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John AdeyAge: 7717431820

John Adey
Given names
Birth 1743 33

Birth of a sisterKatherine Adey
1749 (Age 6)

Birth of a son
John Adey
1771 (Age 28)

Birth of a son
William Adey
1772 (Age 29)

Birth of a daughter
Mary Adey
1773 (Age 30)

Birth of a son
Ebenezer Adey
1776 (Age 33)

Death of a fatherRichard Adey
after 1776 (Age 33)

Birth of a son
Thomas Adey
1780 (Age 37)

Death of a motherAnn
1781 (Age 38)

Birth of a son
Richard Adey
1782 (Age 39)

Birth of a daughter
Mary Adey
1783 (Age 40)

Birth of a daughter
Sarah Adey
1788 (Age 45)

Death of a sisterAnn Adey
1794 (Age 51)

Death of a sonJohn Adey
1800 (Age 57)

Death of a sonThomas Adey
1805 (Age 62)

Death of a wifeMary Pouis
1816 (Age 73)

Death 1820 (Age 77)

Family with parents - View family
elder sister
5 years
7 years
younger sister
Family with Mary Pouis - View family
2 years
2 years
4 years
5 years
3 years
2 years
6 years

The Universal British Directory, 1791 lists John Adey, pinmaker as one of the principal inhabitants of Gloucester as both a member of the Gentry and a Trader. John Adey, Gentleman of Gloucester, was an elder of Southgate Congregational Chapel in Southgate Street, Gloucester from 1797 to 1807 and senior trustee and treasurer from 1809 to 1819. The church usually owed him and in 1818 as much as £32.12. He is described as a pinmaker in 1805 and later as a pin manufacturer. He owned many properties in and around the city of Gloucester. His lengthy will was proved in London on 22nd April 1820. He left his copyhold estate in Painswick to his son Richard and his 3 daughters Ann Tippotts, Mary Thomson and Sarah Martin received £100 each. His freehold tithes were left to his son Richard, John Garn and Edward Bower with instructions that they should be sold to pay his daughters and any money left over should go to Richard. He left other freehold and leasehold lands to John Garn and Edward Bower. His lands in Drakes Croft in the hamlets of St Michael and St Mary, occupied by John Tovey on trust were to be used to give an income for his daughter Ann, those occupied by Samuel Nichols (butcher) were to give an income for his daughter Mary and those occupied by John Saunders to give an income to his daughter Sarah. Other lands in St Michael occcupied by various people including lands previously occupied by John himself and lands purchased from the Duke of Norfolk were to be used to create an annuity for Mary. The will also mentions his first cousin and friend Samuel James Horseman?, his friend William Bishop (minister of The Southgate Meeting House), Eliza Horseman (daughter of Samuel) and his aunt Susanna Adey who received an annuity. A codacil was added to the will in 1819 revoking any monies due to George Martin, adding Richard as an executive and ensuring that Sarah's childern received support. A Samuel Horseman died in Keynsham in 1858. A Susanna Adey died in Clifton in 1859. William Bishop, dissenting minister of an independent meeting house died in 1832.

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