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The Hampton Family of Liverpool, Lancashire, England
This family tree was last updated on 9 January 2017.
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Ainsworth, Allen, Bailey, Bann, Barber, Barnes, Bartlett, Barton, Betsy, Bevan, Blagg, Bostock, Boulton, Boyce, Boyd, Brew, Bridson, Brooke, Browning, Burgess, Burgon, Burton, Butterworth, Cain, Caine, Campbell, Cannell, Caple, Chapman, Chase, Christian, Clague, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clucas, Cooper, Corkill, Corlett, Cottier, Craddock, Craine, Crawshaw, Crebbin, Creer, Cretney, Curghey, Daniel, Daniels, Darr, Davies, Dawson, De Barr, Elliott, Ellis, Evans, Fargher, Faulkner, Fidoe, Fox, Freeman, Gaines, Gardiner, Gardner, Garret, Gaskell, Gayton, Gell, Gick, Green, Guildford, Haase, Hale, Hallowell, Hampton, Harbird, Harding, Harrington, Harrison, Harrop, Hartley, Henshall, Herritt, Hewlett, Hill, Hobbs, Holdaway, Holmes, Horsefield, Howard, Hull, Hymas, Jessop, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jorgensen, Kelly, Kermode, Kerruish, Kewley, Killey, Killip, Kinley, Kinnish, Kissack, Kitty, Kneale, Kneen, Lee, Leece, Lloyd, Looney, Lowe, Lucas, MacBooy, MacKay, Madsen, Mann, Margrett, Matty, Miles, Moore, Morton, Mottershead, Murphy, Muxlow, Needham, Nicodemus, Nutt, Oates, Parsons, Peachy, Pope, Price, Priest, Quayle, Quiggin, Quine, Quirk, Reeves, Roberts, Robinson, Roebuck, Rogers, Roles, Sampson, Saul, Sayle, Seymour, Shephard, Shimmin, Short, Siddall, Simms, Smith, Stoneman, Stubbs, Sweeny, Swift, Taubman, Taylor, Thompson, Thornock, Towers, Turner, Twinning, Twyning, Vare, Walters, Walton, Ward, Watson, Watterson, Wattleford, Wattleworth, Whiston, Willetts, Williams, Wilson, Wood
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George Faulkner and Nellie Cooper.jpgNellie Cooper
Birth: 15 August 1909Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death: 2 April 1988Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Mary Haddock Jackson - photo taken in England.jpgMary Haddock
Birth: 8 July 1820Cheshire, England
Death: 27 July 1885Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
Roy Lee.jpgRoy Oliver Lee
Birth: 22 February 1943 18 17Dover, Kent, England
Death: 5 April 2002Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Catherine Harbird Ellis.jpgCatherine Harbird Ellis
Birth: 27 June 1895 34 32Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death: 15 April 1977Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Tom Baddiley snr.jpgThomas Baddiley
Birth: 17 June 1893Cattistock, Dorset, England
Death: 4 December 1972Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Elsie Vigus- William Boyce Wedding.jpgWilliam A Boyce
Birth: 2 March 1908 26 8Marylebone, London, England
Death: 4 January 1954Dulwich, Camberwell, England
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Miss DarrDarr,Miss27 March 193608181Birth
Miss DarrDarr,Miss27 March 193618181Death
Maud Edna StokesStokes,Maud Edna27 March 192129696Birth
Robert LeeceLeece,Robert27 March 18023215215Burial
Grace BurgonBurgon,Grace27 March 17584259259Baptism
Doris Theresa BrookeBrooke,Doris Theresa28 March 19065111111Birth
Neva Belle MontgomeryMontgomery,Neva Belle28 March 19016116116Birth
Louisa A HaaseHaase,Louisa A28 March 18847133133Birth
John QuigginQuiggin,John28 March 18648153153Burial
Margaret MooreMoore,Margaret28 March 17389279279Baptism
Anne QuigginQuiggin,Anne28 March 172210295295Baptism
Catherine KilleyKilley,Catherine28 March 171811299299Baptism
Sarah Jane HymasHymas,Sarah Jane29 March 2005121212Death
Ann HamptonHampton,Ann29 March 185013167167Baptism
Mary A CorkillCorkill,Mary A29 March 184514172172Death
Edward MooreMoore,Edward29 March 184015177177Baptism
John AinsworthAinsworth,John29 March 178916228228Birth
John Thomas Hampton + Ellen QuayleHampton,John Thomas + Quayle,Ellen29 March 187117146146Marriage
Carroll Ray DarrDarr,Carroll Ray31 March 1998181919Death
James Russell De BarrDe Barr,James Russell31 March 1925199292Birth
Ronald John Frank TwinningTwinning,Ronald John Frank31 March 1924209393Birth
Margaret Ann De BarrDe Barr,Margaret Ann31 March 186121156156Baptism
William GellGell,William31 March 174822269269Death
Isabel WattleworthWattleworth,Isabel31 March 166723350350Baptism
Leonard Arthur ThompsonThompson,Leonard ArthurApril 2006241111Burial
Ivy Dorothy Harriet FaulknerFaulkner,Ivy Dorothy HarrietApril 1991252626Death
Peter HansenHansen,PeterApril 1972264545Burial
Martha HamptonHampton,MarthaApril 1944277373Death
Johann A ThielenThielen,Johann Aafter April 1940287777Death
Thomas BrookeBrooke,ThomasApril 1936298181Death
Marvin G HaaseHaase,Marvin GApril 1928308989Burial
Ellen JohnstonJohnston,EllenApril 1927319090Death
John George QuayleQuayle,John GeorgeApril 1920329797Death
Ethel Mary KissackKissack,Ethel MaryApril 191733100100Birth
Doris PopePope,DorisApril 191234105105Death
Arthur HardingHarding,ArthurApril 190935108108Birth
Henry Isaac WilsonWilson,Henry IsaacApril 190736110110Birth
May GuildfordGuildford,MayApril 190237115115Birth
Alfred GuildfordGuildford,AlfredApril 190138116116Birth
Sarah Ann AinsworthAinsworth,Sarah AnnApril 189939118118Death
Kate Louisa HewlettHewlett,Kate LouisaApril 189840119119Birth
John Killip ParsonsParsons,John KillipApril 189841119119Birth
John GaskellGaskell,JohnApril 189542122122Death
William HardingHarding,WilliamApril 189543122122Death
Hannah LloydLloyd,HannahApril 189244125125Death
Thomas George DuckDuck,Thomas GeorgeApril 189045127127Death
Walter Herbert OatesOates,Walter HerbertApril 189046127127Birth
William NeedhamNeedham,WilliamApril 189047127127Birth
Peter Swift WoodWood,Peter SwiftApril 188648131131Death
Joseph JessopJessop,JosephApril 188649131131Death
Arthur MortonMorton,ArthurApril 188350134134Birth
Eliza TwyningTwyning,ElizaApril 188151136136Death
Clara MiddletonMiddleton,ClaraApril 188152136136Birth
William BrookeBrooke,WilliamApril 188053137137Birth
William De BarrDe Barr,WilliamApril 187954138138Death
Sarah @N.N.,SarahApril 187555142142Death
William Thomas Howard HaleHale,William Thomas HowardApril 187456143143Birth
William BrookeBrooke,WilliamApril 186857149149Birth
William De BarrDe Barr,WilliamApril 186658151151Birth
John Joseph CorlettCorlett,John JosephApril 185959158158Burial
Jane Julia CorlettCorlett,Jane JuliaApril 185760160160Burial
Robert WilsonWilson,RobertApril 185461163163Death
William MattyMatty,WilliamApril 185162166166Death
William Henry WilsonWilson,William HenryApril 185163166166Birth
Thomas George DuckDuck,Thomas GeorgeApril 185064167167Birth
Louisa WilsonWilson,LouisaApril 184565172172Birth
Mary A CorkillCorkill,Mary AApril 184566172172Burial
Sarah Ann AinsworthAinsworth,Sarah AnnApril 183967178178Birth
John QuineQuine,JohnApril 183868179179Burial
Catherine QuigginQuiggin,CatherineApril 183169186186Birth
Esther CowleCowle,EstherApril 182970188188Death
Margaret CorkanCorkan,MargaretApril 182871189189Death
John MooreMoore,JohnApril 182672191191Death
Margaret CrebbinCrebbin,MargaretApril 182573192192Death
Joseph Joshua HamptonHampton,Joseph JoshuaApril 182474193193Birth
Philip KellyKelly,PhilipApril 182175196196Death
Paul QuineQuine,PaulApril 181976198198Death
Thomas HamptonHampton,ThomasApril 181777200200Death
Isabel LeeceLeece,IsabelApril 181078207207Death
Mary GarretGarret,MaryApril 180379214214Death
James HarrisonHarrison,JamesApril 179280225225Burial
William HaleHale,WilliamApril 179181226226Death
Philip HamptonHampton,PhilipApril 178582232232Death
Gilbert Corlett Jr.Corlett,GilbertApril 178483233233Death
George HamptonHampton,GeorgeApril 177484243243Death
John CrebbinCrebbin,JohnApril 177085247247Death
John WilsonWilson,JohnApril 176586252252Birth
Thomas MooreMoore,ThomasApril 174987268268Death
Jophn WattleworthWattleworth,JophnApril 174188276276Death
Robert QuigginQuiggin,RobertApril 174089277277Death
John HamptonHampton,JohnApril 173890279279Birth
Nicholas HamptonHampton,NicholasApril 173891279279Death
Margaret MooreMoore,MargaretApril 173892279279Death
Catherine KilleyKilley,CatherineApril 173093287287Death
Charles ShimminShimmin,CharlesApril 171694301301Death
Jon ShimminShimmin,JonApril 170895309309Birth
Philip ClucasClucas,PhilipApril 170196316316Death
Verenda RobertsRoberts,Verenda1 April 1991972626Death
Everal Llewellyn RobertsRoberts,Everal Llewellyn1 April 190498113113Birth
Harry TwyningTwyning,Harry1 April 188099137137Birth
Thomas LloydLloyd,Thomas1 April 1862100155155Burial
Louisa YaxleyYaxley,Louisa1 April 1860101157157Death
Ann BridsonBridson,Ann1 April 1846102171171Death
James OatesOates,James1 April 1844103173173Birth
William HaleHale,William1 April 1832104185185Baptism
Joseph CretneyCretney,Joseph1 April 1770105247247Baptism
Esther LeeceLeece,Esther1 April 1770106247247Baptism
Philip KilleyKilley,Philip1 April 1763107254254Death
Robert LeeceLeece,Robert1 April 1680108337337Baptism
Arthur Morton + Ellen Ethel WilsonMorton,Arthur + Wilson,Ellen EthelApril 1907109110110Marriage
George Sydney Holmes + Lily JessopHolmes,George Sydney + Jessop,LilyApril 1906110111111Marriage
Henry Hewlett + Louisa Frances HarbirdHewlett,Henry + Harbird,Louisa FrancesApril 1891111126126Marriage
Nellie CooperCooper,Nellie2 April 19881122929Death
Mary Ann DaviesDavies,Mary Ann2 April 1913113104104Death
Elizabeth MattyMatty,Elizabeth2 April 1882114135135Death
Charles CainCain,Charles2 April 1844115173173Death
John QuineQuine,John2 April 1826116191191Baptism
William MattyMatty,William2 April 1775117242242Baptism
Jony ShimminShimmin,Jony2 April 1747118270270Baptism
Robert WattlefordWattleford,Robert2 April 1664119353353Death
Timothy Gilbert + Ann RobertsGilbert,Timothy + Roberts,Ann2 April 1860120157157Marriage
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Clark Corlett
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