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The Hadwen Family of Lancashire, England
This family tree was last updated on 19 August 2017.
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Abbott, Abram, Airey, Allen, Alsace, Anjou, Aquitaine, Ashton, Ashworth, Atkinson, Aubigny, Audley, Aughton, Avesnes, Bacon, Bagshaw, Bailey, Baines, Ball, Barker, Barlow, Basset, Bavaria, Beauchamp, Beaumont, Belham, Bell, Bellam, Bennett, Bigod, Bird, Blamey, Boak, Bohun, Bond, Boteler, Bownas, Braithwaite, Braose, Briggs, Brown, Burgundy, Burton, Bush, Canham, Carrodus, Carter, Castile, Chamber, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clavering, Clifford, Collinge, Collinson, Cooke, Cooper, Corbet, Cottrell, Courtenay, Croft, Davies, Day, Deincourt, Denmark, Dent, Depledge, DeSpenser, Dickinson, Dixon, Dreux, Edwards, Elleray, Emperor of Rome, England, Evans, Farran, Ferrers, Fiennes, FitzAlan, Flanders, Fleming, Ford, Fox, France, Franks, Furnival, Garnett, Gascoigne, Gledhill, Gloucester, Glover, Grave, Green, Grey, Greystoke, Habsburg, Hadwen, Hainault, Hall, Hamerton, Hannover, Harrison, Hawthorn, Hayton, Heap, Heaton, Hibbert, Hill, Hodgson, Hoggarth, Holland, Holmes, Holy Roman Empire, Hopwood, Hoy, Huck, Hughes, Hungary, Hutchinson, Ion, Jackson, James, Jepson, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kent, Kiev, Kirk, Lacy, Lashford, Leinster, Lewtas, Lloyd, Lomas, Lorraine, Lovell, Lowe, MaCaulay, Mallinder, Marshall, Mason, Meakin, Meschines, Mills, Montfort, Montgomery, Mortimer, Murray, Mushens, Nelson, Neville, Norman, Normandy, Oldknow, Parker, Payne, Pearson, Peet, Percy, Plantagenet, Plumpton, Portugal, Posnett, Pratt, Preston, Prussia, Ramsey, Redfern, Retchless, Richards, Richardson, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rome, Rothwell, Russell, Russia, Rymer, Saxony, Scotland, Scrope, Sergent, Shaw, Simpson, Singleton, Smalley, Smith, Sorton, Stable, Stafford, Stocker, Stones, Strickland, Stuart, Sweden, Swinhoe, Swinney, Tallon, Tasker, Tattersall, Taylor, Teasdale, Tempest, Tervin, Thompson, Thornburrow, Thraves, Threlfall, Townson, Tunstall, Turner, Vanes, Verdun, Vere, Vermandois, Wainwright, Walkden, Walker, Warburton, Wareing, Watman, Watson, Wessex, White, Wild, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wurtemburg, Zouche
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On this day
Jannette May StudneyStudney,Jannette May20 August 2012055Death
William JamesJames,William20 August 19171100100Death
Netta BlameyBlamey,Netta20 August 18982119119Birth
Charlotte WainwrightWainwright,Charlotte20 August 18933124124Death
Sarah Agnes BushBush,Sarah Agnes20 August 18854132132Birth
Annie AllenAllen,Annie20 August 18825135135Baptism
Robert AllenAllen,Robert20 August 18826135135Baptism
Judith BoyceBoyce,Judith20 August 18797138138Death
Elizabeth JamesJames,Elizabeth20 August 18718146146Baptism
Isabella HirdHird,Isabella20 August 18689149149Birth
John TaylorTaylor,John20 August 185410163163Burial
Prince Wiilliam of Nassau-WeilburgNassau-Weilburg,Wiilliam20 August 183911178178Death
Ellen BrownBrown,Ellen20 August 182412193193Baptism
Dorothy BrownBrown,Dorothy20 August 181113206206Birth
Joseph ThrelfallThrelfall,Joseph20 August 180314214214Baptism
Samuel SternwhiteSternwhite,Samuel20 August 179715220220Baptism
Prince Alfred of EnglandEngland,Alfred20 August 178216235235Death
William SmithSmith,William20 August 175817259259Baptism
Sarah DobsonDobson,Sarah20 August 172218295295Birth
Grace FordFord,Grace20 August 172119296296Baptism
James RiggsRiggs,James20 August 170220315315Birth
Margaret KitsonKitson,Margaret20 August 166321354354Christening
Jacobus EarnshawEarnshaw,Jacobus20 August 160922408408Baptism
Sir James StrangewaysStrangeways,James20 August 148023537537Death
Sir Richard GreyGrey,Richard20 August 144224575575Death
Hugh de BradshawBradshaw,Hugh20 August 138125636636Death
Elena de QuincyQuincy,Elena20 August 129626721721Death
Sir Robert de NevilleNeville,Robert20 August 128227735735Death
Count Konrad in the RheingauRheingau,Konrad20 August 997281,0201020Death
Nathan Dean Aller + Ella Marr SmithAller,Nathan Dean + Smith,Ella Marr20 August 1934298383Marriage
George Henry Finch + Dulce Mabel HeatonFinch,George Henry + Heaton,Dulce Mabel20 August 1932308585Marriage
Percival Edward Kilcup + Emily JewellKilcup,Percival Edward + Jewell,Emily20 August 1919319898Marriage
Maurice Sareein + Betsy BercottSareein,Maurice + Bercott,Betsy20 August 190232115115Marriage
William Arthur Bush + Sarah Elizabeth WoodhouseBush,William Arthur + Woodhouse,Sarah Elizabeth20 August 189333124124Marriage
Robert Jones + Elizabeth NelsonJones,Robert + Nelson,Elizabeth20 August 189034127127Marriage
William Weeks + Amy Angeline WatmanWeeks,William + Watman,Amy Angeline20 August 188735130130Marriage
John Henry Evans + Elizabeth FranceEvans,John Henry + France,Elizabeth20 August 187736140140Marriage
… … + Susan Belham@N.N. + Belham,Susan20 August 184737170170Marriage
John Delph + Susan BelhamDelph,John + Belham,Susan20 August 184738170170Marriage
William 11 of Ponthieu + Princess Alais of FrancePonthieu,William 11 + France,Alais20 August 119539822822Marriage
Upcoming events
Abel KirkKirk,Abel21 August 199302424Death
Ralph Howard HeatonHeaton,Ralph Howard21 August 199212525Death
Leonard ThornileyThorniley,Leonard21 August 199122626Death
Christopher George Arthur BowringBowring,Christopher George Arthur21 August 198233535Death
Georgina WestburyWestbury,Georgina21 August 198143636Death
Beatrice Mary PearsonPearson,Beatrice Mary21 August 197354444Death
Lettie LundLund,Lettie21 August 195766060Death
Florence Elizabeth HodgeHodge,Florence Elizabeth21 August 193278585Birth
Princess Margaret Rose of EnglandEngland,Margaret Rose21 August 193088787Birth
Gerald LascellesLascelles,Gerald21 August 192499393Birth
Helen Louise JamesJames,Helen Louise21 August 1922109595Birth
William George JepsonJepson,William George21 August 1921119696Death
Isaac TeasdaleTeasdale,Isaac21 August 191512102102Death
Evelyn Mae PaynePayne,Evelyn Mae21 August 191413103103Birth
Eliza CauntCaunt,Eliza21 August 190814109109Death
Bessie CarrCarr,Bessie21 August 190815109109Birth
Grace BrownBrown,Grace21 August 189516122122Baptism
William AverillAverill,William21 August 189117126126Birth
Elizabeth Thompson MoleMole,Elizabeth Thompson21 August 188718130130Baptism
Robert Henry MasonMason,Robert Henry21 August 188119136136Baptism
Crown Prince Rudolph of AustriaAustria,Rudolph21 August 185820159159Birth
John BirdBird,John21 August 184721170170Birth
Joseph BaileyBailey,Joseph21 August 183122186186Baptism
Robert BelhamBelham,Robert21 August 182123196196Baptism
Samuel StockerStocker,Samuel21 August 181824199199Birth
Sophia Magdalena Oldenburg of DenmarkOldenburg,Sophia Magdalena21 August 181325204204Death
Mary WrightWright,Mary21 August 180826209209Baptism
Ann LloydLloyd,Ann21 August 177427243243Baptism
King William IV of EnglandEngland,William IV21 August 176528252252Birth
Joshua TattersallTattersall,Joshua21 August 174329274274Baptism
John BushBush,John21 August 172630291291Christening
Joseph StableStable,Joseph21 August 172031297297Baptism
Prince Louis of PalatinePalatine,Louis21 August 162332394394Birth
Isabel LoringLoring,Isabel21 August 140033617617Death
Prince Alphonse of FranceFrance,Alphonse21 August 127134746746Death
Godfrey III de LouvainLouvain,Godfrey III21 August 119035827827Death
Galfridus (Geoffrey) Basset de RidelBasset,Galfridus (Geoffrey)21 August 118936828828Death
King Philip II Augustus of FranceFrance,Philip II Augustus21 August 116537852852Birth
King Alfonso VII ‘Pierre-Raimund’ of CastileandLeon and GaliciaCastileandLeon,Alfonso VII21 August 115738860860Death
Baldwin de RethelRethel,Baldwin21 August 113139886886Death
King Baldwin II of JerusalemJerusalem,Baldwin II21 August 113140886886Death
Imagina of LuxembourgLuxembourg,Imagina21 August 105741960960Death
Countess Jutta of LuxembourgLuxembourg,Jutta21 August 105742960960Death
Count Wilfred I ‘el Velloso’ of BarcelonaBarcelona,Wilfred I21 August 897431,1201120Death
Domonico Pucci + Jane J JamesPucci,Domonico + James,Jane J21 August 190744110110Marriage
William Lashford + Sarah StokesLashford,William + Stokes,Sarah21 August 178245235235Marriage
John Ball + Alice AughtonBall,John + Aughton,Alice21 August 174646271271Marriage
Hilda Vera WatmanWatman,Hilda Vera22 August 1973474444Death
Norman WilsonWilson,Norman22 August 1935488282Birth
William Elias LomasLomas,William Elias22 August 1918499999Birth
Alice Emily HopkinsHopkins,Alice Emily22 August 1918509999Death
Sarah Jane JewellJewell,Sarah Jane22 August 191351104104Birth
Mary Jane ArmstrongArmstrong,Mary Jane22 August 191252105105Birth
Anne BelhamBelham,Anne22 August 191053107107Birth
Adam NelsonNelson,Adam22 August 190954108108Death
Frank Mellor HaslamHaslam,Frank Mellor22 August 190455113113Birth
Edgar CookeCooke,Edgar22 August 189956118118Birth
Ivy Elizabeth EllisEllis,Ivy Elizabeth22 August 189557122122Birth
Prince Ernest II of Saxe-Coburg-SaalfeldSaxe-Coburg-Saalfeld,Ernest II22 August 189358124124Death
Ann TerryTerry,Ann22 August 188659131131Baptism
Bertha StandringStandring,Bertha22 August 188160136136Baptism
Mary Ellen LomasLomas,Mary Ellen22 August 186961148148Baptism
James Albert DentDent,James Albert22 August 186662151151Death
William WalkerWalker,William22 August 184963168168Birth
John Morton GoldstrawGoldstraw,John Morton22 August 184764170170Baptism
Matilda Jane SwinhoeSwinhoe,Matilda Jane22 August 182865189189Death
Thomas Bruce SwinhoeSwinhoe,Thomas Bruce22 August 182866189189Birth
Countess Maria Waldegrave nee WalpoleWalpole,Maria Waldegrave22 August 180767210210Death
Frederica Margaret PorthPorth,Frederica Margaret22 August 177668241241Birth
Jannan JamesJames,Jannan22 August 172069297297Baptism
Thomas HansonHanson,Thomas22 August 170970308308Baptism
James DarnleyDarnley,James22 August 168571332332Death
King Richard III of EnglandEngland,Richard III22 August 148572532532Death
Princess Isabelle of FranceFrance,Isabelle22 August 135873659659Death
King Philippe ‘The Fortunate’ of FranceFrance,Philippe22 August 135074667667Death
Jean II de AvesnesAvesnes,Jean II22 August 130475713713Death
Aluigia Ceva VastoVasto,Aluigia Ceva22 August 129176726726Death
Menzia EsteEste,Menzia22 August 129177726726Death
Sir William de BriwereBriwere,William22 August 114578872872Birth
Gospatric de DunbarDunbar,Gospatric22 August 113879879879Death
Bernard de CarcassonneCarcassonne,Bernard22 August 103480983983Death
Albert Blezard + Doris Mary DoubleBlezard,Albert + Double,Doris Mary22 August 1934818383Marriage
John Gott + Alice Malvina LangtonGott,John + Langton,Alice Malvina22 August 189682121121Marriage
King Leopold II of Belgium + Marie-Henrietta Habsburg of AustriaBelgium,Leopold II + Habsburg,Marie-Henrietta22 August 185383164164Marriage
Jerome Bonaparte + Catharina of WurtemburgBonaparte,Jerome + Wurtemburg,Catharina22 August 180784210210Marriage
King George II Augustus of England + Caroline of Brandenburg-AnsbachEngland,George II Augustus + Brandenburg-Ansbach,Caroline22 August 170585312312Marriage
Alexander ThorntonThornton,Alexander23 August 1971864646Death
Emily Ruby May BriggsBriggs,Emily Ruby May23 August 1963875454Death
Ann CollingeCollinge,Ann23 August 1956886161Death
Edmund James HoltHolt,Edmund James23 August 1950896767Death
Stephanie Saxe-Coburg of BelgiumBelgium,Stephanie Saxe-Coburg23 August 1945907272Death
Elizabeth BownasBownas,Elizabeth23 August 1943917474Death
John RobinsonRobinson,John23 August 1939927878Death
Mary Ann Pearson HodgsonHodgson,Mary Ann Pearson23 August 1931938686Death
Harold CromptonCrompton,Harold23 August 1920949797Birth
Edwin BridleBridle,Edwin23 August 191595102102Birth
Elizabeth PearsonPearson,Elizabeth23 August 191096107107Death
William LawsonLawson,William23 August 190497113113Birth
Violet May McCrackenMacCracken,Violet May23 August 190298115115Birth
Maud Elizabeth EllgoodEllgood,Maud Elizabeth23 August 190099117117Birth
David HobsonHobson,David23 August 1900100117117Birth
Janet BrownBrown,Janet23 August 1900101117117Birth
Maurice Weston SouthwellSouthwell,Maurice Weston23 August 1899102118118Baptism
Sophia Maud BulleidBulleid,Sophia Maud23 August 1892103125125Birth
Michael BennettBennett,Michael23 August 1882104135135Death
Emma Jane MasonMason,Emma Jane23 August 1874105143143Baptism
Frances WilsonWilson,Frances23 August 1874106143143Baptism
Mary Ann PearsonPearson,Mary Ann23 August 1872107145145Birth
Judith Emily BellamBellam,Judith Emily23 August 1870108147147Birth
Charles Boyce BellamBellam,Charles Boyce23 August 1860109157157Birth
William StableStable,William23 August 1859110158158Birth
Jane JamesJames,Jane23 August 1840111177177Baptism
Marie-Henrietta Habsburg of AustriaHabsburg,Marie-Henrietta23 August 1836112181181Birth
Elizabeth JamesJames,Elizabeth23 August 1835113182182Baptism
John RussellRussell,John23 August 1815114202202Baptism
Marianne Charlotte of Saxe-CoburgSaxe-Coburg,Marianne Charlotte23 August 1794115223223Death
Jane StockerStocker,Jane23 August 1777116240240Birth
Hannah RothwellRothwell,Hannah23 August 1765117252252Baptism
James SwinhoeSwinhoe,James23 August 1724118293293Baptism
William PeetPeet,William23 August 1696119321321Baptism
Sir William de FurnivalFurnival,William23 August 1326120691691Birth
Duke Friedrich I of Upper LorraineLorraine,Friedrich I23 August 9941211,0231023Death
Princess Beatrice of FranceFrance,Beatrice23 August 9871221,0301030Death
Duke Richard II ‘The Good’ of NormandyNormandy,Richard II23 August 9631231,0541054Birth
Charles Martel ‘The Hammer’ Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman Emperor,Charles Martel23 August 6861241,3311331Birth
Joseph Foster + Marie Forrest FaircloughFoster,Joseph + Fairclough,Marie Forrest23 August 19201259797Marriage
James Henry Heaton + Mabel Plackett BarkerHeaton,James Henry + Barker,Mabel Plackett23 August 1905126112112Marriage
Jeffrey Aughton + Jane AbramAughton,Jeffrey + Abram,Jane23 August 1848127169169Marriage
Betsy Paulette SareeinSareein,Betsy Paulette24 August 200812899Death
Ellen ToddTodd,Ellen24 August 19741294343Death
Alice May WatmanWatman,Alice May24 August 19581305959Death
Mary Ellen MooreMoore,Mary Ellen24 August 19231319494Birth
Annie Helen RogersRogers,Annie Helen24 August 19191329898Death
Benjamin Wildman Brown IIBrown,Benjamin Wildman24 August 1913133104104Birth
Nellie LoweLowe,Nellie24 August 1910134107107Birth
Florence Mary GreenwoodGreenwood,Florence Mary24 August 1910135107107Birth
Evelyn Jubilee WatmanWatman,Evelyn Jubilee24 August 1908136109109Death
Mary Jane WhitwellWhitwell,Mary Jane24 August 1908137109109Burial
Marion RuckerRucker,Marion24 August 1906138111111Birth
Ellis Wolfe SareeinSareein,Ellis Wolfe24 August 1904139113113Birth
Frances Mary JamesJames,Frances Mary24 August 1902140115115Baptism
Hugh BurnieBurnie,Hugh24 August 1895141122122Birth
Albert Victor PottsPotts,Albert Victor24 August 1891142126126Birth
Lionel Egbert Clement Robert OsmondOsmond,Lionel Egbert Clement Robert24 August 1891143126126Birth
George AbbottAbbott,George24 August 1890144127127Birth
Emma QuibellQuibell,Emma24 August 1873145144144Birth
Ferdinand I of Hohenzollern-SigmaringenHohenzollern-Sigmaringen,Ferdinand I24 August 1865146152152Birth
Clara Edith MillsMills,Clara Edith24 August 1857147160160Baptism
Johanna Frederika Amanda AdamsonAdamson,Johanna Frederika Amanda24 August 1844148173173Birth
Paul MallinderMallinder,Paul24 August 1828149189189Baptism
Princess Catherine Frederica Charlotte of WurtemburgWurtemburg,Catherine Frederica Charlotte24 August 1821150196196Birth
Mary GloverGlover,Mary24 August 1804151213213Baptism
Richard StockerStocker,Richard24 August 1773152244244Burial
King William I of the NetherlandsNetherlands,William I24 August 1772153245245Birth
Thomas ThravesThraves,Thomas24 August 1766154251251Baptism
Maria Letizia RamolinoRamolino,Maria Letizia24 August 1750155267267Birth
Thomas HibbertHibbert,Thomas24 August 1721156296296Baptism
James DickinsonDickinson,James24 August 1690157327327Baptism
Maria ThomsonThomson,Maria24 August 1654158363363Baptism
Robert RymerRymer,Robert24 August 1601159416416Baptism
Ciceley PlantagenetPlantagenet,Ciceley24 August 1507160510510Death
Idonea de CliffordClifford,Idonea24 August 1365161652652Death
Margery de BohunBohun,Margery24 August 1309162708708Death
Sir Theobald I de VerdunVerdun,Theobald I24 August 1309163708708Death
Sir John TempestTempest,John24 August 1283164734734Birth
Ela FitzPatrickFitzPatrick,Ela24 August 1261165756756Death
King Alexander II of ScotlandScotland,Alexander II24 August 1198166819819Birth
Geoffrey V ‘The Fair’ PlantagenetPlantagenet,Geoffrey V24 August 1113167904904Birth
Count Albrecht I of DagsburgDagsburg,Albrecht I24 August 1098168919919Death
Gunhild of WessexWessex,Gunhild24 August 1087169930930Death
Thomas Boyd Hensley + Doreen Louise CrignonHensley,Thomas Boyd + Crignon,Doreen Louise24 August 19401707777Marriage
Lawrence Abram + Mary JohnsonAbram,Lawrence + Johnson,Mary24 August 1861171156156Marriage
Archduke Joseph Anton Habsburg of Austria + Maria Dorothea of WurtemburgHabsburg,Joseph Anton + Wurtemburg,Maria Dorothea24 August 1819172198198Marriage
James Garnett + Ann SykesGarnett,James + Sykes,Ann24 August 1815173202202Marriage
Thomas Swinhoe + Hannah FellSwinhoe,Thomas + Fell,Hannah24 August 1745174272272Marriage
John of Blowick Rymer + Elizabeth BallRymer,John + Ball,Elizabeth24 August 1630175387387Marriage
Baron John le Scrope + Baroness Elizabeth ChaworthScrope,John + Chaworth,Elizabeth24 August 1418176599599Marriage
Peter CrampCramp,Peter25 August 201017777Death
James DixonDixon,James25 August 19831783434Death
Richard LewisLewis,Richard25 August 19741794343Death
Dora A ThrelfallThrelfall,Dora A25 August 19461807171Death
Prince Louis Ferdinand Junior of PrussiaPrussia,Louis Ferdinand Junior25 August 19441817373Birth
Elizabeth WoodWood,Elizabeth25 August 19441827373Death
Duke George of KentKent,George25 August 19421837575Death
Owen James BallBall,Owen James25 August 19341848383Death
Albert Edward StockerStocker,Albert Edward25 August 19201859797Birth
Albert BensonBenson,Albert25 August 1914186103103Birth
Irene Mabel PiercePierce,Irene Mabel25 August 1901187116116Birth
Thomas Alfred Cecil RetchlessRetchless,Thomas Alfred Cecil25 August 1894188123123Birth
Thomas DayDay,Thomas25 August 1889189128128Baptism
Ellen Julia BeggsBeggs,Ellen Julia25 August 1885190132132Baptism
Eveline Frances MaCaulayMaCaulay,Eveline Frances25 August 1880191137137Birth
Isaac TeasdaleTeasdale,Isaac25 August 1878192139139Baptism
Rebekah TeasdaleTeasdale,Rebekah25 August 1878193139139Baptism
Alice Ann RetchlessRetchless,Alice Ann25 August 1874194143143Baptism
Margaret GardinerGardiner,Margaret25 August 1869195148148Birth
Reuben RogersRogers,Reuben25 August 1852196165165Birth
William SortonSorton,William25 August 1833197184184Baptism
Elizabeth MushensMushens,Elizabeth25 August 1812198205205Death
William Henry of HannoverHannover,William Henry25 August 1805199212212Death
Ludwig I of BavariaBavaria,Ludwig I25 August 1786200231231Birth
Sarah AtkinsonAtkinson,Sarah25 August 1748201269269Baptism
Robert ScropeScrope,Robert25 August 1500202517517Death
Princess Marguerite of AnjouAnjou,Marguerite25 August 1482203535535Death
Henry GascoigneGascoigne,Henry25 August 1457204560560Death
King Louis IX of FranceFrance,Louis IX25 August 1270205747747Death
Count Robert of MeulanMeulan,Robert25 August 9972061,0201020Death
Queen Aelfflaed of WiltshireWiltshire,Aelfflaed25 August 9682071,0491049Death
Duke Robert ‘The Strong’ of FranceFrance,Robert25 August 8662081,1511151Burial
Gerrard Huck + Eliza Lillie DesneyHuck,Gerrard + Desney,Eliza Lillie25 August 1881209136136Marriage
Ralph Howard HeatonHeaton,Ralph Howard26 August 19922102525Burial
Dorothy May HibbertHibbert,Dorothy May26 August 19902112727Death
William Edwin KellyKelly,William Edwin26 August 19722124545Death
Richard James KirbyKirby,Richard James26 August 19602135757Death
John Cannon PearsonPearson,John Cannon26 August 19502146767Death
Princess Feodora of Saxe-MeiningenSaxe-Meiningen,Feodora26 August 19452157272Death
Marjorie FreemanFreeman,Marjorie26 August 19322168585Birth
Edith Mary MasonMason,Edith Mary26 August 1906217111111Birth
Ira Orva Warren AllumAllum,Ira Orva Warren26 August 1896218121121Birth
Clarence Eugene CockrellCockrell,Clarence Eugene26 August 1893219124124Birth
Richard DixonDixon,Richard26 August 1883220134134Death
Mary Anne SwinhoeSwinhoe,Mary Anne26 August 1865221152152Death
Elizabeth TwiggTwigg,Elizabeth26 August 1855222162162Baptism
Maria WainwrightWainwright,Maria26 August 1837223180180Birth
Robert WareingWareing,Robert26 August 1833224184184Baptism
Edward George Kirwan BrowneBrowne,Edward George Kirwan26 August 1821225196196Birth
John TattersallTattersall,John26 August 1820226197197Burial
Prince Albert Augustus of Saxe-Coburg-GothaSaxe-Coburg-Gotha,Albert Augustus26 August 1819227198198Birth
John RamsdenRamsden,John26 August 1807228210210Burial
Thomas PeetPeet,Thomas26 August 1759229258258Baptism
Anna Maria of OrleansOrleans,Anna Maria26 August 1728230289289Death
Barnaby MatthewMatthew,Barnaby26 August 1679231338338Death
Charles II ‘Magnanime’ de ValoisValois,Charles II26 August 1346232671671Death
Edmund StaffordStafford,Edmund26 August 1308233709709Death
Lord Roger de SomerySomery,Roger26 August 1273234744744Death
Yolande de HainaultHainault,Yolande26 August 1219235798798Death
Countess Yolande de FlandersFlanders,Yolande26 August 1219236798798Death
Francis James Huck + Elsie Georgina LargeHuck,Francis James + Large,Elsie Georgina26 August 1909237108108Marriage
George Jepson + Sarah KirkJepson,George + Kirk,Sarah26 August 1879238138138Marriage
Archduke Charles Habsburg of Austria + Mary of BavariaHabsburg,Charles + Bavaria,Mary26 August 1571239446446Marriage
King John ‘Lackland’ of England + Isabella de TailleferEngland,John + Taillefer,Isabella26 August 1200240817817Marriage
Richard FitzGilbert ‘Strongbow’ de Clare + Aoife McMurrough of LeinsterClare,Richard FitzGilbert + MacMurrough,Aoife26 August 1171241846846Marriage
Vernon George KnightKnight,Vernon George27 August 200924288Death
Helen BushBush,Helen27 August 19872433030Death
Prince Louis of BattenbergBattenberg,Louis27 August 19792443838Death
Princess Marina of Greece and DenmarkGreece and Denmark,Marina27 August 19682454949Death
Jane Agnes PearsonPearson,Jane Agnes27 August 19652465252Death
Kenneth Garfield EbyEby,Kenneth Garfield27 August 19402477777Birth
Mary Ellen BensonBenson,Mary Ellen27 August 19232489494Birth
Edward DodgsonDodgson,Edward27 August 1916249101101Death
Robert RogersRogers,Robert27 August 1909250108108Death
Edwin BarkerBarker,Edwin27 August 1909251108108Death
Ethel SeabornSeaborn,Ethel27 August 1896252121121Baptism
Robert BellamBellam,Robert27 August 1893253124124Death
George Reginald LovellLovell,George Reginald27 August 1884254133133Birth
George James EdwardsEdwards,George James27 August 1882255135135Baptism
Amelia TeasdaleTeasdale,Amelia27 August 1875256142142Birth
Seth TattersallTattersall,Seth27 August 1854257163163Baptism
Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-GothaSaxe-Coburg-Gotha,Ferdinand27 August 1851258166166Death
Menemea TattersallTattersall,Menemea27 August 1848259169169Baptism
George William Adolphus FitzGeorgeFitzGeorge,George William Adolphus27 August 1843260174174Birth
Charles SwinhoeSwinhoe,Charles27 August 1838261179179Birth
Duke Francis Paul Charles Louis of TeckTeck,Francis Paul Charles Louis27 August 1837262180180Birth
William TattersallTattersall,William27 August 1820263197197Baptism
Duke Joseph of Saxe-AltenburgSaxe-Altenburg,Joseph27 August 1789264228228Birth
Frederike Elizabeth Amalie Auguste of WurtemburgWurtemburg,Frederike Elizabeth Amalie Auguste27 August 1765265252252Birth
James BoondBoond,James27 August 1726266291291Death
William GraveGrave,William27 August 1691267326326Birth
Anna Maria of OrleansOrleans,Anna Maria27 August 1669268348348Birth
Tsar Ivan V of RussiaRussia,Ivan V27 August 1666269351351Birth
Roger de BradshawBradshaw,Roger27 August 1382270635635Death
John de FerrersFerrers,John27 August 1312271705705Death
Arthur II de DreuxDreux,Arthur II27 August 1312272705705Death
Matilda de MandevilleMandeville,Matilda27 August 1236273781781Death
William de MontfortMontfort,William27 August 1101274916916Death
Joseph Tomlinson + Eleanor ThravesTomlinson,Joseph + Thraves,Eleanor27 August 1819275198198Marriage
John Brown + Jane WinkleyBrown,John + Winkley,Jane27 August 1759276258258Marriage
John Meakin + Sarah BoyerMeakin,John + Boyer,Sarah27 August 1728277289289Marriage
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