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Margaret CliffordAge: 8417371821

Margaret Clifford
Given names
Married name
Margaret Adey
Birth between 1737 and 1738

Christening of a sonJohn Adey
5 July 1752 (Age 15)
MarriageDaniel AdeyView family
14 October 1762 (Age 25)
Birth of a son
Daniel Adey
between 1763 and 1764 (Age 26)

Birth of a daughter
Winifred Adey
between 1769 and 1770 (Age 32)

Birth of a son
Thomas Adey
1771 (Age 34)

Birth of a daughter
Frances Adey
between 1771 and 1772 (Age 34)

Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Adey
1774 (Age 37)

Christening of a daughterElizabeth Adey
11 April 1774 (Age 37)
Address: Stroud Old Meeting House, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.
Birth of a daughter
Lucy Adey
between 1778 and 1779 (Age 41)

Birth of a daughter
Ann Adey
between 1779 and 1780 (Age 42)

Marriage of a childOnesiphorus StanleyWinifred AdeyView family
24 October 1788 (Age 51)
Marriage of a childJohn AdeySarah StanleyView family
3 June 1789 (Age 52)
Marriage of a childDaniel AdeyCatharine SimsView family
1792 (Age 55)

Marriage of a childRichard ShewellAnn AdeyView family
22 June 1801 (Age 64)
Death of a husbandDaniel Adey
1803 (Age 66)

Marriage of a childWilliam PrattLucy AdeyView family
14 February 1809 (Age 72)
Death of a daughterFrances Adey
1820 (Age 83)

Death 1821 (Age 84)

Family with Daniel Adey - View family
Marriage: 14 October 1762Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England
-10 years
13 years
8 years
3 years
2 years
4 years
6 years
3 years

The Clifford family originated in Frampton-on-Severn immediately after the Norman conquest. In 1081 the manor was granted to Drogo fitz Ponz, grandson of Richard, Duke of Normandy. Drogos nephew Walter fitz Ponz took the name Clifford from his own lordship of Clifford in Herefordshire before his death in about 1190. In 1684 John Clifford, a Puritan and Parliamentary supporter, died leaving no male children. The estates descended through the female line with husbands sometimes assuming the surname of Clifford. Walter Clifford was one of the Domesday Commissioners responsible for collecting information for the Domesday Book. Margaret came from Leonard Stanley. According to her tombstone she was born in 1738 but according to her marriage license she was born in 1740. She was the daughter of John and Jane Clifford.

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