Heading - David Burrell's Tattoos.

Tattoos on David Burrell's right arm.
Photograph taken around 1972 in Bournemouth.

Whilst researching my father's family, who I understand are connected to the peerages of England, I took some time out recently and read The Da Vinci Code, a book that made me think. I pulled out the few photographs I have of my father and there they were, the two symbols from the book, a rose and a pentagram with some strange writing on his right arm. Is this a clue?

Tattoos on David Burrell's Left arm.
Photograph taken around 1972 in Bournemouth.

David Burrell,
also known
by the names:

Peter Daniel Kincade,
Daniel Vincent Kincaid,
Danny Kincaid,
Peter Daniel Kincaid,
Michael McClennon and
Michael McLennon.
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If anyone comes across a dark-haired, 6'3", flat-nosed, sixty-five year old ex-boxing crook, with the aforementioned tattoos, along with lettering on his right knuckles, an Indian Chief on his left arm and a black bird on his left fist, or knows what the tattoos mean, please let me know - it's my Holy Grail.

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