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Put together since commencing the search for my own father (a Danny Kincaid born David Burrell), the chart includes five hundred years of family history for the Burrell Baronets from Sussex, and almost a thousand years of family history for the Percys, Earls and later Dukes of Northumberland.


Real Genealogy - Not Just Links

The contents can be viewed in Your Genealogy, where you'll also find a few other projects (also listed below).

My Big Tree Downunder
The Adair Family of Killyman, Northern Ireland
The Adey Family of Gloucestershire, England, and South Australia
The Allan Family of Scotland
The Ashman Family of Ashford, Kent, England
The Bamford Family of Belfast, Ireland
The Barons de Braose
The Barwise Family of Cumbria, England
The Bassett Family of Cornwall, England, and Western Australia
The Bennett Family of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
The Binks Family of England, Australia and America
The Blackstock Family of Australia
The Boynton Family of Essex, Massachusetts, USA
The Braakensiek Family of Australia
The Brocklehurst Family of Staffordshire, England
The Bundy Family of Indiana and North Carolina, USA
The Burrell Baronets of Knepp Castle, West Sussex, England
The Burrell Family of Alnwick, Northumberland, England
The Burrell Family of Scotland and Georgia, USA
The Burrell Family of Surrey, England
The Burton Family of Staffordshire and Shropshire, England
The Butler Family of County Clare, Ireland
The Cadman Family of Derbyshire and Yorkshire, England
The Caldecott Family of Chester, England
The Carpenter Family of Rhondda, Wales
The Channing Family of Somerset, England
The Children of Adam and Eve and Others
The Colquhoun Family of Sterling, Scotland, and NSW, Australia
The Cooper Family of Norfolk, England
The Corfield Family of Shropshire, England
The Cox Family of Wiltshire, England, and New Zealand
The Crowhurst Family of Arlington, Sussex, England
The Culpeper Family of Surrey, England
The Cunningham Family of Ireland and Dandenong, South Australia
The Davis Family of Port Pirie, South Australia
The Descendants of Oliver Cromwell
The Dickie Family of Ayr, Scotland, and New Zealand
The Dukes of Guise and Lorraine
The Dyer Family of Middlesex, London, England
The Families of Gisors, Payen and Saint-Clair
The Farrell Family of Ireland and Nebraska, USA
The Ferres Family
The Finney Family of England and Wales
The Frater Family of England, and Queensland, Australia
The Gale Family of California, USA
The Goldschmidt Family of Germany
The Goodwin Family of America and Canada
The Gould Family of Cheshire, England
The Grattidge Family of England and America
The Grierson Family of Dumfriesshire, Scotland
The Hadwen Family of Lancashire, England
The Harrison Family of Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
The Hawley Family of Yorkshire, England
The Holt Family of Connecticut, USA
The Hough Family of Lancashire, England
The Howes Family of Massachusetts, USA
The Hurman Family of Somerset, England, and Wales
The Kim Family of Korea and New York, USA
The Lambert Family of Greater Manchester, England
The Mackenzie Family
The MacKillop Family of Scotland and Australia
The Marshall Family of Tennessee, USA
The Marston Family of Norton, Gloucestershire, England
The McStea Family of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
The Merovingian Dynasty
The Minor Family of Somerset, England
The Moore Family of England
The Neibaur Family of Prussia, Germany, and Utah, USA
The O'Neill Family of Co. Wexford, Ireland
The Oakley Family of Southampton, England
The Ostle Family of Durham, England, and Montana, USA
The Palmer Family of Sussex, England, and America
The Peerage and Royalty
The Percys, Earls and Dukes of Northumberland, England
The Perovic Family of Zadar, Croatia, and Tasmania, Australia
The Pettee Family of America
The Presidents of America
The Ramsell Family of Gothenberg, Sweden
The Randell Family of Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire, England
The Richardson Family of England and Australia
The Riordan Family of Ireland
The Royal Family of England, Scotland and Europe
The Ryan Family of Cheshire, England
The Scholz Family of Australia
The Shield and Foster Families of England
The Shurtliff Family of Massachusetts, USA
The Smith Family of America
The Standish Family of the Isle of Man and America
The Starr Family of America and Ireland
The Sturgill Family of North Carolina, USA
The Swift Family of California and Texas, USA
The Taylor Family of Derbyshire, England
The Thane Family of Wellington, New Zealand
The Tudge Family of Worcester, England, and Australia
The Twitchell Family of England and America
The Tyrie Family of Midlothian, Scotland, and NSW, Australia
The van Dorssen Family of Arnhem, Netherlands
The Walton Family of America
The Watson Family of Northam, Western Australia
The Webb Family of Warwickshire, England, and America
The Weston Family of Burwash, Sussex, England, and NSW, Australia
The White Family of Australia
The Widdowson Family of Nottingham, England, and Australia
The Wilberforce Family of England
The Wilton Family of Gloucestershire, England, and Australia
The Wolff Family of Surrey, England
The Wolin Family of New South Wales, Australia
The Woodhouse Family of England and Australia
The Yard (Yarde) Family of Somerset, England

I still haven't found my father (yet!) but through this website have managed to learn a lot more about him. If you're interested, My Search and My Genealogy contain more detailed information.

My aim is to create a database of connected and deceased individuals that is accessible to the public and maintained by it's members. I suppose you could call it Wikigenealogy. By collaborating with others and including biographical information, media and place data etc., a greater understanding of our ancestors and how they lived is easily achieved.

If you'd also like to start/display your family history research and/or invite others to collaborate on the same project, please Register for a new user account. You may be surprised by what you discover!

WHOSYERDAD-E (pronounced "Who's Your Daddy?") utilises the latest online genealogy software and is set-up such that no experience of MYSQL, PHP or HTML is required by it's members, leaving you free to concentrate on your research.

NB: You do not have to display your research in order to use this website, e.g. The Braakensiek Family of Australia, a project that can be found in the list above, can only be accessed by authenticated users, i.e. authorisation is controlled by the project/GEDCOM owner. Your privacy and that of your relations is respected at all times.

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