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Richard AdeyAge: 7117821853

Richard Adey
Given names
Birth between 1782 and 1783 35

Birth of a sisterMary Adey
1784 (Age 2)

Death of a fatherJohn Adey
about 1786 (Age 4)

Death of a brotherJohn Adey
1823 (Age 41)

Death 1853 (Age 71)

According to family records now lost Richard died in the County Mental Hospital, Wotton, probably after 7 years incapacity, in 1838 he was certified unfit to conduct business affairs. According to www.institutions.co.uk the County Mental Hospital was originally founded as Gloucester Lunatic Asylum in 1793. The Old County and City Lunatic Asylum opened on 21st July 1823 at Horton Road, Wotton about half a mile from the City of Gloucester. It had 45 acres of grounds and views of the surrounding countryside. From 1838, when the Wotton asylum had 20 wealthy, 3 charity, and 167 pauper patients, the number of charity patients increased considerably. The centre of the building is in the form of a semi circle which with the wings originally extended 250ft. Additional buildings including a chapel have been erected and there is accomodation for 640 patients. The Chapel on site which was built on the site of a previous chapel in 1873, remained in use until 1980's when it was turned into Offices. The Asylum later became known as Horton Road Hospital. Richard was the 5th landowner largest landowner in Painswick but lived in Gloucester much of the time. Many original family records are believed to have been lost while in Richards care.

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