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The Adair Family of Killyman, Northern Ireland
This family tree was last updated on 19 March 2017.
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Adair, Adams, Agnew, Alf, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Anna, Ardrey, Armstrong, Atkinson, Bailey, Baines, Ballentine, Beavers, Bell, Berry, Bidmead, Biggs, Billie, Bingham, Black, Blackstock, Blair, Bleakley, Bob, Bowes, Boyd, Breslan, Brough, Burnside, Burrows, Burton, Cairns, Caldwell, Campbell, Cavanagh, Clifford, Coates, Cochrane, Colgan, Condy, Costley, Couzans, Craig, Crawford, Cullis, Cumper, Cunningham, Daisy, Dallas, Daniel, Davison, Decarrie, Dempster, Denize, Dickson, Donaldson, Doran, Dot, Elley, Elliott, Elsie, Engelberg, Ernest, Erwin, Esler, Ewing, Fakenham, Ferguson, Ferrie, Finley, Firth, Forster, Fox, Frazer, Freeman, Frew, Frizelle, Fry, Galbraith, Galloway, Gamble, Garratt, Graf, Graham, Gray, Green, Hall, Hardcastle, Harper, Haynes, Hazelton, Hodge, Holmes, Horak, Hughes, Irwin, Isa, Jack, Jackson, Joey, Johnson, Johnston, Karzek, Kearney, Kelly, Kelso, Kernoghan, Kettyle, Knox, Langille, Larry, Laverty, Lawson, Lily, Little, Livingstone, Lock, Lockhart, Long, Lucas, Luckas, Lyttle, MacAdoo, MacAlpine, MacAulay, MacAvoy, MacBurney, MacDaniel, MacEwan, MacFarland, MacIlroy, MacKay, MacKenzie, MacKibben, Mackie, Mackinley, MacLean, MacMaster, MacMullan, MacMullen, MacQuillen, MacVeigh, Madden, Mae, Maggie, Magowan, Martin, Maud, Mawhinney, May, Mehner, Michaelson Yeates, Millar, Millicent, Milligan, Mills, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Mullen, Mulligan, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Nancy, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nunn, Odegaard, Oliver, Openshaw, Paisley, Park, Pat, Pillor, Purdy, Redpath, Reid, Richards, Richardson, Ritchie, Robinson, Robinson-McKenna, Ross, Ruddy, Russell, Sawchuk, Schalkywk, Skinner, Skriver, Sloan, Smith, Smyth, Speers, Stafford, Steel, Stewart, Stokes, Stops, Stotesbury, Sullivan, Sutter, Taggart, Talbot, Taylor, Thomas, Tilly, Totes, Turbitt, Turkington, Waddell, Watson, Watt, White, Willie, Wilson, Woodburn, Woolsey, Wright, Wylie, Young
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Mark Harlen PillorMark Harlen Pillor
Birth: 1932 35 34Barron, Barron County, Wisconsin, USA
Death: 10 March 2001Indian Head, Charles County, Maryland, USA
Albert Edward KettyleAlbert Edward Kettyle
Birth: 21 August 1903Salford, Lancashire, England
Death: 25 October 1977Northwood, London Borough of Hillingdon, London, England
Dorothy AtkinsonDorothy Margaret Atkinson
Birth: June 1919 45 29Annamoy, County Armagh, Ireland
Death: November 2010Hayes, Middlesex, England
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Mervyn Joseph RichardsonRichardson,Mervyn Joseph21 August 195706060Death
Samuel John ArmstrongArmstrong,Samuel John21 August 19091108108Birth
Albert Edward KettyleKettyle,Albert Edward21 August 19032114114Birth
Charlotte Selina GrahamGraham,Charlotte Selina21 August 18933124124Death
Herbert James RichardsonRichardson,Herbert James23 August 18934124124Death
Jessie Finch AdairAdair,Jessie Finch23 August 18805137137Birth
Freda Mary BeaversBeavers,Freda Mary24 August 198363434Death
Mervyn Joseph RichardsonRichardson,Mervyn Joseph24 August 18867131131Birth
James McDanielMacDaniel,James24 August 18758142142Death
Stanley AdairAdair,Stanley27 August 19179100100Birth
Martha SloanSloan,Martha28 August 1964105353Death
Cecil HazeltonHazelton,Cecil28 August 1937118080Birth
Priscilla BeaversBeavers,Priscilla28 August 189612121121Birth
John McDanielMacDaniel,John29 August 1936138181Death
Robert BeaversBeavers,Robert30 August 183014187187Birth
Wilfred Lawson Richardson + Mary Jane CoatesRichardson,Wilfred Lawson + Coates,Mary Jane31 August 1924159393Marriage
Robert Ernest Beavers + Annie Elizabeth FryBeavers,Robert Ernest + Fry,Annie Elizabeth31 August 1922169595Marriage
Thomas ErwinErwin,ThomasSeptember 1979173838Death
Letitia HazeltonHazelton,LetitiaSeptember 1973184444Death
Letitia HazeltonHazelton,LetitiaSeptember 1973194444Burial
John W F YoungYoung,John W FSeptember 1971204646Burial
Fred William LangilleLangille,Fred WilliamSeptember 1966215151Death
Emily Vivian ElliottElliott,Emily VivianSeptember 1921229696Birth
Ernest George SmithSmith,Ernest GeorgeSeptember 1918239999Birth
Mary AdairAdair,MarySeptember 191624101101Birth
Ethel Annie SmithSmith,Ethel AnnieSeptember 191625101101Birth
Joseph Thomas AtkinsonAtkinson,Joseph ThomasSeptember 191526102102Birth
Eileen Jane RichardsonRichardson,Eileen JaneSeptember 191427103103Birth
Mary Elizabeth KnoxKnox,Mary ElizabethSeptember 191028107107Birth
Isabella MaddenMadden,IsabellaSeptember 190829109109Birth
Martha Eileen SmithSmith,Martha EileenSeptember 190830109109Birth
David MaddenMadden,DavidSeptember 190631111111Birth
Anita Irene Matilda MullenMullen,Anita Irene MatildaSeptember 190532112112Birth
Margaret Teresa Robinson-McKennaRobinson-McKenna,Margaret TeresaSeptember 190333114114Birth
Thomas DallasDallas,ThomasSeptember 190334114114Birth
Francis Edith Letitia MullenMullen,Francis Edith LetitiaSeptember 190335114114Birth
Lizzie MaddenMadden,LizzieSeptember 190236115115Birth
Mary Jane EslerEsler,Mary JaneSeptember 190037117117Death
Arethea AdairAdair,AretheaSeptember 189638121121Birth
Ethel Victoria RichardsonRichardson,Ethel VictoriaSeptember 189539122122Birth
William John ErwinErwin,William JohnSeptember 189440123123Birth
Harriet Josephine RichardsonRichardson,Harriet JosephineSeptember 189441123123Birth
Mary Jane FergusonFerguson,Mary JaneSeptember 189342124124Birth
John ArdreyArdrey,JohnSeptember 189343124124Birth
Russell Thomas RichardsonRichardson,Russell ThomasSeptember 189244125125Birth
William George RichardsonRichardson,William GeorgeSeptember 188745130130Birth
Eva Elizabeth RichardsonRichardson,Eva ElizabethSeptember 188546132132Birth
Albert James IrwinIrwin,Albert JamesSeptember 188547132132Birth
Robert AdairAdair,RobertSeptember 188448133133Death
Thomas William BurtonBurton,Thomas WilliamSeptember 188449133133Birth
Edith Alicia IrwinIrwin,Edith AliciaSeptember 188450133133Birth
Alicia Jane RichardsonRichardson,Alicia JaneSeptember 188151136136Birth
Margaret Lucinda LawsonLawson,Margaret LucindaSeptember 186052157157Birth
John Adair + Mary Jane FergusonAdair,John + Ferguson,Mary JaneSeptember 191553102102Marriage
John Charles Anderson + Ethel Victoria RichardsonAnderson,John Charles + Richardson,Ethel VictoriaSeptember 191354104104Marriage
William Henry Adair + Annie McBurneyAdair,William Henry + MacBurney,AnnieSeptember 191055107107Marriage
Robert Ardrey + Rachel LucasArdrey,Robert + Lucas,RachelSeptember 190056117117Marriage
John Sutter + Mary AdairSutter,John + Adair,MarySeptember 188857129129Marriage
Joseph Richardson + Mary Jane RuddyRichardson,Joseph + Ruddy,Mary JaneSeptember 188458133133Marriage
William James Beavers + Mary Gertrude HolmesBeavers,William James + Holmes,Mary Gertrude2 September 1960595757Marriage
James Beavers + Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ BlackBeavers,James + Black,Elizabeth3 September 188660131131Marriage
Kristine OdegaardOdegaard,Kristine4 September 189761120120Birth
Francis YoungYoung,Francis4 September 189062127127Death
Annie Elizabeth FryFry,Annie Elizabeth5 September 1970634747Death
John ArdreyArdrey,John5 September 1964645353Death
Margaret Elizabeth TurbittTurbitt,Margaret Elizabeth5 September 189265125125Birth
Margaret Sophia ArmstrongArmstrong,Margaret Sophia5 September 188766130130Birth
Henrietta AtkinsonAtkinson,Henrietta6 September 1928678989Birth
Alicia Jane IrwinIrwin,Alicia Jane7 September 1932688585Death
James Alfred BurrowsBurrows,James Alfred7 September 190369114114Birth
Sefton BeaversBeavers,Sefton8 September 1984703333Death
Brian BeaversBeavers,Brian9 September 1922719595Birth
Jeremiah Irwin + Elizabeth ForsterIrwin,Jeremiah + Forster,Elizabeth9 September 184572172172Marriage
Fred William Langille + Minnie HazeltonLangille,Fred William + Hazelton,Minnie10 September 1922739595Marriage
William Robert HolmesHolmes,William Robert11 September 2002741515Death
Brian BeaversBeavers,Brian11 September 1922759595Death
Annie HolmesHolmes,Annie11 September 191176106106Birth
John Alex Armstrong + Margaret WatsonArmstrong,John Alex + Watson,Margaret11 September 190777110110Marriage
Elizabeth Mary BeaversBeavers,Elizabeth Mary13 September 1951786666Death
David Montgomery AdairAdair,David Montgomery14 September 1954796363Death
Agnes HazeltonHazelton,Agnes14 September 1930808787Birth
Mary Jane ArdreyArdrey,Mary Jane14 September 190181116116Birth
William WrightWright,William14 September 187282145145Death
Anne AgnewAgnew,Anne15 September 190283115115Death
Robert J BlackBlack,Robert J16 September 189584122122Birth
Ethel R BlackBlack,Ethel R18 September 189185126126Birth
Margaret ‘Maggie’ BeaversBeavers,Margaret18 September 188986128128Birth
James BeaversBeavers,James19 September 1946877171Death
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