaylor,Lucy KeziaApril 190034117117Death
William Thomas WilkinsWilkins,William ThomasApril 189535122122Birth
George Richard StairStair,George RichardApril 189236125125Birth
Ernest Freddy MillsMills,Ernest FreddyApril 189137126126Death
Mary PashleyPashley,MaryApril 188738130130Death
Augustus PrattPratt,AugustusApril 188439133133Birth
Beatrice PrattPratt,BeatriceApril 188440133133Birth
Josiah Alfred TurleyTurley,Josiah AlfredApril 188141136136Birth
Elizabeth Ellen PrattPratt,Elizabeth EllenApril 188142136136Birth
Edward LenchLench,EdwardApril 188143136136Death
George HolmesHolmes,GeorgeApril 187944138138Death
Phoebe HillHill,PhoebeApril 187745140140Death
Elizabeth Jane HardwickHardwick,Elizabeth JaneApril 187646141141Birth
Frederick William Richard PrattPratt,Frederick William RichardApril 186647151151Birth
James SeymourSeymour,JamesApril 186648151151Death
Hannah TurleyTurley,HannahApril 185049167167Birth
Susannah LenchLench,SusannahApril 184750170170Birth
Amelia SmithSmith,AmeliaApril 184451173173Death
N K GeensGeens,N KApril 184152176176Birth
Amelia SquiresSquires,AmeliaApril 183953178178Death
Thomas PashleyPashley,ThomasApril 183754180180Birth
Mary PashleyPashley,MaryApril 183055187187Birth
John Kinloch BoddyBoddy,John KinlochApril 183056187187Death
Charlotte BoddyBoddy,CharlotteApril 180257215215Birth
Ann BoddyBoddy,AnnApril 178358234234Birth
Thomas DodsonDodson,ThomasApril 167359344344Death
Gregory CastleCastle,GregoryApril 166460353353Death
Wilfred John TolleyTolley,Wilfred John1 April 1948616969Death
Sarah Ann GeensGeens,Sarah Ann1 April 189762120120Death
Fanny Elizabeth VintonVinton,Fanny Elizabeth1 April 186463153153Baptism
William Henry HazellHazell,William Henry1 April 183664181181Baptism
Eleanor GreenGreen,Eleanor1 April 179865219219Baptism
Anne BerryBerry,Anne1 April 172166296296Death
Charles Oldroy Hammersley + Elizabeth Ellen PrattHammersley,Charles Oldroy + Pratt,Elizabeth EllenApril 191267105105Marriage
Emily Rosina GreenGreen,Emily Rosina2 April 188668131131Birth
Mary PashleyPashley,Mary2 April 181569202202Baptism
Ann DodsonDodson,Ann2 April 174770270270Death
James Turley + Sarah HigginsTurley,James + Higgins,Sarah2 April 180471213213Marriage
Thomas Turley + Ann HarveyTurley,Thomas + Harvey,Ann2 April 180472213213Marriage
Maximillian Eugene KaufmannKaufmann,Maximillian Eugene3 April 190673111111Birth
Walter James BurrettBurrett,Walter James3 April 190474113113Birth
Henry HardwickHardwick,Henry3 April 183775180180Baptism
Mary DodsonDodson,Mary3 April 183376184184Death
Elizabeth SaundersSaunders,Elizabeth3 April 178577232232Baptism
Herbert George Pratt + Margaret Helen MarriottPratt,Herbert George + Marriott,Margaret Helen3 April 190478113113Marriage
John Kinloch BoddyBoddy,John Kinloch4 April 183079187187Burial
John LenchLench,John5 April 1925809292Death
Annie L WhitlockWhitlock,Annie L5 April 190481113113Birth
Edward Walter MedcalfMedcalf,Edward Walter5 April 190082117117Birth
William WarnerWarner,William5 April 161283405405Baptism
Emily SaleSale,Emily6 April 1967845050Death
Alice GeensGeens,Alice6 April 188685131131Birth
Harry HeardHeard,Harry6 April 186286155155Baptism
Charles Boddy + Fanny CraneBoddy,Charles + Crane,Fanny6 April 181787200200Marriage
Frank HazellHazell,Frank7 April 187288145145Baptism
Annie Eliza PrattPratt,Annie Eliza7 April 187189146146Birth
Elvy William Heard + Ethel Edith BarrHeard,Elvy William + Barr,Ethel Edith7 April 191290105105Marriage
Dorothy Agnes HeardHeard,Dorothy Agnes8 April 189591122122Baptism
Roseanne GilmoreGilmore,Roseanne8 April 183092187187Birth
William HeardHeard,William8 April 169993318318Death
Benjamin Pashley + Hannah WigfieldPashley,Benjamin + Wigfield,Hannah8 April 174094277277Marriage
Thomas Heard + Joanne MorginHeard,Thomas + Morgin,Joanne8 April 163295385385Marriage
Frederick Wiliam TurleyTurley,Frederick Wiliam9 April 187196146146Birth
William HeardHeard,William9 April 167497343343Baptism
Hannah BoddyBoddy,Hannah10 April 184698171171Burial
Olive Doreen MiramsMirams,Olive Doreen11 April 1925999292Birth
Amelia SquiresSquires,Amelia11 April 1839100178178Burial
Robert PashleyPashley,Robert12 April 1807101210210Baptism
Eliza EuesdenEuesden,Eliza13 April 19781023939Death
Mary Felicia GeensGeens,Mary Felicia13 April 1899103118118Birth
James Henry BoddyBoddy,James Henry13 April 1884104133133Death
James Henry BoddyBoddy,James Henry13 April 1847105170170Birth
William FrohockFrohock,William13 April 1783106234234Baptism
Sidney Ernest IliingworthIliingworth,Sidney Ernest14 April 19931072424Death
George Alfred BingeBinge,George Alfred14 April 19531086464Death
Laurence Mathison GilchristGilchrist,Laurence Mathison14 April 1915109102102Birth
Roy Horace GilbartGilbart,Roy Horace14 April 1884110133133Birth
Reginald Hughes GilbartGilbart,Reginald Hughes14 April 1867111150150Birth
Sarah HardwickHardwick,Sarah14 April 1793112224224Baptism
Terence Patrick Kelly + Daisy Maud KaufmannKelly,Terence Patrick + Kaufmann,Daisy Maud14 April 1912113105105Marriage
Edwin GeensGeens,Edwin15 April 1877114140140Birth
William MetcalfeMetcalfe,William15 April 1827115190190Baptism
Thomas DodsonDodson,Thomas15 April 1730116287287Death
George Pashley + Esther BennettPashley,George + Bennett,Esther15 April 1799117218218Marriage
Bertie Henry CharlesCharles,Bertie Henry16 April 20021181515Death
Blanche Ivy CollinsCollins,Blanche Ivy16 April 20011191616Death
Beatrice Rosina KaufmannKaufmann,Beatrice Rosina16 April 19641205353Death
Alexander Cyril PrattPratt,Alexander Cyril16 April 19281218989Birth
Amelia GormanGorman,Amelia16 April 1878122139139Birth
James BoddyBoddy,James16 April 1871123146146Death
Mary HeardHeard,Mary16 April 1775124242242Baptism
Elizabeth BodicoBodico,Elizabeth16 April 1759125258258Death
Lily Elizabeth GeensGeens,Lily Elizabeth17 April 19901262727Death
Mabel CookCook,Mabel17 April 19791273838Death
Harold Edmund KenwardKenward,Harold Edmund17 April 19631285454Death
Robert John BoddyBoddy,Robert John17 April 1831129186186Baptism
William DodsonDodson,William17 April 1683130334334Baptism
Abraham HeardHeard,Abraham17 April 1668131349349Baptism
John Charles Fergus Wright + Gertrude Alice HeardWright,John Charles Fergus + Heard,Gertrude Alice17 April 1915132102102Marriage
John Charles Fergus Wright + Gertrude Alice HeardWright,John Charles Fergus + Heard,Gertrude Alice17 April 1915133102102Marriage
Ernest DissDiss,Ernest18 April 19191349898Death
Emma Ann SheldrakeSheldrake,Emma Ann18 April 1894135123123Death
William Francis HazellHazell,William Francis18 April 1870136147147Baptism
John LenchLench,John18 April 1852137165165Birth
Samuel HardwickHardwick,Samuel18 April 1842138175175Birth
Harriet GeensGeens,Harriet18 April 1815139202202Baptism
Hilda Louise BurrettBurrett,Hilda Louise19 April 19581405959Death
Elizabeth WarnerWarner,Elizabeth19 April 1624141393393Baptism
Henry Robert Joseph GreenGreen,Henry Robert Joseph20 April 1851142166166Baptism
Ann BoddyBoddy,Ann20 April 1783143234234Baptism
Ann TurleyTurley,Ann20 April 1778144239239Baptism
William HeardHeard,William20 April 1777145240240Baptism
Thomas HeardHeard,Thomas20 April 1777146240240Baptism
Elizabeth TurleyTurley,Elizabeth20 April 1760147257257Baptism
Charles Ferdinand KaufmannKaufmann,Charles Ferdinand21 April 19431487474Death
Charles PrattPratt,Charles21 April 1839149178178Baptism
Edward Charles Medcalf + Charlotte Amelia HeardMedcalf,Edward Charles + Heard,Charlotte Amelia21 April 1892150125125Marriage
Mary Elizabeth FidoeFidoe,Mary Elizabeth22 April 19261519191Death
Harold Edmund KenwardKenward,Harold Edmund22 April 1899152118118Birth
James BoddyBoddy,James22 April 1871153146146Burial
Louisa VintonVinton,Louisa22 April 1840154177177Birth
Joseph Arthur Elvis Tolley + Lily Alice Alwena MooreTolley,Joseph Arthur Elvis + Moore,Lily Alice Alwena22 April 1916155101101Marriage
Brian Kenneth MedcalfMedcalf,Brian Kenneth23 April 19931562424Death
Harriet HoptonHopton,Harriet23 April 1860157157157Birth
Henry Alfred PrattPratt,Henry Alfred23 April 1844158173173Birth
Susannah TurleyTurley,Susannah23 April 1758159259259Baptism
William Heard + Ann IpeeHeard,William + Ipee,Ann23 April 1721160296296Marriage
Hannah CartledgeCartledge,Hannah24 April 1853161164164Death
Joseph PashleyPashley,Joseph24 April 1800162217217Birth
Jane KirkKirk,Jane24 April 1688163329329Death
Charles William Cornwell + Florence Lillian Kibbler HeardCornwell,Charles William + Heard,Florence Lillian Kibbler24 April 19201649797Marriage
George PashleyPashley,George25 April 1799165218218Birth
James Hebden + Olive Maud GreenHebden,James + Green,Olive Maud25 April 1914166103103Marriage
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