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The Allan Family of Scotland
This family tree was last updated on 18 November 2017.
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Janet Watson nee CampbellJanet Campbell
Birth: 30 September 1824 31 29Halbeath, Fife, Scotland
Death: 15 February 1899Wasatch County, Utah, USA
James Watson (1821-1896)James Watson
Birth: 11 November 1821Ceres, Fife, Scotland
Death: 18 February 1896Heber, Wasatch County, Utah, USA
Wilam Avery Stevens (1924-1996)William Avery Stevens
Birth: 18 January 1924Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Death: 29 August 1996Placentia, Orange County, California, USA
Edith Elliott (1884-1941)Edith Elliott
Birth: 29 December 1884 23 27Poplar, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, England
Death: 15 January 1941Walthamstowe, London Borough of Waltham Forest, London, England
Lillian Elliott (1887-1979)Lillian Elliott
Birth: 4 March 1887 25 29Woodford, London Borough of Redbridge, London, England
Death: after June 1979Hove, Sussex, England
Sylvia Ada Stubbs (1914-1994)Sylvia Ada Stubbs
Birth: 8 April 1914 45 42London Borough of Hackney, London, England
Death: 27 August 1994Middlesex, England
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Jane LinkstonLinkston,Jane20 November 192709090Death
Ellen McAdamMacAdam,Ellen20 November 192219595Death
Mary Jane AmosAmos,Mary Jane20 November 18672150150Birth
Charles StubbsStubbs,Charles20 November 18363181181Birth
John BaillieBaillie,John21 November 19064111111Birth
David Hutchison LinkstonLinkston,David Hutchison21 November 19055112112Birth
Janet NicholNichol,Janet21 November 19016116116Death
Elizabeth Moffat Cunningham SteeleSteele,Elizabeth Moffat Cunningham21 November 18947123123Birth
John AllanAllan,John21 November 18578160160Birth
Jhonne Kirk + Bessie CowanKirk,Jhonne + Cowan,Bessie21 November 16349383383Marriage
Thomas Herriot LinkstonLinkston,Thomas Herriot22 November 189710120120Birth
Adam McLeanMacLean,Adam22 November 189011127127Birth
Robert AmosAmos,Robert22 November 187512142142Birth
James AndrewAndrew,James23 November 184313174174Birth
Alexander NicholNichol,Alexander23 November 182814189189Birth
Jean Linkston TaitTait,Jean Linkston24 November 191615101101Birth
Margaret Janet Pettigrew Sim AdamsAdams,Margaret Janet Pettigrew Sim25 November 190216115115Birth
Sarah CampbellCampbell,Sarah25 November 187717140140Death
Ebenezer Rogers + Ann LinkstonRogers,Ebenezer + Linkston,Ann25 November 188718130130Marriage
William John AndersonAnderson,William John26 November 1948196969Death
Christina Linkston BestBest,Christina Linkston27 November 1981203636Death
David Dickie LinkstonLinkston,David Dickie29 November 1984213333Death
James BaillieBaillie,James29 November 1981223636Death
Alexander NicholNichol,Alexander29 November 179523222222Birth
David Keltie SharpSharp,David Keltie30 November 1936248181Death
Alexander NicholNichol,Alexander30 November 182825189189Baptism
George Frederick ElliottElliott,George Frederick30 November 182126196196Baptism
Alexander Thomson Linkston FoulnerFoulner,Alexander Thomson LinkstonDecember 1976274141Death
John ThompsonThompson,JohnDecember 1975284242Death
Christopher Victor ElliottElliott,Christopher VictorDecember 1969294848Death
John T EmslieEmslie,John TDecember 1960305757Death
Cecil J AmosAmos,Cecil JDecember 1922319595Birth
William W AmosAmos,William WDecember 1920329797Birth
William Samuel StubbsStubbs,William SamuelDecember 186833149149Death
John Samuel StubbsStubbs,John Samuelabout December 186234155155Death
Matilda Eliza LesterLester,Matilda ElizaDecember 185935158158Death
Margaret BrownBrown,MargaretDecember 184936168168Birth
William John BrownBrown,William JohnDecember 184937168168Death
Janet SharpSharp,JanetDecember 178338234234Birth
William McArthurMacArthur,William1 December 189539122122Birth
Andrew Wallace Amos + May TaceyAmos,Andrew Wallace + Tacey,MayDecember 1919409898Marriage
James Andrew + Agnes LinkstonAndrew,James + Linkston,Agnes1 December 186541152152Marriage
Lilias Mary BestBest,Lilias Mary2 December 1982423535Death
James McGuffieMacGuffie,James2 December 1922439595Birth
William RussellRussell,William2 December 167644341341Birth
Peter Johnston Mackay + Margaret Dunn Linkston BestMackay,Peter Johnston + Best,Margaret Dunn Linkston2 December 1932458585Marriage
James HunterHunter,James3 December 20094688Death
Robert Carlow + Isabella SandersonCarlow,Robert + Sanderson,Isabella3 December 182947188188Marriage
John BayneBayne,John4 December 1930488787Birth
Andrew Linkston AllanAllan,Andrew Linkston4 December 1926499191Birth
David Hutchison LinkstonLinkston,David Hutchison4 December 1924509393Birth
Margaret GrintonGrinton,Margaret4 December 172651291291Birth
Thomas Grant AdamsAdams,Thomas Grant5 December 1950526767Death
Robert Nisbet TempleTemple,Robert Nisbet5 December 1943537474Death
Thomas Adams LowrieLowrie,Thomas Adams5 December 1922549595Birth
John NicholNichol,John5 December 185855159159Birth
James Dickson + Helen Jane McAdam RedpathDickson,James + Redpath,Helen Jane McAdam5 December 1930568787Marriage
Alexander Grinton + Janet IngramGrinton,Alexander + Ingram,Janet5 December 172557292292Marriage
William Kay MarchbankMarchbank,William Kay6 December 1927589090Birth
Thomas Blyth + Mary LinkstonBlyth,Thomas + Linkston,Mary6 December 187259145145Marriage
Andrew Amos + Mary JamesAmos,Andrew + James,Mary6 December 186160156156Marriage
Helen Wightman BucknerBuckner,Helen Wightman7 December 190061117117Birth
Jane Linton BestBest,Jane Linton7 December 188862129129Birth
Andrew Thomson + Agnes KinnearThomson,Andrew + Kinnear,Agnes7 December 173163286286Marriage
George RedpathRedpath,George8 December 191664101101Birth
Charles Linkston + Grace Forrester JeffreyLinkston,Charles + Jeffrey,Grace Forrester8 December 1922659595Marriage
John Gaff + Elizabeth SandersonGaff,John + Sanderson,Elizabeth8 December 184366174174Marriage
Marcus AndrewsAndrews,Marcus10 December 1930678787Death
Marcus Douglas AndrewsAndrews,Marcus Douglas10 December 190568112112Birth
William LinkstonLinkston,William10 December 190169116116Death
Marion NicholNichol,Marion10 December 181070207207Birth
Margaret GrintonGrinton,Margaret11 December 172671291291Baptism
Helen Brunton LinkstonLinkston,Helen Brunton12 December 190772110110Birth
James ChalmersChalmers,James12 December 189473123123Birth
Margaret BrownBrown,Margaret12 December 186474153153Death
Mary SharpSharp,Mary12 December 177675241241Birth
Robina LinkstonLinkston,Robina13 December 1957766060Death
Jane JamesJames,Jane13 December 191377104104Death
James BlythBlyth,James13 December 189878119119Birth
Robert Linkston + Isabell HayLinkston,Robert + Hay,Isabell13 December 177279245245Marriage
James C NicholNichol,James C14 December 190680111111Death
Ann SharpSharp,Ann14 December 178181236236Birth
Helen BlythBlyth,Helen15 December 191482103103Birth
John Thomson Linkston AdamsAdams,John Thomson Linkston15 December 189583122122Birth
David BinneBinne,David15 December 184384174174Birth
George Isaac StubbsStubbs,George Isaac15 December 183385184184Baptism
William Samuel Stubbs + Ann ChildsStubbs,William Samuel + Childs,Ann15 December 185186166166Marriage
Joan Charlotte GrayGray,Joan Charlotte16 December 1975874242Death
Margaret Cousar NorthcoteNorthcote,Margaret Cousar16 December 1928888989Birth
Robert Howard AllanAllan,Robert Howard16 December 1918899999Birth
Alexander Thomson Linkston FoulnerFoulner,Alexander Thomson Linkston16 December 190790110110Birth
Isabella Laing LinkstonLinkston,Isabella Laing16 December 188791130130Birth
Margaret Cousar NorthcoteNorthcote,Margaret Cousar17 December 1980923737Death
William Lewis Strachan DavieDavie,William Lewis Strachan17 December 190893109109Birth
John Inglis LinkstonLinkston,John Inglis17 December 187994138138Birth
Marion BeveridgeBeveridge,Marion17 December 179795220220Birth
Ann Rogers LinkstonLinkston,Ann Rogers18 December 1983963434Death
Thomas AmosAmos,Thomas18 December 1945977272Death
Alexander Ross AllanAllan,Alexander Ross18 December 1944987373Death
David Hutchison LinkstonLinkston,David Hutchison18 December 191599102102Death
Margaret LinkstonLinkston,Margaret18 December 1832100185185Birth
James Chalmers + Margarita Mary AmosChalmers,James + Amos,Margarita Mary18 December 19411017676Marriage
Mary AmosAmos,Mary19 December 19871023030Death
Mary GaffGaff,Mary19 December 1911103106106Death
John LinkstonLinkston,John19 December 1902104115115Birth
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