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The Harvey Family of London, England
This family tree was last updated on 15 June 2016.
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On this day
Charles SinfieldSinfield,Charles24 May 197004747Death
Ellen Victoria WilliamsWilliams,Ellen Victoria24 May 19011116116Birth
Eliza EuesdenEuesden,Eliza24 May 18912126126Birth
Sarah @N.N.,Sarah24 May 18463171171Death
Norman Power + Kathleen Edith Jane BoddyPower,Norman + Boddy,Kathleen Edith Jane24 May 191949898Marriage
Upcoming events
Freda Winifred HallHall,Freda Winifred25 May 192209595Birth
Alfred Patrick John DixonDixon,Alfred Patrick John25 May 191919898Birth
John William BurrettBurrett,John William25 May 18742143143Birth
Sarah GreenGreen,Sarah25 May 18003217217Baptism
Martha PeacockPeacock,Martha25 May 17884229229Baptism
Benjamin TurleyTurley,Benjamin25 May 17765241241Baptism
Mary CawdellCawdell,Mary25 May 17356282282Baptism
Abraham HeardHeard,Abraham25 May 16757342342Death
Albert Harman + Fanny Edith RussellHarman,Albert + Russell,Fanny Edith25 May 18848133133Marriage
Alfred William MedcalfMedcalf,Alfred William26 May 18939124124Birth
Thirza Lily ChanceChance,Thirza Lily26 May 184010177177Birth
George PashleyPashley,George26 May 179911218218Baptism
Elizabeth StewartStewart,Elizabeth28 May 177612241241Death
Berry Dodson + Dorothy Stacey BarrettDodson,Berry + Barrett,Dorothy Stacey28 May 172013297297Marriage
Lily Elizabeth HardwickHardwick,Lily Elizabeth29 May 1945147272Death
Albert Ernest GeensGeens,Albert Ernest29 May 190315114114Birth
Emma Eveline GeensGeens,Emma Eveline29 May 188916128128Birth
Charles William CornwellCornwell,Charles William30 May 1962175555Death
Thomas Ernest Alexander GriffithGriffith,Thomas Ernest Alexander30 May 189818119119Birth
William John BoddyBoddy,William John30 May 189819119119Death
Cyril GilbartGilbart,Cyril30 May 188620131131Baptism
George TurleyTurley,George31 May 183121186186Baptism
George Charles + Lydia Emily GreenCharles,George + Green,Lydia Emily31 May 190822109109Marriage
Ronald William BarnesBarnes,Ronald WilliamJune 2004231313Death
Bertram Edwin GilbartGilbart,Bertram EdwinJune 1990242727Death
Frank Ernest GreatrexGreatrex,Frank ErnestJune 1989252828Death
Harold Edward GreatrexGreatrex,Harold EdwardJune 1986263131Death
Patrick George Cheveley DennisDennis,Patrick George CheveleyJune 1980273737Death
John SkidmoreSkidmore,JohnJune 1977284040Death
Helen Gertrude PrattPratt,Helen GertrudeJune 1977294040Death
Charles Victor W HeardHeard,Charles Victor WJune 1973304444Death
Frederick Stanley MiramsMirams,Frederick StanleyJune 1971314646Death
Alfred William MedcalfMedcalf,Alfred WilliamJune 1969324848Death
Reginald Eric BirchBirch,Reginald EricJune 1966335151Death
Lucien Joseph NicoletNicolet,Lucien JosephJune 1964345353Death
Russell Sidney BrownBrown,Russell SidneyJune 1962355555Death
Augustus PrattPratt,AugustusJune 1962365555Death
Frederick Arthur PrattPratt,Frederick ArthurJune 1959375858Death
John William BurrettBurrett,John WilliamJune 1959385858Death
Henry Alfred PrattPratt,Henry AlfredJune 1957396060Death
Anette Constance KempKemp,Anette ConstanceJune 1949406868Death
Donald C GogelGogel,Donald CJune 1945417272Death
Emily Eliza MoulandMouland,Emily ElizaJune 1943427474Death
Walter Alfred HeardHeard,Walter AlfredJune 1939437878Death
John R MandersManders,John RJune 1936448181Birth
Susannah LenchLench,SusannahJune 1935458282Death
Mary Jane TurleyTurley,Mary JaneJune 1934468383Death
Emily MayMay,EmilyJune 1933478484Death
Ralph J HitchmanHitchman,Ralph JJune 1930488787Birth
James KempKemp,JamesJune 1930498787Death
Joseph GellingGelling,JosephJune 1929508888Death
Rhona Elizabeth WookeyWookey,Rhona ElizabethJune 1927519090Birth
Elizabeth GreenGreen,ElizabethJune 1927529090Death
Josiah TurleyTurley,JosiahJune 1926539191Death
Charles W A KaufmannKaufmann,Charles W AJune 1925549292Birth
George CharlesCharles,GeorgeJune 1925559292Death
Aubrey Joseph NicholsNichols,Aubrey JosephJune 1925569292Death
Florence M HeardHeard,Florence MJune 1924579393Birth
Edward F ButlerButler,Edward FJune 1923589494Birth
John Frederick GreenGreen,John FrederickJune 1923599494Death
Lily Florence WedgburyWedgbury,Lily FlorenceJune 1922609595Death
Joan V W HeardHeard,Joan V WJune 1921619696Birth
Josiah Alfred TurleyTurley,Josiah AlfredJune 1921629696Death
Beatrice M GassonGasson,Beatrice MJune 1920639797Birth
Clara SkidmoreSkidmore,ClaraJune 1920649797Birth
Grace M ButlerButler,Grace MJune 1920659797Birth
Dorothy F GreatrexGreatrex,Dorothy FJune 1919669898Birth
Lily HardwickHardwick,LilyJune 1919679898Death
Henry Thomas GeensGeens,Henry ThomasJune 1918689999Death
Lydia R HebdenHebden,Lydia RJune 191669101101Birth
Thora B GreatrexGreatrex,Thora BJune 191670101101Birth
Eliza Rosina HeardHeard,Eliza RosinaJune 191671101101Death
Emma LenchLench,EmmaJune 191672101101Death
Eliza PrattPratt,ElizaJune 191573102102Death
Edwin LeadbeaterLeadbeater,EdwinJune 191474103103Death
William HeardHeard,WilliamJune 191475103103Death
Benjamin Smith BoddyBoddy,Benjamin SmithJune 191376104104Death
Ernest George GreenGreen,Ernest GeorgeJune 191277105105Death
Frederick GreenGreen,FrederickJune 191078107107Death
Alice Gertrude EvansEvans,Alice GertrudeJune 190879109109Death
James Ernest HeardHeard,James ErnestJune 190380114114Birth
Charlotte Amelia MetcalfeMetcalfe,Charlotte AmeliaJune 190181116116Death
Sarah SeymourSeymour,SarahJune 190182116116Death
Violet Maud GilbartGilbart,Violet MaudJune 189983118118Birth
Constance Margaret HarveyHarvey,Constance MargaretJune 189884119119Birth
Clarence George GeensGeens,Clarence GeorgeJune 189285125125Birth
Maurice SheldrakeSheldrake,MauriceJune 189186126126Death
Elizabeth QuartermanQuarterman,ElizabethJune 189187126126Death
Emily GreenGreen,EmilyJune 189088127127Birth
Mary PeacockPeacock,MaryJune 188989128128Death
Laurence Hughes GilbartGilbart,Laurence HughesJune 188890129129Death
Harriet Mary A HammondHammond,Harriet Mary AJune 188591132132Death
Elsie Maude GilbartGilbart,Elsie MaudeJune 188392134134Birth
Elizabeth HowesHowes,ElizabethJune 188393134134Death
Roseanne GilmoreGilmore,RoseanneJune 188394134134Death
Amos Philip TiggTigg,Amos PhilipJune 188095137137Birth
Henry HarveyHarvey,HenryJune 187996138138Death
Jane PeacockPeacock,JaneJune 187897139139Death
May Elizabeth HazellHazell,May ElizabethJune 187598142142Birth
Jane HeardHeard,JaneJune 187399144144Death
Henry Whitmore BakerBaker,Henry WhitmoreJune 1872100145145Death
Charlotte Amelia HeardHeard,Charlotte AmeliaJune 1870101147147Birth
Henry Robert Joseph GreenGreen,Henry Robert JosephJune 1870102147147Death
Edward HollowayHolloway,EdwardJune 1866103151151Death
Thomas RussellRussell,ThomasJune 1861104156156Death
Mary Emma HollandHolland,Mary EmmaJune 1859105158158Death
Rose Charlotte GilbartGilbart,Rose CharlotteJune 1856106161161Birth
Ann @N.N.,AnnJune 1856107161161Death
Harriet Weaver HebbendHebbend,Harriet WeaverJune 1846108171171Birth
Hannah PashleyPashley,HannahJune 1835109182182Birth
James MetcalfeMetcalfe,JamesJune 1825110192192Death
Charles BoddyBoddy,CharlesJune 1791111226226Birth
Thomas CastleCastle,ThomasJune 1675112342342Baptism
Mary GeensGeens,Mary1 June 1890113127127Birth
Joseph SaundersSaunders,Joseph1 June 1783114234234Baptism
Ann GreenGreen,Ann1 June 1783115234234Baptism
Michael R P Taylor + Joan V W HeardTaylor,Michael R P + Heard,Joan V WJune 19521166565Marriage
Peter Leslie Martin Heard + Grace CravenHeard,Peter Leslie Martin + Craven,GraceJune 19501176767Marriage
Ian M Wilson + Phyllis M HazellWilson,Ian M + Hazell,Phyllis MJune 19461187171Marriage
Petty Officer Charles Edward Gogel + Marjorie I C HeardGogel,Charles Edward + Heard,Marjorie I CJune 19361198181Marriage
Harold Edward Greatrex + Doreen I BrowneGreatrex,Harold Edward + Browne,Doreen IJune 19361208181Marriage
Reginald Eric Birch + Wyndham May HarveyBirch,Reginald Eric + Harvey,Wyndham MayJune 19311218686Marriage
Maximillian Eugene Kaufmann + Bessie Violet BonesKaufmann,Maximillian Eugene + Bones,Bessie VioletJune 19281228989Marriage
Charles William George Kaufmann + Eleanor Ann SpencerKaufmann,Charles William George + Spencer,Eleanor AnnJune 19251239292Marriage
Harry Ernest Kiff + Louisa Grace HeardKiff,Harry Ernest + Heard,Louisa GraceJune 19231249494Marriage
John Binnersley + Beatrice Mabel TurleyBinnersley,John + Turley,Beatrice MabelJune 19231259494Marriage
Robert Joseph Turner + Blanche HeardTurner,Robert Joseph + Heard,BlancheJune 19201269797Marriage
Arthur Victor Heard + Ellen Florence HorryHeard,Arthur Victor + Horry,Ellen FlorenceJune 1913127104104Marriage
James Dennis + Ada Eliza TungateDennis,James + Tungate,Ada ElizaJune 1912128105105Marriage
Augustus Pratt + Johanna Annie CookePratt,Augustus + Cooke,Johanna AnnieJune 1908129109109Marriage
William Charles Dando + Anne Amelia TurleyDando,William Charles + Turley,Anne AmeliaJune 1903130114114Marriage
Wilfred John Tolley + Emma JonesTolley,Wilfred John + Jones,EmmaJune 1900131117117Marriage
George Henry Symmans + Susannah LenchSymmans,George Henry + Lench,SusannahJune 1898132119119Marriage
Walter Harry Mills + Lilian Mary ClarkeMills,Walter Harry + Clarke,Lilian MaryJune 1897133120120Marriage
John Heard + Mary Elizabeth PuxleyHeard,John + Puxley,Mary ElizabethJune 1887134130130Marriage
George Boddy + Matilda MottBoddy,George + Mott,MatildaJune 1881135136136Marriage
John Sale + Mary Jane TurleySale,John + Turley,Mary JaneJune 1878136139139Marriage
Thomas Dodson + Elizabeth HolmesDodson,Thomas + Holmes,Elizabeth1 June 1703137314314Marriage
James Coulson + Sarah DodsonCoulson,James + Dodson,Sarah2 June 1777138240240Marriage
Beatrice Ann GeensGeens,Beatrice Ann3 June 19591395858Death
Reginald Edward GilbartGilbart,Reginald Edward3 June 1916140101101Birth
John PashleyPashley,John3 June 1864141153153Death
Thomas PashleyPashley,Thomas3 June 1753142264264Baptism
Joseph Nichols + Helena Mary HazellNichols,Joseph + Hazell,Helena Mary3 June 1905143112112Marriage
Ann Squires MetcalfeMetcalfe,Ann Squires4 June 1796144221221Baptism
Francis Leo SullivanSullivan,Francis Leo5 June 19881452929Death
Emma BoddyBoddy,Emma5 June 1831146186186Baptism
Percy Wilfred Iliingworth + Charlotte Metcalf KaufmannIliingworth,Percy Wilfred + Kaufmann,Charlotte Metcalf5 June 1911147106106Marriage
William PashleyPashley,William6 June 1867148150150Death
Sarah KeetonKeeton,Sarah6 June 1860149157157Death
Rose Charlotte GilbartGilbart,Rose Charlotte6 June 1856150161161Baptism
William MetcalfeMetcalfe,William6 June 1830151187187Baptism
Sarah RussellRussell,Sarah6 June 1813152204204Baptism
William HardwickHardwick,William7 June 1761153256256Baptism
Edward Dutton + Mary TurleyDutton,Edward + Turley,Mary7 June 1774154243243Marriage
James Leadbeater WingWing,James Leadbeater8 June 19521556565Death
Bertie Henry CharlesCharles,Bertie Henry8 June 1914156103103Birth
Albert Aldridge + Gladys Edith Margueritte KaufmannAldridge,Albert + Kaufmann,Gladys Edith Margueritte8 June 19191579898Marriage
Edward Ronald M HeardHeard,Edward Ronald M9 June 19281588989Birth
Alfred Edward CharlesCharles,Alfred Edward9 June 1910159107107Birth
Grace CravenCraven,Grace10 June 201216055Death
Frederick K Hazell + Florence Mary Zulee WhiteHazell,Frederick K + White,Florence Mary Zulee10 June 1905161112112Marriage
Richard Pratt + Sarah SeymourPratt,Richard + Seymour,Sarah10 June 1832162185185Marriage
Thomas Dodson + Jane KirkDodson,Thomas + Kirk,Jane10 June 1643163374374Marriage
James WingWing,James11 June 19281648989Death
Arthur Edward GilbartGilbart,Arthur Edward11 June 1859165158158Birth
Nathaniel RussellRussell,Nathaniel11 June 1819166198198Baptism
Sarah Ann HeardHeard,Sarah Ann12 June 1906167111111Death
Frederick William GreenGreen,Frederick William12 June 1825168192192Birth
Petty Officer Charles Edward GogelGogel,Charles Edward13 June 19441697373Death
Mabel CookCook,Mabel13 June 1906170111111Birth
Alfred WhitlockWhitlock,Alfred13 June 1901171116116Birth
Daisy Maud KaufmannKaufmann,Daisy Maud13 June 1890172127127Birth
James Henry BoddyBoddy,James Henry13 June 1847173170170Baptism
George Alfred Geens + Elizabeth RouseGeens,George Alfred + Rouse,Elizabeth13 June 1883174134134Marriage
Gertrude Alice HeardHeard,Gertrude Alice14 June 1894175123123Birth
Sidney Ernest IliingworthIliingworth,Sidney Ernest15 June 19251769292Birth
Ernest William Masters + Jessie GreenMasters,Ernest William + Green,Jessie15 June 19291778888Marriage
Mary PeacockPeacock,Mary16 June 1776178241241Baptism
Thomas CastleCastle,Thomas16 June 1676179341341Death
Joseph Gelling + Martha PashleyGelling,Joseph + Pashley,Martha16 June 1875180142142Marriage
Douglas James Victor HeardHeard,Douglas James Victor17 June 19881812929Death
Dinah AndrewsAndrews,Dinah17 June 1849182168168Birth
William GreenGreen,William17 June 1792183225225Baptism
Henry Robert Joseph GreenGreen,Henry Robert Joseph18 June 1870184147147Burial
William HardwickHardwick,William18 June 1760185257257Death
William GeensGeens,William19 June 19221869595Death
Kate GeensGeens,Kate19 June 1891187126126Birth
William GeensGeens,William19 June 1884188133133Birth
Sarah Maud PrattPratt,Sarah Maud19 June 1876189141141Birth
James MetcalfeMetcalfe,James19 June 1825190192192Burial
Ann ConisbyConisby,Ann19 June 1727191290290Death
Thomas CastleCastle,Thomas19 June 1676192341341Burial
John Cook + Flossie Emmie TolleyCook,John + Tolley,Flossie Emmie19 June 19181939999Marriage
Thomas Elston WingWing,Thomas Elston20 June 20011941616Death
Percy Wilfred IliingworthIliingworth,Percy Wilfred20 June 1887195130130Birth
Robert J PashleyPashley,Robert J20 June 1841196176176Birth
Magdalene GreenGreen,Magdalene20 June 1833197184184Birth
Jane HollandHolland,Jane20 June 1827198190190Death
Sarah PashleyPashley,Sarah20 June 1807199210210Baptism
Robert CastleCastle,Robert20 June 1731200286286Baptism
William Dodson + Sarah CookeDodson,William + Cooke,Sarah20 June 1777201240240Marriage
Emily Ethel Blanche WiltshireWiltshire,Emily Ethel Blanche21 June 19872023030Death
Jane TurleyTurley,Jane21 June 1820203197197Baptism
Samuel HardwickHardwick,Samuel21 June 1780204237237Death
Jessie GreenGreen,Jessie22 June 1904205113113Birth
Gladys Edith Margueritte KaufmannKaufmann,Gladys Edith Margueritte22 June 1900206117117Baptism
Frances Henrietta Maldon HollandHolland,Frances Henrietta Maldon22 June 1827207190190Baptism
Hanah PashleyPashley,Hanah22 June 1749208268268Baptism
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