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The Children of Adam and Eve and Others
This family tree was last updated on 24 January 2017.
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Sir Winston Leornard Spencer Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1940-1945)Winston Leornard Spencer Churchill
Birth: 30 November 1874 25 20Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Death: 24 January 1965Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London, England
Moses and Jochebed by Pedro Américo, 1884Moses
Birth: 1391 BC (-1391)Goshen, Egypt
Death: about March 1271 BC (March -1271)Pisgah, Mount Nebo, Moab, Jordan
Prince of Wales (1282-1283), Dafydd ap GruffyddDafydd ap Gruffydd
Birth: 11 July 1238
Death: 3 October 1283Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Sir William Burrell, 2nd Baronet Raymond of Valentines (1789), MPSir William Burrell
Birth: 10 October 1732 40Leadenhall Street, London, England
Death: 20 January 1796Dorking, Surrey, England
Sculpture of Viscount Tredegar at Cardiff by Sir William Goscombe John.Godfrey Charles Morgan
Birth: 28 April 1831 39Ruperra Castle, Glamorganshire, Wales
Death: 11 March 1913
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On this day
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States (1961-1963)Kennedy,John Fitzgerald22 November 196305454Death
Paul Kr. ValstedValsted,Paul Kr.22 November 18941123123Birth
Jens Aarup JensenJensen,Jens Aarup22 November 18892128128Birth
Frederic George MorganMorgan,Frederic George22 November 18733144144Birth
George KeagleKeagle,George22 November 17984219219Birth
Charles Spencer 3rd Duke of MarlboroughSpencer,Charles22 November 17065311311Birth
Samuel GardnerGardner,Samuel22 November 16966321321Death
Marie (Mary) de GuiseGuise,Marie (Mary)22 November 15157502502Birth
Richard ‘Warwick the Kingmaker’ Neville 16th Earl of Warwick, 6th Earl of Salisbury and 8th and 5th Baron MontacuteNeville,Richard22 November 14288589589Birth
Nathaniel Cushman + Sarah CoomerCushman,Nathaniel + Coomer,Sarah22 November 17339284284Marriage
George I King of Great Britain + Sophia Dorothea @N.N.,George I + @N.N.,Sophia Dorothea22 November 168210335335Marriage
William Ham + Honor StephensHam,William + Stephens,Honor22 November 162211395395Marriage
Upcoming events
Hiram Herbert GatchellGatchell,Hiram Herbert23 November 197004747Death
Elizabeth of Bavaria@N.N.,Elizabeth23 November 196515252Death
John Nelson LewisLewis,John Nelson23 November 192329494Burial
Phillip Moore GatchellGatchell,Phillip Moore23 November 19133104104Burial
Sara Jane MooreMoore,Sara Jane23 November 19114106106Death
Sarah Lavinia StullStull,Sarah Lavinia23 November 18935124124Death
Effie E. JoinerJoiner,Effie E.23 November 18926125125Death
Julia StannardStannard,Julia23 November 18517166166Death
Joseph Nelson CowlesCowles,Joseph Nelson23 November 18308187187Death
Franklin Pierce 14th President of the United StatesPierce,Franklin23 November 18049213213Birth
William BuellBuell,William23 November 168110336336Death
Alfonso X ‘The Wise, The Learned or The Astrologer’ @N.N.,Alfonso X23 November 122111796796Birth
Eadred (Edred) @N.N.,Eadred (Edred)23 November 955121,0621062Death
Eadred (Edred) @N.N.,Eadred (Edred)after 23 November 955131,0621062Burial
Otto I ‘The Great’ @N.N.,Otto I23 November 912141,1051105Birth
Edwin AmBRose Lasater + Ida Evaline EllingtonLasater,Edwin AmBRose + Ellington,Ida Evaline23 November 189215125125Marriage
William H. Perry + Sarah AreyPerry,William H. + Arey,Sarah23 November 186316154154Marriage
Daniel Thatcher + Mary StarrThatcher,Daniel + Starr,Mary23 November 177317244244Marriage
John Starr + Mary SharpStarr,John + Sharp,Mary23 November 177318244244Marriage
King of England and Ireland (1603-1625) as James I, and Scotland (1567-1625) as James VI Stuart + Anne of DenmarkStuart,King of England and Ireland (1603-1625) as James I, and Scotland (1567-1625) as James VI + @N.N.,Anne23 November 158919428428Marriage
Karen Marie NielsenNielsen,Karen Marie24 November 185720160160Birth
Elizabeth CushmanCushman,Elizabeth24 November 180921208208Death
Zachary TaylorTaylor,Zachary24 November 178522232232Birth
Lady Elizabeth Percy Duchess of SomersetPercy,Elizabeth24 November 172223295295Death
Sarah WalkerWalker,Sarah24 November 170024317317Death
Sarah ThurstonThurston,Sarah24 November 168125336336Death
Hugh ‘The Younger Despenser’ Despenser 1st Lord DespenserDespenser,Hugh24 November 132626691691Death
Jacob Bidwell Case + Julia StannardCase,Jacob Bidwell + Stannard,Julia24 November 184227175175Marriage
Eleazar Hawks + Abigail WellsHawks,Eleazar + Wells,Abigail24 November 171428303303Marriage
David Ashley + Hannah GloverAshley,David + Glover,Hannah24 November 166329354354Marriage
George Barbour + Elizabeth ClarkeBarbour,George + Clarke,Elizabeth24 November 164230375375Marriage
Louis XIII King of France + Anne Princess of Austria@N.N.,Louis XIII + @N.N.,Anne24 November 161531402402Marriage
Ernest Delnort GatchellGatchell,Ernest Delnort25 November 1952326565Death
John Franklin van ArsdaleArsdale,John Franklin25 November 1941337676Death
Martha Cora MossMoss,Martha Cora25 November 187534142142Birth
Nellie Benena KelleyKelley,Nellie Benena25 November 186435153153Birth
Rebecca SmithSmith,Rebecca25 November 180936208208Death
Alpheus J. GustinGustin,Alpheus J.25 November 180937208208Birth
David StanfordStanford,David25 November 175438263263Death
Mary StreetStreet,Mary25 November 171639301301Birth
Joseph SmeadSmead,Joseph25 November 171340304304Birth
Catherine of Braganza @N.N.,Catherine of Braganza25 November 163841379379Birth
Sarah ThurstonThurston,Sarahbefore 25 November 159342424424Birth
Sarah ThurstonThurston,Sarah25 November 159343424424Christening
Katherine de Roet (Rouet)Roet (Rouet),Katherine25 November 135044667667Birth
William III Atheling Duke of Normandy@N.N.,William III Atheling25 November 112045897897Death
Máel Coluim ‘Malcolm II of Scotland’ mac Cináeda MacCináeda,Máel Coluim25 November 103446983983Death
Edward William Spencer Cavendish 10th Duke of DevonshireCavendish,Edward William Spencer26 November 1950476767Death
Lady Caroline RusselRussel,Caroline26 November 181148206206Death
General Godfrey Basil MundyMundy,Godfrey Basil26 November 180149216216Birth
Elizabeth Seymour Duchess of Northumberland, 2nd Baroness PercySeymour,Elizabeth26 November 171650301301Birth
Abigail MixerMixer,Abigail26 November 170351314314Death
Jerusha BradfordBradford,Jerusha26 November 169252325325Birth
Isabella I @N.N.,Isabella I26 November 150453513513Death
Childeric I de MerovingMeroving,Childeric I26 November 481541,5361536Death
General Godfrey Basil Mundy + Sarah Brydges RodneyMundy,Godfrey Basil + Brydges Rodney,Sarah26 November 180155216216Marriage
Merrill McMillenMacMillen,Merrill27 November 1965565252Death
Margaret Harlan HamiltonHamilton,Margaret Harlan27 November 1920579797Death
Ellen GotfredsenGotfredsen,Ellen27 November 189758120120Birth
James ForbesForbes,James27 November 169259325325Death
Mary DoverDover,Mary27 November 167560342342Death
William MerriamMerriam,William27 November 163561382382Death
Elizabeth @N.N.,Elizabethbefore 27 November 163362384384Death
King of the Salian Franks Clovis I (Clodovic, Chlodwig) ‘The Great’ MerovingMeroving,Clovis I (Clodovic, Chlodwig)27 November 511631,5061506Death
Aelia Galla Placida @N.N.,Aelia Galla Placida27 November 450641,5671567Death
John Calvin Dresser + Florence R. WyattDresser,John Calvin + Wyatt,Florence R.27 November 1929658888Marriage
John Aspinwall Jr. + Susan HowlandAspinwall,John + Howland,Susan27 November 180366214214Marriage
Epraim Delano + Elizabeth CushmanDelano,Epraim + Cushman,Elizabeth27 November 176067257257Marriage
Joseph Edwards + Hannah AtkinsonEdwards,Joseph + Atkinson,Hannah27 November 167468343343Marriage
Viola Verne KeagleKeagle,Viola Verne28 November 1973694444Death
William David KelleyKelley,William David28 November 190970108108Death
Julia HennessyHennessy,Julia28 November 188371134134Birth
Troels Kr. PedersenPedersen,Troels Kr.28 November 186072157157Birth
Hannah RangerRanger,Hannah28 November 176473253253Birth
John HaydenHayden,John28 November 176374254254Death
Sophie Magdalene @N.N.,Sophie Magdalene28 November 170075317317Birth
Mary AllertonAllerton,Mary28 November 169976318318Death
William CoomerCoomer,William28 November 167877339339Birth
Elizabeth LookLook,Elizabeth28 November 167578342342Birth
Queen consort of Scotland (1503-1513) Margaret TudorTudor,Margaret28 November 148979528528Birth
Aline le DespenserDespenser,Alinebefore 28 November 135380664664Death
Queen consort of England (1272-1290) Eleanor of Castile@N.N.,Eleanor28 November 129081727727Death
Owain Gwynedd ‘Owen the Great’ ap GruffyddGruffydd,Owain Gwynedd28 November 117082847847Death
Nathaniel Corbett + Lucy ThayerCorbett,Nathaniel + Thayer,Lucy28 November 176483253253Marriage
William Emery WhitneyWhitney,William Emery29 November 1968844949Death
George Edward KelleyKelley,George Edward29 November 1955856262Death
Ernest Delnort GatchellGatchell,Ernest Delnort29 November 1952866565Burial
Elzie Bates VeatchVeatch,Elzie Bates29 November 1945877272Death
John Franklin van ArsdaleArsdale,John Franklin29 November 1941887676Burial
Hansine BroBro,Hansine29 November 186089157157Birth
Maria Theresa Archduchess of Austria@N.N.,Maria Theresa29 November 178090237237Death
Samuel Holcomb Corp.Holcomb,Samuel29 November 168391334334Birth
Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of MarchMortimer,Roger29 November 133092687687Death
Samuel Buell Sergeant + Hannah HolcombBuell,Samuel + Holcomb,Hannah29 November 171193306306Marriage
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van Arsdale
verch Morgan
ap Morgan
von Hanover

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