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The Hadwen Family of Lancashire, England
This family tree was last updated on 24 May 2017.
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Abbott, Abram, Allen, Alsace, Anjou, Aquitaine, Ashton, Ashworth, Atkinson, Aubigny, Audley, Aughton, Avesnes, Bacon, Bagshaw, Bailey, Baines, Ball, Barker, Barlow, Basset, Bavaria, Beauchamp, Beaumont, Belham, Bell, Bellam, Bennett, Bigod, Bird, Blamey, Bohun, Bond, Boteler, Bownas, Braithwaite, Braose, Briggs, Brown, Burgundy, Burton, Bush, Carrodus, Carter, Castile, Chamber, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clavering, Clifford, Collinge, Collinson, Cooke, Corbet, Cottrell, Courtenay, Croft, Day, Deincourt, Denmark, Dent, Depledge, DeSpenser, Dickinson, Dixon, Dreux, Edwards, Elleray, Emperor of Rome, England, Evans, Farran, Ferrers, Fiennes, FitzAlan, Flanders, Fleming, Ford, Fox, France, Franks, Furnival, Garnett, Gascoigne, Gledhill, Gloucester, Glover, Grave, Grey, Greystoke, Habsburg, Hadwen, Hainault, Hall, Hamerton, Hannover, Harrison, Hawthorn, Hayton, Heap, Heaton, Hibbert, Hill, Hodgson, Hoggarth, Holland, Holmes, Holy Roman Empire, Hopwood, Hoy, Hughes, Hungary, Hutchinson, Ion, Jackson, James, Jepson, Johnson, Jones, Kent, Kiev, Kirk, Lacy, Lashford, Leinster, Lewtas, Lloyd, Lomas, Lorraine, Lovell, Lowe, MaCaulay, Mallinder, Marshall, Meakin, Meschines, Mills, Montfort, Montgomery, Mortimer, Murray, Mushens, Nelson, Neville, Norman, Normandy, Oldknow, Parker, Payne, Pearson, Peet, Percy, Plantagenet, Plumpton, Portugal, Posnett, Pratt, Prussia, Ramsey, Redfern, Retchless, Richardson, Roberts, Rogers, Rome, Rothwell, Russell, Russia, Rymer, Saxony, Scotland, Scrope, Sergent, Shaw, Singleton, Smalley, Smith, Sorton, Stable, Stafford, Stocker, Stones, Strickland, Stuart, Sweden, Swinhoe, Swinney, Tallon, Tasker, Tattersall, Taylor, Tempest, Tervin, Thornburrow, Thraves, Threlfall, Townson, Tunstall, Turner, Vanes, Verdun, Vere, Vermandois, Wainwright, Walker, Warburton, Wareing, Watman, Watson, Wessex, White, Wild, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wurtemburg, Zouche
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On this day
Nora DodgsonDodgson,Nora24 May 199901818Death
Mary Alice BennettBennett,Mary Alice24 May 197214545Death
Elsie May ParkerParker,Elsie May24 May 196824949Death
Margaret BennettBennett,Margaret24 May 196235555Burial
Sarah BarracloughBarraclough,Sarah24 May 195346464Death
Kevin KaiserKaiser,Kevin24 May 192958888Birth
Lucy Ellen BlameyBlamey,Lucy Ellen24 May 18966121121Baptism
Agnes PearsonPearson,Agnes24 May 18767141141Burial
Princess Mary May of HesseHesse,Mary May24 May 18748143143Birth
Prince Louis of BattenbergBattenberg,Louis24 May 18549163163Birth
Elizabeth PearsonPearson,Elizabeth24 May 185010167167Birth
Queen Victoria of EnglandEngland,Victoria24 May 181911198198Birth
Anne AbramAbram,Anne24 May 180212215215Burial
Peter HeysHeys,Peter24 May 179513222222Baptism
King George III William Frederick of EnglandEngland,George III William Frederick24 May 173814279279Birth
Mary MeakinMeakin,Mary24 May 173015287287Baptism
John HansonHanson,John24 May 170816309309Baptism
Mary MeakinMeakin,Mary24 May 167017347347Baptism
Nicholas PeyvrePeyvre,Nicholas24 May 131818699699Birth
Giorgio VastoVasto,Giorgio24 May 126819749749Death
Count Thibault V of ChampagneChampagne,Thibault V24 May 120120816816Death
King David ‘The Saint’ of ScotlandScotland,David24 May 115321864864Death
Gertrude of LorraineLorraine,Gertrude24 May 114422873873Death
Count Raymond of BurgundyBurgundy,Raymond24 May 110723910910Death
Wulfhild of NorwayNorway,Wulfhild24 May 107124946946Death
King Frederick IX of Schlewig-Holstein + Queen Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise of DenmarkSchlewig-Holstein,Frederick IX + Denmark,Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise24 May 1935258282Marriage
Prince Ernest Augustus of BraunschweigandLuneburg + Princess Victoria Louise of PrussiaBraunschweigandLuneburg,Ernest Augustus + Prussia,Victoria Louise24 May 191326104104Marriage
Prince Henry of Prussia + Princess Irene of HessePrussia,Henry + Hesse,Irene24 May 188827129129Marriage
Richard Hodgson + Fanny MatherHodgson,Richard + Mather,Fanny24 May 186328154154Marriage
John Graves + Isabella HuddlestoneGraves,John + Huddlestone,Isabella24 May 180229215215Marriage
Upcoming events
Patrick Bowes-LyonBowes-Lyon,Patrick25 May 194906868Death
Hartley Lawrence RamseyRamsey,Hartley Lawrence25 May 192918888Birth
Eric George H LongbonLongbon,Eric George H25 May 192828989Birth
Earl William RetchlessRetchless,Earl William25 May 192139696Birth
Arthur Lionel Thomas HerbertHerbert,Arthur Lionel Thomas25 May 19044113113Birth
William Leo CooneyCooney,William Leo25 May 19015116116Birth
Harold Lupton SidebothamSidebotham,Harold Lupton25 May 18976120120Birth
Douglas Ivor KewleyKewley,Douglas Ivor25 May 18957122122Birth
Beatrice Henrietta Maud TallonTallon,Beatrice Henrietta Maud25 May 18928125125Birth
Emily Justina CookeCooke,Emily Justina25 May 18899128128Birth
Esther CarlessCarless,Esther25 May 188810129129Baptism
John William BownasBownas,John William25 May 188511132132Birth
John William BownasBownas,John William25 May 188512132132Birth
Eleanor SharpeSharpe,Eleanor25 May 186013157157Death
John HolmesHolmes,John25 May 184914168168Baptism
Princess Helena Augusta Victoria of EnglandEngland,Helena Augusta Victoria25 May 184615171171Birth
Ann JodrellJodrell,Ann25 May 183416183183Baptism
Adam NelsonNelson,Adam25 May 182817189189Baptism
Robert ThrelfallThrelfall,Robert25 May 181618201201Baptism
John TervinTervin,John25 May 179419223223Baptism
Ann MilburnMilburn,Ann25 May 178820229229Baptism
Agnes BownasBownas,Agnes25 May 178421233233Baptism
Richard SternwhiteSternwhite,Richard25 May 177422243243Baptism
Richard AbramAbram,Richard25 May 175023267267Burial
Mary OldknowOldknow,Mary25 May 167324344344Baptism
Stephen HamertonHamerton,Stephen25 May 153725480480Death
Isabel de PercyPercy,Isabel25 May 136826649649Death
Helena of HungaryHungary,Helena25 May 119927818818Death
Marguerite de la AigleRotrouAigleRotrou,Marguerite25 May 114128876876Death
Count Otto de VermandoisVermandois,Otto25 May 104529972972Death
Matilda of BurgundyBurgundy,Matilda25 May 1008301,0091009Death
Princess Matilda Billung of SaxonySaxony,Matilda Billung25 May 1008311,0091009Death
Prince Mieszko I of PolandPoland,Mieszko I25 May 992321,0251025Death
Frederick Norman Blamey + Gertrude LomasBlamey,Frederick Norman + Lomas,Gertrude25 May 1929338888Marriage
John Andrew Pickston + Ann HodgsonPickston,John Andrew + Hodgson,Ann25 May 189334124124Marriage
James Cooke + Emily Justina Stones JohnsonCooke,James + Johnson,Emily Justina Stones25 May 188535132132Marriage
John Cook Bailey + Ellen Jane RobbinsBailey,John Cook + Robbins,Ellen Jane25 May 182836189189Marriage
Michael Benson + Agnes DawsonBenson,Michael + Dawson,Agnes25 May 178737230230Marriage
James Brown + Eleanor GarnettBrown,James + Garnett,Eleanor25 May 176338254254Marriage
Stephen Dufton + Mary MonkhouseDufton,Stephen + Monkhouse,Mary25 May 176039257257Marriage
Nicholas Stones + Sarah GarnerStones,Nicholas + Garner,Sarah25 May 171740300300Marriage
Ferdinand I Habsburg + Anne of BohemiaHabsburg,Ferdinand I + Bohemia,Anne25 May 152141496496Marriage
John de Warenne + Joan de BarWarenne,John + Bar,Joan25 May 130642711711Marriage
Frederick William BondBond,Frederick William26 May 1958435959Death
Florence StockerStocker,Florence26 May 1951446666Death
Prince William of PrussiaPrussia,William26 May 1940457777Death
John Edward WilsonWilson,John Edward26 May 1931468686Birth
Joan StringerStringer,Joan26 May 1919479898Birth
John GardnerGardner,John26 May 190948108108Birth
Elsie Constance BarkerBarker,Elsie Constance26 May 190749110110Death
John RetchlessRetchless,John26 May 190650111111Burial
Irene Kathleen SouthwellSouthwell,Irene Kathleen26 May 190151116116Birth
Amy MillsMills,Amy26 May 189552122122Birth
Thomas William HughesHughes,Thomas William26 May 189253125125Birth
Princess Mary Victoria of TeckTeck,Mary Victoria26 May 186754150150Birth
Jane BlondelBlondel,Jane26 May 185455163163Baptism
William George NottNott,William George26 May 181256205205Baptism
Henry Swinhoe NottNott,Henry Swinhoe26 May 181257205205Death
Henry Swinhoe NottNott,Henry Swinhoe26 May 181258205205Baptism
Henry Swinhoe NottNott,Henry Swinhoe26 May 181259205205Burial
Edmund Arthur NottNott,Edmund Arthur26 May 181260205205Baptism
Peter LoweLowe,Peter26 May 180361214214Birth
Prince Frederick Henry Charles of PrussiaPrussia,Frederick Henry Charles26 May 176762250250Death
Jemima EdwardsEdwards,Jemima26 May 176663251251Baptism
Jacob FordFord,Jacob26 May 174264275275Burial
James MorrisMorris,James26 May 171765300300Baptism
Elizabeth IonIon,Elizabeth26 May 171266305305Christening
Bouchard de AvesnesAvesnes,Bouchard26 May 125167766766Birth
Roger FitzJohn de Baliol ClaveringClavering,Roger FitzJohn26 May 124968768768Death
Robert FitzMaldredFitzMaldred,Robert26 May 124869769769Death
Amicia de AlfretonAlfreton,Amicia26 May 120070817817Birth
Count Ramon Berenger I ‘The Crooked’ of BarcelonaBarcelona,Ramon Berenger I26 May 103571982982Death
Edulph de DevonDevon,Edulph26 May 956721,0611061Death
Edulph de DevonDevon,Edulph26 May 956731,0611061Death
King Edmund I ‘The Magnificent’ of England@N.N.,Edmund I26 May 946741,0711071Death
Billung I @N.N.,Billung I26 May 850751,1671167Death
Edward Seaborn + Clara RoyleSeaborn,Edward + Royle,Clara26 May 189676121121Marriage
Robert Allen + Jane WarburtonAllen,Robert + Warburton,Jane26 May 188677131131Marriage
John Lomas + Ann JodrellLomas,John + Jodrell,Ann26 May 185678161161Marriage
King Christian IX of Denmark + Princess Louise Wilhelmina of Hesse-CasselDenmark,Christian IX + Hesse-Cassel,Louise Wilhelmina26 May 184279175175Marriage
Prince Charles of Prussia + Princess Marie of Saxe-Weimar-EisenachPrussia,Charles + Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach,Marie26 May 182780190190Marriage
Isaac Kirkham + Mary HibbertKirkham,Isaac + Hibbert,Mary26 May 181881199199Marriage
Norman Ware McNabbMacNabb,Norman Ware27 May 20098288Death
John William SandhamSandham,John William27 May 1958835959Death
Rupert KirkKirk,Rupert27 May 1934848383Death
Harold StockerStocker,Harold27 May 1932858585Birth
Samuel SternwhiteSternwhite,Samuel27 May 191686101101Burial
Oswald KinnersonKinnerson,Oswald27 May 189187126126Birth
Jane Thorley ThrelfallThrelfall,Jane Thorley27 May 189088127127Death
Elizabeth HeapHeap,Elizabeth27 May 188989128128Death
Theodore HolmesHolmes,Theodore27 May 188490133133Birth
Richard JamesJames,Richard27 May 188391134134Baptism
Richard Henry CauntCaunt,Richard Henry27 May 185592162162Birth
Robert WhiteheadWhitehead,Robert27 May 185593162162Baptism
Edwin SmithSmith,Edwin27 May 185594162162Birth
Robert BarkerBarker,Robert27 May 184995168168Baptism
Princess Sophia of EnglandEngland,Sophia27 May 184896169169Death
Samuel Crowther MittonMitton,Samuel Crowther27 May 183697181181Birth
Joseph ThrelfallThrelfall,Joseph27 May 182698191191Death
King George V of HannoverHannover,George V27 May 181999198198Birth
Robert PearsonPearson,Robert27 May 1819100198198Death
John LomasLomas,John27 May 1817101200200Burial
Maximilian I Joseph of BavariaBavaria,Maximilian I Joseph27 May 1756102261261Birth
Elizabeth BelhamBelham,Elizabeth27 May 1751103266266Burial
Charles LennoxLennox,Charles27 May 1723104294294Death
Prince William II of OrangeOrange,William II27 May 1625105392392Birth
Prince Robert Bruce Stuart of EnglandStuart,Robert Bruce27 May 1602106415415Death
Jana GledellGledell,Jana27 May 1582107435435Christening
John BeaufortBeaufort,John27 May 1444108573573Death
Edmund PlantagenetPlantagenet,Edmund27 May 1443109574574Birth
Sir Robert de Grey of RotherfieldGrey,Robert27 May 1295110722722Death
William Plantagenet WarenneWarenne,William27 May 1240111777777Death
Adeline PeverelPeverel,Adeline27 May 1156112861861Death
Count Stephen I of BurgundyBurgundy,Stephen I27 May 1102113915915Death
Princess Gundred of EnglandEngland,Gundred27 May 1085114932932Death
Count Ramon Berenger I of BarcelonaBarcelona,Ramon Berenger I27 May 1076115941941Death
Estephania de BarcelonaBarcelona,Estephania27 May 1058116959959Death
Count Dirk III de HollandHolland,Dirk III27 May 1039117978978Death
Duchess Ledgarde de NormandyNormandy,Ledgarde27 May 9771181,0401040Death
Luitgarde de VermandoisVermandois,Luitgarde27 May 9771191,0401040Death
Adalbert I LuccaLucca,Adalbert I27 May 8841201,1331133Death
James Holmes + Hilda HaighHolmes,James + Haigh,Hilda27 May 1914121103103Marriage
Christopher Oldknow + Elizabeth RoperOldknow,Christopher + Roper,Elizabeth27 May 1730122287287Marriage
Nicholas Rymer + Dorraty WrightRymer,Nicholas + Wright,Dorraty27 May 1705123312312Marriage
King Louis IX of France + Marguerite de ProvenceFrance,Louis IX + Provence,Marguerite27 May 1234124783783Marriage
Claire Elizabeth HeatonHeaton,Claire Elizabeth28 May 20031251414Death
Lucy Thirza Mahala BryantBryant,Lucy Thirza Mahala28 May 19731264444Death
King Edward VIII of EnglandEngland,Edward VIII28 May 19721274545Death
Annie Leishman KerrKerr,Annie Leishman28 May 19461287171Death
Martha Josepha of SaxonySaxony,Martha Josepha28 May 19441297373Death
Thomas StazickerStazicker,Thomas28 May 19421307575Death
Frederick Charles Landgrave of Hesse-CasselHesse-Cassel,Frederick Charles Landgrave28 May 19401317777Death
Esma Mary BelhamBelham,Esma Mary28 May 19281328989Birth
Stanley SareeinSareein,Stanley28 May 19231339494Birth
Richard LewisLewis,Richard28 May 19231349494Birth
Charles Edward BraithwaiteBraithwaite,Charles Edward28 May 1908135109109Birth
Nancy Elizabeth NelsonNelson,Nancy Elizabeth28 May 1901136116116Birth
Reginald Dawson RetchlessRetchless,Reginald Dawson28 May 1898137119119Birth
Sophie Friederike of BavariaBavaria,Sophie Friederike28 May 1872138145145Death
Sarah TraffordTrafford,Sarah28 May 1870139147147Death
William Archibald MurrayMurray,William Archibald28 May 1853140164164Birth
William Palmer BlameyBlamey,William Palmer28 May 1837141180180Baptism
Robert AbramAbram,Robert28 May 1815142202202Baptism
Martha LewisLewis,Martha28 May 1785143232232Burial
John BowmanBowman,John28 May 1781144236236Baptism
Marie Josepha of BavariaBavaria,Marie Josepha28 May 1767145250250Death
Dorothy OldknowOldknow,Dorothy28 May 1707146310310Baptism
George HodgsonHodgson,George28 May 1696147321321Baptism
King George I of EnglandEngland,George I28 May 1660148357357Birth
Duke John ‘The Fearless’ of BurgundyBurgundy,John28 May 1371149646646Birth
Baron Reynold de GreyGrey,Reynold28 May 1370150647647Death
Lady Constance de NewsomNewsom,Constance28 May 1310151707707Death
Philip de ArcyArcy,Philip28 May 1264152753753Death
Sir Henry de FerrersFerrers,Henry28 May 1036153981981Birth
Count Hermann of VerdunVerdun,Hermann28 May 1029154988988Death
Heinrich of CarinthiaCarinthia,Heinrich28 May 9971551,0201020Death
Princess Gisele of ItalyItaly,Gisele28 May 8611561,1561156Death
William I de Toulouse de GelloneToulouse,William I28 May 8121571,2051205Death
Countess Ermengarde of ToursTours,Ermengarde28 May 8051581,2121212Birth
Thomas Metcalfe Bush + Francis Mary AustinBush,Thomas Metcalfe + Austin,Francis Mary28 May 19281598989Marriage
Richard Walsh + Maria AllenWalsh,Richard + Allen,Maria28 May 1874160143143Marriage
John Labrow + Ellin CrosierLabrow,John + Crosier,Ellin28 May 1743161274274Marriage
King Philippe III ‘The Bold’ of France + Princess Isabel of AragonFrance,Philippe III + Aragon,Isabel28 May 1262162755755Marriage
Margaret Ann AshcroftAshcroft,Margaret Ann29 May 200916388Death
Daphne Aldyth HainesHaines,Daphne Aldyth29 May 200916488Death
Stanley Denham IllingworthIllingworth,Stanley Denham29 May 19891652828Death
Dewey Henry NealNeal,Dewey Henry29 May 19731664444Death
Joseph Arnold Hawkins BaileyBailey,Joseph Arnold Hawkins29 May 19471677070Death
Vera HopwoodHopwood,Vera29 May 19271689090Birth
Vera HopwoodHopwood,Vera29 May 19271699090Birth
Vera HopwoodHopwood,Vera29 May 19271709090Birth
Rev, Dr, BD, PhD Charles Cyril EastwoodEastwood,Charles Cyril29 May 1916171101101Birth
James MillingtonMillington,James29 May 1915172102102Birth
Agnes Ann SwindlehurstSwindlehurst,Agnes Ann29 May 1914173103103Death
Edith Theresa MilneMilne,Edith Theresa29 May 1912174105105Birth
Vera May BarkerBarker,Vera May29 May 1911175106106Birth
Dulce Mabel HeatonHeaton,Dulce Mabel29 May 1909176108108Birth
Georgina DouglasDouglas,Georgina29 May 1902177115115Birth
George SeabornSeaborn,George29 May 1901178116116Birth
Ethel Maud EdwardsEdwards,Ethel Maud29 May 1898179119119Baptism
Hannah May BraithwaiteBraithwaite,Hannah May29 May 1898180119119Birth
Simon HarroldHarrold,Simon29 May 1890181127127Birth
Princess Marianne of the NetherlandsNetherlands,Marianne29 May 1883182134134Death
Admiral Sir Alexander Robert RamseyRamsey,Alexander Robert29 May 1881183136136Birth
Maurice SareeinSareein,Maurice29 May 1878184139139Birth
Prince Frederick of HesseHesse,Frederick29 May 1873185144144Death
Sophie Habsburg of AustriaHabsburg,Sophie29 May 1857186160160Death
Mary Elizabeth ShawShaw,Mary Elizabeth29 May 1847187170170Baptism
Bowman RussellRussell,Bowman29 May 1843188174174Baptism
William BrownBrown,William29 May 1814189203203Christening
Josephine de BeauharnaisBeauharnais,Josephine29 May 1814190203203Death
Ann StockerStocker,Ann29 May 1803191214214Baptism
Sophia Matilda of HannoverHannover,Sophia Matilda29 May 1773192244244Birth
Thomas AllenAllen,Thomas29 May 1764193253253Baptism
Elizabeth PeetPeet,Elizabeth29 May 1720194297297Baptism
Mary WrightWright,Mary29 May 1699195318318Baptism
Duke Ferdinand Albert II of Brunswick-LunebergBrunswick-Luneberg,Ferdinand Albert II29 May 1680196337337Birth
Richard BushBush,Richard29 May 1653197364364Christening
King Charles II Stuart of EnglandEngland,Charles II Stuart29 May 1630198387387Birth
Judith GledellGledell,Judith29 May 1586199431431Baptism
Sir John BigodBigod,John29 May 1461200556556Death
Margery de WellesWelles,Margery29 May 1422201595595Death
Sir Richard le ScropeScrope,Richard29 May 1420202597597Death
Sir Godfrey II FoljambeFoljambe,Godfrey II29 May 1376203641641Death
Sir Godfrey I FoljambeFoljambe,Godfrey I29 May 1376204641641Death
King Jaime II of MajorcaMajorca,Jaime II29 May 1311205706706Death
Renaud de NeversNevers,Renaud29 May 1040206977977Death
Gordon Mays + Marion Alberta GlibberyMays,Gordon + Glibbery,Marion Alberta29 May 19482076969Marriage
Sir George Herbert Dowty + Edith CarlessDowty,George Herbert + Carless,Edith29 May 19272089090Marriage
William Leo Cooney + Ada JewellCooney,William Leo + Jewell,Ada29 May 19222099595Marriage
Joseph Cockroft + Elizabeth BellamCockroft,Joseph + Bellam,Elizabeth29 May 1909210108108Marriage
James Thraves + Martha BurdekinThraves,James + Burdekin,Martha29 May 1860211157157Marriage
Thomas Bennett + Sarah MattinsonBennett,Thomas + Mattinson,Sarah29 May 1784212233233Marriage
Joseph Wild + Anne SkidmoreWild,Joseph + Skidmore,Anne29 May 1775213242242Marriage
William Snape + Ann SmithSnape,William + Smith,Ann29 May 1746214271271Marriage
Claire Elizabeth HeatonHeaton,Claire Elizabeth30 May 20032151414Burial
Louis of HesseHesse,Louis30 May 19682164949Death
John Russell StablesStables,John Russell30 May 19602175757Death
Phoebe Mary TeasdaleTeasdale,Phoebe Mary30 May 19432187474Death
Oswald KinnersonKinnerson,Oswald30 May 19382197979Death
Lucy AllenAllen,Lucy30 May 1914220103103Birth
William Arthur AllenAllen,William Arthur30 May 1912221105105Birth
Princess Theodora of GreeceandDenmarkGreeceandDenmark,Theodora30 May 1906222111111Birth
Grand Duke Frederick William Mecklenburg-StrelitzMecklenburg-Strelitz,Frederick William30 May 1904223113113Death
Georgina DouglasDouglas,Georgina30 May 1902224115115Death
William James TallonTallon,William James30 May 1899225118118Birth
Mary WainwrightWainwright,Mary30 May 1882226135135Death
Robert James FoxFox,Robert James30 May 1875227142142Baptism
Henry Thomas BroadheadBroadhead,Henry Thomas30 May 1869228148148Birth
James Hamilton Steele LeathamLeatham,James Hamilton Steele30 May 1862229155155Birth
Alice AbramAbram,Alice30 May 1852230165165Baptism
Oliver HowarthHowarth,Oliver30 May 1852231165165Baptism
Mary TattersallTattersall,Mary30 May 1852232165165Baptism
Maria HaytonHayton,Maria30 May 1837233180180Birth
John TaskerTasker,John30 May 1775234242242Baptism
Arabella ChurchillChurchill,Arabella30 May 1730235287287Death
William BownasBownas,William30 May 1713236304304Baptism
Charles StuartStuart,Charles30 May 1667237350350Burial
Archduchess Klaudia Felizitas of AustriaAustria,Klaudia Felizitas30 May 1653238364364Birth
Robert FarringtonFarrington,Robert30 May 1638239379379Baptism
King Henry IV of EnglandEngland,Henry IV30 May 1366240651651Birth
John ‘Le Neveu’ de ArcyArcy,John30 May 1347241670670Death
King Fernando 111 ‘The Saint’ of LeonandCastileLeonandCastile,Fernando 11130 May 1252242765765Death
Count Baldwin IV ‘Le Barbu’ de FlandersFlanders,Baldwin IV30 May 1035243982982Death
Henry Bush + Mary GaskellBush,Henry + Gaskell,Mary30 May 1887244130130Marriage
James Birch Collinge + Martha Ann GradwellCollinge,James Birch + Gradwell,Martha Ann30 May 1878245139139Marriage
James Lomas + Hannah HibbertLomas,James + Hibbert,Hannah30 May 1809246208208Marriage
King Henry VIII of England + Jane SeymourEngland,Henry VIII + Seymour,Jane30 May 1536247481481Marriage
Kathryn L DevineDevine,Kathryn L31 May 19912482626Death
Florence BicknellBicknell,Florence31 May 19522496565Death
Phyllis GagenGagen,Phyllis31 May 19182509999Birth
Muriel GagenGagen,Muriel31 May 19182519999Birth
Archduke Felix Habsburg of AustriaHabsburg,Felix31 May 1916252101101Birth
Arthur John ManderMander,Arthur John31 May 1914253103103Birth
Edna Joan LovedayLoveday,Edna Joan31 May 1911254106106Birth
Wilfred SharpSharp,Wilfred31 May 1909255108108Birth
Nora DodgsonDodgson,Nora31 May 1908256109109Birth
Thomas KirkKirk,Thomas31 May 1900257117117Death
Sydney Orlando HardyHardy,Sydney Orlando31 May 1887258130130Death
Martha Elizabeth JoinerJoiner,Martha Elizabeth31 May 1874259143143Baptism
Robert PearsonPearson,Robert31 May 1872260145145Birth
Martha Josepha of SaxonySaxony,Martha Josepha31 May 1867261150150Birth
Tatlow HeysHeys,Tatlow31 May 1864262153153Burial
Elizabeth WatsonWatson,Elizabeth31 May 1839263178178Birth
Joseph ThrelfallThrelfall,Joseph31 May 1826264191191Burial
John PearsonPearson,John31 May 1811265206206Birth
James MeakinMeakin,James31 May 1795266222222Baptism
King Frederick William I of PrussiaPrussia,Frederick William I31 May 1740267277277Death
King Charles IX of FranceFrance,Charles IX31 May 1574268443443Death
Lady Cecily NevilleNeville,Cecily31 May 1495269522522Death
King Manuel I of PortugalPortugal,Manuel I31 May 1469270548548Birth
Margaret BeaufortBeaufort,Margaret31 May 1443271574574Birth
Sir Richard le ScropeScrope,Richard31 May 1393272624624Birth
Maud la ZoucheZouche,Maud31 May 1349273668668Death
Isabel de FerrersFerrers,Isabel31 May 1252274765765Death
Isabella de TailleferTaillefer,Isabella31 May 1246275771771Death
King Jaime II of MajorcaMajorca,Jaime II31 May 1243276774774Birth
Robert FitzEdith of EnglandEngland,Robert FitzEdith31 May 1172277845845Death
King Geza II of HungaryHungary,Geza II31 May 1161278856856Death
Princess Mary of ScotlandScotland,Mary31 May 1116279901901Death
Waltheof Siwardsson Earl of HuntingdonSiwardsson,Waltheof31 May 1076280941941Death
Richard Tybout Warner + Edith May BantWarner,Richard Tybout + Bant,Edith May31 May 19302818787Marriage
Ben Ainley + Marian GledhillAinley,Ben + Gledhill,Marian31 May 19242829393Marriage
King Alfonso XIII of Spain + Queen Victoria Eugenie of SpainSpain,Alfonso XIII + Spain,Victoria Eugenie31 May 1906283111111Marriage
Charles Glover + Emma EdgeGlover,Charles + Edge,Emma31 May 1857284160160Marriage
Matthew Walling + Elizabeth MartindaleWalling,Matthew + Martindale,Elizabeth31 May 1830285187187Marriage
Richard Brown + Agnes RiggBrown,Richard + Rigg,Agnes31 May 1824286193193Marriage
Richard James + Agnes SmithJames,Richard + Smith,Agnes31 May 1802287215215Marriage
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