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Victor John Adey HortonAge: 7519121987

Victor John Adey Horton
Given names
Victor John Adey
Birth 1912 40 34

Death of a maternal grandfatherJohn Daniel Adey
11 May 1930 (Age 18)

Death of a fatherWilliam John Horton
1938 (Age 26)

Death of a motherBeatrice Maud Adey
11 August 1962 (Age 50)

Death 1987 (Age 75)

Victor was born in 1912 and read English at New College Oxford. Family talk says that he was sent down after a scandal concerning the mother of one of his student friends and that he then became a serial toy boy to several wealthy society ladies. Victors engagement to Beatrice Curtis Brown was announced in The Times in 12th January 1938. The advertisement read "Mr V J A Horton and Miss Curtis Brown - The engagement is announced between Mr Victor John Adey Horton of 9, Chelsea Embankment, son of Mr and Mrs W J Horton of Bognor Regis and Beatrice, only daughter of Mr and Mrs A Curtis Brown of 27, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea." The Times dated Monday 4th July 1938 carried the following announcement: Horton : Curtis Brown - On July 2, 1938 at Lisle, New York, USA by the Rev Walter Lord, DD, the Rev Robert Howland assisting, V J Adey Horton of London to Beatrice only daughter of Mr and Mrs Curtis Brown of 27 Cheyne Walk, London. Beatrice was a wealthy American publishers daughter, a poet and writer. Beatrice had at least 11 books published and was featured on a program on Radio 3. The Times published an article featuring her wedding dress. The marriage was annulled, on the claim that it had not been consumated. In 1946 Victor married a well to do French woman, Elizabeth Tine (born 1923) and they had a daughter Victoria (born 1947). He is believed to have stood as the Labour Party candidate for Chelsea in the 1945 election. Victors prewar job was in market research, during the war he was in the commandos and fought with the Balkan resistance working his way but to Lt Colonel by demob time. Family talk says that after the war he tried many business ventures and ran through a great deal of family money. He tried to introduce photo booths. He is credited with having been on the staff of the Supreme Headquarters of the French Government followed by a period in industry in France then in England. In 1973 The Child Jesus was published, a copy is in the British Library and it is still available for sale on the Internet. He then moved to a troglodyte house in the cliffs overlooking the Loire. Family members recall that Victor always smoked Galloise, was capable of drinking a bottle of whisky a day and was a wine buff. Victors other interests included mediaeval artefacts and their iconography. He died of throat cancer in approx 1987.

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